Flashback! Bush – Blair Collusion on Regime Change in Iraq One Year Before Invasion… and Thoughts

Flashback! Bush – Blair Collusion on Regime Change in Iraq One Year Before Invasion

Not that it’s a shocking bit of news for anyone who is in the know (this certainly includes my readers), but it’s still noteworthy from the following standpoint: something that you and I have known for a long time is finally making its way into the Western mainstream media.

Imagine that! They are really, really slow (not to mention corrupt) – isn’t it why so many people are turning away from Western MSM? However, the very fact that this is coming to the spotlight in the mainstream is a good sign.

The truth will continue surfacing throughout this decade and next, and deliberately distorted history will slowly but surely continue being righted. Humanity needs to go through the cleansing and karmic re-balancing. There really isn’t any way around it; this is the only way for human civilization to shed its past and move forward.


These are two reports from RT, truly the only trustworthy English-speaking MSM our there. RT is a new, revolutionary wave of the MSM. It is an alternative MSM for the truth-seekers and it also has Russian, Spanish, Arabic and other language news. (I have various RT links on my RESOURCES page for your convenience).

RT: News of leaked memos indicating that former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair had already agreed to work with the George W. Bush Administration on the invasion of Iraq long before it began has been less than a shock to many people. Stephen Zunes, a major critic of the Bush administration and professor of politics and international studies at the University of San Francisco, offers his view as to why public reaction has been so tepid and what the invasion was really about.

RT: Leaked memos show that former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair was fully onboard with the George W. Bush administration with regard to the invasion of Iraq a full year before the war began. Manila Chan speaks with investigative journalist Russ Baker about the fallout from this leak and how policy leading to the invasion developed during the run up to the war.


So, it’s in the mainstream. The Bush – Blair Collusion on Regime Change in Iraq took place at least one year before Iraq invasion – and I would say much earlier than that!

It was done with participation and full knowledge of then US Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell, who afterwords tried to convince the UN that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, while parading fake proofs and equally fake maps. Colin Powell later said he was duped and mislead into thinking the proof was real, which lead him to deliver that fake UN speech. With these new revelations, it is confirmed what was long-suspected: Powell lied to everyone’s face when he said he didn’t know proofs were fake. The scandal led him eventually to resign and withdraw his presidential candidacy, costing him his highly cherished reputation and removal from public life.

I was somewhat familiar with Colin Powell – in the late ’90s I happened to work in Princeton with some of his associates. Incidentally, one of his people, who spent six months in the former Yugoslavia as a monitor during the civil war and subsequent US/EU bombing campaign, had admitted to me in a private conversation that what he saw on the ground and what US press and US government were saying had been two completely different things.

At the time, all the blame for war and atrocities in the former Yugoslavia was put 100% on Serbs. ‘The bad Serbs’ propaganda was necessary for Yugoslavia, the last remaining independent state in Europe, to be torn apart in the attempt to weaken and destroy Serbia. Even the core Serbian lands, such as Kosovo and Chernogoria (called in the West Montenegro) were taken away from them.

The reality I witnessed, had confided in me Colin Powell’s associate, was that they all had historic grudges against each other. They all were equally responsible for violence.

I knew all this very well, having grown up in Southern Europe and in the Slavic world. The long-brewing, but kept under the lid by the unified socialistic Yugoslavia, historic grudges ran deep. I knew why, how and when all those grudges came to be. For centuries Russia periodically played peacemaker in the region. It was in many ways similar to the atmosphere in Caucasus and all this was common knowledge where I came from. But convincing Americans of this was impossible in the 1990s. When I tried to write articles explaining the real situation, they were ALL rejected by any American MSM I attempted sending them to.

Alas, there was no Internet, no blogs and no websites in the 1990s. We were all held hostage to whatever agenda and lies they wanted to impose on us. In the ’90s I quickly got disenchanted with Western papers, magazines and TV and unsubscribed of all print, disconnecting cable TV by 2003.

I can’t stress enough how incredibly important it is to always keep a balanced perspective on things! Ironically, we have to be grateful primarily to the same USA for the mainstream Internet, YouTube, search engines and blogging platforms, such as WordPress. The Internet revolution became the Great Equalizer of the 21 Century, which allowed us all to read/watch/search for the truth, regardless of where we lived and what propaganda our local MSM imposed on us.

This fantastic breakthrough allowed people like myself, who had a lot of knowledge and truth to share, but who were shut up by MSM and existing prejudices, a platform to say what we wanted to say.

This is where USA, UK, as well all of the Anglo-American world, shine:

They can accomplish wonders when it’s necessary to turn something into a mainstream application, making it workable for the huge masses of people. This is a real, honest to goodness talent and contribution of the Anglo-American civilization to the human world.

If only they could learn to stick to using this god-given talent for good, instead of evil!

Actually, I think the fact that Western MSM is now losing readership/viewership daily is a well-deserved poetic justice and the long-earned karma in action.

Unless Western MSM of all breeds and colorings reinvent themselves, they will become extinct. The only way for them to reinvent themselves is to start telling the truth. But who are we kidding: those who control them can’t accept the truth… yet. One day they may be forced to, in order to survive. But it may be too late for what at this point in history we still refer to as ‘Western MSM.’

Incidentally, the truth about what really went on in Yugoslavia never came out of Colin Powell’s camp, despite their knowledge. Powell was at the time considered a war hero and a highly respected man of integrity. He had the people’s ear and he had infinitely more platform to make the truth heard than I did. It’s possible that if he shared with the world what his monitors knew about Yugoslavia, Serbian bombings wouldn’t have happened. Or at least, it would have been much more difficult to push them through without full public support.

That same ‘honorable’ Colin Powell saw it fit to spew lies to the UN later, when he became the US Secretary of State. For those who still have any illusions: this demonstrates very well who is in power in the US, no matter what party it is. It was true then and it’s true now. The same is true for the UK, with Blair in focus.

In the beginning of 2003 Colin Powell shook that fake proof at the UN and ardently tried to convince everyone that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that Iraq harbored Al Qaeda. Living in the US, I heard a lot of talk calling ‘to fu*k those UN, Russia, China and Germany’ (does that remind you of Nuland and her “fu*k EU outburst?). As a lot of those ‘American patriots’ put it, ‘let our boys go in and do their thing.’

The truth is that the US population at large fully supported Iraq invasion, considering their country exceptional, one and only beacon of democracy, and existing to do as they pleased without any regard for others’ needs or opinions. Hitler and his version of Germany once thought the same.

I recall that time very well – it was the time I woke up completely and shed any remaining illusions as to what kind of country I was living in. US continued attempting to sell Afghanistan and Iraq invasions as ‘one bundle purchase,’ using the pretext of the 9/11 as justification.

The world swallowed the earlier Afghanistan invasion, being still in shock after 9/11. People all over the world sympathised with the US, and this normal human sympathy in the wake of what was believed to be a terrible and unjustified tragedy inflicted by outside forces on the unsuspecting America, was exploited by the US to do their dirty bidding.

But the world drew the line at Iraq. UN Security Council members Russia and China vetoed US request to authorize its strike against Iraq. US faced strong resistance from allies: Germany, France and Middle Eastern countries. US began Iraq invasion anyway, fully supported by UK, Poland, (former Soviet republic of) Georgia and the ‘coalition of the willing’ consisting of everyone else whose arm US/UK were able to twist into submission.

We soon started finding out that Powell’s ‘proofs’ were fake, that 9/11 was an inside job and that US/UK harbored a long-term plan of invading and dismembering at least seven Middle Eastern states, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran and Syria. We all know what happened to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. We also know why Iran and Syria are still surviving: because Russia has protected them.

There is always a seed of defeat in every victory and a seed of victory in every defeat. US thought it got away with murder.

But the US invasion of Iraq and the lies accompanying it, marked the beginning of a new era. It is the era of the all-encompassing Earth Shift of all geopolitical, societal and economic structures. It is the era of the awakening and coming to terms with the truth. Their lies woke up those people who refused to continue accepting the official Western propaganga, who began digging for and telling the truth through alternative sources, trying to awaken others.

This era, which we are living today, is the global revolutionary time, when everything old, outmoded, and un-truthful is swept away. The old will morph into something new and different, some countries will change borders and even names. New alliances will be formed and old will die off. A new social, financial and economic system will emerge. And with that, USA will lose much of today’s clout and power.

For more:



Heads up: the upcoming Earth Shift Report UKRAINE: NEW KHAZARIAN KHAGANTE? will delve deeper into some other important hidden truths, lies and secrets that must come out. I’m also planning a future surprise Earth Shift Report, which will reveal what is really happening with the US and why (I will keep the title secret for now). Stay tuned!

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  1. With French Indochina still suffering the effects of the CSA of land mines and chemical weapons in that area of Asia. We now have depleted uranium in Iraq and the land version of the Barbary Pirates in Western Asia and North Africa the fall of the British-Confederate States of America can’t come soon enough.

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  2. Justin Trudeau just won as Prime Minister of Canada! We all knew Harper was in bed with the bad guys, so we’re all happy he’s out. What about Justin Trudeau? He seems like a white hat kind of guy. Is he? Or, has he been compromised?

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    • Congrats!!! Canada should be celebrating! Harper was horrible – no one can be worse.

      The jury’s out on Trudeau. He may be able to distance his country little by little from the US. I believe this is his goal.

      But he isn’t a free man: Canada-US economic, political and financial ties got too entagled. US: Wall Street, oil/ gas interests, neocons, etc., dug into Canada very deep since 1990s-early 2000s when I was there last. Canada became a close-knit part of the US matrix since.

      One thing going for Trudeau is his French roots, therefore, he isn’t a part of the Harper/ Canadian ukro-nazi/ oil & gas mafia. This is hopeful, and historically, Canada PMs with French names were more independent in their policies, as far as I know. He’ll have to work slowly and tediously, but we have to be prepared that US won’t let Canada out that easily and will sabotage any such efforts.

      My advice is to have a lot of patience. But Canada is a nice country. Hope it can reassert its sovereignty in time. This will happen gradually as US weakens.

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  3. You are absolutely correct about Bush and Blair. Even former Bishop Tutu had said that these 2 should be sent to International Criminal Court for what they did in Iraq. Susan Lindauer, a former CIA Asset assigned in the Middle East in particular in Iraq who turned to whistleblower and was put in jail by the Bush Administration because she disclosed everything, the truth about 9/11 so US can invade Iraq. Here is the link:

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  4. Your assertion that Canada joined in the Iraq invasion is incorrect. Canada under Prime minister Jean Chretien refused to join the war and paid a small price for this disloyalty.

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  5. You mention RT as being an English speaking news channel that can be trusted to show an alternative version of events. I agree, this is true, but is there a line that even RT dare not cross?
    To give an example, on the anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings a RT correspondent did a short piece on the event which might well have came word for word from the BBC. We have all heard the story before, drummed into us repeatedly by this organization. RT, as an alternative media channel, did not even allude to the fact that many, many people all over the world no longer believe in the MSM coverage of these false flag events, thanks largely to the internet.
    How disappointing! Is this the line that cannot be crossed? look what happened to Press TV. In the west, debate on these events is not allowed except to ridicule those who challenge the mainstream version. Perhaps you can tell us, Lada, if these kind of debates are allowed on Russian TV within the Federation.

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    • Everyone in this 3D reality has A LINE and a perspective. You have a line you won’t cross either, Ian.
      In 5D, 6D and even 11D reality souls still have their own perspective.

      People and organizations have important (to them) considerations based on the entire scope of their life’s experiences or agenda. RT isn’t a messiah but a news organization with its own strategy and guidelines, and yes, only humans work there. The important thing is to use their talents and perspective for good instead of evil.

      One more point about RT or any other organization or person (yours truly included) that tries to deliver the truth to you, and everyone.
      What’s with this usurous attitude?
      ‘They disappointed me because they didn’t go as far as I’d like them to go’? And what if they are targeting a much broader range of human opinions than you, yourself and you? Also have you ever considered they have to triple-check their sources and info as MSM is requred to do, but western MSM doesn’t any more?

      If RT makes one wrong step, US, UK and others will use that as pretext to take away their license and shut them down. All MSM, RT included, operates under strict guidelines of any country in which they broadcast. Do you know that UK is trying to shut them down and has frozen their accounts?

      I am not MSM or RT, I am just a blogger. But do you even know what I have to go through to deliver my reports and articles to my readers? If it looks easy and effortless to you, I can assure you, there is a huge amount of work and obstacles behind all that.

      And incidentally, so you and everyone in the West can enjoy RT, RUSSIAN TAXPAYERS have to foot the bill.

      I hear people saying similar things about RT once in a while. No offence and nothing personal as it applies to humans at large: I seriously suggest losing usurous attitude towards anyone who is trying to do good and help, and start HELPING and SUPPORTING instead of criticizing.

      I know a lot of my readers do support my work, and I am very grateful to them!

      As to what’s allowed in Russian debates – I listen to Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov and a couple of others on and off. Even I am shocked at what is allowed to be said in those debates, and I’ve been around the block. There is practically nothing that is off limits and opposing views, the entire specturm of opinions is present.
      They allow any western point of view, and I’ve seen even open ukro-nazis there a few times. I think Solovyov jokingly keeps inviting McCain, Obama, Bush, Merkel, what not. 😉

      They always have at least one or more pro-western Russian liberals, who criticise everything and predict Russia falling apart any minute now. Some people complain and ask not to invite such people any more, but they do have a point having them as guests. First, it gives people such strong immunization against their ideas, and second – well, Russians wanted freedom of speech in the 90s – and here it is. That’s what it looks like.

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      • RT is considered mainstream alternative, their popularity lies in their credibility as a responsible news organization. Most alternative online news sources are either opinion based commentaries or conspiracy theories not based on reality. The world needs RT more than it needs us as viewers.

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      • “As to what’s allowed in Russian debates – I listen to Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov…”: I also watch it from time to time and am surprised at the spectrum of opinions being aired there. The same in the printed press. “Argumenty i Fakty”, which I read and from where I sometimes translate articles, gives expression platform for a varied number of opinions, some of which I disagree to the point of wondering “why are they printing it?”. But that’s freedom of speech for you… Also, the topics about/from Russia that make it to the Western press are much more limited, than what is discussed by the press domestically.

        Incidentally, last week President Putin was the exclusive guest of Solovjov, so I see no reason for Obama not accepting the invitation 🙂

        Mentioning Putin, there was the Valdai Forum in Sochi today and Putin had a lot to say about a wide variety of topics, answering many difficult questions. Lada, I am sure you have something up your sleeve regarding it…

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  6. i remember reading a prediction by the seer, Edgar Cayce, fifty years ago who said that Russia could be the salvation of the world in the future……now Jean Haines has republished
    that story and prediction on her blog ( Co-creating the World..)….You are so correct in sharing the news of this actually taking place. When Cayce said it, the world was in the midst of the
    Cold War between USA and USSR……..I wondered at the time how that prediction could possibly be accurate. We were told to hate Russia ! So we can see how propaganda and
    a corrupt MSM guide opinions in the worst way with lies and deceit. You are providing a
    very valuable balance to tell the other side of their stories.

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  7. Regarding your reply about RT, I guessed that might be the case, and that they would be treading a knife edge broadcasting in the UK. Now you have confirmed it. Thanks. There is no real freedom of speech here; in recent years we have lost several “controversial” TV channels that were on the Sky medium, and now RT is the last one standing. Let’s hope it continues to prosper.

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  8. Sorry Lada, I need to correct you about Montenegro been a part of Serbia.
    Montenegro use to be a separate kingdom back in 19 th century, Only after WW I they became a part of Kingdom of Yugoslavia, but for many, to submit to the rule of Serbian house was outright humiliation. Communist Yugoslavia was a little bit different story. However, separation from Serbia after the fall of Yugoslavia, was a matter of restoring their identity.


    • Thanks for the clarification, Karl. I know things are very convoluted in the former Yugolsavia area. Some Serbs consider some of those lands their ancient historic territories, going back senturies and centuries. I don’t mean Serbia as a modern nationality, more like what was southern Slavs and the territories they occupied historically in the Balkans. But it depends on your perspective and time frame. There are lots of different claims from different parties.

      Most importantly, it’s a great idea for everyone to stop fighting each other and start living in cooperation. Too bad Serbs’ and others’ pride made them separate, which resulted in each little state becoming weak and awfully easy to manipulate.



      • Some Serbs, to the extensive annoyance of all other nations on the Balkans, and their own compatriots, enjoy exaggerating the legacy of medieval empire in 14th century. Radical “plans” were/are based on regaining that particular scope of influence, despite of the fact that the might and meteoric expansion back then lasted only a decade or so.
        That very idea of Great Serbia combined with violent response to it from other nations makes that particular explosive mixture from which the Balkans gained its unfortunate name “the gunpowder barrel of Europe”.
        I’m convinced that forces pulling the strings from behind the scenes are the same ones responsible for the mess in Ukraine. In certain aspects it is a very similar situation, the same modus operandi and the same signature – getting as many opposing groups and forces as possible to fight against each other.
        The same with Syria.
        How many various groups are fighting against each other right now?
        Yugoslavia was first in the row…a testing ground. If Europe turns the blind eye on what is going there – then “we” can do whatever…(just a guess)
        What is also fascinating – with media having prominent role in steering the events through mass dis-info, coupled with false flags and paramilitary actions, it is very difficult for otherwise normal and peaceful people to stay away from actually getting involved.
        I hope, and this is why I’m frequenting your blog – because of your positive and encouraging outlook – that humanity will be able to avert the disaster.


        • The Balkans are one of those Gordian Knots of humanity where many cultures and interests have always clashed. It’s up to the people of those countries to change their karma. The only way for that is to reconcile their differences and start cooperating for the good of all. Russians tried to set it up for them several times in the past 1000 years, but it tended to always slip back into chaos. Balkans are so important for the Russian/Slavic World, and southern Slavs, if united could be a nice helping hand for Russia to keep the world balanced, thus creating a better future for all. My advise: they really need to re-unite based on new, equal, and mutually respectful principles.

          Forget the old grudges – there is no way to air out all past slights and spites. There are too many of them and each has something to counter it with. It applies to Serbs and others equally.
          Same happens around Black Sea, Caucasus, Middle East – all the world’s hotspots. But if Slavs were united in the Balkans, it would have been so much easier. Alas, this is only possible when consciousness there reaches high enough levels.

          Best 🙂


  9. Lada, thank you for this article about revealed cooperation between London and Washington. I have a feeling that all this time the shots were called from London (pun intended) and USA remains a de-facto part of the British Empire, having been given independence just to give Britain another proxy actor on the scene of the World politics. I might be wrong on this account.

    But what’s more interesting, is the second part of the article, the one about the invasion and destruction of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia has become a large non-topic in the Western MSM, a huge elephant, that no one wants to remember murdering.

    It was also Yugoslavia that became my wake up call, the final notice that NATO is in fact NOT a DEFENSIVE alliance, but an aggressive monster, bent on destruction. At that time I started calling it for North American Terrorist Organisation…

    Interestingly, at that time there was more silent protest against Yugoslavia invasion in Norway, than now against various American adventures, like the Lybian one. Back then, in the public transport, in the places, where you’d normally see ads in the windows, there hang for a whole month A4 posters with slogans from Loesje. The two most notable, which I remember, were:
    “Where are the NATO cheerleaders?”
    “Can you solve a problem by bombing it?”

    Incidentally, you are not correct, when you write in you article “Alas, there was no Internet, no blogs and no websites in the 1990s.” Granted, there was no ease, associated with WordPress publications, and you needed HTML prowess, but there were several free hosting platforms, like Geocities, Tripod and Fortunecity. At that time I had a branched homepage at Tripod, and I added Loesje posters with links to other anti-war sites there (A snapshot of my old pages is still available at my site). There were also discussions of the NATO activities going at, for example, the part-virtual/part-physical unrecognised country of Ladonia, which Swedish visionary and artist Lars Vilks started on the coast of Skåne. But you are right, the impact and reach of these discussions and publications was very limited compared to today.

    One more thing about Yugoslavia. Visgoth writes in the first comment: “We now have depleted uranium in Iraq and…”. Yet few realise that NATO used depleted uranium munitions when bombing Yugoslavia. Many places there have radiation levels in ground and water exceeding safe limits. Yet, the civilised West prefers not to remember about it….

    Two RT journalists – a Serbian and an American – created last year a documentary Зашто? (Why? / For what?) about the terror suffered by Yugoslavia:

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  10. Thanks Nemo so South Slavs were the labrats for depleted uranium weapons not surprising since I heard that the word slave is derived from Slav.


    • Visgoth, I know you most likely didn’t mean anything offensive by your comment. But you do realize you just basically offended a bunch of people here? Considering both Nemo, whose name is Stanislav and I are Russian, therefore, Slavic? And so are some other of my readers?

      As to the real origin of the word Slav vs slave. Slav – correct way of saying it is: Slavyanin for men and Slavyanka for women is one of the most ancient and important words in existence on our planet. It is an important Secret Code left by our ancestors for the future generations. And I mean you too, as we all have common ancestors. I will have to talk about it in a separate post, and possibly will have a new ESR on that.

      Stay tuned for the truth!

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      • An in the meantime, let me add a very important word with this root: “slava”, which means glory, and the derived “proslavljat'”, meaning to “sing praise to”
        Just some food for thought 😉

        Listen to this chorus from the finale of Glinka’s opera “Life for the Czar”, commemorating liberation of Moscow from Poles:

        It’s start, loosely translated:

        Be glorified, you, my Rus
        Be glorified, you, our Russian land!
        Let it be that throughout centuries
        Our beloved mother-country has strength

        Be glorified from generation to generation
        Be glorified our great Russian people
        Strike down with merciless hand
        The enemies who try to usurp our birth-land

        Glory, glory to heroic warriors
        To the brave sons of our motherland
        Those who shed their blood for their fatherland
        Will never be forgotten by the people


  11. Lada, I want to add another dead elephant in the room, an event that few in the West speak of, or even know about. Yet destruction of Yugoslavia ties directly with this event. It happened between the 21st of September and the 5th of October 1993. Back then, the Western MSM praised this event as the ultimate defence of the young Russian democracy, while in reality, it was the exact opposite.

    At that time Russian Parliament, seeing where Yeltsin was steering the country, was preparing to pass impeachment of the President. It is a completely democratic process, designed to balance the presidential power and to trigger a preliminary election. Yeltsin’s reaction was all but democratic.

    He passed directive #1400, disbanding the Parliament. When the Parliament refused to comply, he (with the backing of the “well-wishers” from across the pond) ordered army into the streets of Moscow. The Parliament building and the TV tower Ostankino were surrounded. People went out to the streets to defend the Parliament. Then there came the terrible order to open fire. People were shot down by concentrated machine gun fire from armoured vehicles, the Parliament was shelled from tanks.

    Here is a footage of the shelling of the Parliament:

    The exact number of victims of the 1993 massacre is unknown – most documents from that time were destroyed – but is officially estimated to be approximately 200. According to the analysis in the following article (in Russian), the numbers may have been a magnitude higher.


    The massacre also marked the descent of Russia into a period of near-destruction, a period of lawlessness and dismemberment of the industry and defence. A period, known in Russia as “The Wild 90s”. An example of the desolation of Russia can be gleaned from an article that I translated a while back:


    Russia became totally incapacitated, which, in turn allowed USNATO in 1999 to start an unpunished invasion of Yugoslavia, not fearing any opposition. And even then, some politicians in Russia tried to show protest. When USA started the bombings, Russian Foreign Minister Prjamakov was en route to USA on a diplomatic mission. Upon hearing of the news, he ordered that the plane be turned back right over the Atlantic Ocean in protest.

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    • PS: A link to the excerpt from the book “The Forgotten Victims of 1993”:
      It contains many witness descriptions of the executions of the defenders (even those, who were unarmed, already wounded or surrendered), and later falsification of the numbers of the murdered people.

      From the site above, there is an interesting document by parliamentary Andronov, who from the besieged Parliament, on the day before the massacre conducted negotiation with representatives of the AMERICAN embassy, trying to prevent the bloodshed. Americans anyway gave the order to open fire, he says, adding that the bloodshed in Moscow in 1993 was directly authorised by Clinton.

      Doesn’t it feel on some level like the coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014?

      Lada, I feel that this tragic and forgotten (even in Russia) page of Russian history sorely needs the searchlight of truth pointed at it.

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      • This is a true event. There are many corroborating accounts. Much like the snipers present on Kiev maidan in 2014, Egypt, Serbia – all color revolutions.


  12. Dear Lada, there is no reply button to your comments so I’ll just drop the message in response – about Slavs.
    There is something that touched me deeply – it is the last video of general Petrov – here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8k7m_Xikbw
    South Slavs are too exposed to outer influences, when Russians are able to fortify themselves due to the territorial configuration – others – Ukrainians, Czech, Poles, Serbs, Croats, Slovenians etc. are too close to other influences. However, Slavic spirit is very much alive and kicking among the people despite of many disturbances.
    If you have any chance or willingness to say something about general Petrov and KOB I think would be fabulous addition to your blog.


    • I have the KOB link on my RESOURCES page. KOB has some very good revolutionary ideas. Some stuff may be debatable or not necessarily true. It’s complicated, but overall I think KOB is very interesting to study and I am more with them than not.

      Some of their related stuff – re forbidden history and manipulation of the masses – are the things I figured out on my own since I was 5-10, or as soon as I knew how to read. I will try eventually (maybe next year) to write more about Slavs and the Russian Code (that’s my term), forbidden history, distortions, and more.

      There are other mind blowing new discoveries by the Russian scientists, linguistics being at the forefront. But it’s also done using mathematics, DNA genetics, history, astronomy and more. Very cool stuff such as the New Chronology, which blows up the conventional history we thought was the bible. If my readers at large read in Russian, I could provide a lot more links, but since my audience is English-speaking, it takes much longer for the info to trickle down. I am doing what I can.

      Incidentally, I’ll open up the veil on this topic in ESR 6: UKRAINE – NEW KHAZARIAN KHAGANATE? It’s coming in several days. It’s a good way to start looking into that. Stay tuned!


      • One more thing about KOB. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this:
        (don’t need to publish my response -just saying)

        About playing victim – you are right – I’ll reply to that later.


        • It’s not the same KOB. The one you talked about is the informal social movement and a party – actually the title is very confusing and incongruent in my view.
          The one on above website is the official doctrine of the Rusisan Federation and has nothing to do with the former.


        • Incidentally, to our exchange about Chernogoria and Serbia. If you speak Russian, here is a link to the interview with a Chernogorian (Montenegran) who says that his country and his government betrayed Serbia and Kosovo by seceding, and that 90% of simple citizens feel that way, while Chernogoria government is US/EU vassals, acting against the will of the citizens.


    • BTW…
      Sure, Russia is able to fortify itself. But Russia has different problems others don’t have – and can’t even dream about. Russia is the most multinational, multi-cultural and multi-confessional country on the planet. Has the most stretched-out territory with largest borders in the world. Border/ terrorism risks are absolutely incomparable in Russia to any other country in existence. The balancing act between various conflicting religions and various local interests is also incomparable. Besides, Russia always has to share her resources with lots of other countries to keep them more or less propped up, in order to minimize outside risks, thus depriving own citizens from a part of wealth they would enjoy otherwise. Russia always has to stand up to global aggression, sacrificing own balance and lives/well-being of her citizens to the task of re-balancing the world, etc, etc, etc.

      So, yes, other Slavic (or non-Slavic) countries have their own challenges. But do you seriously think there is any comparison? My advice for any country feeling they aren’t in the situation they should be in: wake up, stop playing victim and start changing your life.


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