Co-Society: While the Rest of the World Fights, Russia Celebrates the National Day of Unity (with Putin’s Speech)

On November 4th Russia celebrates the National Day of People’s Unity.

Co-Society – Forum of Active Citizens, Moscow, November 4, 2015.

Co-Society – in Russian: «Сообщество» “Soobshchestvo” – is a word that doesn’t exist in English. It means co-creative society, united society or cooperative society.

Vladimir Putin speaks at the Co-Society Forum – check out the video!

I’ve translated his main points:

‘Dear friends, we are meeting on the Day of People’s Unity. When this Holiday was first re-instated, many of us, myself included, thought we didn’t need yet another holiday. But now I understand that this Holiday is very important. It’s crucial for any country, but especially for the huge, multi-national and multi-confessional country such as Russia, to pause once a year and remember our experiences throughout history. What is connected with our victories and triumphs and what – with tragedies and failures. As we look back, we see that whenever we were united, we had achieved shining victories, and when we were dis-united, we had to deal with disasters, tragedies and sufferings of millions of our citizens. We had to deal with false values and criminal ambitions of some that led to our common tragedy. This is why it’s so important to be united, while preserving our diversity.

But this unity doesn’t mean the conformity in thought and views about the present problems and the future of our society. It’s important to remember that the foundation for all our sharp social debates has to be love for our Motherland, the desire to make it stronger and more effective, and the life of our people better.’

Check out the video below: today’s National Day of People’s Unity March, Moscow

On video: massive Moscow Day of Unity march (0:00-27:00). Various organizations and citizens joined. Some that I caught in the crowd included universities, schools and colleges, organizations such as The Green Russia, Mothers of Russia, the Russian Painters Society, Red Cross, the National Union of Retirees, the Sober Russia, Society of the Russian Officers, NOD, various political parties, and lots of others. Notable slogan I’ve noticed in the crowd: ‘People, empower the President to clear out traitors from the government.’ Also slogans such as ‘Our Strength in Unity,’ ‘United people means united State,’ ‘All for Russia, Russia for all,’ ‘Russia, Peace, Unity,’ Unity from Kamchatka to Crimea,’ and ‘We are for friendship with Ukraine,’ ‘With Russia forever.’ Lots of slogans in support of Putin. Speaking of the Cossacks, whom we’ve talked about in Earth Shift Report 6: UKRAINE – NEW KHAZARIAN KHAGANATE? – around 10:45, First Cossack University.

The march proceeds past the Duma building to Manezh, where it terminates for a rally and concert. Rally and street concert next to Manezh, not far from Red Square, starts around 27:00.

28:00 – A minute of silence for the victims of the Kogalymavia #Kolavia Airbus 321 flight to St. Petersburg that crashed in Sinai, Egypt. This is the biggest ever catastrophe in the history of Russian aviation. Followed by the famous Soviet song performed by Zara, “The Earth Has Become Empty Without You.”

32:52 – What is Russia? – short video.

Russia stats 34:40: ‘146 mln people; over 200 nationalities and that many languages; 17 mln sq kilometers — we all call this world’s most amazing and richest country our own.’

The concert features some Russian showbiz stars. Song “Mama” at 44:35 – Oleg Gazmanov. 48:30 some interesting national costumes from northern Rus worn in the crowd.

Leaders of the leading Russian parties on stage: 50:20-59:50.

1:00:00 Great song by Lyube: “For you, Mother-land!”  The amazing song, “Kon'” – “I’ll go at night into the fields with my steed” at 1:04:40. More good songs following that. 1:27:00 beautiful song “I’ll Stay” – City 312. Have a listen!

By uniting and working productively on her problems, Russia is showing the way to the world.

Just the opposite, unfortunately, is happening in Ukraine. Read Earth Shift Report 6, which explains why this is the case!



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    The kids, performing at this competition are fabulous, and their performances would at times be difficult for an experienced artist. Two of the kids from each show are voted by jury to go to the grand finale, while the other kids are selected by the people’s votes through Internet.

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