Want to see what Ukraine is without Russia? – world’s shortest video

This, world’s shortest two-second video says it all. The words on top of the mechanical contraption with Ukrainian blue-yellow flag read: HOORAH! Freedom!



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  1. You don’t need to know a word of russian to understand the point of the video. Unfortunately, it seems that the Ukraine must totally destroy itself before the majority of the population develops enough courage to defy the USSA Zionistas.


  2. Ukraine without Russia is nothing.


  3. Agreed, Joe. Balancing the karma we generate individually and/or collectively as a group, nation and world is an unavoidable process, and often long and difficult. It is so hard to watch sometimes ~ and even harder to endure when it is our own turn!

    What a blessing that Mr. Putin seems to have a very firm grasp of this concept and patiently and compassionately works with it to facilitate the most positive outcome for everyone involved. The “great balancer” indeed, Lada. In that respect he is an example we would all do well to follow.

    The days of reckoning are coming as well for the U.S. and her equally benighted Zio allies. I am seeing this process beginning to bite some rear ends here already and it isn’t pretty! So many of our people do not grasp Natural Law, therefore so do not yet apprehend what is happening. But, sadly, we soon will. All debts must be paid. That is Law. It would be well for all of us to avoid generating karma by indulging in schadenfreude, difficult though it may be to resist! ;o)

    Do not hope for a “Golden Age” on our planet overnight, dear ones. We have much work to do and it will take a while. Loving kindness to all, and peace.

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  4. LOL .Yes this says it all in 3 seconds so very well.


  5. Dear Lada,
    Do not post this please.

    I didn’t like the video, one never puts another down who is in a lesser position.


    • Dear Fanie,
      I didn’t like your comment and your judgemental attitude.
      This video is made by Ukrainians about Ukrainians and it tells the truth, and with humor too. Who is putting whom down?
      That’s one.

      Two: I do not post comments on this blog promoting guns and violence, therefore, the rest of your very long comment about guns was deleted.

      Three: per blog rules, I do not post false information, and your comment was full of it.

      Four:this blog comment section is designed for comments that are meant to be shared with all readers publicly. You consistently write huge opuses prefaced with words ‘don’t post this please.’ It’s not how this works and such posts of yours can be considered spam.
      I do not read spam; your further spamming will result not only in deletion but in banning from this blog.

      Should you have things to share with all readers that are not spam, falsehood or promotion of violence, you may do so, following BLOG RULES.

      Thank you very much.

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    • Fanie… I have an idea for you, how not to see things your mind cannot understand…just close your eyes. and that ‘s it. and please don’t feel alone… like you there is about 75%, waiting to be awaken.

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    • this type of info it is not for people like you fanie. You should be reading other things like ….maybe Hollywood fantasy stuff…You are not ready for these…your mind does not have the capability to understand what goes on out there…

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  6. And just before it reached its goal, the evil Russia turned the power off…;-)

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  7. This may be a case of Archon Fever and I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Lada’s admin bunker when she gets one of these posts :). I can imagine in her work she gets a fair share of difficult incoming material.


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