Earth Shift Report 7: The Battle for Eurasia! TURKISH CONUNDRUM



Earth Shift Report 7


Erdogan, Davutoglu & New Ottoman Empire

Turkey conundrum 2


Read in this report:

Maps of the Ottoman Empire at its peak, Present day Turkey, decline of Ottoman Empire by country and year.

Is Erdogan trying to resurrect Ottoman Empire?
Has he lost his mind
or is confrontation with Russia a well-thought out strategy?
Is Ahmet Davutoglu Erdogan’s Gray Cardinal, or is he the real puppet master?

Can Turkey Block Black Sea straits?
Who is wagging whom: US Erdogan or Erdogan US?

What will Russia do?

The region is boiling over and may blow up at any moment. Everything that is happening in this region, however unconnected it may appear, is invisibly orchestrated from one and the same center. In this report we’ll connect all the dots and form the full picture!

Who controls whom? What does the body language tell us? 
Can you tell by these images? Photo album of Erdogan with Davutoglu, Obama, Putin and Assad. They tell quite a story! With Lada’s body, eye and hand language interpretations.

Full list of topics discussed in this report:

The Great Earth Shift, tectonic change and human society
New Turkish provocation – Russian destroyer fires warning shots against Turkish boat

The money trail: Who organized the flood of refugees to Europe?
ISIL oil = Turkey’s bounty
About the ‘free’ market hoax and how oil prices are formed
Qatar: Terrorist State Extraordinaire of the Middle East
Al Jazeera Network – at the service of ISIL and Turkey
Who ordered the Russian passenger plane catastrophe over Sinai, Egypt
The invisible link between Qatar and Turkey
How Russia spoiled Turkey, Qatar and USA’s game
It’s 1944 all over again. What are US/Germany/UK/France doing in Syria
What is Turkey’s army doing in Iraq?
World’s largest ethnos without a state: the wild card of the Kurds
​ERDOGAN’s Turkey
Who gave order to shoot down Russian Su-24 jet?
Is Erdogan mad or is this a part of a well-though-out plan?
Devolution of Erdogan and Turkey
Bulgaria in the dark: from Ottoman Empire to NATO and EU
Russia – Turkey relations
Ahmet Davutoglu – Erdogan’s Gray Cardinal or the Hitler of Turkey?
Neo-Ottoman Pan-Turkism and Resurrection of the Ottoman Khalifate
How Turkey infiltrated post-Soviet space
The real reason Russia agreed to enter WWI
How Russia was swindled of Constantinople and Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits
Erdogan and Turkey – stepping on Saakashvili and Georgia’s rake?
The volatile issue of the Black Sea Straits – Can Turkey close Bosphorus and Dardanelles?
Will Russia press for the transfer of the Black Sea Straits?
The 1992 Black Sea Straits incident
Deja Vu: Who benefits from the destruction of Turkish – Russian relations?

P.S. 12/15/15: What does Kerry want in Moscow? Lavrov and Putin: Turkey, ISIL, Syria, Iraq, NATO rift, ground troops negotiations on likely talks agenda

Stay tuned for next ESR: BLACK SEA GAMBIT – it’ll take over where TURKISH CONUNDRUM left off! A preliminary list of explosive events surrounding Black Sea inside this report!

Copyright December 15, 2015 Lada Ray

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The Battle for Eurasia! 



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    Another excellent must-read report. I’m really looking forward to this one! Thanks Lada.

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  2. Hi Lada,

    I paid a donation. How do I look at the report.

    Regards, Gary

    > > Lada Ray posted: “NEW EARTH SHIFT REPORT IS OUT! Read Earth Shift > Report 7 THE BATTLE FOR EURASIA! TURKISH CONUNDRUM Erdogan, > Davutoglu & New Ottoman Empire Read in this report: Maps of Ottoman > Empire at its peak, Present day Turkey, decline of Ot” >


    • Hello Gary, happy holidays! What email did you use to donate? I cannot find a confirmation, please
      email me the paypal receipt and i’ll forward the report link ASAP. Thanks so much! — FTadmin


  3. Haven’t read your report yet but this is what I am getting from the situation. Erdogan was forced into doing what he did. When you are the junior member of a crime family and the others nominate you as the patsy, you just have to do as you are told. He’s actually dead scared to be the tip of the spear pointing at Putin.


    • So it just shows how gutless he is and emphasises his position as a puppet and instrument of the dark miliary industrial complex. He would have gained so much more if he had ventured into the light instead.


    • You aren’t wrong. But this is just a tiny part of what’s going on. To gain full understanding, suggest reading the actual report.


  4. Hi Lada

    you really outdid yourself on your latest #7 report. I’ve learned more in 1 hour reading it than if I had spend dozens of hours wading through the misinformation MSM sewers called reportage. Thank You.


    PS Why not follow up with a podcast, such as the Plane Truth?

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  5. You want to know what’s going on you’re in the right place. Nice job, Lada.

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  6. You certainly outdid anything or anyone else on this subject Lada! To get the background information is the real need these days and Futurist Trendcast has joined VT, Sputnik, RT Russian Insider in providing top intel and historic background. Your own personal background experience lends important support. Thank you for all you do to increase awareness and consciousness on these important issues which is so essential to garnering peace and understanding to our planet. Victory to the Light! Noeline Clayfield

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  7. Thank you, Lada, for this timely report. Will go on to read it forthwith.

    I have just finished translation of summaries of two documentaries, which are aired on Russian television this week. I think you and your readers will find it an interesting read in conjunction with your report:


  8. Thanks so much, Nemo. Very helpful.
    Best wishes 🙂


  9. Interestingly, several events yesterday resonated with what you are talking about in your report:

    – Azerbaijany forces made a military foray into Nagornyj Karabah, but were repelled.
    – Putin announced that Russia may introduce a visum-free regime with Georgia. This may help further diffusing the tension, Russian market has been opening up to Georgian goods for the past years. It is also interesting to note that several of the children contestants in the recently-finished “Blue Bird” All-Russian contest for young talents were of Georgian origin
    – The head of Crimean-Tatar extremist organisation Mjelis was meeting with Erdogan, and it seems Turkey is going the same self-destruct route as Ukraine – down to such detail as Turkey asking Ukraine for help in fighting “Russian propaganda”
    – Ukraine will be selling several of the new Antonov planes to Sudis. This would have been nothing noteworthy, if the planes were not called “Banderas”, sullying the name of the excellent Antonov constructor agency. Imagine Airbus making a model with a pet-name “Hitler”!


  10. Thank You Lada!
    This report is really great, very interesting and well written.
    I very much appreciate it!
    Keep up the good work!

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  11. Happy New Year Lada. I finally read the report on Turkey. It’s well worth the $100 annual donation. You definitely deserve compensation for the hard earned reports. It’s just loaded with great analysis you won’t get anywhere plus great history. I’ll be making another annual donation soon. Here are some comments and ideas. See what you think.

    1. You are absolutely right on a rift between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It’s really hard to imagine a country’s leaders as more vile than Saudi Arabia but I guess with Qatar you reach the bottom of the barrel. Qatar was a major sponsor of the muslim brotherhood of Morsi in Egypt so the popular uprising-provoked coup by Sisi against the MB was a blow against Qatar. It was really fascinating to watch Saudi Arabia come to Sisi’s help with financial aid after the overthrow. I guess Sisi is paying back the debt by invading Yemen. However over all Sisi coming to power is a very positive development.

    2. Not now of course but maybe in a more cooperative, non egotistic world Istanbul could be renamed Constantinople and thus become an open city of both Islam and Christian orthodoxy where the Sofia Cathedral could reclaim it’s role as the center of Orthodoxy. I know it’s a dream but maybe it will happen eventually. By the way Russia doesn’t need to take over the Bosporus. As long as it remains complete free and open with no interference by Turkey then Russia anyways gets what it wants. Free and open passage.

    3. I understand what you’re saying about Russia being patient and not wanting to be cunning but I think Russia both now and in the past has been too timid and too naive and trusting of the west. I understand eventually Russia does come around but hopefully it will never be too late. I think part of this timidity and naivete is on account of pro western moles in the top hierarchy of power who badly influence the top leadership. It’s about time Russia plays hard ball with the west. They don’t have to be sneaky and cunning to do it but tough and resolute and with actions lets the west know they won’t take anymore bs from the west.

    4. Regarding Yeltsin, although I really loathed what he did during the ’90’s, I have to say in hindsight he may have not been sinister and evil but basically stupid and naive to the hilt. Of course that’s no excuse in his favor but just rather an explanation of his behavior. And let’s be honest about something. He has redeemed himself in history somewhat for bringing to power Vladimir Putin so maybe just maybe without knowing the inner workings of the Kremlin Yeltsin was aware of things that we didn’t know at the time.

    If you have any juicey intel on why Yeltsin elevated Putin to leadership I would love to hear it. Or at least I would appreciate any thoughts on why Yeltsin did it.


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