No Question Off-Limits! Putin 11th Annual Media Q&A Marathon 2015 (FULL Rus/Eng)

No question off-limits!

In 3+ hours, Putin answered scores of questions from all areas of life, asked by international journalists.  

Putin’s new record: the largest ever number – 1392 journalists – took part in this press conference.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has held his 11th annual news conference with a special focus on international events. Similar Q&A sessions in the past have lasted up to several hours. The record was set in 2008, when Vladimir Putin spent 4 hours and 40 minutes speaking with journalists – LIVE UPDATES

Complete 3-hour Q&A – Eng voiceover translation

Putin Q&A wrap up: Key points of 3-hours-long presser

Putin: I am very proud of my daughters, but I never discuss family, they’re not involved in politics and business

Full Q&A – Complete Russian version: Большая пресс-конференция Владимира Путина 2015 года


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  1. Once again President Putin is showing other wannabe world leaders how communication is done! Listened to a good deal of it live while doing other things. Was interested to note his comments on the US involvement in the SU-24 downing. US withdrew its 12 x F-16s from Turkey yesterday. These were only sent to Turkey a month ago and were nominated as the planes used in the attack on the SU-24 by intel at the time. The US about face in the last 24 hours on Syria following the Kerry entourage visit to Moscow has been truly amazing to watch and although there is still a lot of double speak coming out of Washington and Kerry further confusing the US position, there have been some visible signs of change in attitude by US/UK indicating that there was a lot of very heavy talking going on in Moscow and loss of face by US/UK…wow! What an amazing RT journalist Gayane Chichakyan is! She always asks the right questions and never gets answers from the idiots at the US State Department. So wonderful to see that dreadful Victoria Nuland having to eat crow and behave herself in Moscow! Perhaps Moscow showed their intel that showed quite clearly that US/Turkey/NATO were complicit in the downing of SU-24 and the unnecessary loss of life of 2 Russian servicemen over Syrian territory! An illegal act by Turkey/US/NATO committed over sovereign Syrian territory. Their agenda is now very clear but thwarted by Russia and will not now happen. Oh how terribly wrong the whole Syrian theatre has gone for the US coalition!! Victory to the Light!

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  2. Thanks for posting Lada. Looking forward to listening.

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    To sum up Putin: Washington, stay out of Russian affairs!


  4. Thanks…. I enjoy watching him; he has style…. if not complete honesty; he does seem to strike a balance there.. As far as any politician in the world, he, I think, manages to act for his people as best he can, given the difficulties in doing so the way the world is now ordered….



    • ‘Not complete honesty?’ Why? Because you say so?

      You are the funny one, lol.

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      • Perhaps so; I do laugh at myself frequently. Humor begins in self-inspection; if you can’t laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at, or with others?

        However, I would ask you one simple question, to wit: do you honestly believe there is a human being who does not lie? Moreover, of those human beings, how can one who must deal with enemies on every side be logically, or even ethically expected to tell the truth all the time? It isn’t possible, nor is it possible to be completely sure he doesn’t, unless one possesses full telepathic powers….

        Everyone tells lies; no one tells everything about themselves….And many will lie about that TO themselves.

        He is an admirable leader, as such men go, but, he is a human being, first. He lies sometimes, even if his basic nature is to be honest.



        • There is a lie and there is strategy. Lie is an emotional matter, strategy is the matter of the mind. Most humans tend not to be able to differentiate. Pls meditate on the difference and clarity should come.


  5. Lada, the following news is right along the line of your “Alien Technology” report.

    Interference station “Grach” (“Rook”) has passed state tests. It is designed to blind optics and confuse the adversary using… light. It operates in dusk, night or foggy conditions, covering military ships and can be used for passing narrow straits (Turkey, anyone?) and also protect landing operations. It can also be used to combat pirates at sea.


  6. Lada, you were correct in your report, saying that Georgia will be a wildcard. Only one day after Putin, answering a Georgian journalist, said that Russia can introduce a visum-free regime with Georgia within a matter of weeks, EU counters that EU can make travel to Georgia visum-free by mid-2016. I wonder what kind of strings will be attached. Georgia already has a visum-free travel for Russian citizens, and there are many Georgians living in Russia. Will Georgia, like Ukraine, be required to severe all ties with Russia to its own detriment?

    German journalists in this article wonder if USA is pressuring EU to open up for Ukraine and Georgia to make life difficult for Russia:


    • This is significant. I am planning to include the whole Georgian spread and predictions in Black Sea Gambit. All the Black Sea – Eastern Mediterranean countries, plus the entire Caspian basin area, are now under huge pressure. This is part of the last push to weaken Russia. It’s all part of the Great Battle for Eurasia.

      The ‘Western masters’ made a crucial mistake recently with Georgia and they are scrambling to correct it posthaste. Too late – the ship has sailed. It won’t work long term, but short term, it will introduce lots of turmoil and confusion when Georgia is torn apart and both sides try to outdo each other to entice small countries. Georgia is now a big prize again, like in 2008, but differently.

      I’ll have the entire spread for all of south Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan; Ukraine, esp. Odessa/Nikolaev/Kherson/Donbass and what the ‘new plans’ are for the Black Sea region; plus the connected Moldova, Pridnestrovie, Bulgaria, Balkans; also Iran and additional new Turkey/Middle East stuff (can’t get away from that!) in upcoming ESR: Black Sea Gambit.

      Since there are so many crucial new events surrounding Crimea, we’ll talk about it separately in upcoming ESR: Crimean Agenda.

      Much is heating up everywhere, incl Donbass again. There is a serious warning that Kiev may attack DNR/LNR for New Year’s, to spoil the holiday. Kiev has been ammassing troops and hardware on DNR/LNR borders, plus the border with Pridnestrovie and Crimea. Tensions are on the rise, but this will lead us into 2016, the year I said the gradual turnaround for Ukraine will begin, to be completed in 2018. In this tense holiday time, much depends on Russia’s global diplomatic efforts. This is the best way to prevent another round of Donbass war.

      I’ll try to release both reports within January, as soon as I can.


  7. Another impressive performance. I will, however, add what many are talking about, people like Starikov or Delyagin being examples. The Russian economy and economic and financial systems are at risk and the model of the last fifteen years needs to change. Putin has done a very good job in terms of foreign policy and trying to get the country to shape up in many ways. But the economy is the basis for everything. In the long run, it isn’t realistic to have an independent political system without an independent economic system. And everybody is a genius when oil is high, even the economic managers in Venezuela.

    The USSR would have been crushed in WWII if not for the tremendous increase in production in the 1930’s and during WWII. The current neoliberal model with people like Nabiullina is really risky. Starikov suggested that a better approach would be to copy Churchill’s quote of only being able to offer the British people “blood, toil, sweat, and tears”. The current situation in the world and certainly Russia is like that.

    A lot of Russia watchers are wondering what may going on there is terms of economic matters. Are there plans and big changes that we don’t know about?


  8. Lada,

    I’m looking forward to that. I have had trouble understanding why Russia hasn’t moved in the direction of the Asian tigers (in recent decades) and Germany and the US back in their prime. That was using a policy of long-term, low-interest loans for important infrastructure and strategic industries and national control of the central bank for the most part. It is basically modern propaganda to think that free trade and free markets made the US rich. It was good infrastructure, which included things like tremendous spending on education. And the periods of great progress usually had high tariffs, not unlimited free trade. (Not that free trade is bad, but it has become a bit of a mantra in the West.)

    And the reports and discussions by folks like Glazyev raise a lot of questions. I suspect Putin is trying to get buy-in from most elite groups in Russia before making any moves. This makes sense, but it all feels like an iceberg, with 90% out of sight.


    • As to Russia, I think you assume too often that Russia operates in a vacuum in this world. Russia has always been – ALWAYS! – the target of extreme economic/ financial pressure and sabotage by the West. Such centuries-long forceful sabotage created lots of defensive mechanisms, which paradoxically, were sometimes extremely stifling for the forward moving economy. That’s why Russia functioned best in a mobilization economy.

      Plus, metaphysically Russia is built differently. Profit and making money at all cost isn’t a part of the Russian character.

      I do not think I agree with Glazyev (disagree with him more lately) that Russia needs to copy the Western model of ‘low interest infrastructure project loans.’ Sure, this could be the intermediate stop-gap – but by god, long term they better get going creating THEIR OWN new forward-looking financinal system, instead of AGAIN playing catch up to the West. The worst thing to do!
      I know that some work on the new system is being done, but it’s all very secret.

      Not sure what you mean that Russia didn’t use cheap credit for infrastructure projects. In USSR ALL infrastructure was built based on government’s internal 0 interest credit. So, not sure what we are talking about here.

      I’m also not sure I agree with you about US getting rich. US got rich NOT because of tariffs or any sort of planning, nor financial brilliance – it’s awfully naive to think that. That was only for show. Just like USSR didn’t fall apart due to any special dumbness of its policies – it did so due to active and deliberate sabotage from the outside, coupled with internal mentality factors, treason + certain mistakes.

      Education investments in the US made the country rich? What, USSR didn’t invest in education? USSR won the education battle hands down over and over. Russian education could run circles around American. Proof: Einstein’s Princeton Institute of Advanced Studues is staffed almost exclusively with Russians, same as lots of other institutes and leading universities. Russia always was the world’s biggest net exporter of brains and talent. In the ’90s that’s what pushed US sport, higher ed, high-tech and science in some areas into stratosphere. Notice that internet revolution – the 90s-early 2000s – coincided with the massive arrival to the US of the Russian brains.

      I know, it may not be pleasant to hear, but it’s the truth. I am intimately familiar with both Russian and US ed systems, plus with all the talent that arrived to the US from Russia between late 1980s and 2000s. Lately, some started returning back though.

      It was simply dumb luck based on geography that made US rich, despite all the huge mistakes US had made again and again. That’s all.

      WWII destroyed Europe and Russia. US was the last man standing. $ becomes reserve currency based on that factor alone; most world’s gold gets transferred to US for geographic security reasons. Then US begins secretly selling gold it’s holding in custody to cover its huge budget shortfall, which negates the entire gold standard and almost leads to catastrophe for the entire Western system. But the solution is found – and we have petrodollar dictate. Few know that US was about to go bankrupt as a result of Vietanm War and the transfer out of gold standard and into petrodollar was what saved it.

      The whole world at the time revolved around the competition of the two systems: capitalism and socialism. US and West were losing the battle up until the petrodollar soulution was found. That saved the entire bankster system and eventually led to the demise of USSR.

      Later, we have globalized financial system controlled by $, based on MANDATORY debt and digital currency. Debt-based economy creates immediate illusion of well-being, while pushing off the day of reckoning into an indefinite future. Digital system, coupled with digital debt creation and derivatives, creates lots more entanglement and confusion, which delays the day of reckonig even further for the debtor ‘developed’ countries, while tying up and keeping hostage creditor countries, as well as the poorer, subordinate economies.

      The USSR once served as the only counterweight to that. But then Russia – the Great Balancer – almost collapsed, not being able to fulfil her functions, and this system multipled like a huge octopus, spreading its tentacles all over the world to control every country and every currency.

      In a nutshell, this is what happened in the past 70 years.

      As to elites and Putin’s strategy – you are right on. It’s very complicated. Will def write about that in The Putin Enigma.


  9. Lada,

    I think you and I are talking about different periods and slightly different issues. The US has been in serious decline for at least forty years, and I wasn’t praising how things have been done recently. Plus, I was referring to Russia in the last twenty years, not the USSR. The USSR industrialized and educated very, very well. But we may disagree on US education in the sense that I include the practical side of it, which would mean how well top universities could make products out of their research. That is how the Silicon Valley came to be. The USSR perhaps didn’t commericialize their education as well, and I doubt Russia is doing that good of a job today. But maybe I am wrong. Is Russia trying to create a Silicon Valley? If so, how are they working on it?

    And I don’t think Russia would be copying the West if it did what Asian countries have done over the last fifty years. It would be copying places like Taiwan, China, Vietnam, or South Korea. Perhaps a better way is possible, but copying the West today is a bad idea. And those countries saw their GDPs go up at least 1000%, which sounds pretty good. South Korea perhaps has a per capita GDP figure of three times that of Russia, and they have very few natural resources. Not a fair comparison, but industrial policy can really develop a country. They were down at North Korea’s level or even lower around the late 1960’s or so.

    Perhaps the US just had dumb luck; perhaps not. Most countries can’t modernize well or allow dramatically new institutions to arise because it threatens the existing order. The US, either through pure luck or policy, did not smash or totally co-opt all the ambitious and intelligent, which, unfortunately, most countries have done throughout the ages. The real success of the US was in, say, 1840-1900. The later dominance came from having such a huge industrial base and skilled workforce. The plundering of the USSR for brains and resources actually occurred in a period of serious decline of the US, not its good years. (And, yes, we know that the good years had terrible actions, such as the genocide of the American Indians.)

    In any case, discussing policies, such as instituting the petrodollar system, is complicated. The banksters have way more gold than the US ever did, and they could be happy with a decline in the US as long as they controlled the world through some other means, such as the EU or the World Bank. They are above capitalism/communism. They are above nations, and simply use them. In fact, the real challenge of our era may be that there are only fifteen or twenty independent countries left. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Ukraine, and most are not countries that Russia can actually make a deal with. Why? Because they are largely controlled in the West. This is why it is hard for Russia to handle foreign policy in an effective way. The Kremlin can offer win-win deals to Kiev or Ankara, but those are not the actual bosses.

    Finally, the US can’t go bankrupt in a real sense if the US Navy controls the world’s trade in oil and food. If the US hadn’t started the petrodollar system, it would have started some other system to tax the world heavily for using the oceans. The US is incredibly more decayed and troubled than back in the early 1970’s, so there are more chances to break the American control, but it still comes down to force/power. And this is a big reason for the pipeline wars. It isn’t the money so much as the power that comes from being able to control who gets gas and oil.


    • I do agree that it’s always important to specify precisely what historic period we are talking about. Since you didn’t specify the period you were referring to in your original comment, I included a brief nutshell historic reference for both Russia and US for the past 70+ years, for your and readers’ convenience. I think I also did explain exactly why Russia could not do what you think Russia should have done specifically in the past 20 years. This should be obvious – Russia is only now starting to get out of the bad dream.

      BTW, correct historic perspective is everything and the past 20 years are just a blip from the historic point of view. History also needs to be read as a continuum, not as separate and unrelated episodes. If you are able to see the fabric of history unfolding as one, only then you have clarity in the present and future, which follow from the past.

      I also think it’s equally important to specify on which PLANE 😉 our discussion is conducted: 3D everyday, geopolitical, historic, economic, or metaphysical/multi-dimensional. If we don’t, we will never arrive at full clarity and correct understanding. I see that you are jumping from one to another, which may be very confusing to readers. It’s not possible to cover the entire spectrum of all possibilities in one answer to a single comment. I could go on and on as to why and how everything happened and where it’s going. There is a multitude of planes and angles I can cover.
      My explanation was a brief 3D/economic/geopolitical/historic perspective, to match your comment.

      If we truly try to explain why US was able to achieve what it did achieve, and why US is doing this or that, our discussion would last for hours. Can you explain it, really, really explain it? Same goes for Russia: can you really explain it just using the mundane? I bet not.

      For that you need to rise above the 3D, into metaphysical/multi-dimensional levels – the quantum world. Then you’ll get an absolutely different picture. You will get the HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE where there can be energy balance of imbalance, you will see the the equal value and necessity of both light and dark. You will get the yin-yang nature of our world, etc, etc. In FT, my videos and Earth Shift Reports we rise to the metaphyscial all the time, as you well know, and I reiterate my explanation there all the time as well.

      But I know it’s not sufficient and I need to publish my whole Great Balancer – Earth Shift theory. Because this is the only theory that explains accurately and adequately EVERYTHING that is happening now in our world. No other theory on any other level does that. I just need to get around to doing that – hopefully next year.

      From the quantum point of view, of course there would have been something else, if not petrodollar, and some other country if not US. Unless yuo use metaphysical/quantum plane, you won’t be able to adequately explain this. This is due to the fact that Earthly development has taken the turn towards yang and individualistic, and against cooperative and yin in the past 300, but especially last 100+ years. Yang means West, USA presently being the Yang world’s pointman.

      But then the main practical question becomes: should we all revel in our misery or is there a silver lining? Yes, there are silver linings- more than one.

      As we speak, the tide is changing and Russia – the Great balancer is trying to rebalance the yang imbalance into equilibrium. But Russia needs help. I am helping however I can, and so do many other people.
      But what ordinary people everywhere always forget is this: they have the power and the more people everywhere understand and begin thinking differently, the better and faster the rebalancing will take place.

      That’s all I am going to say for now. I’ll lay out the entire Great Balancer/Earth Shift theory in future writings.
      Further explanation ON ALL LEVELS of what and why Russia is doing and what US is doing – is also coming. All of these topics are so important that they deserve separate Earth Shift Reports.

      Happy Holidays!


    • Paul, regarding your question of Russian “Silicon Valley”, the following initiative comes to mind:

      Btw, when you write “The real success of the US was in, say, 1840-1900”, it interesting to note that the private central bank of US, aka Federal Reserve, was created in 1913.


  10. I am almost sure Lada will, as usual, cover the fateful historic role of Azerbaijan in the break-up of USSR in the context of the Black Sea gambit report. Here I want to draw attention to one article, published in “Argumenty i Fakty” – about Herman Alekseevich Ugrjumov, Hero of Russia, who served in many hot spots during those wild years.

    He started his military career in the Caspian Flotilla. Then he returned to Baku after the end of the High School of the KGB. There the two sons of Herman Alekseevich were born. And here he almost lost his family, when Russians and Armenians were being cut down and burnt alive in the streets of Azerbaijan. The first pogroms “glorified” the city of Sumgait, and then in Baku the following posters appeared: “Russian, do not leave! We need slaves and prostitutes”, “War on Armenia!”. Russian, who managed to get to the airport of Baku, could not fly to Moscow – civilian planes loaded with boxes of carnations. No one cancelled the season of flower trade.

    Back then Ugriumov saved hundreds of families by organising their evacuate on military planes and by sea. But a few years before the tragic events, he had sent reports to Moscow, saying that Azerbaijan was ripe with nationalist sentiment, that Turkish and Iranian intelligence is at work. But the center said, Azerbaijan will handle it by themselves.


    • Thanks, Nemo, for revealing yet another silenced page in recent history.


    • P.S. Just a few random thoughts

      Yours is yet another telling example of how the USSR was wearing rosy glasses on so many fronts. Also, a confirmation of what I have maintained: USSR had to fall apart. There was no possibility of keeping it all together in that form, however much so many million people now regret it falling apart.
      Often humans have to learn the hard way in order to get what they’d lost.

      Of course others move in when they see a weakness, so can’t blame Iran and Turkey for their game. Another important lesson.
      In this Lord of the Flies 3D world, however we want it to be different, so far, countries and people only respect perceived power (not to be confused with real inner power), forced order (not to be confused with real, divine order), human manipulation and force.
      Niceness, sharing and amicability are perceived as weakness in the global scheme of things. Huge lesson for Russia to take off the rosy glasses!
      She still wears them to a degree…

      But we can create pocket universes, such as this blog, where being nice and truly sharing with each other is still possible. 🙂
      Dreaming of a different world, where it’s posisble on a large scale…
      Alas, only after humanity’s conscience reaches a certain level.



      • Very well said, Lada!

        Russia is trying to lead by example, insisting that international law and mutual respect is observed, thus demonstrating the inner power. But Russia is also striking a balance with the demonstration of the (defensive) force – the kind of power that the still sleepwalking countries understand. I have a calm conviction that things will work out – something that I didn’t have in 2013/2014…

        As for the necessity of the break-up of USSR, there was a short window of opportunity, when USSR could have been reformed, and Andropov started that process. Alas, he died (was assassinated?) too early, and the chance was lost.


        • Andropov did try. But you may not remember, his initiatives were just plain wrong and half-baked. He was too old school and out of touch, which was the tragedy of the entire aging Communist Party contingent. They got too complacent in their success during Brezhnev.
          The ‘dry law,’ anyone? That was an early ’80s prohibition attempt, if I recall, so people would stop drinking. Also people checking stores to see if anyone was shopping during workday. Soooo not cool and would have never worked, lol.
          That’s why they needed fresh blood who’d understand younger and educated generations. And there it was – the young and charming Gorbachev! Little did we all know… Long story.


  11. A somewhat on-topic news. ZDF got busted again, this time on a falsification in creation of their “documentary” ‘Strongman Putin’:


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