How Earth Shift Report Was Born + 2015 Bestseller List

The Earth Shift Report (ESR) idea began when the first two FREE ESRs were released in 2014. It quickly became clear that Earth Shift Reports didn’t fit into the usual FuturisTrendcast format, going far beyond any of my usual articles in scope, idea and size. They were simply too big and too involved for the blog. Each report was more on par with the scope and feel of a book, simultaneously being much more current than any usual book could possibly be.

This is understandable – any published book often requires years to get published. I didn’t have this luxury: my reports had to be substantially more relevant to the fast-evolving global situations, which were the target of my writing.

It was clear that getting bogged down for years in order to release books on these important subjects would defeat the immediate urgency of what needed to be said – and heard – now. Therefore, I needed something that would combine the scope, depth and versatility of a book with a speedy, easy to read, delivery of an article.

How could I make it happen?

This dilemma was solved and Earth Shift Report idea was born. The challenge was to distill the subject worthy of a full book into a relatively compact format, while keeping it jam-packed with timely, entertaining and fresh info. Completing this amount of work within a small window of time was also a challenge, considering there are lots of other balls to juggle and only 24 hours in a day.

On average an Earth Shift Report would be anywhere between 25 (on the small side) and 70 print pages (the longest so far). While reports are normally written, the most unusual one so far is the Video ESR4: Alien Technology & New Russian Weapons. It consists of my opening article and the 45 min. video with my subtitled translation. The information I came across was so interesting and important that I felt compelled to share it. I don’t intend to make a habit out of it, but should I come across more earth-shattering videos of this magnitude, I may do other video ESRs in the future.

The usual structure of an ESR is this: It normally includes my most important intel, analysis, predictions and historic references, where appropriate – all this shining the light on our past, present and future in order to form a full picture on the subject at hand. In addition, each report may include supporting illustrations, maps, pics and/or videos with translations and explanations.

Because of the sheer amount of work, knowledge and effort that went into each report, it became impossible to continue releasing them for free. It was decided to make them donation based to ensure the continuing release of future ESRs, as well as in support of free content on FuturisTrendcast and Lada Ray YT Channel. The most equitable thing to do seemed to let readers decide how much they wanted and were able to contribute to the reports. Thus, the ESR donation system was born. We like it and hope it continues working well.

At this point, I believe it’s a well-working system as ESRs get released whenever they are ready and readers donate as much as they can per report. After some discussion we resolved not to make it into a regular ESR subscription. The idea is to release each report when the timing and energy are right – not at any regularly predetermined intervals of time. We may at some point in the future reconsider and make ESRs subscription-based. There are plusses and minuses to both options, but for now we like our way best. Should the change happen, we’ll let you all know. (You can still opt for a regular recurring donation to support our free content on FT – read more here.)

For those who’ve asked whether I have plans to release any of the reports as books: yes, I do – some time in the future.

But not yet. My immediate plans are to continue writing and doing videos, covering crucial events and topics in the form that quickly finds a reader’s eye and a listener’s ear. I have too many ESRs and articles in the pipeline in order to take any time off. Releasing a book is a huge undertaking, requiring one to put on hold everything else. Neither I, nor my readers, can afford it at the moment.

In fact, I foresee that in 2016 and beyond my FuturisTrendcast articles and ESRs will be in an ever so increasing demand. There are also new plans for videos on Lada Ray Channel. I also plan to expand to online workshops. Finally, I have many ideas for the upcoming Earth Shift Reports that need to be brought to fruition in 2016. My year ahead has already been all planned out.

The intensity of the ongoing Earth Shift around us is not showing any signs of abating. Moreover, it is my prediction that it will continue intensifying. In such reality, no long hiatus is possible. I foresee an explosion in demand for my timely articles, workshops, videos, and especially, ESRs. All this will be very much needed by those who are awake or awakening, and for those who really do want to know the truth.

2014 Earth Shift Reports

In 2014 the following reports were released:

ESR1: Is Putin Part of NWO? In it I dispelled some persistently circulating myths about Putin and the alleged new NWO capital, Astana, KZ.

What do you know! I had easily proved with simple logic and factual knowledge that neither was possible. I also demonstrated how and why such hoaxes were spread through alterantive media and who really benefitted by them. Just after I had published this first version of the report, miraculously, the rumors of Putin being NWO pointman and Astana being the future NWO headquarters died down. It’s amazing how logic and knowledge can bring the light into the darkest places, and how they can stop those whose job is to prey on people’s ignorance and deepest fears.

The original version of ESR1 has been reloaded in 2015 with new and updated info on Kazakhstan and its president Nazarbayev. Now the report also includes intel and analysis of the ‘world’s quietest’ elections, along with the games skillfully played by Belarus’ sly fox Lukashenko.

This reloaded report is a juicy round-up of the psychological nature and geopolitical realities of the Eurasian Union’s triple backbone: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. After reading this report, even those who know nothing about that part of the world, will be able to intelligently navigate a sea of lies and tiny shreds of truth floating around the MSM and cyberspace.

ESR1 reloaded: IS PUTIN PART OF NWO? Is Astana, KZ New NWO Capital? (Bonus: Lukashenko’s Bluff) can be read any time on


ESR2: UKRAINE: TRUE HISTORY also came out in 2014. The first, free version of this report can still be read on FT. I plan on reloading this report with bonuses, my original and new predictions about Ukraine, Russia, EU and USA, as well as with newest explosive intel. The plan is to time the ESR2 reload close to the second anniversary of the February 2014 Kiev coup. We will re-assess what happened in the two years of the Kiev junta being in power and where the country is going from here. The reloaded version will be designed to serve as a one-stop easy-access reference to my two years+ worth of work on Ukraine. It will also expand on predictions and provide guidance as to what to expect in the next two years in this geopolitically charged region.

This is the preliminary banner for ESR2 reloaded: UKRAINE: TRUTH, LIES & FUTURE.

ESR2 reloaded Ukraine 2

It is clear by now that my predictions on Ukraine are coming true, and more is to come. The country’s economy, sadly but unavoidably, is on its way to a complete destruction. Internationally recognized sovereign default is to take place on December 30, 2015, after it becomes clear that Ukraine has defaulted on its sovereign debt to Russia.

Pull up your chairs and get your popcorn (or Russian semechki)! The next show we’ll be watching will determine whether IMF will risk destroying the existing global financial system by disregarding its own rule of no lending to countries in default. This would unavoidably create a massive global domino effect with lenders refusing to lend and dead-beat countries/companies refusing to re-pay their debt.

In truth, it’s not a bad idea. The sooner this rotten to the core and inequitable global financial system is compromised, the faster we can start building a new and better one.

But my bet is that US ad EU will try for a time to prop up Ukraine through secret money and goods transfusions, rather than advertizing to the rest of the world that they have broken their own ‘cherished’ lending rules. This will buy some time – but not too much of it. In 2016 we will begin witnessing my original prediction materializing: Ukraine will start making a sharp turn-around from the West towards Russia, predicted for the period between 2016 and 2018.

Ukraine is in a difficult, bordering on catastrophic, energy crisis of its own making. The situation with gas supplies is dire and it’s not clear how Ukraine will get through this winter. If it gets through this one (likely with prop-ups by US, EU and Russia), it certainly can’t survive the following winter, and the next after it – unless Ukraine’s policies change, and without Russia’s help.

Electric grid is suffering outages and dangerous overloads after Ukraine’s attempt to collapse the Crimean electric grid. Considering Ukraine, Russia and Crimea grids are essentially one, Crimea shutting off the Ukraine side in response, spells disaster for some regions of Kherson Oblast. It also creates overloads at Ukraine and Europe’s largest Zaporozhie Nuclear Station, forcing shut-down of certain blocks. And I don’t have to tell you how dangerous this is – remember Chernobyl!

The situation with coal is equally bad and the economy in general is dying. As of January 1, Russia (plus Belarus and Kazakhstan) will discontinue much of the remaining exports from Ukraine, revoking Ukraine’s free trade status. This is in response to Ukraine opening free trade zone with EU, which would endanger Russian and Eurasian Union’s economy. It’s clear that this new silly step on Ukraine’s part will destroy what’s left of its industry and agriculture.

Two of the top Ukraine oligarchs, Taruta and Firtash, have come out with their dire forecast. According to them, Ukraine has anywhere between 4 and 8 months until a complete collapse. Ukraine oligarchs, including Poroshenko and Kolomoysky, are desperately looking for places to hide their money. Poroshenko, reportedly, is removing his liquid assets offshore as fast as he can.

I will touch upon all this and more in the two new ESRs:


Expected release for both: throughout January 2016.

The next report I released was ESR3: OLIGARCH WARS. While it concentrated on the wars between Ukraine oligarchs, most notably, Kolomoysky and Poroshenko aided and arbited personally by the US Ambassador to Ukraine Pyatt, we also delved into the psychology and mentality of all Ukraine oligarchs, as well as the populace in general. We revealed the fascinating reasons former Soviet republics were jealous and angry at Russia after the breakup of the USSR. We also revealed the usurious mentality of entitlement that led to the sad status quo in Ukraine. Finally, we discussed a very important issue that few understand: how Putin dealt with Russian oligarchs and how he managed to turn Russia around from the supreme mess of the 1990s, without breaking anything in the process. All this and more in OLIGARCH WARS!


This brings us to reports released in 2015!


No. 1

Within 2 weeks of its release, and by a very narrow margin, the latest ESR7: TURKISH CONUNDRUM has quickly overtaken our long-time bestseller Video ESR4, for the Number 1 Annual Bestseller spot! You can read all about this report, including reviews, here on FT: Earth Shift Report 7: The Battle for Eurasia! TURKISH CONUNDRUM. (I am thinking how to best organize the ESR reviews. Next year, I may start a designated ESR Reviews page either on FT or on

Turkey conundrum 2

No. 2

For a while I thought no other report in 2015 could beat the popularity of Special Video ESR4: ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS – until ESR7: TURKISH CONUNDRUM came out.

However, ESR4 is a very close second! The interest to this explosive and revealing video report has been very strong from the start, and continues being so. Video ESR4 promises to be a long-term bestseller!


No. 3

ESR5: SYRIA GAME CHANGER was a very strong performer immediately after release and for the month to follow. A little birdie told me that this report became popular among, and was read by, top American politicians, including some presidential candidates! We won’t reveal the names here, nor our sources.

Same is true for ESR7.

ESR5 Syria Game Changer 2

No. 4


Legend has it that once there was Khazarian Khaganate that occupied parts of today’s Ukraine and Crimea, extending at one point all the way to the Volga River. It is said that some time around 8-9th century AD, Khazarian Khaganate accepted Judaism as its religion. This menace of a terrorist state made a living by robbing neighbors, selling slaves and taking tribute from the rich lands of Kievan Rus and other Russian cities. This resulted in it greatly expanding its territory and wealth. But Khazaria’s good fortune didn’t last as the ruler of Kievan Rus Veshchiy Oleg gathered troops and destroyed Khazaria so decisively that not a trace of its capital could be found, no matter how much archeologists looked.

Are there secret forces who are trying to revive Khazarian Khaganate in today’s Ukraine? Who are these forces and can they achieve their hidden goals?

ESR6 has taken the longest to write; it is the most complex and deepest of the lot, so far. It delves into forbidden history and linguistics, mythology and lore, today’s realities of the Jews, Cossacks, Ukrainians, Russians, and more. It goes on to reveal today’s clandestine plans and seemingly conflicting interests that strangely coincide within the geopolitical faultline of Ukraine.

The collusion of the strangest bedfellows that are rogue ukro-nazis, Ukraine’s Jewish oligarchs/ politicians, Zionist Chabad and US government are brought to light here. Old and new hoaxes are revealed. It is geopolitics and economics steeped in mysticism and forbidden truths.

These realities are in fact a reflection of today’s Earth Shift battle for the biggest of prizes. This prize isn’t Ukraine – merely a convenient tool. The one and only prize is Russia.

Read it any time, when you get a spare moment or two. ESR6 isn’t necessarily a hot commodity – it is timeless!



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