Nikolai Starikov on Dollar and Who/Why Collapsed the Ruble (ENG subs)

One of my top recommended Russian geopolitical authors and analysts, Nikolai Starikov, weighs in on Dollar, Ruble, global economy and geopolitics, as well as Ukraine, Russia and the West. Starikov is the author of 14 books, rising politician and founder of the new Russian political party: Partia Velikoe Otechestvo (PVO).

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Video is in Russian, with English subs.

As my readers/listeners know, I happen to agree with Starikov on most of his points in this vid. Much of what he says confirms my predictions and analysis on Ukraine, Russia, US, West, dollar and ruble. We had discussed all this in many of my articles, videos and Earth Shift Reports. It’s good to hear the corroborating viewpoint from one of Russia’s top geopolitical analysts and authors.

Disclaimer: This piece provides ample food for thought for the awakened truth seekers and is posted for the purposes of information, education and mind expansion. The opinions expressed here do not always coincide with Lada Ray’s and FuturisTrendcast views.

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  1. Lada,
    I have wondered about who controls the Russian Central Bank, as in most western countries the Central bank is ether privately controlled (e.g. Fed Reserve) or controlled privately supposedly to keep it independent from government interference, but in fact so that bankers can control the economy for their profit independent of what the government or people want.

    Iceland was one of the few countries that was able to extricate itself from bankers when they tried to bankrupt the country and instead prosecuted the bankers. Libya had an independent central bank until NATO struck.

    The countries of the G20 even changed the laws to protect the banks over the interests of the people so that in future when the banks get into financial difficulties due to their gambling on derivatives, then they can use the depositers’ money as their own, since governments have now made it that the deposits are unsecured and can be used as a bail-in.


  2. Hi Lada,
    Thanks for your tremendous work in enlightning most of us through your blog.
    Although you have mentioned in one of your articles about the Central Bank of Russia, I think it’s time to nationalize this institution to avoid the Ruble to dwindle further deep.


  3. The situation whereby a nation does not have public control of its central bank is crazy; criminal really. By right Russia should nationalize its central bank; but the Western bankers would very likely go to full-on war over that. I would almost guarantee they have issued the threat directly to Putin. I would say the situation that Putin and Russia faces is very tricky.


  4. Hi Lada,

    I’ve been following your posts for a while now – very enlightening! As a South African, I have to wonder how this shift will affect my country. We’re part of BRICS, which I think is good, but our current leadership (and even a lot of the political “opposition”) is a fairly corrupt and self-enriching bunch. I do not approve of forceful regime changes – things must be done legally, but without a voter turn-around on the horizon, what does the future hold for South Africa?


  5. There is actually such a monetary (not currency!) system out there already – Bitcoin. It combines the properties of gold with the convenience of digital value transfer methods.
    Bitcoin is a decentralised protocol, with no central authority having say over the money issuance. The total number of bitcoins that will ever be issued is finite and predetermined – modelling the finite reserves of gold.


  6. I have been going around for some months with an idea that since oil prices are so artificially low, Russia should dig into its StabFund reserves and rather buy and store oil, to be sold later at a higher (market) price.

    Alas, Russia never did that, but I just read in two different news articles that China is buying oil full out and that Chinese banks are running out of dollars…


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