Nikolai Starikov on Dollar and Who/Why Collapsed the Ruble (ENG subs)

One of my top recommended Russian geopolitical authors and analysts, Nikolai Starikov, weighs in on Dollar, Ruble, global economy and geopolitics, as well as Ukraine, Russia and the West. Starikov is the author of 14 books, rising politician and founder of the new Russian political party: Partia Velikoe Otechestvo (PVO).

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Video is in Russian, with English subs.

As my readers/listeners know, I happen to agree with Starikov on most of his points in this vid. Much of what he says confirms my predictions and analysis on Ukraine, Russia, US, West, dollar and ruble. We had discussed all this in many of my articles, videos and Earth Shift Reports. It’s good to hear the corroborating viewpoint from one of Russia’s top geopolitical analysts and authors.

Disclaimer: This piece provides ample food for thought for the awakened truth seekers and is posted for the purposes of information, education and mind expansion. The opinions expressed here do not always coincide with Lada Ray’s and FuturisTrendcast views.

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  1. Lada,
    I have wondered about who controls the Russian Central Bank, as in most western countries the Central bank is ether privately controlled (e.g. Fed Reserve) or controlled privately supposedly to keep it independent from government interference, but in fact so that bankers can control the economy for their profit independent of what the government or people want.

    Iceland was one of the few countries that was able to extricate itself from bankers when they tried to bankrupt the country and instead prosecuted the bankers. Libya had an independent central bank until NATO struck.

    The countries of the G20 even changed the laws to protect the banks over the interests of the people so that in future when the banks get into financial difficulties due to their gambling on derivatives, then they can use the depositers’ money as their own, since governments have now made it that the deposits are unsecured and can be used as a bail-in.


  2. Hi Lada,
    Thanks for your tremendous work in enlightning most of us through your blog.
    Although you have mentioned in one of your articles about the Central Bank of Russia, I think it’s time to nationalize this institution to avoid the Ruble to dwindle further deep.


  3. The situation whereby a nation does not have public control of its central bank is crazy; criminal really. By right Russia should nationalize its central bank; but the Western bankers would very likely go to full-on war over that. I would almost guarantee they have issued the threat directly to Putin. I would say the situation that Putin and Russia faces is very tricky.


  4. Dear Lada,

    I like that he explains to the people what is happening there. That is supposed to be how everything in a country works. Openness and transparency.

    People have been taught to think a specific way. One of these perceptions are that you need money.

    To trade previously, you had to offer something of a certain value in exchange for something of the same value. But what if your item is worth more than the item you want, hence fair exchange is not possible. To overcome this the grain (rice grains) was called into use. So many rice grains represented a certain value. Then metals were used, gold, silver and other.

    Then the controllers decided they wanted it all for themselves, they want all the gold and silver and any precious metal, because the value is sustainable over a long time. First they replaced the real gold coins with fake gold coins, and kept the real gold for themselves. Then the biggest scam ever were put into practice. Paper represented value. Let me phrase that differently. Worthless paper replaced gold and other valuable metals. The valuable metals they keep, but they give you worthless paper and tells you it has value. In reality that piece of paper is worth just what the paper is worth, nothing more.

    But you think it has worth, because that is what you have been taught. Now by manipulating the represented worth of the currency, they can make you richer or poorer. All you need to do is google an exchange rate. The source of this fraud is the English, and surprise surprise, their currency is worth the most ! A little island with no natural resources, who can only call themselves “great britain” by thieving, stealing and corrupting and abuse others as slaves. Including Russia. In fact, the whole world has been lured into using this scam through the English banks.

    Even worse, is that the money is created out of nothing. If you loan money, they type in their computer how much and the money is created. Like God, they created something out of nothing. Over and above that (because simple fraud is not enough), they have to charge you interest. If you loan R100 and there is 10% interest, where must the 10% come from ? To accommodate all this, there has to be more money printed, but this additional money is against the current value of the country. Hence the currency value is reduced (devaluated), and the same currency can now buy less.

    Hence a country’s currency is continuously devaluated through the banks. The only thing opposing this devaluating is when new developments are continuously created at a rate which compares to the devaluating rate. If there are no new developments crated, then the currency loses value.

    This currency created from thin air gets sent to the controlling bank as an asset for them, which they hold you for, and the amount becomes the debt of the people. So if this fraud plays itself out, and the country becomes so deep in debt that they cannot repay, then the bank can lay claim on your assets. Land. The life right of the people of that country, because without land, the soil, you have no where to live. To hide that it is life right, your land, your soil they scam out of you, they call it “property”. If you buy a house and the bank “finances” it, then the “property, the land, belongs to the bank. If you cannot pay they take the land. They get land in your country under the corrupt scam of “financing”.

    When enough debt is created, the country work for the banks, because that is where all the currency goes. This is called slavery. An English colony has been created which is exploited to the maximum. The people can never get rid of the bank system, unless the government finally realize it is a scam and throws it out.

    When a country’s currency collapses, all the banks lose is paper. But they still have all the valuable assets they stole. Land, industries, and most of all, they possess the people, they even control the government.

    If you have everything you need, how much money do you need ? In the Boer Republics every one was independent. They were dirt poor in terms of money, but they were free and had everything they needed. Nobody possessed them and no one held a sword over their heads. This independence took a world war which lasted three years and nearly bankrupted the British, pooling from their colonies to gain power over the Boers. The Boers finally agreed to a treaty called the Zandrivier peace treaty where under the Boers would get their Republics back. This never happened, because the English wanted open and unhindered access to the king solomon’s mines (google it), the world’s gold pot, and for that the English were prepared to commit every crime there is to get.

    As I said before, the power of a country lies in it’s people, not the government, not the president. If your people are independent and self sustaining, what is there that country can be controlled by ? Absolutely nothing. My place is 70% off the grid. I use a little electricity (if needed), I harvest rain water and started growing my own vegetables. When the power rates goes up, or there are power cuts, it affects me very little. Food prices and water supply is regulated, it does not affect me seriously, I even maintain the pool level from the harvested rain water. If terrorists blows up the power supply, or the water supply… I can survive, and even help others. If everyone is motivated to become independent, then that country becomes bullet proof. Nobody can harm it by controlling it.

    Get rid of those banks. Their promises does not hold up, it is corrupt and slavery is illegal.
    Create your own independent bank which acts as a service to the people, with zero interest rates to loans. You will be amazed how quickly the currency will restore and improve the life standard of the country when there is not a continuous leak of currency out of the country. It has been done before and it works.

    For those wondering if there is a nation called the Boers, here is a reference in Russia for you –
    For children a trip to Muir and Merrilees was a real treat, for the most fascinating toys awaited them. Each one had a little label attached to it with its name: Wooden horses covered in wool; clockwork bear made from fur: does somersaults. At that time a very popular toy was a metal clockwork Boer on horseback, and when in 1899 the Boer War broke out between Great Britain and the Boers, Russian sympathies were with the Boers.

    During the War, Russia supplied medical aid to the Boers. Thank you.


  5. I must be getting old…😦 I forgot to offer a solution to keep the value of currency the same.

    If one chooses a standard for it, then the value remains the same. Just as weight and temperature and volume and everything else, all have fixed standards against which it’s value is measured, so can money’s worth be measured against a created standard.

    When this is done, the value cannot be manipulated and prices will remain constant.

    If weight were manipulated like they do currency, all the women would either be very fat (overweight) or very skinny (underfed)… 😉 With the value fixed, when you get on the scale, you know exactly where you stand (pun).


    • There is actually such a monetary (not currency!) system out there already – Bitcoin. It combines the properties of gold with the convenience of digital value transfer methods.
      Bitcoin is a decentralised protocol, with no central authority having say over the money issuance. The total number of bitcoins that will ever be issued is finite and predetermined – modelling the finite reserves of gold.


  6. Hi Lada,

    I’ve been following your posts for a while now – very enlightening! As a South African, I have to wonder how this shift will affect my country. We’re part of BRICS, which I think is good, but our current leadership (and even a lot of the political “opposition”) is a fairly corrupt and self-enriching bunch. I do not approve of forceful regime changes – things must be done legally, but without a voter turn-around on the horizon, what does the future hold for South Africa?


  7. I have been going around for some months with an idea that since oil prices are so artificially low, Russia should dig into its StabFund reserves and rather buy and store oil, to be sold later at a higher (market) price.

    Alas, Russia never did that, but I just read in two different news articles that China is buying oil full out and that Chinese banks are running out of dollars…


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