‘Taharrush Gamea’: Arab ‘Rape Game’ Spreads Around Europe from Middle East

This is a very disturbing development. The New Year’s celebrations in Cologne, Germany had been marred by the reports of wide-spread harassment by aggressive groups of Middle Eastern men, many of whom apparently were the newly arrived refugees. Hundreds of German women reported being harassed and sexually assaulted during the NYE celebrations.

Another unsavory development is that German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally leaned on German MSM to hush it up; moreover, Merkel struck a deal with German MSM and American-based social media platforms, such as Google and Yahoo. According to the deal, US-based social media giants and local MSM alike agreed to mass remove comments critical towards refugees.

At the same time, it has become known that Swedish media for at least two years has been covering up harassment of Swedish women and girls by the Middle Eastern migrants. Here is the link to the video: Swedish police ‘migrant sex attacks coverup’ exposed.

But this isn’t all! In fact these weren’t random and spontaneous occurrences based on some uncontrollable lust by young men far from home, lost in a foreign culture and without access to a normal dating scene. Nope. These were pre-planned and knowingly executed events. There is a disgusting time-tested Arabic ‘tradition’ called ‘Taharrush ja-mie’. This Arabic expression describes a group harassment committed by young men during mass gatherings. This tradition is alive and well in those countries where a woman is still considered an object owned by a man, to be dealt with as he pleases. To be fair, something like this (perhaps not to the same degree) is still alive and well in Caucasus too, particularly in Georgia and Azerbaijan since these countries follow the Middle Eastern way of life in many ways.

Now, it is spreading to Europe. And we all know why and how this has happened: as a consequence of the refugee crisis.

I have discussed in detail by whom, how and why the refugee crisis was organized in my No. 1 bestselling EARTH SHIFT REPORT 7: TURKISH CONUNDRUM. The investigation conducted by German journalists is very enlightening!

VIDEO: ‘Taharrush Gamea’ – Arab ‘Rape Game’ Spreads Around Europe from Middle East:


Here are some predictions, to build up on what I’ve pointed out in response to Emil’s question regarding the future of Sweden:

I said that Sweden would experience a continued rise in riots and protests against the status quo, especially by young men.

This, however, applies to all EU countries, especially to Germany. The anti-emigrant protests and riots will continue expanding. Most of those protesting will be young European males, although some women as well. In addition, the far-right will continue rising for at least the next several years and its message will continue being more and more attractive. If this message isn’t heard by the elites, then there will be rioting.

As a response to the refugee crisis, border controls in the EU will continue increasing as each country will strive to put up some sort of barriers. Surveillance will continue increasing on all levels of society. EU will be slowly experiencing a roll back of freedoms Europeans are used to. I first predicted the roll back of EU freedom of movement and border controls introduction in 2012. Read more in: Per My 2012 Prediction! French Elections and the Rise of Marine Le Pen and National Front.

EU elites, including personally Angela Merkel, had made huge mistakes in their handling of the refugee crisis. I discuss in ESR 7: TURKISH CONUNDRUM how Merkel chose the erroneous strategy of Erdogan’s appeasement. Various ulterior motives and neoliberal political correctness of the EU elites  have created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Correcting these grave mistakes will be very hard, while the population of the EU will suffer from their consequences.

I love Europe, which I consider my home and where I’ve spent quite a few years. It’s hard to watch how that nice, safe and charming Europe I’ve known is slowly disappearing.



For those who have missed it, read Emil’s and mine related discussion regarding Sweden’s present and future in the comment section of the latest: False Flag Technology: Paris False Flag.

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  1. CHAOS IS OUR BUSINESS seems to be behind these useful idiots. Just wondering do these fools know what their doing and do they realize this not help their communities in the long run. Just plays into the meme of them being barbarians and their kind should be kept chained to a wall in a underground cell out of sight out of mind.


  2. Am Muslim of south Asian origin myself, find this so-called “Taharrush” disgusting and barbaric. I thought the elites wanted to dilute the concept of the nation state or traditional ethnic nationalism by facilitating mass immigration and multi-racialism, so if there are plans to curb it that’s interesting.

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    • Shaf, you are right, the idea was to dilute the nation state and ethnicity. They didn’t have any other plans, till they went too far and encountered people’s resistance.
      Their own people’s pressure will make them do a turnaround.

      My predictions are based on the prevailing energy out there. That’s where it’s heading. Nothing in this world works in one straight line.
      The cycle of expansion is now turning into the cycle of contraction.


  3. Mr. Militant Negro

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  4. Lada, there is an emergent pattern, which I noticed and posted elsewhere:

    Stage 1: Divert everyone’s attention to some imaginary threat. Russia was always (ab)used for this role.
    Stage 2: While everyone’s looking the other way, flood Europe with a multi-million occupational army, disguised as “refugees”.
    Stage 3: Partially activate said army by targeted organised assaults on the local population with the goal of flaring up hate and intolerance that was always close to the surface in Europe.
    Stage 4: Trigger a “crystal night”.
    Stage 5: Turn it into a bigger war.
    Stage 6: Profit.

    We are now at stage 3, with stage 4 right around the corner. Russia was trying to send wake-up calls to Europe while stage 2 was still in progress, but who would listen to the “designated enemy”‘s warnings, so Europe continued sleep-walking into disaster.

    Do you think this is the case?


    • ‘Russia was trying to send wake-up calls to Europe.’ – yes, many times.

      I clearly remember my having written a dozen or more articles and ESRs in 2014 and 2015 also warning Europeans about their treacherous elites, the divide and conquer game of the US, Turkey, etc, etc.

      Humans never listen or see the obvious until the problem knocks on their door, and even then many ignore it out of stupidity or complicity. The rude awakening will happen, but it will be slow. The neocon-neoliberal elites will try to sabotage the process all the way.

      Also, humans LOVE to have an enemy, whom they can blame for their problems, preventing them from looking within and taking responsibility for their own silly misdeeds.

      I like your pattern. There are undeniably forces out there who want this kind of scenario.

      So far, I see that there is enough counterforce and survival instinct in EU to prevent the worst. But we’ll keep monitoring the situation – it may change.

      I see border controls in EU re-emerging. Also, interestingly enough, the former Soviet Block states, like Hungary, who aren’t overburdened by political correctness, are the most equipped now to protect their borders and population.
      But all over Western/northern Europe political correctness gone berzerk will be playing a very bad joke on the people.

      Also, this is going to be interesting to observe (get your popcorn and semechki ;)): I wonder how they will manage to act to protect their population while also adhearing to the political correctness that will tie them up. Most likely they’ll fail and this will continue causing riots and the rise of the far right.

      How far this process will go? I suspect that it would be not such a bad idea for the far right to come to power in various EU states. I suspect that if and when that happens, the far right in EU will be VERY HAPPY to cooperate with Russia, which will put the end to NWO and US domination of Europe. Ironically, this would actually be one of the best outcomes possible.

      And I am a political atheist – do not side with either left or right. I am on the side of reason, logic and the ultimate good.

      As in many other cases, only Russia can restore balance in Europe. But of course that’s why Russia has to be reinforced as devil incarnate by those who must keep power over Europe at all cost.

      And this is why – attention! – EU elites (Merkel, Hollande and the whole gang) will be fighting tooth and nail to keep the far right out of power. Look what happened with Marie Le Pen in the second round – clearly the ganging up on her and the falsification have occurred.

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      • Thank you for the in-depth reply, Lada.
        Yes, Marie Le Pen losing the second round (why there is a need for a second round at all is another matter – a win should be a win!) seemed manipulated. I read a Paul Craig Robert’s article, in which he rather gloomily predicts that the leaders that can bring change to European status quo – in France and in Britain – will be physically removed by the interested parties in the US…


        • There will be attempts to do something for sure. Not sure it’ll be physical elimination. I like PCR as you know, but he really is old school. There are so many more subtle and devious methods nowadays.
          And then much depends on whether the populace rebels. Read my other replies here, incl. that to Shaf, for more on this.


  5. António Correia

    Hi Lada!
    I am an admirer of your work and thank God there are people like you!
    And I thank you for doing what you do!

    «EU elites, including personally Angela Merkel, had made huge mistakes in their handling of the refugee crisis».

    It’s not a mistake, it’s all deliberate, planned organized and scheduled.

    «Every two years, the European elite honour Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi by awarding the Coudenhove- Kalergi Prize to those who have excelled in promoting European integration.
    Angela Merkel and Herman Van Rompuy are recent winners of this prize».


    Sorry for my bad english.


    • It was pre-planned, but even with that they committed some grave strategic mistakes, which was also pre-determined. It was a must for the EU elites errors to occur and get exposed so Europeans finally start seeing that ‘the king is naked.’ I think I’ve talked about it in the linked articles and ESRs, ase well as in my previous articles about Angela Merkel. I did write a lot about sold-out EU politicians in 2014 – you may want to do a search on this blog.

      The evidence of mistakes is everywhere. Example: Merkel, from the long-time most popular female politician of whom Germans were proud, is suddenly turning into the hated lame duck, whom Germans want to get rid of. This she didn’t see coming. Her plan was to leave the office on a high note and she skillfully maintained the illusion of her being the voice of the people for years.

      She lost her grip on the situation and is now forced to scramble to correct her mistakes. First she tries to cover up the refugee scandal, but then she announces that deportation procedures will be revised. This is done under pressure from electorate. Grave mistakes – as I said – showing her weakness.

      And people are finally starting to see that. Too bad the awakening is so slow.


  6. Lada, I find your posts very useful and basically all your predictions are correct (can’t think of one which wasn’t) and this is coming from me, someone with a degree in politics.

    However I always thought Europe+USA were led by an occult elite call them the freemasons/illuminati whatever, it was an elite that were involved in the occult/satanism. Sorry if I sound too conspiratorial here and alienate some of the readership who do not assign great validity to these ideas.

    Anyway I thought Europe was run by the masons, the masons wanted to artificially accelerate a multi-racial Europe, a European “Brazil” and make people forget about loyalty to any nation but think of themselves as citizens of the world thus facilitating a one world order.

    Is Europe not run by an occult elite then?

    I totally agree however that if on a mass popular level the resistance to the elite agenda is too strong it cannot be implemented and maybe this is what is happening now.

    Anyway to be quite honest as a brown Muslim guy I think Europe needs to preserve its own culture and identity.


    • I think you answered your own question. 😉
      There are elites with occult interests. And there some without such, who simply tag along because it either coincides with their agenda or because it’s profitable.

      And there is population. If population is complicit because their life seems good at the moment, then elites are free to execute their plan, whether it’s good for the populace or not. But when populace rebels due to the elites’ mistakes, no agenda can be executed. And then parts, or most, of the elites also start changing their mind and slowly reforming, thus reinforcing the mood of the populace. These are the parts of the elites which either would profit more from a changed status quo, such as those EU companies that do business with China and Russia rather than US, or those elites that honestly see the light, or those who’ve just been tagging along, and changing colors seems more beneficial for their career.

      Of course, there are always a few honest people, truthtellers and whistleblowers in every society.

      Point is, we are in the midst of the Great Earth Shift. This means that Russia, the Great Balancer, is rebalancing the world away from the West. The process of the Earth Shift is predetermined, but it’s slow and painful as any change in human society – and it does manifest as excesses such as we see in the EU and Middle East. But paradoxically, these events serve to expose the fallacy and hubris of Western elites – the proverbial ‘naked king.’ Western elites will continue being exposed and making silly and obvious mistakes because this is the only way to allow most of the populace to see their fallacy and start rebelling, which will eventually facilitate the rebalancing of the world.

      Point is, everything is changing now and what has seemed like a given just a few years ago, such as NWO or freemasons, is morphing into something else. Smart elites will be adjusting to the changing environment.

      I know it’s a very complex theory. Hope it makes sense. I plan to put in writing my entire Earth Shift Theory some time in 2016 and then it will be easier to understand.

      My other replies in this thread provide more details – check’em out too.

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      • hello lada

        the one thing that the EU needs to do is

        have a balence between real humanitarian concern and natinal saftey

        and stop helping in the overthrow of secular goverments in the middle east

        the rise in the far right is not possible with strong ties between europe and russia

        niether those on the radical left or radical right understand reason or logic

        im no fan of PC warriors but im no fan of the far right either there agenda is also negative


        • The balance is necessary.
          But the right balance in all respects would only be possible if what is considered ‘the center’ – current neolib/neocon EU elites – weren’t sold out to NWO/US. But they are too corrupted and closed to reason. Therefore, there are three ways for Europe to proceed:
          1. Keep status quo as one big EU ruled by clueless and sold out elites, and continue slowly rotting and dying.
          2. Revolutionary change, which is only possible through extreme right, or possibly, far left, although leftist parties are much more complacent and peaceful nowadays. So, revolution is prob. more likely through far right.
          3. Everyone fends for themselves and starts exiting EU to preserve their own country, reintroducing border controls. Then each country forms country to country deals with Russia/China, disregarding the all-EU policies that presently sabotage such deals. This eventually in turn will make more and more countries turn away from the existing EU model.

          Each way will be very hard because of many conflicting interests and due to resistance that will be put up by US and EU elites. In the end the change has to happen.

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  7. well said lada

    the eu-model is only meant to serve the elites not all europeans as a whole

    i have always said there are 2 kinds of multi-culturalism

    one based on segragtion

    one based on intergration

    europe is going throw the first one and it won’t work

    im a leftist myself but not the PC left


    • Multi-culti based on integration, while celebrating each culture’s flavor and uniqueness, is the right way. Russia is a great example of how well it may work. Mutual respect is a must for this to succeed. In EU right now we see no respect for each other’s culture – more like mutual loathing. Just facts.

      Incidentally, leftists are usually internationalists rather than isolationists, which is a more balanced approach.

      By being ‘leftist’ do you mean you are a socialist? If like Hollande, than he is only a pretend leftist – he’s really neoliberal NWO agent, like Obama. Hopefully you aren’t ;).
      And what do you consider far left in EU? There is hardly any ‘far left’ left in the world (no pan intended), esp. in Europe, from my perspective. There is an expansion of the far right in EU at the moment.
      It’s important to be on the same page with definitions.
      Not sure what you mean by ‘PC left.’ – is it post-communist left? Or…? Pls explain. Thanks.

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      • im a socialist but not in the marxist class based sense

        my view of a nation state is that of a country where all of the differances are united

        people like hollande serve the oligarchs not his country nor the working class

        im not pc in the sense that i accept free speech and im a humanist but im really into gnosticism

        i hope that clear’s up my position

        existance is far to complex to be put into labels we all share this great mother earth:)

        you are totaly right about europe

        i think one time merkel said that multi-culturalism was a grand delusion were there are segragated communitys in germany

        but her party has made that happen

        her goal was not only to have new comers to learn the language respect the laws and native customs which are fine but to make them adapt german culture and drop there identity all togeher for merkel it was either that or you dont belong

        mono-culturalism tends to breed alienation

        just look at ukraine

        nazism is much worse than fascism

        it seeks a mono-racial society

        russia has lots of cultures from what i looked into

        putin is a great guy his stance seems to be center left he is a moderate

        thing is if the eu were to unravel so would NATO and that is a good thing

        im saying that as an american


  8. re: “I love Europe, which I consider my home and where I’ve spent quite a few years. It’s hard to watch how that nice, safe and charming Europe I’ve known is slowly disappearing.”

    That sounds like it might be better than the US. When I go back there, I feel like “my country was gone”, to paraphrase the famous song by The Pretenders “My City Was Gone”. Replaced by shopping malls, as the song says.

    Both Europeans and Americans have been way too slow. There is a rough quote by Hitler that shows the disdain that the elite have towards us, and how they can distract us with bread and circuses.

    “We will supply the Ukrainians with cheap trinkets and everything that colonial peoples like.”

    More people have cared about iphones than the breakdown of society.


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