Money Trail: Who Organized the Flood of Middle East Refugees to Europe?

This is an exceprt from my latest EARTH SHIFT REPORT 7: TURKISH CONUNDRUM, which sheds the light on who, how and why organized the flood of Middle East refugees and migrants to the EU.

Turkey conundrum 2


Money Trail: Who Organized the Flood of Middle East Refugees to Europe?

Incidentally, in all this, do you notice another party that has almost the same interests as Turkey? Putting a wedge between Russia and EU to prevent them from getting closer economically and politically; preserving its own empire by dividing and conquering; attempting to pit EU and Russia against each other while being safe on the other side of the Atlantic, so both EU and Russia look the other way, while enriching itself and executing a crawling invasion of Asia and Europe… Who might that be?

That would be the US.

In turmoils that are shaking up Europe, Ukraine, Russia and the Middle East, USA and Turkey happen to be two very twisted allies. It doesn’t have to be this way as US should be aligning with Europe. But unfortunately, US has taken the course on weakening the EU in order to shove down its throat TTIP and in order to prevent the formation of the Eurasian Partnership, which would unite Europe, Russia, China and Asia.

Event No. 2 is tied directly to the above. It is the situation with Middle Eastern refugees streaming into Europe from Turkey. There are presently over 2 million refugees from Syria in Turkey, at least according to Turkish government. Some of them are in fact from Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, as well as Pakistan and Africa. About one million or more of these refugees have already crossed into Europe.

What struck investigative journalists following the European refugee crisis was the incredibly high level of organization of the entire exodus. By no means it was a spontaneous and sudden move of the masses across the Mediterranean. Initially, Turkey loaded ships full of refugees and sent them to Greek shores, where they were unloaded. This feat alone is very expensive and logistically difficult.

Let’s recall that we are talking people completely unfamiliar with Europe, its way of life and terrain, and speaking no local languages. How did they magically organize themselves into large groups, how did they know exactly which border crossing to go to and what to do there? It turned out that text messages were sent to them telling them where to gather. Each person was assigned a specific group. Tips on how and where to cross, where to stay, where to find taxi and trains were sent daily.

The interesting thing that struck everyone was that the majority of the refugees staunchly wanted to reach Germany. Not only that, but they were given the exact route to take: through Greece or Bulgaria, on to Macedonia, Serbia and into Hungary. Then through Austria to Germany. When Hungary closed its borders, the whole crowd quickly reoriented itself by turning towards Croatia and then onward through Slovenia.

Then there is a very sticky issue – that of money. How and from where did all these people get the money to cross most of Europe? You have to feed yourself and your family, you have to find a place to stay and buy at least basic necessities. Transportation is very expensive. Many of these refugees used taxis to get to Serbian-Hungarian border. I listened to an interview with Serb taxi drivers and they said that a trip from Serb capital Belgrade to the border with Hungary cost 200 euro per person. That’s a tiny fraction of the entire journey. How many such little segments did the refugees have to cover? Where did the money come from?

I recall the footage where Hungarian police was trying to give some bottled water to ‘refugees’ that took over the Budapest train station. Several athletic-looking young refugee men took the crates full of bottled water placed by the police on pavement and threw these crates with disdain onto train tracks. While at it, their whole attitude indicated that they didn’t need anything from the ‘infidels.’ Besides this being a pollution and hazard for passing trains, someone had to go later onto those tracks and clean up the mess.

Can you imagine refugees behaving this way? Being this ungrateful and contemptuous towards the hosts who are trying to give them water? Not being afraid of getting arrested or deported on the spot? The impression from the footage was that they came to Hungary as conquerors, not as refugees.

The biggest problem that I see here is the fact that refugees in dire straits should need every help they can get, since they would have very little money, having spent a lot while on the road and needing more to settle down. These had so much money they could afford to throw perfectly good bottled water away?

I want to stress that among these people there were legitimate refugees from Syria, with families, who really needed protection and shelter. But it has been established that only 25% were in fact Syrians. The majority either bought fake Syrian passports or was from elsewhere. Incidentally, it has been leaked that a fake Syrian passport costs anywhere between $250 and 350.

It has also been noted that 80% or more were young and strong men traveling alone.

After a public outcry and criticism that mostly young and strong men were among the refugees, who tended to push away women and children in order to get themselves a better spot, miraculously, more families with women and children began appearing in the footage shown on TV. It was as if an invisible hand painted into the picture additional families to allay suspicions.

So, we are back to the issue of money. Where did all these masses of people (over one million in total!) get the money to the degree that they would throw away the drink or food offered to them? Credit cards? But didn’t they run away from a war in Syria or Iraq? Credit cards aren’t commonplace in these countries, especially if these people came from the refugee camps.

Cash? How much cash can one carry across several borders when only limited amounts are allowed? And what about robberies? How can one carry a lot of cash while having to sleep in tents and on the road in unknown countries? If it’s cash, then you would carry certain limited amounts, which need to be periodically replenished. So, how does one do it?

A German journalist did his own investigation, attempting to retrace the steps of refugees. It turned out that six months prior to the wave of refugees, a whole slew of Western Union offices suddenly sprang up in Bulgaria, on the border with Turkey. How did Western Union know to open a bunch offices in that specific location just prior to the refugee wave hitting Bulgarian shores? It’s probably a safe bet to assume that all these Western Union offices will close down again once the wave of refugees subsides.

Therefore, Turkey, Saudis and Qatar organized and financed exodus of refugees to Europe. And we all know who is behind Western Union, as well as most financial flows around the world.



For complete information and to gain clarity on this and other related topics, read


The Battle For Eurasia: TURKISH CONUNDRUM





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  1. Where the money is coming from is exactly the question elements of the Hungarian Government has been asking. They are well aware of the NWO and some think the hidden agenda is to plunge Europe into a “30 year civil war.”


  2. Gee, Lada, appreciate the information My first thought was that maybe Iranian Republic Army had given all Sunnis fake passports and natty backpacks; second thought maybe Soros helped since he invested heavily in coal before helping the Ukrainian coup but likely has a few bucks left over (no pun intended). If it’s Uncle Sugar after all, my only concern is that our Lada Ray gets some percentage rights when the video game comes out. We luv yuh…Ms Sherlock


  3. Good article. The US is up to its usual tricks. Almost all historical disasters in Europe have been good news for the US. From the Irish genocide, to the revolutions of 1848, to the world wars.

    By the way, maybe you are familiar with the story that has been around for a long time that a top person in NATO who was European said an American general had told him that the US would start a huge war in Europe if the USSR managed to break Germany or perhaps Italy or France away from US control. So Russia has been trying to do this for a long time, and maybe the US felt that Russia was succeeding too much. Thus the escalation of the American strategy to set parts of Europe afire. If Europe left America for Russia, it would mean the end of Pax Americana.


    • Makes sense.
      This is the plan, both in EU and Ukraine. ESR7 and ESR6 do address this.
      The deviousness is that Turkey + Qatar/Saudi + US interests largely coincide in all this. That’s why it’s so easy to manipulate them.
      Except, Turkey and Qatar/Saudis have limited regional interests, while US has global and universal ones.

      I’ll have more about what US promised Turks and Kiev in exchange for cooperation against Russia in the upcoming ESR8: CRIMEAN AGENDA.


  4. Hello Lada,

    Off topic –

    I looked at some Youtube lessons learning Russian. I tell you, Russian children must be BRILLIANT, because at only a few years old they can already speak Russian ! Fluently.
    I can’t even pronounce the words… how do you learn this language ? !

    I’m terrible at languages. The girls presenting the lessons are cute, I don’t mind listening to them for hours although I don’t understand a word they say. I’m used to listening without getting to talk back 😉 but will this help ? 😮


    • I think practice makes perfect. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • great articale lada

        from what i see i think its likely the EU will break up because
        one part of europe will go hard right and the other part will go hard left

        and both want to have closer ties to russia

        i think this out-come is more likely its a change thats bound to happen
        one way or another

        thing is russia still suppiles europe with oil and gas and thats a reality that won’t change and john mccian hates it

        some folks would accuse russia and putin for siding with the far right in europe

        but i know its geo-politics not ideology hell russia has ties to north korea but thats geo-politics not ideology

        russia has its own vested interests but unlike the west they play by the rules

        but to me putin serves the light i think his mission is to help humanity to evolve in the higher planes and he is not alone 🙂


  5. This is not new in Europe Upper Class Romans were complaining about this in the last days of the Republic. The was a change in the racial makeup of Italy and Western Europe even then.


  6. Hi, Lada ! Your article is interesting and illuminating. Often times when looking at the pictures of these refugees in various media, I always found it odd, something is not right! Those refugees now coming to Europe, they looks so well dressed in proper warm cloths and prepared with handheld gadget and backpacks, their facial looks calm & cold, and calculated, their actions so systematic and organized. This is not how any refugees behave! They are not refugees! They are well organized militia in plain cloth, invading Europe! Here is a report by a retired RAF pilot about it;
    Of course the western MSM is silent about it. You are also right to mention about 20% real refugees (I think 10% to 5% real refugees) with family among these so called refugees, but that’s a sad truth. This reminds me the prophecies of Baba Vanga, about future of Europe, and that was not sweet. There is a saying, “Where angels fear, there, fools dare!” and the Elites of present Europe is foolishly playing with fire, which would ultimately barn, the European Elites, along with the whole EU.
    The European Elites are looking for cheap slave – labour workers in the name of multi-cultures and multi-racial identity. And they foolishly dream to get that through mid-eastern refugees. But unfortunately, someone simply cannot get a person with years of fanatic mindset and hatred and turn him into loyal serf overnight. While the Salafi-wahabi Saudi, Turkey and Qatar want to use that dream to expand their ideology to Europe and create a new Islamic Caliphate of Europe. I remember, about thirty or forty years ago some Sheikh from Arab met and Indian writer in London and bluntly told him someday all Europe would be our, we would win it with silent passive planning. And in this planning, the people of Europe would be massacred en Mass. Remember, in Salafism there is no place for people of other race, culture or origin, they are not counted as human, no place for sympathy, they just simply does not exist. From the flow of the so called refugees we can see the planned land mass for this Caliphate; from Turkey( South) to Norway, Finland, Sweden (North) From Poland, Hungary and Baltic’s (East) to French, Britain ( West) and somehow in between for some reasons, it seems they are focused in Germany ! If you get the picture it is really scary-alarming, it is going to happened as Baba Vanga warned in her predictions. Unfortunately, no one in higher level in Europe get it.


  7. Good article.
    “US has taken the course on weakening the EU…” And most European leaders, including the dictators in Brussels are following Washington like puppies. How long before those traitors are being judged in Neurenberg-2 ?

    Another thought is that Syrian refugees, mostly young men seeking shelter and part of Europe’s wealth, by leaving their women behind who now are fighting in the Syrian army against IS. These young men are needed in their own country, instead of causing troubles and costing a lot of social security money at the expense of the elderly in Europe. These men do not belong here in Europe. Shame on them.


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