Dmitry Rogozin Reveals All: US Thought Ukraine Was an In to Russian Defense Secrets

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Chabad, American Zionism & the NWO Agenda

Dmitry Rogozin Reveals All: US Thought Ukraine Was an In to Russian Defense Secrets

By taking over Ukraine US was seriously hoping to get its hands on some advanced developments. The thing is that during Soviet times Ukraine produced many important components for Russian defense industry. Due to the established Soviet infrastructure of profit and job sharing, Ukraine continued being the supplier of many components for Russia up until 2014. One of the flagships of this industry was the giant defense manufacturer Yuzhmash. The fact that it’s located in Dnepropetrovsk is significant. It is the center of Chabad in Ukraine.

Hidden more than others, one goal was hardly ever brought up by any analysts: among other things, US wanted to take over Ukraine in order to glean Russian technological secrets, especially military secrets. It has been known for years to the Russian intelligence, and now it has become known publicly, that US had taken over Yuzhmash, the largest enterprise in Dnepropetrovsk built during Soviet times. Yuzhmash (abbreviation translating as Southern Machinery) employed anywhere between 55 and 100 thousand people.

Russia seemingly continued using Yuzhmash parts for its tanks and other hardware. However, the cooperation with Yuzhmash was abruptly discontinued after the February 2014 Kiev coup. Yuzhmash, having lost its primary buyer, Russia, declared bankruptcy. The following events were predictable: US announced they would take it over and support Yuzhmash financially.

According to First Deputy PM of Russia in charge of the military-industrial complex, Dmitry Rogozin: ‘It was well-known to Russian authorities that US had agents in Yuzhmash for years. Yuzhmash had brains and was on the cutting edge 40-50 years ago. In the past 25 years there was hardly anyone good left there (in another interview Rogozin shared that any brains that were left in Ukraine and Yuzhmash after Soviet collapse had been long working in Russia). We knew for a while that their production was junk. Whatever they find there, it’s all obsolete. We have technologically gone so far ahead. No Russian military secrets can be gleaned at Yuzhmash.’

What Rogozin didn’t say overtly, but hinted on for those in the know: Russians have been developing next gen weapons on their own, quietly building new plants and labs to substitute for Ukrainian production. This has been happening for years as Ukraine drifted away from Russia and closer to the US/EU. In reality, while Russians still bought parts made in Ukraine, they didn’t use them. It was done for show, in order to keep Ukrainians and Americans thinking Ukraine was still viable as Russian military production source. When Ukraine events began, Russia quickly transitioned to the new internal production. New, technologically superior, tank Armata and other hardware were introduced at Moscow 2015 Victory Day parade.

For more on new Russian weapons and, until recently, super-secret defense projects watch:

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Chabad, American Zionism & the NWO Agenda

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  1. 🙂 Good ! Good !


  2. Yesterday Ukrainian Rada voted overwhelmingly against a legislation draft that would bring Ukraine into NATO. After such outcome, the session was hastily adjourned and a new voting was scheduled for the 14th of February.

    USA could obviously not wait that long, so the intimidation work was hastily conducted among the parliamentarians, and a new voting was held today, with the results, proper for the American “national interests”: 251 out 226 required parliamentarians now voted for the NATO-joining legislation.

    At least Crimea won’t be turned into a NATO base, as was the initial plan…


    • Right!
      They have to rush and get the ball rolling for Ukraine to hastily join NATO. They see the writing on the wall – very soon the tide will start turning. So they think if they can quickly drag Ukraine, Moldavia, Chernogoria, Sweden, what not, into NATO and/or EU, they’ll be able to bind them. For that they are trying to use the time when there are economic difficulties in Russia due to sanctions, oil and ruble sabotage. All they’ll achieve is eventually piss off the population even more. This is true for all but Sweden.

      These are desperate moves, which won’t achieve a long term result they desire.

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  3. The day before yesterday, French TV showed a French documentary about the 2014 Maidan coup d’etat. They did it despite pressure from Kiev. Yesterday, there was a information and debate program “Special Correspondent” on Russian TV. One of the topics discussed was this documentary. There was an interesting point made: Europe had seen those images before, in 2014. What changed now is how these images are commented and how those events are now perceived in Europe.

    Another topic of the program was resignation of the Lithuanian citizens Abromavichus from the post of the Ukrainian Minister of Economic Development. A comment with regards to that was the following: this resignation indicates that the ship is sinking and the rats are abandoning it, which is good, and that by the sinking ship the debater does not mean Ukraine – it will persevere and rebuild – but the puppet coup government ruining it.


    • Good updates, Nemo. Thanks.

      Interesting about the Lithuanian. My feeling is he was being sidetracked from the money flows and decision-making due to oligarch clans’ power struggle and started rebelling against that, thinking he had real power. Silly thing. He really was brought in for show, just like the rest of the “Varyags for hire.” They’ll all be booted out in due time. For now it’s good to have them so there is someone to blame the destruction of the country on.
      Abromavichus complained that his and his family’s bodyguards were removed. Certainly! This was his warning. Don’t get in the way. Get out, or else.


  4. Natercia pedroso

    Well done Russia! Thanks Lada Ray for your posts and informations!I am laughing imagining the faces of american neocons knowing this!


  5. Lada, here is a link to an interesting article in AiF regarding an imminent ecological disaster in the Black Sea, and a Russian (former Soviet) project to do something about it. I am not going to translate it, but it may be useful as an aside for your Black Sea Gambit research:


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    Great excerpt, must read report!


  7. Hi Lada. I am sure you know Kauilapele aka KP.
    He has an extended piece on you and your Earth Shift reports on his most recent podcast.
    I agree with his estimation of your work and its importance
    Here is a link in case you haven’t already heard it:


  8. Some disconcerting news from UK, where BBC released a film about a “simulated scenario” of a Russian nuclear attack, taking over some Baltic state, with real British politicians in a war room discussing on some hearsay reports if they should strike Russia with nukes or not, and one politician saying how nice it would feel to kill a few tens of thousands Russians.

    That’s fearmongering, warmongering, and defamation at the extreme.

    I thought that BBC sunk to the very bottom already, but now somebody knocked from below.

    In the meantime in USA, during the debates Hillary postulates how “evil Russia” is redefining borders, set after WWII. And no one challenges her with questions of how she personally redefined European borders by invading and destroying Yugoslavia, how USA contributed in redefinin of European borders by destroying USSR.


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