Breaking! Suspicious #Flydubai Boeing-737 Crash in Rostov-on-Don Raises Red Flags

FlyDubai Boeing-737 FZ981 crashed in Rostov-on-Don killing all 62 on board (RT SPECIAL COVERAGE):

Flydubai flight FZ981 has crashed in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don (Rostov Oblast) killing all 62 passengers and crew on board. The flight was en route from Dubai and crashed during its second landing approach amid poor weather conditions.

‘Every detail is important’ – interview with head of the search group. Over 800 Russian investigators, experts and search workers are now at the scene. Rostov Airport remains closed, planes have been re-routed.

Out of 62 people onboard, there were 55 passengers: 44 Russian citizens and 11 foreign nationals; and 7 crew members: one Russian citizen, 6 foreign nationals. Most of Russians on board were from Rostov Oblast. None of the people on board survived the crash.

First of all, I want to offer my deepest condolences to the families of all victims.

#Flydubai is a budget airline owned and operated by the United Arab Emirates state. They fly from Dubai to over 60 countries. It appears the pilot was a Greek national and the crew was international.

The plane attempted two landings, crashing on second attempt. According to the very first account of events, visibility was poor due to bad weather, which, based on some initial speculation, allegedly may have caused the plane to crash. However, a large number of questions remains.

The investigation has only just begun and as usual, Russian authorities will be very careful to admit that foul play is involved. If you recall, Russians admitted that Sinai, Egypt catastrophe, with 224 dead, was a terrorist act only after UK announced they were grounding flights to Egypt due to terrorist threat. In fact, the very first accusation floating around the net, was against the pilot and crew. They were accused of lack of professionalism; the Russian aviation in general was immediately accused of poor pilot preparation. Moreover, the company was accused of poor plane maintenance and Russian authorities in sloppiness.  All that was rebuffed by everyone from global aviation authorities to Russian authorities and various international testing agencies. It turned out that the Sinai Airbus pilot was one of the most experienced and top-rated in the business, the whole crew was exceptionally experienced and that the plane just passed full maintenance and testing in Ireland.

Clearly, Russians knew it was a terrorist act early on. The reason for the slow admission was so not to play into the hands of terrorists. One of the main goals of the Sinai terrorist act was to put a wedge between Russia and Egypt, whose close relations were on the upswing. Another goal was to take revenge on Russia for destroying ISIS infrastructure in Syria, financed and built by Qatar, Turkey and Saudis. Third, to instill dread in Russians vacationing abroad. The actual organizers of the Sinai attack have been named (in whispers) in Russia: Qatar and Qatar foreign minister in person. I explain how and why in ESR5 and ESR7.

I suspect that in the case of Rostov-on-Don Flydubai catastrophe Russians will be just as careful to publicly announce the results of investigation. We’ll see how it goes and I do not intend to get ahead of the investigation. I am for allowing professionals to handle it at their pace. Besides, very little is really known to date on how it happened and what went wrong.

Barring any real details, for now I’ll be very cautious with any definitive conclusions. But I want to share the red flags this catastrophe has risen for me. I will leave the technical stuff to specialists. Instead, let’s talk about what is my specialty: geopolitics, Ukraine, Middle East, and attempts to stop Earth Shift and Russia’s rebalancing of the world away from the West.

Let’s call this my preliminary investigation. Let’s consider it my pointing out of the suspicious alarm bells and red flags. The investigators, at a minimum, should take them into account.

For now, I hear that they are considering poor visibility and weather conditions, and/or pilot and crew error as possible reasons.

Incidentally, when the plane is this close to the ground, its speed is the slowest, which increases the possibility of survival for victims. Experts are bemused by the fact that there were no survivors.

But that’s not all. Check out this!

First, look at this CCTV footage of the plane’s crash. Notice the strange angle of descent that appears far too steep: something like 50-60 degrees. What pilot, if he is in control of his machine, would ever descent so steeply so close to the ground, risking hitting it, especially if the weather is bad and visibility poor?

Second, look at the timing of this tragedy! 

On March 15th Russia just announced partial troops withdrawal from Syria (a connection with the Middle East, where UAE is also located). In connection with that, a follow up vengeance, using sloppy security at UAE airport, comes to mind.

On March 18, just a few hours prior to this catastrophe, Russia was celebrating the 2nd anniversary of reunification with Crimea (see #Sevastopol #Krim #Rossia: 2nd Anniversary of Crimea’s Reunification with Russia).

Now look at the location of the Flydubai Boeing 737 catastrophe: Rostov-on-Don, the capital of Rostov Oblast. To the west, Rostov Oblast borders ‘Ukraine,’ as it is marked on this map:


And now check out what is actually located on the other side of the so-called ‘Ukraine’ border: Donetsk/DNR and Lugansk/LNR. Yes, Rostov oblast borders not Ukraine, but DNR and LNR. It was here, to Rostov Oblast where 2.5 million refugees from Donbass escaped Kiev bombings; many of them still reside there. Russian humanitarian convoys and other help for the republics went and continues going through Rostov Oblast. When EU delegations and humanitarian help arrives to DLNR, it also goes through Rostov Oblast. Here is another interesting little bit: ex-prez of Ukraine Yanukovich escaped from ukro-nazis to Rostov, where he presently resides.

In short, Rostov serves as a hub and a central for help to DNR/LNR. Ukro-nazis and junta followers of various colorings and creeds have been sending all kinds of threats to Rostov Oblast and its people since 2014.

This map I found on the net shows Novocherkassk, located just next to the Rostov Oblast capital Rostov-on-Don. The body of water in the lower left corner is Azov Sea. Notice distance to Donetsk and Lugansk. Also, notice Mariupol (Donetsk Oblast) just next to the border with Rostov Oblast on the Azov Sea shore, which is now in the hands of Kiev junta and ukro-nazi battalions.

Rostov Donetsk, Lugansk map

In addition to the above, Rostov Oblast on the Azov Sea is very close to Crimea, which is located just to the south-west, between Azov and Black Seas. The mega-bridge to Crimea through the Kerch Strait (Kerchensky Most) is being built just south of Rostov, in the neighboring Krasnodar Krai.


How’s all that for interesting coincidences!

Another interesting coincidence: Ukraine/Poroshenko and Turkey/Erdogan/Davutoglu are becoming very close, pushed together by their desperation and hatred of Russia and Putin. A recent investigation revealed that after Russia eliminated ISIS oil smuggling infrastructure, which made Erdogan’s family billions and allowed him to manipulate the Middle East, he is actively looking for ways to inflict damage on Russia, and is ready to accept any offers from Ukraine. Ukraine already gave plenty of advances to Turkey. I have first-hand, undeniable intel and proof of Erdogan/Poroshenko collusion and I will present it in upcoming ESR8: BLACK SEA GAMBIT. Additionally, there is direct proof of Kiev/Turkey/ISIS/Crimean Tatar Mejlis collusion, attempts and intentions to inflict damage by all means possible on Russia and Crimea. This video proof will be presented in upcoming ESR9: CRIMEAN AGENDA.

Now, to the fact that Flydubai is from UAE, located in the Middle East. It is a very well known fact that Middle East airports and companies have inferior security and hiring practices. Sinai, Egypt catastrophe demonstrated that it was too easy to install a terror device due to lax security and sloppy hiring practices at the airport.

After the Egypt tragedy, Russian airports, companies and aviation crews became super-vigilant and new, most advanced security measures were adopted. I can say absolutely confidently that no bomb or suicide bomber could have penetrated on a RUSSIAN plane.

But a UAE (Middle Eastern) plane, especially if it’s a Boeing, is a different story.

Why Boeing: just look how many catastrophes happen to Boeings lately. One interesting theory I have is that the manufacturer of these planes, Boeing, may have installed malware or backdoor software, which allows to override pilot’s commands at an opportune moment. Another possibility I see is that US controlled GPS satellite feeds may get manipulated or turned off to disorient the plane.

Alternatively, plane’s internal wiring may have been tampered with by UAE airport employees. Or just plain old bomb, as seems to be the case in Sinai tragedy….

You may ask, why they waited for literally the last second to crash the plane? Why not do it en route? Wouldn’t that be more easy and secure? I think the explanation may be on the surface. Rostov Oblast played a big role in accepting Ukraine refugees, humanitarian help, as Yanukovich residence, and in certain cases, as a transfer point to Crimea and DNR by Azov Sea. And what did Russia just celebrate? The 2nd anniversary of reunification with Crimea. Plus, Russia just announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria after the mission has been accomplished.

If this indeed were a terrorist act, the point would have been to punish Russia by making sure the plane actually crashed on Russian soil; moreover, the idea would apparently be to punish specifically the people of Rostov Oblast by crashing it in plain view of all, close to the airport.

The above ‘coincidences’ potentially implicate the following entities: Kiev junta/Ukraine, Turkey, Crimean Tatar Mejlis and their friends at ISIS-Daesh, plus their Western sponsors. For what it’s worth, Ukrainians I used to know were not devious enough to execute these kinds of terror acts. Sure, they may have changed – for this lost generation all bets are off. But my money is still on Turkey, Mejlis and ISIS.

Was it just a tragic error and confluence of unfortunate events, or was it a chilling terrorist message? Let’s hope investigation will answer that soon.



Press Conference (Rus) with МЧС, Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations:

Flowers brought to Rostov-on-Don terminal: and to the representative office of Rostov Oblast in Moscow.

What do Russians think – comments on YT:

Самолёт – на видео это хорошо видно – упал почти под 60 градусов (55 примерно) к поверхности земли. Просто ВРЕЗАЛСЯ в землю! Ветер тут уж точно не причём. Причина – плохая видимость и, наверняка, неопытность иностранного экипажа. Иностранные фирмы, это уже давно замечено, экономят деньги на оплате труда высокопрофессиональных лётчиков и замене их низкопрофессиональными лётчиками-«гасарбайтерами» из т.н. слаборазвитых стран. Скорее всего именно так и было. В крайнем случае – отказ техники. Людей и самолёт – всех жалко. За самолёт по страховке фирма деньги получит. А вот людей к жизни и в семьи уже не вернуть. Это очень обидно! Мои соболезнования родственникам погибших!
ENG: You can easily see on video (see CCTV video of the crash) that the plane went into the ground at a sharp angle of about 60 degrees. Just PLOWED into the ground! Wind has nothing to do with that. It was poor visibility and the inexperienced foreign crew. It has been noted that foreign companies economize on paying well the highly qualified pilots by hiring not so qualified ones. Or it may have been technical failure. The company will collect insurance for the plane, but we can’t get people’s lives back. I am very sorry about that. My deepest condolences to families!

Валера Таран4 hours ago

почти всегда Боинг падают.может их подносы через систему спутников отключают дистанционно.блокируют работу двигателей и самолет принудительно разбивается.дядя Сэм еще тот сволочь.
ENG: Did you notice how often Boeings happen to fall? Looks like US distance-blocks the planes’ engines through their satellites and they are made to fall. Uncle Sam at work.


By popular demand! Stay tuned for next article: 

Putin Announces Troops Withdrawal from Syria. 

Russia’s Accomplishments & Withdrawal Reasons Revealed!

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  1. Field McConnell on his Able Danger blog has repeatedly demonstrated how Boeing has had Autopilot takeover capabilities since the late 1990’s. He is an ex military and commercial pilot for the US. He implicated that software in both Malaysia airlines disappearances. The crash angle is what caught my eye in watching the film. I know wind sheer can push a plane vertically down quickly but I did not see very much wind in the trees on the video…I thank you Ms Ray for your insights. It is not easy to find good information on this area of the world, yours have been most helpful over the years..

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  2. Hi Lada, the following excerpt tends to confirm your suppositions. You are definitely onto something.



    “Further, when an airplane crashes, you can bet there’s also a 90% chance of foul play because airplane travel is the safest mode of transportation in the world with an average rate of crashes of 2.1 per one million flights. Case in point, the last Supersonic Concorde that crashed is rumored to have been brought down by the CIA. Why? Well, Concorde was built by Aerospatiale in France and British Aircraft Corporation in England, both military aircraft and missile manufacturers. Every one of their clients or potential clients was flown free on the Concorde in order to woe them away from American weapons manufacturers. The Concorde was the piece de resistance of flight technology, something the Americans did not have. And just like the Russian Supersonic Tupolev Tu-144 was brought down at the 1973 Paris Air Show, the Concorde was also brought down in a fiery crash in July 2000 in Paris. Subsequently, all Supersonic Concordes were grounded to prevent further mass murders. After all, the Americans don’t have Supersonic planes, why should other nations? It’s also interesting to note that every so often European Airbus planes, American Boeing’s competitor, seem to strangely fall out of the sky? That can’t be good for business, right?”

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  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    I agree, too much of a coincidence. More evidence in the upcoming week should be very revealing… another false flag operation.

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    • Plus all the numbers of passengers 55, 44, 11, 7 in the first paragraph have occult significance. I hope that people did not die but it seems tptw have very little respect for human life…we are all disposable. As with the Brussels event…another False Flag… I hope that people did not die and that the character actors were all whisked away. Lots of smoke so perhaps this was possible. Certainly FFs are increasing and the desperation of the evil ones is clear. Another thought… Brussels is the capital city of the EU Union and as such was completely shut down and continues to be so. This does not auger well for the EU project which is seeming irrelevant and expensive to the members as all the benefits of the union are disappearing daily. The EU is completely inept in every way and a failed “state” in every way from its quantitive easing of the Euro currency and its inability to manage its financial affairs sustainably to its lack of support in every way to each and every one of its members by protecting their borders or promoting their growth. It is a total waste of time and space to every member but Germany (that continues to dominate the whole union)and should be disbanded at the first opportunity. Hopefully the UK Brexit will start the ball rolling.


  4. It’s interesting Boeing moved it’s airplane manufacturing to a southern part of the USA. And has been having quality problems with it’s 787 Dreamliner that’s what you get for slave labor salaries slave labor manufacturing quality over price, poor quality, behind schedule.

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  5. Nothing at all suspicious about it. Conditions were certainly less than optimal. From the flight track on Flight Radar it seems FZ981 made an aborted attempt to land and then successfully executed a go-around. What is a little worrying is that they then remained in holding for two and a half hours after that. This is probably because the crew were waiting for the poor weather to abate and the right conditions to be present before attempting a second landing. It seems this second landing was also aborted, as the tracking shows the aircraft started into a steep climb before crashing.

    As this airport is known for windshear, it is possible that a sudden microburst caused negative windshear resulting in a loss of headwind and as a consequence, lift. If this happens, the aircraft can stall and if it does, it is far too close to the ground to be able to recover. The CCTV video on the linked page, showing the plane plummeting certainly suggests a stall.

    What some see as “flames” on the aircraft as it plummets are just landing lights, the effect of which was magnified by the CCTV camera’s higher sensitivity to infrared.

    Even though they spent over two hours in a holding pattern, this could not have resulted in fuel being exhausted, as the aircraft was fueled for 8.5 hrs flying time and this crash occurred after 6 hours. If it was terrorism, why was the “bomb” timed to go off hours after the plane should have successfully landed?

    The crew should have requested a redirect to Krasnodar, as many other flights scheduled to land at Rostov-On-Don that evening were doing. Having said that, as far as I know, the operating company sets the number of landing attempts that must be made before redirecting.


    • I think you are behind the times. No one ‘times the bomb’ any more, this is so 1970s. I think I mentioned various ways of tampering with the plane’s systems in the post. And of all that you only got ‘the bomb’? It’s a good idea to educate yourself on how electronics and other contemporary stuff work.

      As to what really happened, as I said, we need to wait for professional assessment.

      You seem to have decided already, together with what? US and UK MSM?


      • I agree with Lada. Much intel seems to support a FF or perhaps am Agencies war, and the collusion between Ukraine and Turkey recently may also support a missile strike. Certainly the plane was blown to smithereens contrary to other plane crashes recently.
        All this talk of plane not being able to sustain gusts of 10-15mph from any direction further proves that our plane(t) is not spinning at 1000mph as we are being brainwashed by the globalist masons. Planes need a level surface (plane) and very little wind or other hazards to land without incident. That is why they are called “aeroplanes”.
        Many countries are currently rethinking buying Boeing planes because they have computer programming with backdoors which allow remote control by others …such as is now the case with most modern cars. So if you want to be in control of your vehicle buy an older car.


  6. I am an airliner enthusiast with several hundred hours on a professional-class flight simulator, flying primarily heavy metal, so I can give some qualified opinion.

    In the normal landing conditions, an airliner travels a little above stall speed. In fact a perfect landing can be described as “stalling just as your wheels touch the ground”. Heavy turbulence with downward vortexes of air or a wind direction, which suddenly changes to blow in the direction of flight may cause the plane to come below the stall threshold and fall.

    The flight before FlyDubai, piloted by a domestic pilot, flew to the reserve airport in Krasnodar after an attempt to land. Passengers of that flight described the attempt to land in Rostov-on-Don as very bumpy, so the above scenario could have happened to the FlyDubai flight.

    Navigation. GPS is not used for flight navigation – instead ground VOR radars are used. The instrument mistake could have occurred if the pilot programmed his altimeter with the wrong altitude of the airport above sea level.

    Autopilot. Several companies have an instruction, which prescribes pilots to use autopilot, when landing in difficult conditions. Though an autopilot can be taken over, it must happen in wired mode – someone needs to tamper with the machine.

    Now to the red flags.

    1. The CCTV footage does show a fall, not a landing. However, the falling object seems to be on fire. A normal landing plane would have darkened cabin, and its landing lights would be pointing forward – not at the camera. The exception would be if the pilot was performing a cross-wind landing and the wind was blowing from the direction where camera is located. In cross-wind landing – the most difficult of all – the plane travels into the wind and sideways relative to the landing strip, rotating the nose to align it with the strip at the last second as the wheels touch the ground.

    2. It was reported that the airliner circled for 2 hours after the first landing attempt. This is normally done by a pilot so as to burn off excess fuel in case of an expected emergency landing due to failing landing gear. This minimises the risk of explosion the the wings are broken off during such landing. However, the conversation between the pilot and the ground indicate no emergency condition.

    3. I find it strange that the plane was ripped into small fragments. Usually the tail section survives relatively unharmed – that is why flight recorders are placed there, as does the wing mounting section. Remember that the plane bombed over Sinai had several larger sections intact, despite having fallen from 10km.

    4. I agree that the place of the disaster – Rostov-on-Don, in the vicinity of DNR and LNR – is a huge red flag. Could the plane have been used for scouting?

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  7. Some additional info from here:

    The Boeing aborted the second landing attempt, and prepared to go for the third, then at the height of 900 meters it banked sharply to the left and at a speed of approximately 400 km/h fell to the ground. Regardless of the configuration, it was travelling well above its stall speed

    There was no cross-wind.

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  8. i knew there was something fishy about this event

    god bless you lada ray your vision is strong

    i have no doubt russia will overcome this and be on top

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  9. Again a highly discerning analysis Lada. All of it is possible and probable. What a complicated web of criminality! The following post by Sorcha Faal adds weight to the conspiracy…as well as mafia criminal banking links and complicity by the Airline in illegal operations, the “assasination” of a Top CIA Agent travelling on a fake British Passport and $27million went up in flames. Also exposes the abuse of beautiful Russian dancers who are imprisoned in the mafia entertainment industry throughout the Middle East:
    March 19, 2016

    Top CIA Official Killed In Russia Aboard Dubai Plane Carrying Millions Of US Dollars

    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    A Federal Security Service (FSB) interim report to the Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) and Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) circulating in the Kremlin today states that it has confirmed from their initial investigation of the list of passengers and crew aboard FlyDubai Flight FZ981, that exploded early this morning in Rostov-on-Don, that this place was carrying a “high level” American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official who was travelling on a forged British passport using the name of Larisa Allen—and that aboard this plane too was an estimated US$27 million in currency.

    According to this report, this FlyDubai Boeing 737-800 aircraft that had taken off from Dubai Airport exploded this morning at about 03:50 Moscow time (00:50 GMT) while landing at Rostov Airport killing all 55 passengers and seven crew members aboard.

    Flights from Dubai to the Federation are common, this report says, as many young Russian females work is this most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as “dancers” (i.e. prostitutes) with many companies advertising their “services”.

    With organized crime elements within the Federation (Russian Mafia) controlling the bulk of these “dancers”, and with Dubai having become a global centre for terror funding, money-laundering, drug money and mafia cash, this report continues, CIA fears that terrorist funds were being diverted to Russia provides the most likely explanation as to why one of their “high level” officials was on board this plane.

    As to how the estimated US$27 million in currency came to be aboard this plane packed into the cargo hold in “metal/aluminum” containers, this report notes, is currently being suspected by the FSB to have been “caused/effectuated” by the Cypriot pilot of this plane as the links between Cypress banks and Federation organized crime have long been known.

    With the IAC issuing a public statement that they have now taken control of this investigation, this report concludes, and due to the death of this “high level” CIA official, along with the millions-of-dollars found aboard this exploded plane, President Putin, who had previously expressed his condolences towards this tragedy, has authorized US, French and Dubai intelligence agencies to join it too.

    March 19, 2016 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.


    • Is it me, or does that report try to subtly shift the blame onto Russia (again)?
      The information about the money is interesting. The Parliamentary elections in Russia are coming this autumn and Russian press tells that FSB reported about heightened activity of various foreign agents.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Sorcha Fake? You can’t be serious. Total psy-op, cointelpro operative. You will spin your wheels in the mud of their ‘half-truths’.

      Liked by 2 people

    • To all readers:

      $27mln carried by CIA FEMALE agent on Rostov plane is a complete fake.

      So is another hoax floating around about Turkey shooting down Rostov plane with a missile from its territory. Not only Turkey doesn’t have such distance and target capability, but even if it did, that missile would have to fly well into Russian territory over Crimea – the most protected area in the region. Do those silly hoaxers even understand Russia’s how Russia’s defence shield work?

      Don’t you remember the USS Donald Cook incident? This is totally laughable.

      Either NOT possible. No time to go into more details.

      More on how hoaxes work:

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  10. Lada, I want to draw your attention to some of the articles/analysis by Rostislav Ishchenko (he is one of the experts, interviewed in the Ukraine documentary that I am translating).

    His analysis seems to be balanced and sound, and he can be a good addition to views, voiced by Starikov.


  11. Hmm… Russian airplane bombed over Sinai – Paris bombings virtually next day. FlyDubai plane suspiciously falls in Russia – bombings in Brussels virtually next day…

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  12. P.S. Condolences to victims of #Brusselsattacks and their families! #terrorism #EU


  13. EU hypocrisy, fake tears: #Mogherini, who supports #Kiev ukro-nazi #Donbass bombings, in tears over #Brusselsattacks


  14. Looks like a provocation. An old Turkish cargo ship rammed a support of the construction bridge, used in construction of the Kerch bridge. The Turkish ship tried to hide the deed by painting over the hull. It’s now arrested for 72 hours according to the maritime law in Taganrog.


    • It would be strange if it wasn’t a provocation. I think they are trying to see how far they can go without being punished.
      Normal behavior for bullies.


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