Reject Ukraine EU Association! Handicapped Ukrainian’s Plea to Netherlands Before Dutch Referendum

Я украинец / I am a Ukranian

Patriottistische gehandicapte oekraïner, adresseert Nederlanders!


On April 6 the Netherlands will vote in a referendum whether to approve Ukraine’s association with EU, or not. This explosive video from Alexey Zhuravko (RUS: Алексей Журавко) is a plea and call for the Dutch people to reject this association.

Zuravko is a Ukrainian patriot. He is a severely handicapped person, who, despite his disability, has been accused by the Kiev junta of treason and terrorism, and forced to flee the country. Before 2014 coup, Zhuravko was a Ukraine Rada deputy. He is originally from Kherson Oblast, on the border with Crimea. He knows first hand the plight of simple Ukrainians, who continue keeping in touch with him, telling him all their problems. His own Kherson Oblast is in a catastrophic state, being occupied by violent ukro-nazi battalions, Turkish and Crimean Tatar Mejlis militants, as well as ISIS militants.

He is a remarkable man, whose important intel will be included in my upcoming Earth Shift Report 9: CRIMEAN AGENDA.

Video (ENG with RUS and Dutch subs):

The closing sentence is hard to hear. Just to make sure you don’t miss it, here it is:

‘I am a Ukrainian. For the sake of Ukraine, for the sake of European values and ideals, for the sake of the people of Ukraine, I ask you to reject Ukraine’s EU association agreement.’

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  1. Vote is today and prediction is that No will win. I do feel heartfully for the poor people of Ukraine who seem powerless and bullied to death. I send them love and focus on a different future for them.


  2. It just so happens that today I finished translating the large documentary about the Ukrainian history:

    Alas, it was immediately “blocked worldwide” by YouTube:
    “Copyrighted content was found in your video.

    Because of the claimant’s policy, this video can’t be played on YouTube. Your account status might also be affected.

    Audio-visual content
    39:50 – 1:25:40


    Blocked in all countries

    File a dispute

    Interesting that they took almost the whole film. The film itself is created by Rossia24 and has nothing to do with BigMovieNetwork.

    Until I upload this video to RuTube, one can grab the untranslated video from here:

    and then apply the subtitles, available from download from my site.

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    • I’ll post links to your translation in the next post and encourage people to read/watch.
      Thanks for all your efforts, Nemo.
      I’ll see if we can also apply your subs to original vid somehow.


      • Thank you, Lada. I tried filing a dispute, but a reject came within minutes(!), so I had to delete the video or face consequences. The funny thing is: the allegedly conflicting material starts in the middle of a voice-only interview and spans several various kinds of content.
        I registered at RuTracker, but they only accept videos with the maximum length of 50 minutes – I’d have to somehow burn the subtitles in like you did with your “Alien Technology” translation and then split the video into 2 part.
        Attempts to register at Vimeo failed for me, so I don’t even know what their technical requirements are.

        As you say, the best option would be for the subtitles to be added to the original video, but that depends on the settings applied by the channel owner – Rossia24. If adding subtitles fails, I could try contacting them with the proposition to add the subs.


        • I’ll see if my friend can do subs. No promises, but I’ll try.

          YT: very unfortunately YT does whatever Ukraine junta wants it to do. Through bogus claim filing and most importantly – very sorry to say this – through its direct bosses at CIA. Same goes for FB.

          Vimeo and other stuff: may be able to post it on my Vimeo channel. Perhaps we can collaborate on that in the future. We’ll see.

          Not committing to anything at this time: thinking things through for now.


  3. We voted NO! ;-))

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  4. Of all the people that took the opportunity to cast a vote, ± 62% voted against and ±38% were in favor! That is a HUGE blow for our government! But…..what will happen next, that is the question…..

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    • Very good news!
      As I predicted in 2014: Ukraine would never be a part of EU.

      Next will be a lot of games and fancy footwork by EU to politely distance themselves from Ukraine. As predicted…

      More predictions in next article.

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