Destabilizing Brazil: Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff – Scary Parallels with Ukraine

dilma impeachment

Destabilizing Brazil: Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff – Scary Parallels with Ukraine

Desestabilizando o Brasil: Impeachment de Dilma Rousseff – paralelos assustadores com a Ucrânia

On the video below at 0:27, look at the hopping and jumping people, rejoicing at the Rousseff impeachment. In the left frame are those who are against Rousseff and on the right we see crying those who are in her favor. Also, on the same video at 0:38, look at the chaos in Brazilian parliament. Things were pelted and fights broke out in parliament during impeachment hearing. It has gone so far that one deputy spat at a pro-US far right Rep. Jair Bolsonaro after he screamed out insults and lauded the previous Brazilian fascist dictator for torturing Dilma Rousseff, calling that a true democracy. Click for the Forbes article with videos showing some of the most outlandish moments.


And now let’s compare this to what happened on Kiev Maidan, Ukraine, before and after ukro-nazi coup. The protest that began the Kiev Maidan, Dec 1, 2013: it starts peaceful enough. But note how at 5:40 the ‘peaceful protesters’ are bulldozing over the poor police with a real bulldozer – never felt sorry for police before…

Now, watch a crowd of crazed young ukro-nazis screaming out an equivalent of German Nazi slogan, ‘Ukraine uber alles,’ aka, ‘Ukraine above all.’ Next, they scream out the infamous “Moskaliaku na gyliaku’ – translated loosely as: ‘hang all Russians’; and ‘Hto ne skache toi Moskal,’ which means ‘whoever doesn’t jump is a damn Russian.’ Especially pay attention to how similar the hopping and jumping looks (chances are in Brazil they might start witch hunts against communists and leftists, instead of Russians)!

Now, let’s see what regularly takes place in the Kiev Rada (parliament of Ukraine) and other high-profile national bodies. Deputies beat each other up in the Kiev Rada – the video below shows a fight during the first attempt to fire PM Yatsenyuk. However, it is merely one of many similar Rada fights:

They scream insults and pelt things at each other (Saakashvili and Avakov fight, Avakov pelts a heavy glass at Saakashvili, while president Poroshenko and then PM Yatsenyuk preside):

Read full article, with more vids: Kiev Scandals: Transatlantic Boss Joe Biden and Ukraine’s Spiders in a Jar (Saakashvili, Avakov, Yatsenyuk and Idiocracy Plus).

One might say that what is happening in Brazil are just democratic protests against government corruption. The thing is that many on Kiev Maidan also naively thought it was just a democratic protest against government corruption. But the foreign interests interfered in order to turn these protests into a force that would destroy the country. Before anyone knew what hit them, the protests turned into a bloody mess and a full-blown civil war, coupled with brutal fascist regime – something that many of us thought was impossible in Ukraine.

I have warned about the heavy consequences of what is happening in Brazil for the future of the country, especially in view of the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics. The Olympics are likely to be seriously compromised when the country is destabilized.

The destabilization is THE goal. Brazil has gotten too ambitious, too proud of its recent successes and too independent for the liking of the US. The drunkenness from past success played a bad joke: Brazilian government got careless both nationally and internationally.

Destabilization of Brazil is payback to Dilma for rebelling against US domination and for her attempt to form an international coalition against NSA wiretapping. Having learned she had been a victim of NSA wiretapping, Rousseff also attempted to rally international support for the creation of the internet, independent of the US. She and Lula are now paying for all that.

In addition, the goal is the weakening and annihilation of any anti-US independence movement in South America, of which Brazil under Lula and Dilma was a prominent member.

But the biggest prize is the BRICS, and this is obviously an orchestrated attack on the solidity and rising power of the BRICS. As we discussed on many previous occasions on this blog, the ultimate target for subverting Ukraine and turning it into a bloody mess was to weaken Russia. The weakening of Russia, China and the BRICS as a whole is also the ultimate goal in Brazil.

For all the details read my full report: Brazil Color Revolution Attempt: Corruption, Dilma, Lula, Zika, 2016 Olympics and the BRICS. Lada Ray Report and Predictions.


Dilma Rousseff impeachment is underway and it’s too late to turn back. What will happen next will sharply polarize Brazilian society, leading to growing mutual tension between opposing camps.

I won’t comment on the merit of the accusations. From all I see, there was government corruption, some of which may be accounted for as a means to cover certain excessive social and financial obligations to do with the Olympics and the credit short squeeze, due to plunging commodities prices (see Brazil report link above for more). It also appears that the corruption on the opposite side, which is accusing Dilma and Lula, is much bigger. It stands to reason that some are making the noise around Dilma to cover up own misdeeds. After all, Brazil corruption is legendary, it being one of the most corrupt countries in Latin America and worldwide.

Ukrainians were also dreaming of getting rid of what they were told was corruption under the ousted president Yanukovich and PM Azarov. Two years later they have much bigger crooks and thieves in power; many long for the good old days, wishing Azarov back, who now seems like angel incarnate.

Brazil is in danger of moving the way of Ukraine – and this is a way towards, at a minimum, destabilization, poverty and bigger dependence on the US, and at a maximum, destruction. The problem is that there is a hidden foreign interference, which will continue attempting to destabilize the country, in order to weaken it and bring to power a convenient puppet.

Let’s hope that Brazilians had received sufficient immunization against fascist dictatorships – after all, they once had one. Ukraine never experienced such a thing and, therefore, people had no idea what they were getting into. Brazilians’ genetic memory may prevent the worst fascist scenario from materializing.

However, it is already clear that the 2016 Rio Olympics will be very difficult for Brazil to pull off. Overall, Brazil should brace for some seriously turbulent and hard times ahead. Unfortunately, I don’t see a change for the better any time soon. It’ll take a long time to sort through the confusion. The ship called Brazil will continue rocking until  it finds a new balance. And that will be hard to do in a polarized society.

I might have more Brazil predictions later, possibly, in one of the new Earth Shift Reports. Stay tuned!

P.S. In response to my Brazil Color Revolution: Corruption, Dilma, Lula, Zika, 2016 Olympics and the BRICS Report I received a number of heated comments from Brazilians who were trying to prove to me that this was in fact a fight against Dilma and Lula’s corruption, that they knew what they were doing and that I was wrong; some even accused me of ‘defending the damn communists’ (imagine that!). All such comments did was to confirm the diagnosis I made in my report, that of a widespread geopolitical illiteracy and lack of any understanding of the global economic, financial and historic processes. We have seen where this ignorance took Ukraine. Brazil is stepping on the same rake.

Dear Brazilians, I certainly do hope you know what you are doing. I can only show you what I see – I can’t make you see it if you don’t want to. I can only warn of the dangers I foresee, based on everything I am observing – it’s up to you to heed the warning, or not. I don’t remember being wrong once in my predictions… but what do I know.

My prognosis for Brazil isn’t rosy. Hard times, lots of confusion and polarization ahead. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope Ukraine-like worst case scenario can be avoided in Brazil.

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  1. It’s a nasty poisonous game the globalists play. Subvert, smear, destroy any opposition to monopolistic bankster hegemony. Rinse. Repeat.

    Despite all the fancy anti-corruption rhetoric, the assault on President Rousseff’s leftist government is the result of a coordinated campaign by business interests tied to Washington and Wall Street.

    BRICS Under Attack: The Empire Strikes Back In Brazil

    Neoliberal Coup Attempt in Brazil

    And then there is the dark hand of the zionist cartel at work whenever resistance is put up against their many agendas:

    Brazil Rejects Deplorable Israeli Envoy Choice

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  2. “In a nutshell, the ultimate aim is to perfectly “align” the Brazilian Executive, Legislative, Judiciary and corporate media interests”

    “So Wall Street, US Big Oil and the proverbial “American interests” win this round at the circus – thanks to the, once again proverbial, vassal/comprador elites. Chevron execs are already salivating with the prospect of laying their hands on the pre-salt oil deposits; that was already promised by a trusted vassal in the Brazilian opposition.

    … The coup goes on. The real hyenas haven’t yet pounced. So it’s far from over.”

    Hybrid War Hyenas Tear Brazil Apart


    • You post a comment under my article prefaced with words, ‘As always, Pepe Escobar brings a searing spotlight of truth on the situation.’ In your view, by comparison, the spotlight I shine is not good enough? Do you even understand how insulting you sound? I really do not appreciate such comments!

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  3. Another direct hit.. Thank you, Lada.

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  4. Dear Lada, unfortunately you are right, people who don’t want to see will not see. I am amazed that people I know just deny anything is happening and still blame Russia for all the ills of Western society. Hopefully all the crazies in Washington and Ukraine will run so fast in circles that they will meet themselves coming back and implode.
    Please keep up the good work, Robert

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  5. Totally agree Lada, its total destabilization. My friends are worried it will turn into a civil war, the golden decade of commodities boom is over and the hangover is here. Hard Right figures like Jair Bolsonaro openly praise torture & military dictatorship, this is where Brazil is moving towards. However, the masses will not return to the days of dictatorship quietly, while the right is celebrating right now – this polarization could easily explode into open factional struggle. The Working Class in Brazil from northeast ‘nordeste’ have a tradition of Robin Hood Banditry and resistance called cangaceiro, they will fight if pushed.ço
    And as you say many of the older generation knows very well the reality of fascist dictatorship. Best wishes to our friends in Brazil, I hope a Ukraine situation does not come to pass.

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    • Thanks for the previous link and addl info in this comment, Akaida! Yes, let’s hope it doesn’t get as bad as Ukraine, but the signs are worrying. It depends on how far all this is pushed against Dilma and PT.


  6. Many of the service class in São Paulo (17 million people live in greater SP) come from Nordeste, having moved to the big city for work. The upper classes will have to deal with the blood of resistance that goes back to the days of slavery in Brazil. Brazil has 21 of the top 50 murder capitals in the world – and much of this violence comes from the same underclass that is now being put under pressure. The rich oligarchs are dreaming if they think they can manage a seamless transition back to pure Pro-USA capitalism.

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    • True, it could get nasty. But this is why I write all this: to warn. Forewarned – forearmed, and this possibly may help avoid the worst.
      It’s likely that PT/Dilma and opposition may try to make some deals. I think my previous Brazil report (with your input) was read by the right people in power. They got the message and they are now negotiating behind the scenes trying to preserve the relative peace and get through the Olympics. This would be the reasonable thing to do – unless they are suicidal.

      I see a lot of conflicting forces inside and outside the country, some of whom don’t want confrontation, and they’ll want to negotiate. But then there is US/CIA pressure, and since their goal is to destabilize the country, they may try to achieve it at all cost.

      The pressure is also coming from the Intl Olympics Committee and various participating countries, plus corporations who paid big bucks to advertise, etc. All these forces have their own interests and they may create a frozen conflict till after the Olympics. But any frozen conflict is bound to explode sooner or later. This is a clear potentiality I see in Brazil, but we’ll see how it’ll play out.

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      • As you say Russia & China are the key movers in BRICS, long term Eurasia will overtake The West. Hopefully Brazil can weather the storm. Also China has heavy investment in Brazil and these contacts will be honored no matter which party takes control – I’ve seen Chinese influence growing every year in Brazil. FYI to the previous poster – Pepe has some good articles, but Futuristrendcast is much more well rounded & original. Go Lada Ray!!! 🙂

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        • Yes, good input! China investments matter. There are some increased Russian interests in Brazil, too.
          All these variables help balance out the situation, which is why there is a chance it may get stabilized in a more reasonable way.

          Of course, Ukraine will also get re-balanced eventually. It will just take longer and much more blood since the situation there was allowed to get so much out of control. The only positive of the Ukraine disaster is that other countries now see what CAN happen and they will try not to let it get that bad. This applies not only to Brazil, but to many other countries where color revolutions are being attempted as we speak.

          Time permitting, I may have an Earth Shift Report later in the year pertaining to BRICS in general, with predictions on the future of this organization. At least, that’s the plan…

          Thanks for the encouragement, Akaida.
          You all know I love all my readers. But especially, love those who are in tune – they see so much deeper and understand so much more. 🙂

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  7. Given that the Banana Empire is falling apart just wondering should they be doing this in the first place. Do watch anime by the way if you do my I recommend Akame Ga Kill it also a manga as well. It’s funny how even comicbooks can give insight into a current political situation.


  8. That was a good piece. One angle you might consider is that the world may be entering a depression, and the Anglo-American strategy may be that the US and Britain have better control mechanisms through brainwashing, poisonous food and fluoride, and the police, whereas countries like Brazil and China may have a tough time trying to politically survive seriously hard times. Of course the destabilization specialists and economic hitmen will be at work as well. Most governments had a tough time surviving the 1930’s intact.


  9. It’s sad that people in various countries are so easily manipulated into stepping on exactly the same rakes.

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    • I have the same thoughts. Why is it so easy to make a country roll over? Are these leaders simply stupid? If the “democratic” process is so susceptible to this kind of maneuvering I would circle the wagons, declare martial law and hit back hard at the Soros agenda. But maybe all of these people are so corrupt they just don’t have the moral currency to maintain real law and order. I laugh at these space cadets who say everything is really okay, the ships are ready to land and there will be Jubilee before close of business on Friday. We have a way to go. We’re hardly out of Kali’s jurisdiction and this stuff takes time. My lifespan in juxtaposition to Creator’s requires patience. I don’t even get to see the whole movie.


  10. Lada again a great analysis and a forewarning. That’s why your site is one of the regular sites that I visit. Great job! I’m convinced more than ever that the predatory policy of the US and its purposeful destruction of nations will stop and only stop when the debt/dollar system finally collapses and where the United States is just too broke and preoccupied to do their nasty things in the world. There will be no reform in the foreign policy of the US as long as this terrible system is in place. It makes no damn difference whether the next president is Bernie Sanders, Clinton nor Trump. The power structure in the US is too vast and impenetrable to change so we will have to wait for the time when the banks close, there is no food delivered to the supermarkets because the credit system has collapsed, mass rioting in the US cities and so forth which will make the US power elite too preoccupied at home to be able to intervene outside of the country. The people in countries like Brazil just want to live, work, play with their children, go to movies, etc. and are not aware that there is a sinister psychopathic nutcase on the loose that wants to destroy this good life of people like Brazilians. It’s like what chance does an innocent child or woman stand against a psychopathic predator who is hunting them down and following their every movements on a day to day basis. The predator will always have a big advantage until the time that the predator is either killed or severely wounded. Unfortunately at the present time countries that are independent like Brazil, Venezuela, and South Africa are at a huge disadvantage vis a vis the US because while these countries work 24/7 to make their lives better the power elite in the US works 24/7 to destroy these independent nations. It takes a lot less money and time to destroy a country than to build one. In the meantime the independent nations will continue to struggle against this psychopathic predator until the time the US is considerably weakened to be able to live freely.

    Anyhow the main action in the world right now is in Eurasia. Despite the many efforts of the the Anglo American empire to destroy Russia and China, these two nations are holding on and if they can hold on until the dollar/debt system is destroyed then the world will have a renaissance.

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  11. A bit of poetic comeuppance for sleazeball Cunha: hypocrisy and mendacity come back to roost for one of the perps.

    More charges against Rousseff accuser

    One of the strongest supporters of the impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff is himself being charged with two more corruption charges, Brazil’s prosecutor general said on Saturday.


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