French parliament votes to lift anti-Russian sanctions imposed by EU

This is just the first step. More to come…



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  1. Even if the sanctions were removed totally ,Russia has formed new alliances now , to make up for former European trade .the situation has probably changed for some time to come.
    One does not go back for another kick in the pants from partners that demonstrated themselves to be traitors .


    • The value of this gesture is as a signal of a turnaround, as I predicted since 2014. And as a rebellion against US dominance.
      But of course, it’s the economic pinch, too.


  2. Meanwhile back in manic-Ukraine, The Rat has jumped ship an old familiar hideout for nazi war-thugs and gangsters. Funny, Obama was recently on a ‘side-trip’ to the San Carlos di Bariloche region. Hmmmmmm…..

    Kiev deputy: Yatsenyuk has left for Argentina

    time will tell if, when and where he resurfaces….
    Spokesman for Yatsenyuk denies his fleeing to Argentina

    Background for the unfamiliar:


    • That’s interesting.
      I’ve heard he is in Canada. His sister lives there and he received Canadian citizenship, as I reported before, like many WWII Bandera ukro-nazi criminals.


      • Completely unrelated, but perhaps of interest for other writings, passing along this piece of Russian nostalgia. The first one is a stunner with it’s large-format sheet film (8×10 likely) clarity and resolution. Nicely done.

        I have very, very distant relatives there, and it pains me to wonder if they survived all the turmoil Mother Russia has been subjected to thru the years.

        25+ Old Colorized Photos Reveal The Life Of Russian People Between 1900-1965


  3. Way to go, Frogs. You can croak America the Beautiful only until your own ship starts to sink. And don’t forget you owe Russia two assault ships.


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