Raising Chi and Healing Syria: Gergiev Orchestra’s Classic Russian Music In Palmyra Ruins

TOPSHOT - Russian conductor Valery Gergiev leads a concert in the amphitheatre of the ancient city of Palmyra on May 5, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / VASILY MAXIMOVVASILY MAXIMOV/AFP/Getty Images

TOPSHOT – Russian conductor Valery Gergiev leads a concert in the amphitheatre of the ancient city of Palmyra on May 5, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / VASILY MAXIMOVVASILY MAXIMOV/AFP/Getty Images

New Ask Lada episode. Just wanted to respond in a little more detail to a Twitter question:

Was wondering your intuitive feelings on the event today with Russian orchestra? Very big.

I replied:

Classic concert, esp this level, restores hope, aka positive energy + raises Chi. Syria needs it. Positive music kills ISIS.

This is RT video of the Palmyra concert by Gergiev orchestra:

‘Praying for Palmyra’: Russian orchestra performs concert honoring victims of Syria war.

Renowned conductor Valery Gergiev is leading a concert in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra to support the restoration of the UNESCO site and honor victims of the war. The city of Palmyra was devastated by Islamic State terrorists who occupied the site for some 10 months before it was liberated by Syrian troops with Russian air support.

Since on FT I have the luxury of much more space to properly respond, let me do so.

Having not have the chance to listen to the concert itself yet, I can assess its impact purely based on its energy signature and resonance.

First of all, any classic concert is awesome. Classic music, especially performed on such high level, carries enormous positive, creative and peaceful energy. This kind of energy heals wounds and restores health. It promotes peace and mutual understanding.

Said in a spiritual way, it raises Chi and creates a powerful positive energy signature. Positive energy is akin to a ray of bright light, which chases away the darkness and illuminates the truth. It stimulates healing and chases away the germs/dark entities. In this case the germ is ISIS (the terrorist organization, not the ancient goddess Isis, who has nothing to do with terrorism).

Please check out my Quantum Calibrations Scale for the energy levels of Joy and High Creation. I recommend you listen to audio/videos (vid No. 2) talking about these levels. (VIDEO 1: Life-threatening & Life-diminishing Calibrations  VIDEO 2: Life-affirming & Life-creating Calibrations). 

Syria has been through years of devastating war and discord, which was created by certain internal imbalances and injustices, distorted, stoked and amplified via aggressive foreign interference (US, EU, West as a whole, Saudis, Qatar, Turkey). The recent culmination of the Syria war was the liberation of a famous UNESCO World Heritage site, the ancient Palmyra, from the hands of terrorists. Palmyra, a globally protected cultural gem, suffered huge damage as a result of ISIS terrorists and Turkish smugglers destroying and looting many of its treasures.

Of course, the turnaround in Syria, the hope for peace and reconciliation became possible only after Russia and Putin made a courageous step of sending its airforce and navy. If not for Russia, the war would still be going from bad to worse. This step by Russia also forced US – the power mostly behind ISIS, Al Nusra and their regional sponsors – to abandon its bullying behavior and negotiate with Russia and Assad, something that was inconceivable just 6 months ago.

I was asked for my intuitive feeling. What I can share with you is more of claircognizant nature, aka, cosmic knowing.

This concert is a turning point. It marks and announces to the whole world that Syria is on the mend, that the healing has begun. It is a point of no return. What better place to have a concert of hope than in the ruins of this remarkable ancient city that suffered, but withstood the test of time.

Syria needs healing very badly, just like Ukraine does. Ukraine, unfortunately, has not reached its bottom yet. Syria has. After reaching the bottom, there is only one way to go – up. This miracle has just happened in Syria, announced to the whole world today through the Gergiev concert. However, this event also signals hope for Ukraine and Novorossia.

I get regularly asked to interpret through my calibrations various events, entities and countries. The past several months were full of various other priorities, and so, I wasn’t able to post on FT any of my calibrations. Let me offer you a treat: here are some fresh calibrations of this event, Syria, Russian role, and more.

Legend: Quantum Calibration level = C; Chi level = Chi 

Syria as a whole calibrates at this moment in time:

C: 85 – grief, suffering (due to war and devastation); Chi: 195 – striving, yearning (for peace and reconciliation)

Palmyra a few months ago, when it was in the hands of ISIS:

C: 10 – near death; Chi: 4 – brink of death

Palmyra during Gergiev Orchestra concert:

C: 195 – striving, yearning; Chi: 198 – same. As we see, it’s a gigantic leap from dying to the new life, while striving to return to normalcy. It’s still just below the minimum positive calibration of 200, but there is an absolute confidence that it will be soon reached, as Palmyra gets restored to former glory by Russian Hermitage and UNESCO.

The energy of the Gergiev Orchestra’s Palmyra concert itself:

C: 980 – Buddha consciousness, absolute truth (Wow! The top of the scale!) ; Chi: 410 – reason (Very good!).

Russia’s role in Syria:

C: 510 – love (Wow! Exceedingly rare, almost unheard of, for global actions and events!); Chi: 295 – neutrality, friendliness (Very positive!). If you are wondering how a military op can calibrate at the level of LOVE, it’s the same as light of truth chasing the darkness away, or a hero rescuing someone from a bully, risking his/her life to save someone he/she never met. Yes, it’s a fight, but the hero enters such fight out of love, desire to end suffering and save life. Right now the opinion of an average Syrian, and this includes normal opposition, is practically 100% approval and respect of Russia and Putin. Incidentally, true respect and appreciation that comes from the heart also calibrates at 500 – love.

Hmm… Some might ask me what Turkey, Qatar, Saudi and US calibrations are relative to Syrian conflict? What are ISIS and Al Nusra’s calibrations? I want to stay on the positive side today, so I won’t go into that. Hint: too close to death; enough so to send chills down normal people’s spine.

But today, let’s stay on the celebratory mode. Let’s treasure the gift of music and positive energy every time we can! It’s so rare and, therefore, precious…

Read all about my scale, definitions and more. I am planning on returning to calibrations in my future pieces.

Even those who don’t understand energy vibrations and quantum calibrations, know the healing properties of classic music. The fact that the concert takes place In Palmyra, with its amplifying cultural effect, sends a positive vibration through all of Syria, all of Middle East and world.

It is fitting and right that it was a Russian orchestra that performed the concert. The language of music is understood by all. The message of peace, love and cooperation, even in the face of devastation and destruction, is very clear.

In a Russian word: ‘это хорошо!” It’s good, it’s all very good.


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  1. Russia as the Great Balancer: bombing the terrorists (masculine energy) then the peace concert (feminine energy).

    Something the Germans do not know – as I live in Berlin – is that among the passports etc found after the terrorists were driven out was new, state of the art medical equipment, saying “made in Germany” on them. (source: wearechange.org – Luke Rudowski). Thanks again, Angie, aka Faust.


  2. Hi Lady Lada, that is good to know. However, at the neighborhood of Syria, in Turkey it seems all is not so well as Turkey’s PM “Ahmet Davutoglu” Steps Down Amid Spat With President Erdogan Over Power. Rightly, it is said that, “Two Swords cannot rest in the same Sheath” !


  3. This is wonderful. Thank you for posting it Lada!


  4. This is a really big thing. An application of love and healing, the only way up and out, conducted by and for humanity as opposed to rescue by the “gods”. That the humans conducting this act of love are Russians says a lot. For one thing, it verifies Lada’s explanation of Russia as the balancer. I would like to explore exactly who commissioned this concert and I suspect the idea came from pretty high up. This is Putin but he will stay in the background and continue to weave magic threads as appropriate. Who can come up with ideas like this? Only somebody very special.


  5. Very nice article, thank you!

    Now, please compare it to this (it will not ruin the positivity, I`m sure :-)):


    And once again: humanity in the west?! Hmmmm…


  6. Lotus Lifestyles

    Hi Lada,

    I was fortunate to have been on-line when the concert was being live-streamed, so caught most of it… (then later found it had been posted to YouTube.)

    To me, I was witnessing a graceful example of energy work: that is, having de-mined this important historic site, the Russians intuitively understood that its energy signature, after the blood horrors that had been conducted on that stage, also needed to be cleansed. And, the concert was a form of “smudging” — as with sweet grass or sage — to replace dark energy with some beautiful vibrations, in order to be able to return the site to Syria and the world as a positive asset.

    As the camera switched to the helicopter view of the amphitheatre in its setting, with the live orchestra and spectators participating in this cleansing ritual, one could visualize the sound of the music rising into the stratosphere like a column of light.

    Visually, even at ground level it was quite stunning: the orchestra dressed in black with a couple of white ball caps in play (echoing the stylistic black/white garb of the ISIS group, as well as the traditional western use of black as the colour of mourning)…a colour scheme which was punctuated and interrupted by the rich reds of the violins and cellos (associations of warmth and heart beating)…

    It just worked on every level. A simple, genuine, and effective work of art. Emphasis on the word ‘work’. Because, art is a certain kind of work, performed at the spirit level, with intent. It’s a serious endeavour, not a whimsy. Though, I know from a lifetime of experience that the “Western” mind would not recognize that the prayer offered by Gergiev’s orchestra at Palmyra was every bit as important as the de-mining of the site. It was part of the same cleansing process.

    And, frankly, it’s an example of what I have come to know and love about the Slavosphere in general and Russians in particular: they are still sufficiently connected to the Earth to be attuned to the spirit of things. It’s wonderful. I don’t know how or why the “Western” European tribes lost that connection, but lost it they have. (John Trudell’s spoken word album “DNA / Descendent Now Ancestor” offers an explanation that probably comes as close to explaining the loss as anything I’ve heard. I know it’s available on the interwebs so anyone who’s curious can do a search. Look for the track titled “What Happened to the Tribes of Europe”.)

    For now, let us just celebrate that beautiful concert performed in the heat of a war zone in a gesture of love and reclamation. And marvel at the fact it was conceived and executed within just a couple of days.

    ~ Nyna

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  7. Maybe one day the people of the world will know why the likes of ISIS and the Cabal don’t want mankind to know of their true history.


  8. Emil Resmann

    I just found this video with Russian songs from WW2. It is 80 minutes, and illustrated with photos from the time. It is in Russian with German subtitles. The music is so beatify it gives me goosebumps! https://youtu.be/5AiUk27JP7o
    I know most of your readers won’t read German, but for those who do this is wonderful.
    Yours, Emil


  9. Hi Lada,

    I listened and watched the whole concert and was really moved. It was a great balance of feelings from the deep, serious and profound music of Bach to the much more light hearted music of Prokofiev. I’m not much of a crier but my eyes were full of tears like a damn overflowing during the solo violin piece of Bach. To go from just a short few months ago with this city controlled by the death cult of ISIS to this concert is really breathtaking. And what a background of Roman ruins! All I can say is thank god for Russia! Only Russia has the class and humanity to pull off a concert like this. The US could never do this. And don’t forget that Syria is still at war so the musicians took a risk even coming there. The musicians and Gergiev should really be praised for coming to Palmyra, risking their lives to show solidarity with Syria. One day in the future the west as a whole will realize what Russia has done for the world.

    On a serious note the west is going to pay big time for the suffering that it has inflicted on the world with their murderous wars which have left nations in complete ruin and millions dead and devastation of the natural world by destroying whole regions of the planet’s ecosystem. Nations are like individuals and the negative karma of the west will have to be balanced. The people will pay dearly because, even though they weren’t in power, they let it happen. Just watch in the next few years as economic and financial collapse comes to western Europe and the US in addition to civil wars between fanatical muslims and Europeans. As the saying goes “Karma’s a bitch.”

    Thanks for all you do Lada.


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