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Lady Lada, Putin has signed a decree pardoning “Nadezhda Savchenko” recently! i just don’t know what to say about this !!? Just hope, we do not see her again directing Ukrainian artillery on Donbass & Lugansk, within months ! That would be very sad outcome !

The real reason Putin pardoned Nadezhda Savchenko


Nadezhda Savchenko is a Ukrainian subversive operative and member of the ukro-nazi battalion Aidar. For some incomprehensible reason she is often referred to as ‘pilot,’ which is false since she had never flown a single mission anywhere. The ‘pilot’ title is clearly attached to her to give her more weight. Those who knew her report that she always had sadistic tendencies and enjoyed torturing prisoners.

Savchenko was captured after she subversively and knowingly directed the fire of Ukraine artillery to the territory of DNR, which killed two accredited Russian journalists. She is also accused of directing Ukraine fire against a large crowd of unarmed refugees, many of whom were killed. Savchenko was tried and received 22 years in Russian prison. The Russian trial was accompanied by unprecedented pressure on Russia by the West and the pogroms of the Russian embassy and consulates in Ukraine.

During her trial Savchenko behaved like a crazed maniac, screaming out profanities, showing rude gestures to the judge, jumping up and down chairs. Her ‘support club’ made a lot of noise during court sessions, waving Ukrainian flags and screaming ukro-nazi slogans. All this happened in Russia, which, as we may conclude, is the most liberal, forgiving and democratic country in the world.

I can only imagine what would happen to Savchenko and her bouncing of the wall supporters if they tried such stunts in a US court. Savchenko would have never seen the light of day again, and said supporters would be in jail before they could say ‘oops.’

Certainly, none of this would have been possible in Ukraine at all. If anyone ever dared to publicly support during their Kiev trial the two Russians, Erofeev and Alexandrov, who ended up being exchanged for Savchenko, they would simply be tortured and killed. That’s exactly what happened to the defense attorney representing one of the Russians. A well-known Ukrainian lawyer Yury Grabovsky, originally from Odessa, was defending Alexander Alexandrov. According to testimonials, he managed to make a pretty good case against conviction. While Grabovsky was there, junta simply could not seal the case against the two Russians.

Incidentally, these two Russians were kidnapped by Ukraine subversives inside DNR territory, dragged across the border to the Ukrainian side and put on trial on trumped up charges.

How lawyer Yury Grabovsky was killed by Kiev ukro-nazis

Grabovsky, who was too successful in proving the charges of terrorism to be bogus, was kidnapped, tortured and killed. His only crime was doing his job as a public defender. When he didn’t show for trial, his friends became suspicious. To confuse the investigation Grabovsky’s killers for two weeks made bogus entries into Grabovsky’s Facebook page. In these entries, Grabovsky supposedly wrote that he was tired and that he was leaving abroad on vacation. Two things rose red flags: the fact that he was due in court and the uncharacteristically illiterate style of writing.

Grabovsky’s body was found over two weeks after his disappearance. It was dumped in an abandoned orchard very far from Kiev, where the Russians’ trial was taking place. Ukro-nazi thugs responsible for his death published his video admission, extracted under torture. In it, disoriented and, apparently, in much pain Grabovsky is made to repeat after the invisible man, whose voice sounds very young – no more than 20 or so. This young man forces Grabovsky to say that he was wrong to defend the ‘Russian terrorist,’ that he asks for forgiveness and that he won’t do it again.

yury grabovsky lawyer for alexandrov tortured and dead

Yury Grabovsky (right) at trial, Alexander Alexandrov behind him

(I could, but I deliberately won’t publish a photo of the murderer Nadezhda Savchenko. Don’t want to sally my blog with such filth.)

I watched Grabovsky’s ‘apology’ video when it first came out (there may still be something left on YouTube, but I wouldn’t hold my breath – YT is usually very good at removing the truth). I had chills watching it.

All smart and good people left Ukraine – only the dregs are left

As I said many times before, all people with brains, hearts and reason left the territory we so far still call Ukraine. The smartest ones left 20-30 years ago. They moved to Russia or other countries, where their talents could be appreciated. Millions of others left later. By 2014, the few decent ones that were still left to hold down the fort were either killed, disappeared, thrown in jail or chased out of the country by Kiev junta and ukro-nazis. The very, very few brave people who are still there and who have not submitted to the open ukro-fascism, are in grave danger.

The murders of Grabovsky, journalist Oles Buzina, activist Oleg Kalashnikov, as well as a long string of high profile fake ‘suicides’ prove this beyond any doubt.

Those who call the shots in Ukraine are the worst dregs of society, outright criminals and vicious thugs. The rest is the silent, scared to death, confused and desperate population. And all this disaster is supported, encouraged and egged on by the US and EU. A very sad and shameful state of affairs indeed.

Humanitarian exchange: Russians Erofeev and Alexandrov swapped for Savchenko

This is the video of the two men landing in Russia, after a year in Ukrainian prison.

Below is a video of the young wives of the Russian officers Erofeev and Alexandrov saying how hard it was for them to live through their husbands’ capture and sadistic trial, in which they were denied any semblance of normal defense and were constantly intimidated. But, the women say, they always knew their loved ones wouldn’t be abandoned by the country. As we see from the Grabovsky story, there was a very legitimate reason to fear for the men’s lives, should they remain in Ukraine.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the mother and sister of the two slain Russian journalists, who are dead because of Savchenko, asked to release her for humanitarian reasons in order to exchange her for Erofeev and Alexandrov. Peskov said that the request from the two women came in March 2016.

Here is Peskov’s announcement (Russian).

Video of Vladimir Putin meeting with two women, relatives of slain Russian journalists (Marianna Voloshina and Ekaterina Kornelyuk). Putin thanks them for their humanitarian position and hopes that this gesture of good will will help peace in Donbass.

Путин встреча с Марианной Волошиной и Екатериной Корнелюк 25 мая 2016 года.

How Russians feel about Savchenko and her pardon

There are many voices saying Russia should have made Savchenko serve the entire term and that pardoning her and sending her back is like announcing an open season for kidnapping or killing Russians in Ukraine and DNR/LNR. Such people think that this would only encourage more crimes by ukro-nazis. There is some logic to that. Others say Savchenko should have been exchanged for as many people as possible, perhaps, for all political prisoners Kiev has in prisons, and then some.

Presently, there are many unhappy people, who do not accept that Savchenko was let go that easily; people are indignant at how she behaved in court and the fact that she made an open mockery of the court, her sentence and crime.

This mockery was parroted and multiplied in Ukraine, EU and Anglo-American countries. Russians are absolutely outraged at how the West behaves in this matter, as well as others (which we will discuss in the following articles).

Many Russians are now convinced USA and NATO want to start nuclear World War III – and US and EU have no one to blame for it but themselves!


I’ll give you my view of why Savchenko was pardoned and released.

Savchenko = bargaining chip

Firstly, I believe that she was from the start perceived by Russian leadership as a bargaining chip. She was taken prisoner, tried and convicted, while the hysteria in Ukraine and West around her intensified. While unpleasant, I believe that Russians wanted this hysteria to take place, for one purpose: to hype up her value as a bargaining chip.

There were constant screams from Ukraine and West: ‘free Nadezhda Savchenko.’ Savchenko kept announcing her fake ‘dry hunger strikes,’ which no one believed. After a dry hunger strike a person can’t even stand on one’s feet, while she was jumping up and down during trial and screaming out obscenities. Yulia Timoshenko tried to capitalize on Savchenko’s fame by nominating her to Ukraine Rada from her party. While remaining in Russian jail, Savchenko, bypassing any imaginable laws, suddenly became a Rada deputy. I believe Savchenko was also ‘elected’ in absentia to Europarliament (illegally, of course).

It appears the Rada isn’t a zoo enough – Savchenko will definitely enhance its ‘Lord of the Flies’ look. Europarliament is right behind the Ukraine Rada in that.

All the above hype made Savchenko – nothing in real life – a very valuable bargaining chip.

Poroshenko vs Timoshenko

One of the things many overlook is that Poroshenko is mortally afraid of Savchenko returning to Kiev in her present capacity as a perceived victor. With her loud and black mouth, plus no brains to speak of, she may become someone who may damage Poroshenko’s reputation and wreak havoc in the Rada. She may cause havoc in Europarliament, as well.

Poroshenko is afraid that she will be used to rival him. Yulia Timoshenko will do everything to wind her up and set her loose on her rival. Timoshenko is licking her lips at the presidential post, dreaming about unseating Poroshenko. One possibility: she can announce her candidacy together with Savchenko. Considering how stupid and deranged Savchenko is, it’ll be nice to see these spiders in a jar devouring each other.

Basically, they all do what US ambassador, Nuland and Biden say. I described how it all works in ESR3: OLIGARCH WARS. Incidentally, US ambassador Payet, who orchestrated Kiev maidan and 2014 coup together with Nuland, is out, replaced with another colonial ruler. But it’s still the same drill. That said, it’s getting really hard for the US to keep all these spiders in Ukrainian jar under control. Soon, it will prove impossible.

If Savchenko remained in Russian jail

Another thing to keep in mind about Savchenko is that for the duration of her being in a Russian jail she would be creating anti-Russian propaganda ops all around her persona by constantly going on fake hunger strikes and yelling and screaming for Western audiences how she is being mistreated.

Then, there is the issue of her security. It is almost certain that she would have been killed in Russian jail within 1-2 years.

By whom? Either by Ukraine operatives or by CIA, probably working together. Why? Because to them she is a lot more valuable dead than alive. Her dying in Russian jail would be yet another GOLDEN opportunity to vilify Russia and get a new round of sanctions going.

Hermitage Capital, Magnitsky Act and anti-Russian conspiracy

This is not a supposition, but an almost 100% assurance. Do you recall the death in a Russian jail of Sergei Magnitsky? Supposedly, Magnitsky died of a heart attack as a result of not being given proper medical care. However, it is well-known in Russia that a member of medical personnel was bribed (it was an infiltration, actually) not to provide medical care when prisoner needed it, resulting in his death. Magnitsky is presented in the West as a lawyer to Hermitage Capital. This is false: Magnitsky was an accountant, not a lawyer. Here’s why it’s important.

Hermitage Capital was a US/UK investment company that was accused by Russian authorities in money laundering and tax avoidance. Magnitsky was the accountant who was in charge of the cooking of the books.

In reality, Hermitage Capital was the front for subversive conspiracy focused on regime change in Russia. It was curated by MI6 and CIA. The goal was to unseat Putin and sabotage Russian industry, leading to the country’s complete disintegration. The supposed investment company Hermitage worked with a very influential pro-West Russian opposition leader, whom it supplied with money, secret intel and instructions.

In THE EARTH SHIFTER and in ESR3: OLIGARCH WARS I described the high-profile case involving oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his cronies. Khodorkovsky was nailed on charges of money laundering, while the real charge should have been treason. The Hermitage Capital story is another one in the same vein, the difference being that pro-West political oppositioner was used as a pointman, instead of oligarchs.

In OLIGARCH WARS I also mention another oligarch Boris Berezovsky and the failed plot to blame Putin for his sudden death in London. In the Hermitage Capital conspiracy Berezovsky is important. This story is even more convoluted than Khodorkovsky’s. I have the full material on the recently revealed scandal, who blew the whistle and who was implicated. I may have an Earth Shift Report on that soon (stay tuned!).

Long story short, Magnitsky was very dangerous to CIA alive in jail, where he could eventually start talking, but he was very valuable dead. He conveniently and suddenly dies and now we have the Magnitsky Act.

Wikipedia tells us what it is: The Magnitsky Act, formally known as the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012, is a bipartisan bill passed by the U.S. Congress and President Obama in November–December 2012, intending to punish Russian officials responsible for the death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in a Moscow prison in 2009.

So, If, by some miracle, Ukraine or CIA didn’t get Savchenko in Russian jail, chances are those who suffered from ukro-nazis, battalion Aidar or as a result of Savchenko’s personal actions, would. Frankly, if I were the president of Russia, I wouldn’t want this kind of high maintenance prisoner on my territory. Try her, give her guilty verdict and maximum sentence and then unleash this furious Trojan Horse on Ukraine to undermine it from within – a much better plan.

If she remained, I’d have fully expected Savchenko to die in Russian prison of some mysterious cause, thus triggering US Congress and Europarliament passing ‘the Savchenko Act.’

When she dies in Kiev, it’ll be their problem. In either event, keeping this hysterical and not very bright ukro-nazi alive and happy will be a very big job. Good luck to them – they’ll need it.

You can watch this video by RT: Villain or hero? The many faces of Nadezhda Savchenko. I think the answer to this question is abundantly clear.

In this specific case, she has been exchanged for two Russians, who’d be in grave danger otherwise. This is already a good outcome.

But there is much more going on behind the scenes, and it’ll never be admitted or advertised…

I have been noticing for a period of time that Western investments into Russia have begun accelerating. Recall that I predicted in 2014 that the West would huff and puff for about 2 years after Crimea: sanctions, anti-Russian hysteria, etc. I said in 2014 that it would be just like the 2008 Georgia/S. Ossetia conflict. After 2 years of hysteria, they would begin remembering that they can’t really do much without Russia, such as various peace negotiations as well as business deals and trade relations.

Although Europe seems to be ready to abandon sanctions, US is really standing in the way, stubbornly attempting to prolong sanctions for as long as possible. Obama’s ego is permanently wounded due to his usually looking like a loser compared to Putin. This wounded little ego is one of the reasons.

Considering Obama’s childish pouting and silly resentment of Russia and Putin, an additional push was needed. I am sure that Savchenko’s pardon was used as a bargaining chip in relaxing anti-Russian sanctions. They will keep those sanctions on for a while, probably till the end of year. This has to do, as I said, with Obama’s wounded ego (what do you expect from such little, tiny man). Obama wants to leave office with sanctions intact. Try to save face, count at least this as his ‘victory’…

But what’s impossible to hide is that suddenly more and more European businesses are investing in Crimea and the flow of new Western investments into Russia is substantially up. This, despite sanctions! There is a definite coincidence between Savchenko’s release and sudden blindness of the EU when their businesses break anti-Russian sanctions. This is not to say that it’s all going to be champagne and roses, but I am certain a deal was struck that sanctions would remain in place in name only.

My opinion: this, at least in part, explains frequent recent mystery visits to Russia by Kerry and Nuland (and Kissinger earlier in the year).

Incidentally, this also likely concerns the Nord Stream-2 construction. I would expect an acceleration of this mega-project between Germany and Russia. After Nord Stream-2 is completed, Ukraine will lose its position as the most important transiter of Russian gas to EU. This will make Ukraine un-interesting to the US as a means of blackmailing and inflicting pain on both Russia and EU. As a result, US will release its grip on Ukraine.

In conclusion:

As to the concern that Savchenko may return to direct Ukraine artillery strikes on Donetsk and Lugansk.

That would be really stupid of her, and here’s why. First, her face is now too well-known. Should she be captured again, this time she won’t get out alive – there are too many in Donbass who have a score to settle.

Secondly: she is too famous and ‘valuable’ now. Her card will be played by Timoshenko, who won’t let her go to Donbass, if she can help it. I’m sure others will also try to play her card. She’ll be wined, dined and courted. They’ll try to groom and mold her into something. But I think she is so dim and so stupid that she’ll definitely get herself in trouble within 6-7 months, or better yet, she’ll get the whole Kiev junta in trouble.

In short, a pawn such as Savchenko is very useful as a tool and bargaining chip. She doubles as an unpredictable Trojan Horse.

She’s about to fulfill her purpose. I intend to kick back and watch how Poroshenko and Kiev will manage to keep this loose cannon under control. US will have to work overtime, too. This should be quite a show.



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  1. Fantastic article! As a nation of chess players, I assumed that was why it was done. I am very proud of the fact that I am starting to think like you on these topics. You are a genius!

    I want to add one observation, Obama is merely the puppet, to say that “Obama’s childish pouting and silly resentment of Russia and Putin” or that he has an ego or he is pushing anti-Russian sanctions or narrative is misleading. Obama is a nobody that has been groomed since his youth to be the front for the powerful elite. He is merely following the script provided and playing golf when not on acting the part. So when you say Obama you err, “Obama” or the Obama administration would be more accurate.

    I love your work, and I donate, I hope that is helping.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Obama is a puppet – obviously. But you have to understand that (I hate using this term, but for the lack of a better quick one) ‘Dark Side’ feeds on lowly emotions = Low Calibrated Energy Vibrations (see my quantum calibrations scale on When low vibrations coincide with certain agendas, and Obama’s do, they usually do, just look at Ukraine – it is used to achieve certain results.

      Believe me, HE IS doing what I said. There is plenty of proof that I see, like statements of EU leaders, Merkel’s especially, hidden revolts in various countries, etc. Just no time to go into that.

      AND Obama is allowed or encouraged to do it.

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  2. Hi Lada,

    The video report says she’d signed up for the armed forces early on and had volunteered to go to Iraq, where she fought alongside US and UK forces.

    Given the huge propaganda storm “the West” has raised over her detention and trial, in an obvious attempt to turn her into a cause célèbre, it seems highly probable to me that certain ‘special qualities’ she exhibited in Iraq were noticed and appreciated, and she was recruited. The fact that I don’t even have to specify by whom she would have been recruited or for what purpose to make my meaning clear is an indication of how transparent the whole bloody “game” has become.

    If she is (or is even suspected of being) an acting asset or agent of the US/UK dark state, then one of the advantages of releasing her back into ‘the wild’ is that it lets the Russians see who she runs to first, who debriefs her. Observing the first 60 hours or so of what a person does after release from captivity can be quite revealing. Savchenko is a super-nasty piece of work, but she’s a little fish. If she has handlers, it might be good to map that out. Might even save some lives in the future.

    That’s how I see it.

    Also, it’s typical of Putin to make a generous gesture and take the peaceful path even when others are crying for blood and vengeance. It reminds us all of how Peacemaking is done: every day in every way with small gestures and gentle words you have to give peace a chance. That’s not to say VVP can’t be harsh. He can! But, the way he balances and employs the gentle and the harsh is very instructive. We should all be taking notes! (I know I am) …because an understanding of his method(s) is going to be on our final exam. 🙂

    ~ Nyna


  3. Good analyis 🙂 you gave me some food for thought. I was also, initially disappointed because it created so much glee in Western media when she was released. It made me feel sick, but I realise now it might have been a very astute, smart move… 🙂 Best wishes,Richard


  4. Hi Lada

    excellent analysis and reportage, as always. I suspected that there was much more to the the story than the Russians meekly complying due to EU pressure.

    BTW, looking at Shavcenko, it is obvious she was well fed in jail. In fact, l’ll bet she enjoyed spending time incarcerated with other female prisoners.

    You really should consider writing a column for a major media outlet such as RT.

    I look forward to your next Earth Shifter Report.



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  5. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Amazing restraint from the Russian gov’t and Prez Putin, who has an uncanny ability to make the right moves at the right time without undo attention, fanfare, emotions. A true grandmaster of geopolitical tactics and strategy. That’s why there’ll be no WW3 despite the provocateurs and warmongers at the US state dept.


  6. She was on trial in Donetsk, Rostov province, close to the Ukraine border.

    Nice touch, that was.


  7. Lada, here is a link to that Grabovskij’s “apology” that you mention:


  8. I just made a connection of who Savchenko reminds me of – Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter universe!


  9. Realization; that the entire game of control is centered over energy distribution and who profits from that distribution: I’d like to know does Lada have any thoughts or views as to why the release of Tesla style free energy devices are not being more widely developed by Russian scientists to formulate a open source panacea to the world’s suffering. I know the US stole all of Tesla’s written work which explains their warped future ideological vacuum. I don’t believe this question is off topic in light of the underlying impetus to war.


    • Not off topic and good question. Of course, I have the answer to that. It’s the same one ‘the wise ones’ had been giving humans since forever, but you won’t like it.

      In short, humanity isn’t ready for what you call ‘free energy.’

      Long answer some other time, maybe I’ll include it in my pages.


      • This implies that humanity isn’t pulling its own strings and is being gratuitously “managed” by unseen forces. This is the big elephant in the room for us. I wish you would write a book about this. Just between you and me (nobody else is looking), is this about Enlil and Enki?


  10. Brilliant article with Excellent analysis ! it seems President Putin did a very well placed Chess Move with his Uniqueness. 🙂

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  11. As always Lada’s articles are incredible opening eye and well explained. I was actually wondering the reasons as to why such a sub-human was let go from jail…but now I understand perfectly and it makes perfect sense as well. It is indeed a chez play with a fundamental well thought infrastructure. Thanks dear Lada.!
    **********************************************RUSSIA FOR EVER !!!***********************************


  12. This is a great article and I learned a lot from it and the comments here. Thank you everyone!

    I have bought into the message put out there that we can’t really trust any world leaders and that we should try to change the world by making changes individually (raise our own consciousness) or locally (develop closer ties to our community and set up better systems). But, I think I just figured out that we can’t just do this all on our own and we do need a wise world leader to see through the games that various leaders and groups are playing. And what a relief – I just realized that I do trust Mr. Putin to do this!


  13. And Lada’s prediction re Savchenko wrecking havoc in Ukraine is already coming true: She already turned up in Rada barefoot, created a pandemonium, then made a press-statement that she’ll agree to be made president of Ukraine.


  14. As always what a great analysis! I didn’t follow this creature Savchenko’s story at all. Boy I really got caught up quickly. She’s a real piece of work. By the way I wouldn’t call her a loose cannon. She’s more like a loose nuclear weapon which Putin just tossed into the Kiev junta. She’s such a freakin’ imbecile that don’t be surprised if she shows up once again in the Donbass. Timoshenko may not be able to control her. LOL.

    I know it’s off topic in this article but Obama has turned out to be a real horrible man on a par with W. Bush. Hillary will be equally horrible or possibly even worse than either W or Obama. I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to Trump mauling her in speeches and debates. I’m more and more of the opinion that Trump is the real deal. Listen to his recent speech lambasting and sarcastically mocking arch neo-con warmonger par excellence and vicious Russia hater Bill Kristol.
    It’s really remarkable that one of the two final contenders for president of the US is ridiculing arch villain Kristol and amazingly in the speech Trump says that Kristol just likes to kill. WOW!! I may be naive but if Trump is not assassinated and becomes president we’re going to see some very positive things happen in the world. I can see Trump and Putin getting along really well. Call me gullible, naive or stupid but the more I see Trump’s speeches especially on foreign policy the more I like him. His personality really resonates with me. The first miracle of the 21st century was the ascendancy of Vladimir Putin. Could the second miracle be the ascendancy of Trump? Stay tuned.

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  15. Hi Lada, Savchenko is a Lesbian, what do you think will happen to the homosexualization of society and pushing of de-genderization (erasing the concept of separate sexes) the west is trying to push across the world under the guise of “LBGT” rights?


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