Wikileaks Clinton-DNC collusion revelation: Did Russians hack DNC to help Trump?


Of course, Russians are to blame…

This is a quote from Washigton Examiner (thanks to Akaida):

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager said Russian hackers stole tens of thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee as a means of helping Donald Trump in the election.

Robby Mook, during an interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” told host George Stephanopoulos that although Russians had claimed responsibility for hacking the party’s internal servers and stealing the information, their motive may not have been just to help their state leaders.

“It’s troubling that some experts are now telling us that this was done by the Russians for the purpose of helping Donald Trump,” Mook said without naming his sources. The Clinton aide claimed the Republican nominee has become “pro-Russian” since last week, indicating he may be on board with the Russians who oversaw the hack.

“I think that what’s troubling is how he praised Vladimir Putin,” Mook said about Trump’s remarks during his convention speech Thursday night. “It’s troubling how last week he said NATO should not protect Eastern Europe allies.”

I just think it’s so adorable! Of course Russians are to blame for DNC/Hillary corruption! When in doubt, vilify Russia and Putin and hope to distract the public.

Nevertheless, for Clinton it’s too late. The revelation of the Democrats’ collusion to push Clinton to the top and to sabotage Bernie Sanders just a few days before the Democratic National Convention is PERFECT!

It’ll be very hard for Clinton to get the delegates psyched and to rally the troops at the convention, as was planned. The timing of the sudden resignation of the Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a confirmation of the veracity of these damning revelations. Rats are abandoning the ship.

Will Sanders execute a last minute coup during the convention, as some suggest? Oh, that would be very nice, and I would be all for it. As I’ve been saying since 2015 there can be no one worse than Hillary Clinton! But as I answered to a couple of comments to my previous post on Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Clinton, I don’t think it’s possible after he’s made a deal and endorsed her, therefore, in the eyes of all he swore allegiance to the party line. If Clinton somehow gets sidetracked or indicted, Sanders could become a nominee, but I suggest you don’t expect too much if he does. He is a ‘company man’ now (as I’ve said before: I’d be happy to be wrong on this one, but I don’t see it).

What will definitely happen is this: there will be a lot of fights and confusion during Democratic Convention, just like during the recent Republican Convention. Many won’t accept Sanders’ endorsement of Clinton, nor will they accept Clinton – as I already predicted in Surpised? Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton and Ends His Run.

(ADDED: Also, read the comment section of the above-linked post, where I replied to a reader that Sanders did indeed endorse Clinton – strangely, there appears to have been some doubt among Bernie supporters hoping for the best – and not to expect any miracles at the convention. As I just learned, Bernie urged his voters to vote for Hillary at the DNC convention, drawing boos from the crowd: LINK)

Such tectonic split within the society should be expected during the times of EARTH SHIFT, signaling great change when old structures fall to the wayside and new ones must emerge. Further, a major polarization in a society is normal during the process of a breakdown of any empire. As US Empire slowly collapses, we’ll see more of that.

A word on Russian hackers and whether Russians really are behind this Wikileaks document dump on Clinton and DNC. If Russians are indeed behind it (notice: I’m very cautious in how I phrase this ;)), then all I can say is: BRAVO! Good timing! After what US, with the direct OK of the Obama administration, did to Russian athletes; after what US did to Ukraine; the Maidan attempts in Armenia and Kazakhstan – what did they expect, a medal?

Russian response has just only begun. More to be expected in the future! They’ve sown the wind – now they shall reap the storm.

Clinton is finished one way or another, as I have warned and predicted since 2015. Coupled with Brexit, her end signals the beginning of an end to NWO and Anglo-American globalist takeover.

Let me remind you what I predicted back in 2015:

The Democrats will lose US Presidential Election 2016! 

The original prediction is in 11/24/15 post:

Explosive Consequences of Turkey Downing Russian Su-24 Jet in Syria – Complete Analysis and Predictions!

You may have guessed why I phrased that prediction so cautiously: I just said who would lose, but never said who would actually win. The reason is I didn’t want to tip the scale in a specific person’s favor, or tip off that early in the game the wrong people about that person’s possible win. You now know who that person is!

As you know, I am a political atheist and don’t belong to any party. My objective is to give you a well-balanced, truthful analysis and predictions. Both Bernie and Trump have some good and bad points, both have good things to contribute, but neither is 100% on the mark. Tipping too far to the left or to the right equally signifies a certain imbalance, which is what both of them display in different ways. 

A word of caution for my passionate readers who are pro-Bernie (same applies to Trump supporters, although relatively speaking, Trump will definitely be a better deal):

I realize how emotional a time this is and I do understand how much you all want your favorite candidate to win, hoping he’ll bring a much needed revolution. Just recall how many naive people hoped 8 years ago that Obama would bring the much needed ‘change.’ And what do we have now? Bush seems like an innocent little boy compared to how much Obama managed to wreck in our world in the course of his 8 years. Don’t fall so easily for the impossible dream!

And don’t kill the messenger. I’m here to share with you what I foresee. I share the truth and I do this solely to educate and show the way, out of the goodness of my heart and because I care for the people.

My complete prediction for US elections & the future of America will come later this year as a new 


Stay tuned!


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  1. Who would ever dream of killing such a messenger!? :).


  2. I”m glad you have shared your observations on the “planned” chaos taking place in the US political scene. I do hope your comment that Hillary is “finished one way or another” is true. Her history is such a window into an evil person, I cannot believe anyone who is aware can endorse her. The Clinton body count keeps rising.


  3. You know what they say… Karma is a *bleep* 😂

    Looking pretty bad for Hillary!


  4. Most ancient empires leave something of value when they crash. Unfortunately the Norman-CSA end the crash when it comes will probably have people in the streets celebrating they’re still alive and joyfully glad the nightmare is over.


  5. Johan van Niekerk

    According to Guccifer 2.0 himself, he’s not related to Russian special services…

    Also, there’s reports that Anonymous are also on some “crusade” against HRC, although I’m yet to see any clear effects from that.


    • Last I heard, Guccifer got “lost” in the U.S. prison system. RIP


      • Johan van Niekerk

        That’s the first Guccifer, the Romanian. This guy’s still at large, claims to have been inspired by the first one and says HRC’s cybersecurity people blame the FSB, because it covers up how woefully ineffective they really are.

        It’s sad that Guccifer got “lost,” but it’s also more motivation for Guccifer 2.0 to stay out of the US’ clutches.

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  6. Bernie errs in not foreseeing that so many real changes are coming that Hillary’s group will not have the power to deliver on their promises to him.

    Oh, if he had just held on a little bit longer. But, still Trump will finish ahead of Hillary by almost 20 points. While I believed that Bernie could beat Trump, after listening carefully to his really FIRST SPEECH last Thursday, he is playing America’s song and many will come to understand that.


  7. Magnificent words! All Empires come to an end who is to say that this one, the NWO/Anglo-American Empire has not been the most evil of the known history of this planet?
    Word is that time is running out for the forces of darkness. Thank God for that!

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  8. Obama is going to speak at the DNC convention later this week for Hillery, we could expect that would shot down a lots of voter from Killery !

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  9. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Heard it straight from the horse’s ass… Bernie is a sellout, supporters lose faith and (hopefully) vote GREEN as in Jill Stein and not $$$green$$$ as in HilLIARy. 🙂

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  10. I will be voting for Stein or Trump. The most important thing to do is not let the psychopath Hillary into the White House. Period. Of course in the anti-Clinton movement the most effective would be for Bernie Sanders voters to vote for Trump but I don’t think that’ll happen on a large scale. So the second best would be for Sanders voters to support Stein. At least this will take many democratic voters away from Clinton. The only drawback for voting Stein is that she is not on ballots in all states so what Sanders voters should do is vote for Stein in the states where she’s on the ballot and for Trump on all others. Forget about Gary Johnson. He supports the TPP and I don’t trust him on foreign policy.

    The very most urgent issue we face is the possibility of war with Russia. Nothing anywhere compares to this. I know Jill Stein is probably in favor of peace with Russia but let’s face it she doesn’t have a chance to win. With all the Russia-Putin baiting relentlessly being directed at Trump and the fact that Trump still says nothing bad about Russia-Putin is simply remarkable considering that there has never been a time ever in national elections of this taking place. Always and forever both Republican and Democratic contenders have tried to outdo each other on who hates the Soviet Union (now Russia) the most. But not Donald Trump. This speaks volume and therefore I am leaning to supporting Trump unless he starts to change.

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  11. Even if Putin was behind the hack, one could argue it’s a preferable and less violent means of political influence compared to military coups and bombings which Clinton has backed in Honduras and Libya. Nevertheless, it’s a brilliant move for the Clinton team/DNC to divert attention away from their election fraud by accusing a third party of meddling by exposing the fraud. The first rule of damage control is to attack the messenger and ignore the message.
    But assuming the Russian government did have hacked information on Hillary Clinton, wouldn’t they therefore want Clinton to achieve presidency so they could manipulate policy decisions through blackmail?

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