Should Bernie Supporters Reject Hillary Clinton and Vote Green?

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Heard it straight from the horse’s a*s… Bernie is a sellout, supporters lose faith and (hopefully) vote GREEN as in Jill Stein and not $$$green$$$ as in HilLIARy.:)

We’ll consider this an Ask Lada episode, even though technically the above comment wasn’t in the form of a question. But similar questions have been asked before, so let me respond by linking you all up with a few videos, as well as my thoughts.

From Democracy Now:

Who Should Bernie Voters Support Now? Robert Reich vs. Chris Hedges on Tackling the Neoliberal Order

LR: Incidentally, listen to what Chris Hedges says. He used to be too mainstream for my taste, but lately he makes more and more sense. My point is: it’s a positive sign that such ideas (of which you and I have been talking for years) are beginning not only to penetrate the more thinking and progressive of the mainstream, but they also start being voiced out by more or less mainstream personalities.

Chaos on Convention Floor: Protests, Boos and Chants of “Bernie” Mark Opening of DNC

“It’s a Sad Day for Many of Us”: Bernie Delegates Boo Sanders After Endorsing Clinton

Part 1: Jill Stein vs. Ben Jealous: Should Progressives Reject Hillary Clinton & Vote Green?

Part 2: Jill Stein vs. Ben Jealous: Should Progressives Reject Hillary Clinton & Vote Green?

Lada Ray’s take:

As you all know, I don’t follow Western MSM, but I’m being told that there is a media blackout regarding the revolt happening at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. However, you can easily learn the truth on RT. Also try Democracy Now

Last year, a client asked me what he should do regarding US elections. He said he had a problem with candidates from both parties. I suggested he should check out the Green Party and Jill Stein.

Amid a wholesale media blackout and political sabotage during last election 2012, Green Party candidate Jill Stein received less than 1% of votes. Stein wasn’t allowed to participate in the debates and was even thrown in jail after she tried to protest being excluded from the ‘democratic’ process. To allow a podium for the rejected by the US system third parties, RT organized its own televised Third Party presidential debates in 2012. RT repeated this feat in 2016.

This year, based on widespread discontent and disenchantment of voters with either Democrats or Republicans, alternative parties’ numbers are surging. This is hopeful news for those who want to change the entrenched and rotting two-party US system.

Read my original analysis & predictions on the US election revolt and the third-party issue:

Lada Ray’s First US Presidential Elections Prediction: REVOLT IN REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC PARTIES

See my very first, original prediction on US election 2016 outcome (scroll towards the end for PREDICTONS):

Explosive Consequences of Turkey Downing Russian Su-24 Jet in Syria – Complete Analysis and Predictions!

Related analysis/ predictions and more:  

Surprised? Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton and Ends His Run

Wikileaks Clinton-DNC collusion revelation: Did Russians hack DNC to help Trump?

Before recent Hillary/DNC scandals and Bernie’s flop, Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson gained for the first time ever double digits and stood at 13%, while Jill Stein/ the Greens were at about 6%. Note that votes for Libertarians traditionally take votes away from Republicans, thus hurting Trump; votes for the Greens hurt Clinton. But in the extraordinary situation we are seeing this year, some may cross party lines, as I’ve previously predicted. Therefore, a very interesting dynamics is developing due to voter disappointment.

My assessment is that Green Party vote numbers should begin surging, if they haven’t begun already. By the time of the election, a large percentage of Bernie supporters will defect to the Greens as a protest vote.

Incidentally, for those who don’t know, Jill Stein reached out to Bernie Sanders, selflessly proposing he runs as the main candidate, essentially stepping aside or sharing her Green Party nomination with him. Bernie ignored the offer.

So, to the question whether ex-Bernie supporters should vote Green, the answer is – absolutely YES!

This accomplishes three things: 1. It registers your protest against the corrupt 2-party system and against one of the most corrupt candidates ever, Hillary Clinton; 2. It helps ensure that Hillary, whom I consider the most dangerous to the world’s future candidate, won’t win; 3. It supports worthy third-party candidate.

Of course, some people already wrote to me saying they would rather vote for Trump after Bernie’s flip-flop. Trump is another story – more about him in future posts!

Jill Stein Green Party

Incidentally, for those who follow my EARTH SHIFT SYSTEM and my QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS, another reason to vote for #JillStein is this: she’s the only candidate who calibrates this highly! Others are nowhere near her – not even in the same galaxy:

Jill Stein Calibration: 410 (reason) Chi: 285 (neutrality, friendliness) Heart Chakra: 280 (a healthy heart chakra – literally NEVER happens with Western politicians!)

See complete Calibrations scale and my calibrations video links here!

Houston, we have a solution: For those who are interested and want to vote Green, here is Green Party website. The Green Party nomination convention is August 4-7, 2016.


P.S. Kinda getting tired of comments alluding to Jill Stein’s non-existent Russophobia – and NOTE AGAIN – I am a political atheist! (Also getting tired of pointing that out – just read my work more carefully!) I am solely on the side of REASON, LIGHT and GOOD for all!

To put this issue to rest, Jill Stein’s recent tweet:

Dr. Jill Stein ‏@DrJillStein Jul 29
We are stronger when we do not bomb other countries or threaten war with Russia. #DemsInPhilly


My complete prediction for US elections & the future of America will come later this year as a new 




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  2. great read i enjoyed this thanks

    oh what is your take on the view that putin want’s to restore the russian monarchy the romonov blood-line to power?

    i myself don’t see it

    i believe putin is guided by forces unseen some call them the pleadians ect

    he reminds me more of peter the great ect


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    Listen to Lada, she has the inside scoop on the 2016 election… stay informed, do not blindly vote for the “LESSER of 2 EVILS”.

    PS: Incidentally, this hack WP reporter made me LMAO! MSM crankin’ the yellow press full steam!

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  4. I am considering a WRITE-IN candidate by the name of: Andy Basiago. He can be found here if anyone is interested. andy2016 dot com I think he, more than anyone would move us ahead by 100 years most likely in his first year of office. Many Youtubes of him as well.


  5. This nothing new when I lived in the USA in the seventies and early eighties there was a movement Nobody For President.


  6. Mary Barncastle

    I would have thought that you would care about the candidates and their policies on Russia. I interacted with the Greens back when Cynthia McKinney was their candidate. It was with disgust I saw Stein edge out Cynthia, it wasn’t pretty or even decent.

    Votes for 3rd parties, thanks to the stupid US system, are going to just be votes for the war monger world ending, war criminal, liar Hillary aka hitley KKKlinton.


    • I suggest you use your anger productively and protest, make your voice heard out there. Here – you are barking at the wrong tree, dear. I’m not the enemy.

      Incidentally, didn’t notice once Jill Stein being anti-Russian. Saw her many times being quite balanced.

      Regardless, you should really read my articles more carefully. I said that vote for Stein is a vote against Hillary. I never said Stein could win THIS election. It’s a protest vote AGAINST HILLARY that helps ensure she doesn’t win, and this is how I recommend people use it.
      Get it?


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  7. My problem with the Greens is that they have a history at least in Europe and especially in Germany of being very anti Russian and supportive of Nato and its interventionist actions in Serbia and Libya. I understand that Jill Stein may be different but it’s just something to keep in mind. Unless there is some very hidden diabolical plans from the ruling elite that hasn’t been exposed yet in clandestinely supportive of Trump and unless there is a 180 degree turn in his statements to date, I’m going with Trump. I believe that to have a Republican candidate for president speak out on issues that are totally against what the Republican Party has stood for in the past and totally against the neocons is absolutely breathtaking. Even with all the Russia baiting directed at Trump still Trump to this day cannot get himself to blurt out anything negative on Russia and Putin. This fact alone makes me support Trump. In addition he’s flat out against Nafta, TPP, TPIP, Nato, and the foreign interventions in Ukraine and the middle East. He places the blame on Obama and Hillary for the Islamic terrorism which was created by the interventions in Iraq (which he also was against), Syria and Libya. One of his slogans is Americanism not globalism. I mean c’mon there’s not much to dislike of him. OK so he doesn’t have polite manners regarding immigrants. He’s not perfect but on the really big issues like war and peace he’s so far great. He’s causing panic among the warmongers and neocons. I think he’s the real deal. To get votes he doesn’t have to say anything positive about Putin. He can just play it safe and bad mouth him. But he doesn’t. This is what is truly remarkable about Trump. COMPARED TO BERNIE SANDERS TRUMP HAS BALLS.

    One last provocative question I would like to have answered. Is it possible that Trump could be the Boris Yeltsin of the United States. Yeltsin smashed the USSR along with the Warsaw Pact and every country went on its own (of course Yeltsin caused the horrible ’90’s). Is it possible that Trump will smash the US imperium and Nato. Something to think about. I think we need a bull in the china shop now. This rotten system has to be broken up. It’s beyond repair and maybe Trump is called to do it.

    By the way here’s an excellent interview of Michael Hudson, economist extraordinaire, talking very positively about Trump.


  8. One other point I forgot to mention. As I said before Bernie Sanders is a disgraceful wimp while Trump has guts. If the Republican party was able to do to Trump that the Democratic party did to Sanders I guarantee 100% that Trump would have headed a third party like the Libertarian. That’s the difference between these two men. Sanders really missed the historic opportunity to take the high road by not accepting to lead the Greens but took the low road of sniveling up to a creep like Clinton who openly cheated Sanders the nomination. Sanders is like the wife that is beaten on a daily basis by her sadistic husband only in the end she begs for his forgiveness. In the end Sanders is just a hack opportunistic politician which I knew from the beginning.


  9. P.S. Kinda getting tired of comments alluding to Jill Stein’s non-existent Russophobia – and NOTE AGAIN – I am a political atheist! (Also getting tired of pointing that out – just read my work more carefully!) I am solely on the side of REASON, LIGHT and GOOD for all!

    To put this issue to rest, Jill Stein’s recent tweet:

    Dr. Jill Stein ‏@DrJillStein Jul 29
    We are stronger when we do not bomb other countries or threaten war with Russia. #DemsInPhilly

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  10. Hi Lada the positive remarks on Russia keep on coming from Trump. He said in an interview that the people of Crimea decided they wanted to be in Russia. Jill Stein’s a nice and good person and probably on the higher calibration scale than Trump but let’s face it she has no chance in the election. You don’t even hear Jill Stein talk about Russia as well meaning and positive as Trump. Unless Trump makes a U turn on Russia between now and November I’m throwing my support behind him. C’mon folks a Republican contender with such positive feelings about Russia and Putin. This is truly historic.


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