Last Hope for Ukraine: All-Ukrainian Orthodox March for Peace in Donbass Culminates in Kiev

Ukraine khrestniy khod 2016 3

This is Ukraine’s top event for July 2016, overshadowing everything else that goes on. Two branches of the All-Ukrainian Russian Orthodox March for Peace in Donbass started on July 3, one in the east (Donbass), another in the west (Ternopol) of Ukraine. Both marched on foot to Kiev, where they converged and joined forces.

The name for this unique event, which on a smaller scale regularly takes place for special occasions in Russian Orthodox churches, is Крестный ход (Krestniy Khod). However, the size and scope of this particular happening is unprecedented. 

Some incorrectly translate Крестный ход to English as ‘a crusade.’ In reality, the right translation would be a ‘peaceful pilgrimage’ with the elements of a ‘march.’  The purpose of such event is multi-prong: to atone for personal and collective sins of humans; to ask for forgiveness and seek god’s and Divine Mother’s protection; to declare the desire for unity and peace.

Technically, initially – some time in 9th-10th century or so – a Catholic ‘crusade’ did signify the same as Крестный ход. However, the meaning of a crusade was irreparably tarnished as a result of aggressive Crusades by violent Western/Catholic knights against Jerusalem, Constantinople, Middle East and Russia with the expressed purpose of looting and conquest. Therefore, the word ‘crusade’ acquired a decidedly negative and derogatory connotation. 

A reader asked me if these were two separate branches of Orthodox Church that wanted to show their unity by converging in Kiev. No, this is the same Russian Orthodox Church: its Ukrainian branch. This march united all those in Ukraine who belong to the Russian Orthodox Church, with Patriarchy in Moscow. This is the dominant religion in Ukraine.

However, there is a breakaway branch of ‘Ukrainian Orthodox Church,’ unrecognized by other Orthodox Churches and world religions. There is also a very confusing ‘Greek-Catholic’ Church, primarily in Western Ukraine, where the Vatican penetrated when those territories belonged to Poland and Austria-Hungary. The latter is essentially Catholicism with some Orthodox stuff thrown in to camouflage its real essence. Both of these have been thriving and greatly expanding since 2014 Kiev coup. They both support the ‘right sector’ and Bandera ukro-nazis; both are Russophobic. Neither of these two were a party to this All-Ukrainian march.

There is a big problem in Ukraine with these two breakaway (shall we call them separatist?) religions: using nationalists and ukro-nazis, they attack regular Orthodox churches and monasteries, beat up, kill or expel Batyushkas (priests), threaten congregations and take over such churches for themselves. The problem is being silenced or quietly supported by Poroshenko and his junta. Russian State and the Russian Church have been trying to appeal to Catholic and other religions, as well as to Western leaders to help restore justice. The West – as usual – is silent.

There were many threats against this All-Ukraine March for Peace, and not only from ukro-nazis, but also from Ukraine government officials. Ukraine’s minister of interior Arsen Avakov and his advisor Gerashchenko posted threats against march participants on their Facebook pages; recommendations to attack and kill the marchers sounded from some Ukraine parliament deputies. Rotten eggs were thrown, fake bombs were set up on the way. Odessa pilgrims were threatened to be BURNED ALIVE inside buses they were boarding to get to Kiev (recall Odessa May 2, 2014 Kulikovo Polie tragedy when people were burned alive)! Attempts to intimidate pilgrims, disrupt the march and block it from entering Kiev were made by ukro-nazis from fascist OUN/UPA.

chrestniy khod disrupted near kiev by oun nazis

A couple of days ago: Bandera OUN/UPA ukro-nazis try to block Khrestniy Khod near Kiev

This Khrestniy Khod is a huge event, coinciding with a major Russian Orthodox holiday today, July 28. It is usually celebrated by lavish services and prayer on Vladimirskaya Gorka (Vladimir’s Hill) and in Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra – the most sacred and original monastery of Russian Orthodoxy. Both of these are Kiev’s most famous landmarks. Moreover, the main street of Kiev is called ‘Khreshchatic,’ loosely translated as ‘The Way to Christening.’ It was through this main road of the ancient Kievan Rus’ that Knyaz’ Vladimir and others marched to the shore of the River Dnieper, where they were christened and converted into Orthodox Christianity.

To be sure, Knyaz’ Vladimir himself first took Christianity prior to that in Crimea. However, at the time there was no such name; the peninsula we today call Crimea (in Tartar: Krim) was called Tavria or Tavrida. Incidentally, there are calls to return its ancient historic name.





Above: The views of gorgeous Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, UNESCO World Heritage site and Kiev’s most famous landmark

Therefore, no matter how much they try to deny it, Kiev’s history and today are intrinsically connected to Rus’ and Russian history. (Read the complete story in ESR2: Ukraine Truth, Lies & Future Hope).

Ukraine khrestniy khod 2016 2

Ukraine khrestniy khod 2016

Above: All-Ukrainian Крестный ход (Krestniy Khod) for Peace marches through Ukraine’s countryside

Ukraine khrestniy khod 2016 6

Ukraine khrestniy khod 2016 7

Ukraine khrestniy khod 2016 5

Above: All-Ukrainian Крестный ход (Krestniy Khod) marches through Kiev to Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra

It turned out that 2016 Orthodox March for Peace in Donbass, culminating in the convergence of the Western and Eastern Ukraine on Vladimir’s Hill and Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, was too big of an event to quietly sabotage or kill off its participants, as junta and ukro-nazis initially intended. Its slogan for peace and its unifying spirit caused enough international resonance that Kiev dared not. Neither US, with its protests against Clinton/DNC, nor Merkel or Hollande, with their countries on the verge of explosion, could afford violence against peaceful pilgrims. Poroshenko received orders from his Western bosses to do everything in his power to cool hot heads and protect the march.

Ukraine’s National Guard, initially created in 2014 to fight against the people of Donbass and to squash any descent in Odessa and Kharkov, was called in to protect the pilgrims. Meanwhile, observers noted that Kiev became strangely deserted as various junta bosses and ministers ran for cover. Some were seen at their villas somewhere in Italy or France, others simply left the city.

These are videos of yesterday’s march: a sea of people moving through the streets of Kiev! Notice that the religious singing is in Russian.

While the dark forces that took over Ukraine ran to their Mediterranean villas or hid in their holes, an extraordinary situation took place in Kiev as one hundred thousand people joined the march through its streets. Previously, ten thousand joined the march when it traveled through Kharkov, and thousands joined it in every town and city it passed. In every town, including Kiev, volunteers cooked free meals and prepared tea for pilgrims. Kiev, for the first time since the bloody February 2014 coup, turned into a city of peace and unity. Observers noted that the energy during the march was incredibly high. And they are absolutely right.

I can quantify this mystical energy surge for you through my Quantum Calibrations. The miraculous transformation is particularly striking if you compare yesterday’s energy to the energy of Kiev just two weeks ago:

The city of Kiev 2 weeks ago, July 13, 2016:

Calibration 90 (violent grief) Chi 40 (guilt/despondency: suicide red zone)

The city of Kiev during March for Peace , July 27, 2016:

Calibration 290 (neutrality/friendliness) Chi 485 (humanity/compassion)


Of course today the energy is already much lower than yesterday, but it’s still a huge leap compared to what it was before. However, to maintain high energy, it has to be reinforced day after day, while energetic debris is systematically cleared. Alas, once all that scum that temporarily deserted Kiev returns back, the city will fall into grief yet again. But here’s the good news: once the crack in the armor appears, it’ll continue growing. As I’ve predicted since 2014, eventually people will recall who they really are. Eventually, the amnesia induced by severe brainwashing will dissipate and Ukraine will turn around.

The most significant lesson shown by this Gandhi-like non-violent march is that the only thing that can unite the disparate and antagonistic sides of Ukraine is Russian Orthodoxy, based on Rus’ heritage and Russian language. This result is visible to all and it will be very hard to ignore. This message is in total contrast to the values of Ukrainian nationalists and Kiev junta, and it will be heard regionally and globally.

For a complete understanding, read Ukraine-related EARTH SHIFT REPORTS (ESR2, ESR3, ESR6, ESR8)


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  1. It just shows you that if you’re going to do something that is considered hostile to the powers that be make sure you have strength in numbers. This peaceful march was very very impressive. Wow it looked like a river of humanity. I think Lada that this is the turning point. The anti-fascist forces have found a way to change Ukraine. It will take time but the die is cast. A Ghandian like movement led by the Orthodox Church for peace is totally unstoppable. What do you make of Nadia Savchenko and her feelings of peace now towards Donbass. If it’s true that she has changed then miracles can indeed happenn and hope springs eternal. Maybe she saw the light in prison with perhaps Vladimir Putin talking to her and making some sense.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very inspiring. Those videos are really impressive. The marches look like a river of humanity. It just goes to show you that if you are going to take action that the powers that be don’t like you better have strength in numbers. With strength in numbers there’s nothing the fascists in Kiev can do about it. A Ghandian like movement led by the Russian Orthodox Church is unstoppable. I’m now convinced we’re at a turning point in the Ukraine. It will take time but the die is cast. On another topic what do you make of Nadia Savchenko and her calling for peace with Donbass. If true miracles can happen and hope springs eternal. Do you think her time in prison caused her to reflect. Did Putin have anything to do with her turnaround.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hats off, you did an awesome job, Lada. Your analysis of the freedom pilgrims is better than everything I’ve read about that pilgrimages. (There was a third one coming in buses from your beloved Odessa.) Some people expected a second Maidan – as well as the Kiev junta. Obviously there was a deal behind the scenes, no Maidan and in return free passage through Kiev. Howsoever, it’s impressive and couraging watching so much freedom loving people in this maltreated country (human / organ trafficking and so on). What will be their next steps?

    Liked by 3 people

  4. What a wonderful sign of awakening and empowered humanity standing down the nefarious clique of gangsters. This is another example of ‘power to the people’ in action, and will only gather momentum around the planet. The human spirit cannot be repressed, even if external conditions appear otherwise.

    On a somewhat related topic, whatever has become of the Crimean Scythian gold artifacts that seem to have fallen off the radar with all the other headline grabbing action in the last year (or more)? I know the mobsters in Kiev were demanding it be turned over to them for ‘safe-keeping’.

    Crimean Museums File Lawsuit Over Scythian Gold Collection
    Director of the Kerch historical and cultural preserve Tatyana Umrikhina is hopeful that a collection of golden Scythian items will get back to the place it belongs to – “to its native soil, to Crimean museums.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • @Les Baier: About the Crimean gold case, I personally think that the Allard Pierson Museum should have given the artifacts back to the musea in Crimea, because that is were it came from! That said, I think this interim solution is maybe not the best but I guess it would have been worse to send it to Kiev! Who knows what would have happened with the collection then??? I do hope that in the end the pieces will get back to were they belong, in Crimea!


      Liked by 1 person

      • Christa, I agree that overall the Dutch acted in the best way possible considering the few bad to rotten choices they had. They get horrible pressure from US/EU and can’t return the gold to Crimea. Better they than Kiev junta keep it till it all calms down, then return to rightful owners.
        Prediction: a court decision is what will make that happen. This will only happen when either EU begins disintegrating in earnest, or after Merkel is out. Also, it’ll have to align with Ukraine’s turnaround.

        I have to reiterate again, MH17, in my firm opinion, was a warning for ND to play ball and retaliation for disobedience.

        Liked by 2 people

  5. Brilliant presentation. Filled my heart to see humanity come together is such a positive and inspiring manner. Thank you for bringing this story to our attention. Showing my gratitude via your donate button.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Very emotional here, Lada, tears in my eyes….hope things will slowly start to turn around for the better after this “Strength and Courage” march of unity, and it shows the world there truly is “strength in numbers”. Appreciate this article very much, thank you Lada!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Mr. Putin is in Slovenia, attending the 100th anniversary of a Russian Chapel in Slovenia. Now this was a live report so don’t know if you can still see it. Otherwise maybe somewhere else on RT:

    This chapel is in a very beautiful spot and has huge emotional value for Russia. Mr. Putin spoke there, imagine, Slovenia is in the EU and the president of Slovenia, Mr. Pahor, invited him to be there! Lada do you know more about this special place? I understand it was built by comrades in memory of their fallen friends….would love to know more!


    Liked by 1 person

  8. Lada, thank you so much for this wonderful article, filled with light and hope at a moment, when it looked like the hope for the people of Malorossia was all but gone!

    The comments to the article are too wonderful.

    To add to the article, this documentary:
    touches upon the topic of how and by whom Greek-Catholic (Uniate) church was created in 1596


  9. Really beautiful and peaceful procession! Thanks for sharing this Lada!


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