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Russian Chapel on the Vršič Pass Slovenia

Russian Chapel on the Vršič Pass – Slovenia

Christa says

Mr. Putin is in Slovenia, attending the 100th anniversary of a Russian Chapel in Slovenia. This chapel is in a very beautiful spot and has huge emotional value for Russia. Mr. Putin spoke there, imagine, Slovenia is in the EU and the president of Slovenia, Mr. Pahor, invited him to be there! Lada do you know more about this special place? I understand it was built by comrades in memory of their fallen friends….would love to know more!

Lada says:

Great questions, Christa!

True facts about Russian Chapel on the Vršič Pass and the Russian Road, Slovenia 

The Russian Chapel on the Vršič pass (Slovene: Ruska kapelica na Vršiču) is a Russian Orthodox chapel located on the Russian Road on the northern side of the Vršič pass in northwestern Slovenia. The chapel, dedicated to Saint Vladimir, was built by Russian prisoners of war engaged in forced labor by Austria-Hungary/Germany during World War I. It serves as both a war memorial and a symbolic link between Slovenia and Russia.

In early 1915, the small town of Kranjska Gora suddenly became strategically important due to its proximity to the Isonzo Front. To facilitate access from the town to the front, the Austro-Hungarian authorities ordered the construction of a military road across the Vršič pass, a 1,611 m pass between the Sava and Soča Valleys, to be built by Russian prisoners of war (POWs).

The road was begun in May 1915, and was completed by the end of the year. To ensure an uninterrupted supply of materiel to the front lines, the pass was to be kept traversable year-round, and the POWs were made to clear the road of heavy snowfall. On 8 or 12 March 1916 (sources vary), an avalanche buried a POW work camp, killing approximately 110 prisoners and about 7 guards. During the time of the construction there were more than 380 casualties in total. Exact casualty figures were never determined, either for the victims of the avalanche of for those of the brutal overwork and appalling conditions.

The Russian camp was located roughly halfway up the slope of Vršic. Until November 1916, the remaining prisoners built a small wooden memorial chapel. The building is of typical Russian design, with two small towers on either side of the nave, and is surrounded by prisoners’ graves and a pyramid-shaped memorial marker to the immediate right of the chapel, with the Cyrillic inscription reading “To the sons of Russia”.

The site was renovated in 2005, at a cost of €90,000, and again in 2010 after a theft of the copper roof plates. The pass road on the Kranjska Gora side from Erika Hotel to the top was renamed “Russian Road” (Ruska cesta) in June 2006.

Russian Road in Slovenia

Russian Road, Slovenia

slovenia-26th-july-2015-the-russian-orthodox-chapel-at-the-vrsic-pass St Vladimir’s Chapel on Vršič Pass, July 26, 2015 ceremony

It’s rather fitting, and it’s certainly a sign, that the chapel is named after Saint Vladimir, don’t you think?

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Slovenia, July 30, 2016

These are videos from RT on YouTube:

Putin opens the monument to the fallen Soviet soldiers at the memorial cemetery in the center of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Putin’s speech at centennial ceremony at the Russian Chapel on the Vršič Pass: ‘I am very happy to once more visit the friendly Slovenia, where guests from Russia are always welcome.’

Putin’s 2016 visit to Slovenia is dedicated to several events: the opening of the WWII memorial for the Soviet soldiers; tribute to the 100 year-anniversary of the Russian POW WWI tragedy in Slovenia’s Vrsic Pass in the Julian Alps; negotiations with Slovenian government.

Russia and Slovenia have traditional cultural ties and some trade. Admittedly, Slovenia would love to have broader economic relations with Russia, but any attempts to do so are promptly squashed by EU. For example, Slovenia was one of the earliest supporters of the now scrapped South Stream. I’m certain that part of Putin’s visit is dedicated to figuring out a workaround for the Russian gas pipeline.

In this regard, in several days Putin will be meeting with Turkey’s Erdogan in Russia. The reasons for the visit and the agenda have been shrouded in mystery. However, I anticipate that one of the topics to be discussed will be the renewal of Turkish Stream project and various related deals. I’d predicted last year that Turkish Stream was a viable project that would not be abandoned, despite what so many ‘analysts’ said (Explosive Consequences of Turkey Downing Russian Su-24 Jet in Syria – Complete Analysis and Predictions). Other topics on the Putin-Erdogan agenda will be equally explosive (incidentally, at the bottom you’ll see my pre-announcement for the upcoming Erdogan’s War Earth Shift Report).

Slovenia’s conundrum and sickening Western Russophobia

Slovenia is a part of EU and NATO, and so, as expected, a truly deafening howling immediately began in the EU due to Putin’s visit. Just look at this ‘European,’ complete with his article published in Irish Times. I can imagine this kind of **** floating freely around all of Western MSM for the consumption of the brainwashed EU sheeple. As usual, it’s a gloriously seamless blend of semi-truths and absolutely sickening Russophobia.

My diagnosis:

Russophobia is a very special kind of incurable, in many cases terminal, disease, slowly but surely eating through one’s very soul – well, if such person ever had one.

An awfully disrespectful and distasteful Irish Times article: Putin cannot escape controversy even in remote Slovenian chapel. Below is an excerpt – I’ve refrained from quoting the most disgusting parts, including a sick quote from ‘Ukrainian ambassador.’ Read the whole thing for yourself via link above!

“Slovenia’s Vrsic Pass is a tranquil place, thick with wildflowers and pines, but one glade rang this week to the sound of brisk labour. At a height of 1,200 metres, beside a historic road that twists beneath the pale peaks of the Julian Alps, the 100-year-old “Russian Chapel” was being made ready for a controversial visitor.

As workers erected covered platforms to protect VIPs from the changeable weather, down the valley at Ljubljana airport a big Ilyushin jet delivered people who would make other, less visible preparations for the arrival of Russian president Vladimir Putin. With his Slovenian counterpart Borut Pahor, Putin will reach the chapel via a road built in 1915 by Russian prisoners of war, whose Austro-Hungarian captors needed a new supply route.

In March 1916, just months after the “Russian Road” was completed, an avalanche swept down the mountainside, killing between 100 and 300 Russian POWs and up to 80 Austro-Hungarian guards (LR: lie – correct numbers above). The surviving Russian prisoners built the St Vladimir chapel that same year and erected a headstone dedicated to the “Sons of Russia” who were buried nearby.

Political significance: Since 1992, the Slovenia- Russia Society has held a ceremony each year at the chapel, but none has caused a stir quite like today’s centenary event. Slovenian officials want to play down the political significance of Putin’s visit, but ties between Russia and the West have now become so strained that his arrival in an EU or Nato state intrigues many and alarms some. His half-day in Slovenia comes amid Moscow’s alleged meddling in the US presidential election in favour of Donald Trump and lingering discord with the West over everything from doping in sport to continued conflict in Syriaand UkrainePutin is also seen as a key beneficiary of Brexit, which is expected to weaken fraying EU resolve to maintain sanctions against Russia for annexing Crimea from Ukraine and fomenting a separatist insurgency in the east of the country (LR: oh, you want to play that game? Ok then! Says IRISHMAN, whose country for years supported SEPARATISTS in Northern Ireland and TERRORISTS terrorizing London! How does that sound?).

Many senior EU officials now believe Moscow is using everything from energy supplies to propaganda to funding for extreme Eurosceptic parties to turn cracks in the crisis-ridden bloc into potentially unbridgeable chasms. (LR: Oh, really? How about $5 bln US admitted to spending to ‘subvert Ukraine’ and all those innocent EU leaders who were on Kiev Maidan nudging protesters to overthrow Yanukovich and promising full support of the EU? What about US/EU induced revolutions on post-Soviet space and NATO expansion to Russian borders? Should I go on?)

The Kremlin said only that Putin and Pahor would discuss “co-operation issues in trade and the economy, investment, and the cultural and humanitarian fields. An exchange of views on current international and regional issues will also take place.” Slovenian foreign minister Karl Erjavec insisted Putin’s visit to the country – which is on the planned route of a currently frozen Russian gas pipeline project – was not a sign of Ljubljana breaking ranks with the West over Russia.

“President Pahor discussed with the leaders of the EU and Nato members about the intended invitation . . . before he actually extended it,” Erjavec told The Irish Times.

“On many occasions I explained to my colleagues in the EU and Nato the commemorative nature of the event. Slovenia stands for dialogue and peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues and disputes. I consider the ceremony on the occasion of the Russian Chapel centenary to be not only a tribute to the victims of the nations of the then tsarist Russia, but something much greater: I see it as a message of peace.”

Hero and victim: For some EU member states and their allies, however, any dealings with Putin only serve his bid to resume “business as usual” with Europe. In visiting the chapel and unveiling a new memorial in Ljubljana to Soviet troops killed during the second World War, Putin will again portray his country as both hero and victim, whose glory and pain the West belittles. At the same time, he is likely to call on the West to unite with Moscow against terrorism, while seeking to relegate Ukraine’s conflict to the status of a minor local difficulty.” END QUOTE

As to Ireland, I really, really was of a higher opinion of it! I seriously would love to see the reaction of the Irish if a Russian publication wrote in the same mockingly obtuse tone about the victims of the Irish Potato Famine, or about the victims of the Irish plight for independence against the Brits. Sorry to see how appallingly brainwashed the Irish turn out to be. Their loss…

But we are here to talk about the Russian chapel, Slovenia, Russia and Balkans in general. From the above quote it’s easy to see how huge is the pressure to toe the line for Slovenia. The country’s president and PM actually have to ASK PERMISSION, jumping out of their skin to justify themselves to the EU for inviting a leader of another country to a traditional for those parts, and historic, event! What a humiliation, what a loss of sovereignty!

This is NOT by accident, but by design! The West, US, EU and globalists want one thing from all Slavs: they want to break up traditional historic ties, delete ancestral memory and create a broad swath of alien countries to surround Russia. They have succeeded, albeit temporarily, in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova (latter two not exactly Slavic, but historically closely related and Orthodox), to name a few. In the Balkans they took over Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo and they are working on getting Macedonia and Montenegro into the fold. They desperately want to squash people’s identity is Serbia.

Out of all these, they genuinely thought Slovenia was fully in their pocket. And what a surprise! Slovenia actually has its own identity and own opinion!

Another striking point: Slovenia stands for dialogue and peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues and disputes. 

Important about Slovenia, Serbia and former Yugoslavia!

First, let’s remember this: in the Balkans and elsewhere, one’s attitude towards Russia is connected closely with one’s attitude towards Serbia. If Serbia is perceived as an enemy and/or a rogue state, then Russia is likely perceived as at least not a friend – and vice versa.

Slovenia is the only early breakaway former part of Yugoslavia that never was involved in an armed conflict with Serbs, as opposed to Bosnia and Croatia, plus Kosovo. Conversely, Macedonia (FYRM) and Montenegro (Chernogoria) were split from Serbia later, in order to further weaken it. The collective West, at the time spearheaded by Bill Clinton, correctly perceived that the weakening of Serbia meant by default the handicapping of Russia.

Slovenia is a Slavic-populated country – as attested by its name; the language spoken is Slovenian (Slovene).

In truth, the differences between Yugoslav languages are minor and they really should be considered dialects of the same South-Slavic (aka, Yugoslav) tongue. The differences in many cases are akin to the degree of closeness of the Russian – Belorussian language relationship. In other words, it’s even closer than Russian – Ukrainian language relationship. And even Ukrainian, in my professional opinion as a linguist and native language carrier of both, should be considered a dialect. Read about that in Discovering The Real Belarus and in Earth Shift Reports: ESR2: Ukraine Truth, Lies & Future Hope and ERS6: Ukraine – New Khazarian Khaganate.

Southern Slavic languages are also very close to Russian. As an example, the name of the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, doesn’t really need a translation. Without knowing the language, I can tell you that it is very close to the Russian word lyubov’, which means love. Therefore, Ljubljana is likely translated as ‘the city of love,’ or perhaps, ‘the beloved place/city.’

Incidentally, those with a keen eye will recognize the same root ‘lyub’ in the English love. This again attests to something I often stress: we are ALL ONE, we all come from the same root, and all these barriers – political, military or linguistic – are artificial! Read more in Forbidden History: Are Scandinavians Slavs? and under Category: Forbidden Linguistics.

Historically, Slovenia is arguably the most ‘Westernized’ of all Yugoslavia and the closest to Austria and Hungary, having been a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As a result of religious conversion, the population is presently primarily Catholic.

Balkans, political map

Balkans, political map

As it so often happened in history, the difference in religion is what served as the foreign-induced pretext for the ’90s civil wars of Orthodox Serbs vs. Catholic Croats & Muslim Bosnians/ Kosovo Albanians. US/EU needed to breakup Yugoslavia pronto while Russia was at her weakest – and they succeeded admirably. Therefore, it is remarkable that Slovenia actually remained neutral through the ’90s war and it attests to the peaceful character and wisdom of the residents (of course it helps that geographically Slovenia is furthest removed from Serbia).

After the war ended and hot heads cooled down, those who retained reason and common sense began to question the war and resulting artificial separation. It’s much harder for Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia to come around in relation to each other, due to a deep-running resentment and mistrust. Kosovo situation is even worse: it is regarded in Serbia as an outright theft and humiliation. Of course, this division, resulting in lack of sovereignty and animosity was the end target of then US president Clinton and the globalist West.

The ‘divide and conquer’ worked in Yugoslavia’s case all too well. There is never such thing as one side exclusively being guilty of all sins. Since the ’90s, Serbia and Serbs were exclusively vilified, while the atrocities of Croats, Bosnians and Kosovo Albanians were ignored or whitewashed. Moreover, the barbaric NATO bombings of Serbia were presented as a great triumph of Western democracy against evil dictatorship.

The ultimate goal was to humiliate and suppress Serbia so it couldn’t continue being the heart of undesirable sovereignty in the middle of the EU. This goal was achieved. And here I have to tell you the truth, which will be hard for the Serbs to hear. The reason this goal was achieved so easily and so handily is because Serbs ALLOWED it to be achieved. By taking the foreign bait of inter-confessional conflict and civil war they opened an entry point for NATO to tear the country apart. If they were wiser and acted in such a way that would quell the conflict, the degree of the disaster we are observing today could have been diminished in big part.

As a stark contrast to that catastrophic mistake, let’s recall how Russia and Putin had handled the situation with the late ’90s – early 2000s Chechen war. Later in 2008, Russia wisely managed the situation with S.Ossetia/Georgia conflict. And the latest: how differently Russia and Putin are handling the situation in Ukraine! As you know, I predicted from the start of 2014 that Russia would never send troops to Ukraine and that Russia would, conversely, concentrate on peacefully remolding the situation, on turning it around carefully and slowly to de-escalate both regional conflict and WWIII potentiality. As we see, the situation has developed, and continues developing, exactly as predicted. (As always, read PREDICTIONS on top bar).

Therefore, the unwise actions of both sides in the ’90s Balkans conflict caused a rift from which it would take long to recover. However, those parts of Yugoslavia that don’t have much bad blood between themselves have started waking up.

We’ve seen the attempts to reach out to Russia and protest NATO and EU expansion in Macedonia and Montenegro – so far, squashed by the West.

I’ve noticed that for years Slovenia’s government and parliament quietly invited speakers and advisors who were anti-US/West establishment and steadily grew relations with Russia. As I said, Slovenia is the kind of country that will try to get along with everyone. They won’t fight and protest so much as they’ll try to quietly get where they want to be, while others are distracted by fighting. Kinda reminds me of how Zakarpatie (Transcarpathia) Rusins behave, who are presently under Kiev, but want to secede. Incidentally, both were for centuries under Austria-Hungary, so they learned to work quietly for fear of suppression.

Slovenia is the kind of country that is technically a part of EU and NATO, but at the same time it tries to develop and maintain a good relationship with Russia. This is a necessary job – we do desperately need the ‘bridge-countries’ that would help develop and keep connections between Russia and West, despite the destructive forces currently at work in the EU and West in general. Countries like Slovenia keep a small flame alive, protecting it from the raging hurricane and reminding those who would listen that there is another way. Slovenia tries to gently remind Europeans that if the continuing foreign-induced conflict between EU and Russia were to be replaced with cooperation, everyone would win. They aren’t the only ones. Austria tried to do the same, Czech president did as well, while being isolated by his own parliament and government, Hungarian PM Orban tried…

But as I wrote many times before, the crumbling US Empire simply cannot afford Russia and European countries working peacefully and cooperatively together. The artificially built new Iron Curtain is in the works, using the sell-out Poland, Romania and the Baltics, through NATO expansion and BMDS in Eastern Europe.

It’s the Grand Chess Game, however. Putin’s Slovenia visit is one of Russia’s counter-moves. Slovenia sees Russia getting stronger, while EU and US are busy with their own problems. Therefore, Slovenia can make a move of her own. It’s a small and meek move, but it’s an affirmation of a certain allegiance and a nod to the historic memory.

All in all, this is a very good start!

In addition, it’s important to remember that Russians routinely helped ‘brothers’ Slavs, including Slovenians, during several previous great wars. This includes liberating many of the Slavic and Orthodox ‘brothers’ in the Balkans and Eastern/Southern Europe from the Ottoman Empire yoke and helping them during WWI and WWII. The liberation list is very long and includes Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and all of Yugoslavia, including of course, Serbia and Slovenia. There indeed are many Russians who fell in the Balkans.

If there are readers from those parts, I invite them to share their experiences in the comments! TRUTH ONLY accepted!

On another note, Slovenia, as much of the former Yugoslavia, has magnificently beautiful nature, with pristine forests, mountains, some parts of ex-Yugoslavia also have a lovely sea shore. I hope it stays that way!


The Union of Southern Slavs & Russia 

It is my strong opinion that the Yugoslavs (the word means ‘Southern Slavs’) need to unite in one country, based on mutually respectful, cooperative principles. They need to use wisdom and reason – not their pride and overinflated egos, while doing so. Failing that, they’ll always be a yo-yo in someone’s unscrupulous hands, ready to be manipulated on moment’s notice.

Uniting is the only way for them to re-gain sovereignty and to be strong enough to withstand foreign pressure and invasions. Incidentally, this South-Slavic/Balkan Union should include Bulgaria. The inclusion of Greece, plus possibly Cyprus (as non-Slavic, but Orthodox countries), is a long shot; but if that were to happen, it would be greatly beneficial for both Greece and all Yugoslavs.

This is what Serbia tried to do: create a union of Southern Slavs. However, for this union to be lasting, Serbs and others have to tuck away their egos and pride and work together for the greater good of all.

The weakness of the Balkans is that it doesn’t have a border with Russia. If it did, history, as we know it, would have been very different… WWI and Yugoslavia ’90s bombings may have never happened. The Russian Empire attempted to establish a friendly corridor to the Balkans via creating from scratch in the 19th century what was thought of back then as ‘friendly’ Romania, having liberated that area from the Ottomans. However, it didn’t take long for Romania to get seduced by the UK, turning it into a problem rather than part of the solution. Therefore, the larger the Union, the more stable it will be. When these little countries are apart they are easy pickings for predators.

If such union of Southern Slavs is created, it would serve as powerful ADDITIONAL counterweight to NWO/globalists, US and EU. It would become a great help for Russia’s global rebalancing efforts. By default, it would mean the strengthening of Russia.

Meanwhile, Russia would also be in much better position to help the Southern Slavic Union to defend itself and to develop its economy. For instance, South Stream pipeline project would be automatically revived as then the YugoSlavic Union, not EU or US, would be deciding whether it should go through Bulgaria or not.

Eventually, Eurasian Union can and should be expanded to include the Southern Slavic Union.

But this is exactly what globalists are afraid of and this is exactly why they want to keep Balkans broken up into small parts.

People can make a difference by uniting, setting aside their old grudges and creating a new reality. I’ve more than once seen my ideas and recommendations materialize into reality, after I voiced them out on FT or in Earth Shift Report.

This is my newest recommendation for Southern Slavs: UNITE!

My recommendation to Russia is to help the process of re-unification in all ways possible!

ADDED 8/1/16:

Trump connection?

Only here will you get this kind of high-grade intel. Two coincidence hits, and I don’t believe in coincidence, Slovenia is where Mrs. Trump is from and the Saint in the spotlight is Vladimir. I can hear the Boyz in Brussels choking on their cocktails. As for the Irish, they are still reeling from British skullduggery going way back. The ones in charge are more British than Irish. But the land has a pure soul and they make the best Rye Whiskey. I’m waiting hopefully for Eirexit and a purge of the bog trotters. Thanks, Lady Lada, for a hard-core spot-on report.

  • Great observation about Trump’s wife! Definitely NOT a coincidence – it’s a message.

    People are awakening! Soon Merkel will be booted out (at least she should). Been recommending this since 2014.



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  1. Thank you very much Lada, for taking the time to answer my questions regarding Slovenia and it’s history, and thank you for the beautiful picture of the chapel!

    The first thing that came to mind, when I was watching the Ceremony on the Vršič pass was, how fitting, the chapel is named after St.Vladimir, that is quite a deep synchronisity!

    I also noticed the way Mr. Pahor looked at his guest, seemingly very proud to have him there! This spoke very clearly to me of a real warm relationship between the two gentlemen, despite of what the “west” thinks of all of this!

    The visit was mentioned in our msn, but not with such bad text as the Irish produced, how disgusting! It just spoke about the historical facts and connections and in the last sentence it said that is was a humanitarian affair/visit, nothing more!

    In the EU (and also in the US) there is an undercurrent slowly emerging that we should make amends with Russia, so many different people talking about it in articles and in comments it;s amazing!
    Hope it all works out for the good of humanity!

    Thank you Lada for all you do!


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  2. Miss you Lada hope you’re well.

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  3. There was an English simultanious translation of Mr. Putin’s speech, but I found the transcript on the Kremlin’s website for those interested in what he had to say:

    Please notice the last sentence he spoke:

    [quote]’I would like to thank you for the sincere commitment and efforts to strengthen European unity, which should serve as a foundation for the future of Europe.”[unquote]


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  4. Only here will you get this kind of high-grade intel. Two coincidence hits, and I don’t believe in coincidence, Slovenia is where Mrs. Trump is from and the Saint in the spotlight is Vladimir. I can hear the Boyz in Brussels choking on their cocktails. As for the Irish, they are still reeling from British skullduggery going way back. The ones in charge are more British than Irish. But the land has a pure soul and they make the best Rye Whiskey. I’m waiting hopefully for Eirexit and a purge of the bog trotters. Thanks, Lady Lada, for a hard-core spot-on report.

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    • Great observation about Trump’s wife! Def NOT a coincidence – it’s a message.

      People are awakening! Soon Merkel will be booted out (at least she should). I’ve been recommending this since 2014.

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    • Sorry, have to disagree: if Irish people ALLOW to be manipulated like this (and they do – seen confirmations) then they are responsible as well. If they begin awakening – more power to them, but my opinion is def down.

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  5. Thank you for sharing your very interesting points of view, Lada. As always I could learn new & uplifting aspects.I’ve discovered to my big surprise the Slovenian and Russian flags are almost the same:
    First I thought, what a funny Russian flag, but Wikipedia taught me right:
    (False flags ain’t no specialty of Wikipedia.) And again, what a coincidence …

    Google News algorithms are promoting hate speech especially referring to Russia and China. Run in your search request one of both countries and just by skimming the headlines you’re believing Google nerds are living in a parallel world called hell.

    Your announcement of a new Earth Shift Report about the Turkish affairs make me sitting on the edge of the chair. There are so many versions bustling about this mysterious coup I’ve seldom seen before. Some commentators consider that Erdogan staged that putsch. Others believe the coup was executed by good soldiers fighting for the people. The Turkish army encircled the infamous Afghan heroin traffic hub Incirlik Air Base [encircle!] for the second time in order tor prevent a second coup. But mostly interesting for me is the rumor of closing the Turkish border to Syria for CIA militants. According to Sputnik News this is an impending agenda:

    Regarding this the German online magazine DWN (Deutsche WirtschaftsNachrichten) claims Erdogan has already closed the terrorist traffic hub Bab al-Hawa:

    United we stand, divided we fall.

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  6. The problem is what do you mean by Europe in it’s first phase that was Iberia, Gaul, Italy Western Germany, Austria, The Adriatic, Dacia, Greece, England temporary. Only with Christianity that the other area identify and only loosely with Europe.


  7. Hi Lada, darnit! I wanted to be the first to mention Slovenia as the birthplace of Mrs. Trump. You beat me to the punch! The first association that came to my mind when I heard that Putin visited Slovenia was Melania Trump. There has to be a universal synchronicity to this story. I truly believe that Donald really likes Russia and Putin. It’s so obvious. How much influence Melania has had on Trump is hard to know. It probably hasn’t hurt. It would be interesting to find out about her story and her family and history.

    I friend of mine visited Slovenia a few years ago and he told me the Alps there are as beautiful as the Swiss and the Austrian Alps but much much cheaper. It’s one of the places on my bucket list to visit. If Trump gets elected president I believe the tourist attraction on account of the future First Lady being from there will make it more expensive. If you want a cheap and beautiful place to visit you better go before Trump is president.

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    • You should be faster with your comments – we have some champions here, you know 😉

      Trump likes blondes, and by extension, Slavic women. His first wife Ivana was also Slavic (Czech was it?).
      And yes, I believe he genuinely admires Putin.

      Also, it has to be noted that I can see more and more Americans waking up and actually liking Russia more and more. That’s very good.

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  8. Off topic but fun, and I passed the test with 8 out of 9 questions correct, thanks to you Lada, for teaching me:



    • Pleasure 🙂

      This is weird but when I click on this link there is only Matreshka pic, but no test itself and no link to it. Looks like you are right and search engines in N. America block it.

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      • Very weid indeed, because I just tried again and I get the full article! Make sure you wait until it is completely loaded, it takes a little time at least that’s what I noticed!



  9. French delegation to Crimea states Crimea should be recognized by the world as Russian per Fort Russ. Frogs with spines?

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  10. Thank you for the in-depth report on Slovenia! There is so much history that needs to be put straight – so much has been distorted and re-written, and not just in the past centuries, but also in the past decades, right before our eyes! I am sending a donation for this wonderful report and reblogging part of it on my pages.

    While I was reading it I thought that I’d comment on the closeness of language and how Ljubljana is universally understood in Slavic as “of love”. While you write the Russia is the Great Balancer, the other Slavs act in that way too, whenever they are not thrown into a whirlwind of events. Slovenians are attesting to that, rebalancing Central Europe in a quiet way.

    One of the commenters noted the similarity between the Russian and the Slovenian flags. It’s not just Slovenian, but almost all of the Southern Slav flags have the same theme: Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Novorossia, Tavridia (Crimea), Rusiny and Russia. (Poland lost the blue colour, Belorussia and Bolgaria acquired green instead of blue, while the Ukrainian flag was created by the Austro-Hungarian empire).

    During the Soviet times Russia almost lost its identity as well – the white colour was removed and the blue lived on as a vertical strip in the flag of RSFSR, and that only after 1954.

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    • Just wondering why the Dutch flag is Red White and Blue and has horizontal stripes! Cannot find a good story about this that explaines where it comes from……just wondering….



      • Christa, Nemo and All who commented on the flags!

        The real story is this: once upon a time the Pan-Slavic Conference decided that the red, blue and white would be the colors of the Slavic World and therefore, most Slavic flags revolve around these colors. Before that, there were different colors and the ancient Rus flag revolved around white, gold and black. The switch had to do with the Galactic Night, the rise of the West, and Russia at that time rebalancing the world towards the West. It also had to do with the fall of the Great Tartaria, which was the previous Rus Empire. All very long story – maybe I’ll tell it one day!

        As far as the Feng Shui and the Science of the Color Energy goes, the red-blue-white color combo is considered one of the empowering combos. This is why flags with such design are so popular. These colors emphasize the development of certain chakras – won’t go into that, but a consultation can be ordered.

        I talk about this and give personal harmonious color recommendations, among other things, in my consultation called: Personal Feng Shui
        Empowerment & Success Report:

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        • I found the following in a Dutch article about the Red, White and Blue colors in our flag (btw it used to be Orange, White and Blue) and what they stand for: Red is for the people, White is for the Church and Blue for the elite (how appropriate!)



        • Red for the root chakra (base energy), blue for the throat (truth) and white for the crown chakra (spiritual). How this applies to the individual can best be explained with a consultation by our resident master expert, Lada.


      • P.S. Since we are on the flag topic!
        Today we are on the breaking news re Russian paralympic athletes possible ban:

        But tomorrow, I’ll have a hilarious story for you all!

        Pre-announcement: stay tuned for tomorrow’s hilarious story about karma and US Olympic team uniform!

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    • After I wrote the above comment yesterday, I came to notice another regularity, to which I did not give much thought before: (almost) All the Slavic counties’ names end natively in -ia (-ija, -ия). There are also a few of the Western countries, which either retained this naming pattern or had it until recently: Italia, España (in effect: Espanja), Anglia (now: England), Dacia (Dania in Russian, now: Denmark), Svecia (en echo in Latin for Sweden – this is also how this country is called in Russian), Norwegia (again Latin and Russian for Norway). Funnily, in Sweden in Norway these names are still in use – for their trademarked cheeses. 🙂

      Lada, could you, as a linguist, expand upon these observations?

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      • Great observations! Please remind me later again, because it is actually important and has to do with the TRUE history of Europe and Asia.

        But briefly: if you spell all these in Russian alphabet then everything becomes crystal clear, while Latin alphabet camouflages the truth.
        Ending ‘ia’ in words such as Россия (=Russia) is spelled ‘ия.’ Now say it aloud! What did you just say?: ‘и я’ = ‘and I’.

        In other words, Rus и я: “Rus’ and I together as one” aka, the unity or tribe consisting of many individuals, identifying with it. Same goes for ALL other countries of Europe, such as Svecia, España, Anglia, etc.

        There is much more, and names such as Sweden or Svecia, España, are talking names – they say volumes about the fact that before 10th century or so Europe spoke the same language and that language was the ancient Rus’ language.

        Great catch and please do remind me later to write a full article (or two, due to so much material) on all this!

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      • @Nemo1024: Wow! If I translate “Holland” into Russian it says: Голландия, notice the last two letters, so it would be Hollandia, although that is not the official name used in our historybooks but still…..



        • Dear Christa. Thinking about the colours of the Dutch flag, I was wondering if it had something to do with the events of October-November 1813 and the restoration of the Dutch monarchy and liberation of Holland my the forces of the Don Cossacks.

          The following article, “‘The Russians Are Coming!’ The Revival of the Dutch Kingdom. Year 1813” gives a concise overview of the events of those days (In Russian, but if there is interest, I could translate it):

          I know that Holland celebrated a national Day of the Cossack (or something like that) holiday up until 1940 and WWII. I wonder how much of the history of the 1813 is still in the Dutch school books, given what I saw what kids got graphically taught about “monster Russia eating helpless Ukraine” back in 2014.


  11. Sadly Lada the Irish mainstream media is as Russophobic and anti-Putin as the rest of the Western corporate media cartel. Like all the Western mainstream media today the Irish Times is right wing neoliberal propaganda. Shameful.

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