Will Russian Paralympians be banned from #Rio2016? Plot to Remove Russia from #Olympics 2


IPC (International Paralympic Committee) considers whether they should ban Russian Paralympic team from #Rio2016 Paralympic Summer Games. In other words, they waited for the very last moment to deliver this new blow.

This video by RT (Russian) says the investigation against Russian Paralympic team began ONLY after July 28, 2016 ‘independent’ WADA commission’s recommendation to ban the Russian Olympic team from Rio. The Olympics are to begin on August 5, 2016 and many athletes are already there. The whole thing has been timed so that there is no time for handicapped athletes to appeal or demand justice.

If ban against handicapped and disadvantaged athletes comes to pass, Russia threatens to sue in the International Human Rights Court.


Exactly as originally predicted in 

LADA RAY REPORT: End of Olympics? Plot to Remove Russia from #RioOlympics!

250 Russian star athletes from the Olympic team (sports other than track-and-field) that still made it to Rio are now being sabotaged, while attempting to concentrate on their last preparations for the upcoming competition.

There is an ongoing plot to make #RioOlympics participation for clean Russian athletes as difficult as possible by crushing their spirit through relentless psychological pressure, suspicion and treating them like guinea pigs through incessant new doping tests.

Breaking news 8/1/16: #IOC flip-flops last moment on its earlier decision that each individual sport should determine whether Russian athletes are allowed to compete. IOC suddenly rules that each Russian athlete in Rio will have to be considered for participation by a panel of three judges: that’s 250+ athletes and 4 days before the start of competition.

Discrimination Russian athletes tested 5000+ times more than Americans

Blatant discrimination and double standards: Russian athletes tested nearly 5400 times more than Americans (especially striking gap due to the fact that US team is more numerous than Russian)

The new info coming in: Russian athletes in Rio have been tested and retested so relentlessly that they don’t have time to train or sleep. This is part of the sabotage I’ve predicted in my original report!

And we are talking perfectly clean Russian athletes, who never failed a test in their life, or whose sport – such as gymnastics (artistic and rhythmic), synchronized swimming, diving, horse riding, etc. – doesn’t benefit from doping. Let’s also emphasize that Russians are favorites in most of these sports that don’t benefit from doping, having won ALL or the majority of gold medals in rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

Meanwhile, the well-known REPEAT and previously BUSTED cheats from US, UK and other countries are allowed to compete in Rio without being questioned or retested. Their respective teams are also freely enjoying Rio. Remember #MichaelPhelps and his doped-up to the brim 12 Olympic gold medals (or was it 11?)? No one ever questioned those medals; no one ever banned US team – despite Phelps proven drug use.

In other words, sadly for honest and clean athletes worldwide, the entire Olympics ‘movement’ has been turned into a complete joke.

Sorry to once more tout my horn, but I predicted all this would happen!

My advice to Russia remains: ditch the Olympics as soon as feasible and start alternative EURASIAN GAMES or FRIENDSHIP GAMES! Hopefully, after what’s happened, both Russian athletes and officials will wake up to the unpleasant reality of things and stop focusing on the wrong goals!

Read my full assessment, predictions and recommendations in:


End of Olympics? Plot to Remove Russia from #RioOlympics

P.S. It’s not all bad. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s hilarious story about karma and US Olympic team uniform!



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  1. Just when I pessimistically think that ussassins/euzombiestanies can`t go any lower, comes an optimistic cheer from them “Yes, we can!” }:-)
    The “ban” on athletes is despicable, but this takes it to a whole new level! To EVEN consider banning brave people who overcome their physical limitations, well… Never been a fan of the Olympics, but after this, I agree that it should be sent to history.

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  2. This politically motivated charade on the Russian Olympic participants is getting so sick already . There does not seem to be any fairness at all.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How about a cartoon of Uncle Sam in a straitjacket chained to a wall, padded cell babbling we are number one.

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  4. I wonder how many of the Russian positive doping tests were due to Meldonium which has not been shown to improve performance.


  5. Is the chart you posted of the doping tests very recent? If so then I guess Meldonium would not be much of a factor since it was banned awhile ago. Still it would be interesting to see a breakdown of what type of doping was found in each country.


  6. This is just another attemp to anger Russia! I find it utterly despicable 😦

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  7. “IOC suddenly rules that each Russian athlete in Rio will have to be considered for participation by a panel of three judges”

    This sounds more like a place of Inquisition and execution, that the one of free sports, that Olympics should have been…

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  8. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    IS the IOC/IPC really going there?! Playing politics with the handicap is low… drug use among the disabled is ridiculous, unless it’s for their condition. These drug testing agencies are shooting themselves in the foot. #legalizealldrugs #wadathugs #usadathugs 😦

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