THE SHIFT: China in Syria; Iran Hosts Russia at Hamadan Base; Iraq Opens Skies to Russian Bombers

The Shift:

Iran Hosts Russian Bombers at Hamadan Base,

Iraq Opens its Skies to Russian Bombings of Terrorists in Syria

& China sends troops to Syria to assist Assad government!

Photo from RT: Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber at Hamadan airfield, Iran

Russian bomber at Iran Hamadan base

BREAKING NEWS! Iraq announced that it has opened free passage through its airspace for strategic Russian bombers flying to bomb Daesh terrorists in Syria. I’ve just heard this and decided to share a few of my initial thoughts.

Just a day prior, Iran announced that it now hosts Russian troops at Hamadan Base.

Moscow and Tehran sign deal allowing Russian jets to use Hamadan airbase:

First video of Russian bomber at Iran’s Hamadan & at work in Syria:

While Russia has bases in Syria, the airfields there aren’t equipped to host Russian heavy strategic bombers. Up till now, these bombers had to fly from Russian territory. By flying from Hamadan airfield and directly through Iraq territory, Russian heavy bombers cut down by 60% on fuel and flight time.

So, a true coalition to deal with ISIL is finally being formed by Russia? Shouldn’t US rejoice Russia is finally doing what USA’s fake 40+ country coalition was ‘unable’ to accomplish for two years?

US called the whole thing’ unfortunate.’ Another sign, as pointed out in ESR13: ERDOGAN’S WAR that US Empire is starkly out of options in the Middle East.

US goes on hypocrisy overload! US State Dept calls the Russian use of Iran base to fly anti-ISIS missions ‘unfortunate’:

Iraq has been angling to ask Russia for meaningful help with fighting ISIS on its territory since Russia’s first successes in Syria, but Iraq was forbidden to seek Russia’s help by the US. The reason Iraq is suddenly so audacious, is the one I outlined in ESR13: the US elections distraction.

As I also explained in ESR13 and in my latest piece Explosive Consequences of Putin-Erdogan St.Petersburg Meeting and Earth Shifting Changes it Foretells!, Erdogan has been insistently offering its flagship Incirlik Air Base, presently occupied by US/NATO, to Russia.

Related from Newsweek‎: U.S. nukes at Turkey airbase at risk of falling into hands of “terrorists”: report

Earlier, in February 2016 Cyprus offered its territory for the Russian jets bombing Daesh in Syria. In other words, there is a stampede to side with Russia. And this is just the beginning.

Putin never does anything just for the sake of just sending one message, even a message as important as the one of new alliance with the Iran-Azerbaijan axis. The deal with Iran was a secret part of multi-directional practical negotiations Putin conducted with Iranian president on 8/8/16 in Baku, Azerbaijan: for complete details and my analysis read ESR13: ERDOGAN’S WAR. As it so often happens lately, US again has been embarrassingly caught, excuse the apt American expression,  with its pants down. They simply had no idea both Iran and Iraq could pull this off, just like previously US completely missed Russia’s Syria move.

The inability to analyze and anticipate the moves by USA’s main ‘threat’ and No. 1 ‘enemy’ – their words, not mine –  is yet another sign of the slowly rotting death of the failing US Empire. 

The side benefit of mega-proportions Iran gets from hosting Russian base is that now Iran is 100% protected from any possible aggression by US and/or Israel. Obviously such Russian operation on its territory requires Russia’s cutting-edge full-scale surveillance and protections in place.

Now, Iraq next door is drooling over this. Their biggest dream is to somehow boot out the entrenched US military and host Russians on their territory instead – not much of a ‘thank you for liberating us from Saddam’ is going around those parts. Incidentally, Afghanistan government and military, as was hinted on many times, is dreaming of same.

We are going through a monumental Earth Shift. Get ready for a lot more changes you’ve never dreamed were possible!

P.S. China announced that it’s sending its troops to help Syrian government and Russians/Iranians in Syria. A true coalition is forming in front of out very eyes, and a true cooperation is afoot – something US has refused to do for years. The latest announcements by Iran, Iraq, China and Turkey are yet another loss of face for US and yet another sign of how weak and useless NATO is.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you read my highly acclaimed,Ira bestselling Earth Shift Report 13, where all this is spelled out!

ESR13 Erdogan's War

Read full Earth Shift Report 13:


Go to 




The related subject of Ukraine’s attack against Crimea, the changes it foretells for Ukraine, Europe and the world will be discussed in the upcoming Earth Shift Report: THE CRIMEA FACTOR. The activity around Crimea and Ukraine is heating up again. Putin announced the cancellation of the previously agreed upon meeting in the Normandy4 format with Hollande, Merkel and Poroshenko on the sidelines of the Beijing G20, and called on junta/Poroshenko’s Western handlers to control their patsies. Hollande and Merkel just had an urgent telephone conversation with the scared to death Poroshenko and there are persistent rumors that Poroshenko is on his way out.

Meanwhile, what really happened during Kiev’s attacks on Crimea between August 5 and 7, 2016 and who’s really behind them? What changes does it foretell and how long have really the Kiev junta and Poroshenko got? Where is Crimea going and what’s really happening on the mysterious Russian peninsula? Are the long-anticipated changes to the status of Donbass/DLNR finally coming and how they will materialize? Will Russia punish Ukraine and how?

All this & much more will be discussed in the new ESR: THE CRIMEA FACTOR.

Stay tuned for its release next week!


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  1. As well, China enters the fray. Top military command in Damascus this week. The pushback against the ‘war party’ bankster oily profiteers just went to a new level of heavyweight seriousness.

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  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    China joins Russia + Iran to fight terrorists in Syria, just WOW! Wonder what Washington’s next move will be, considering it’s an election year… this is getting interesting!!

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  3. “They simply had no idea both Iran and Iraq could pull this off, just like previously US completely missed Russia’s Syria move”
    The difference between playing chess and checkers .We might see peace breaking out soon .

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  4. Thank you Lada!
    Sounds like great news! ESR13 is also very interesting news, thank You.

    On another topic, what is going on with Hillary? In addition to being criminally insane, she also seems to be suffering from some kind of serious neurological illness (Parkinson and/or Dementia?). She does not even seem to be fit to handle real interviews or debates. Why would her handlers promote a seriously ill person? Is there somebody else who is supposed to step in and take her place after the election?
    If she wins, I see a potential for the people, or maybe the US military, to rise up against the gangsters in Washington. Do you think there might be a positive military coup in Washington?

    What are your thoughts about Trump? He is obviously a ruthless businesses tycoon and a psychopath, but probably much better than Hillary?

    In Swedish MSM the propaganda is strong as ever:
    – We have suspected Russian false flag attacks in Crimea. Will Putin use them to attack Ukraine? They have used false flags against Finland before!
    – Pro Hillary, anti Trump!

    Looking forward to your new ESRs!
    Yours, Emil

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    • Great questions as always, Emil.

      They promote Hillary because they invested all they got into her, they don’t have anyone else viable, and it’s too late to change horses midstream. Besides, she is the only one who is completely theirs, who’s fully part of their matrix. Bernie, or Trump, or Jill Stein are their competition and they won’t be able to control them fully no matter what they do. This US election and its aftermath will be like we’ve never seen before.

      I do plan a new Predictions Earth Shift Report re. US elections, Trump, Hillary, etc. + an ESR on USA’s and US Empire’s future. I hope I can present them to my readers soon enough.

      Best wishes 🙂

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  5. Yesssss, this is GREAT news!

    It is really embarrasing to see how the spokeperson for the state dep. is stammering his way through the pressconference….. 🙂
    Looking forward to the Crimean report Lada! Keep them coming!!


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  6. The bully displayed a shocked expression as the pavement rushed up to meet his ugly face.

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  7. Just for the record & as the old saying goes, don’t shoot the messenger:
    “Turkey Permits 1,000 Terrorists to Cross Border and Enter in Syria’s Idlib.”
    This news was posted only yesterday on August 17, 2016.
    The Turks keep quiet and behave properly towards “Exceptionalistan” and UK because of their deep and huge entanglement with Daesh aka massive bribes.


  8. Hi Lada,

    Thank you for your ESR13 it was a very good read as always. Not so many understands the larger context and implications of the coup in Turkey.

    Sibel Edmonds exposed the severe ties between Mullah Gülen and his CIA handler Graham Fuller and the Clintons years ago. The ties date back to the 90’s where Gülen and his infiltration of all Turkeys institutions. At first glance it looked like Erdogan just was cleaning house randomly but no no no..

    The Clintons and their Foundation is exposed more and more by the day. They themselves can’t hold the frequencies much longer just look at Hillerys seizures and Bills appearence, it’s really obvious .. this fall will be the start of the great transformation we have waited for ..

    Russias latest moves with Iran, Iraq together with China just underscores this more.

    Hugs Ollie

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  9. There is an interesting legal precedent that has just been set in Germany with a German court acknowledging Crimea as part of the Russian federation. While the circumstances surrounding it are sad, the act itself is telling.

    Here is a translation of the relevant segments:

    According to what the President of the European Information Centre for Human Rights in Vienna, Harry Murey told, the trial court issued on August 17 a ruling on the inadmissibility of deprivation of a citizen of Russia, Angelina de Meyer, and her husband, Daniel de Meyer, of parental rights on the newborn baby. “The month-old child of De Meyer family is a citizen of the Russian Federation and at the moment is not residing in Germany. The Court emphasized that Jugendamt Paderborn CPS agency’s appeal to the court is unreasonable and can not have a chance of success.” – said Murey.

    Recall that two years ago a court in the same city deprived Angelina de Meyer (citizen of Russia), and her husband, a native of Germany, of parental rights to two minor children – Abby and Jamie – accusing the parents without evidence of abusing the minors.

    “Despite all the hardships and difficulties, August 17 can be called a truly significant day for Russia. Admitting Russian diplomats to participate in the hearing, the Court implicitly acknowledged the child, born in the heart of the Crimea, in Simferopol, for a fully-qualified citizen of the Russian Federation, according to the legislative acts of the Russian Constitution. It is obvious that there has not been set such precedents in the courts on the territory of the European Union, since Crimea became part of the Russian Federation.”, – noted in the European information center for human rights.

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  10. I have no words…

    Russian Paralympic athletes and their coaches have reacted with shock and anger after the Court of Arbitration for Sport rejected an appeal on a blanket Rio ban. “They killed my dream” and “a humiliation of people with disabilities” were two of the responses from athletes.

    CAS on Tuesday rejected an appeal over a decision to bar all Russian athletes from the Rio Paralympic Games, set to take place September 7-18. The appeal had been filed by the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC).


    • I’d love to write a separate article on this as the topic deserves it, but have only time for a side note. Hope more people read it!

      Here goes:

      I really hate to say I said so, but I did predict they would uphold the ban. Maddie of 1EarthUnited was just emailing me with this question a few days ago and I’d confirmed not to hold her breath for a favorable outcome. They got them (excuse me) by the balls and they won’t let them go. Sorry.

      Russians screwed up the Olympics/paralympics/sports front of this hybrid 4D war big time – as I warned since my first report on Rio Olympics and doping in sports in 2015. Russians, very typically for them, thought no one could fall this low and that athletes would stand with them. HOW INCREDIBLY NAIVE!!!

      The athletes are just as sold out as politicians. They don’t care and won’t care how they get their medal count – they just want as many of them as possible.

      A similar naive blooper was made in regards to Ukraine in 2013-14 and the coinciding Sochi Olympics. As I mentioned before, the only thing that allowed for 2/3s of Russian team to be in Rio was IOC’s Thomas Bach personal strength and incredible political savvy.

      As I said: the only way out is to organize OWN EURASIAN GAMES, OR RESURRECT The GOOD WILL GAMES. PERIOD! And stop supporting IOC, FIFA, WADA and other crap.
      Now that Chinese lost to UK they might suddenly become more amenable to the idea of alternative games!

      But again, my firm prediction: Russians will be able to do it only after 2018 elections. Just you wait! Russian 2018 World Cup will be attacked next – this is their real goal, which coincides with Russian elections. The ultimate aim is to humiliate Russian power and therefore make Putin look inept and weak before elections!!!


      • “And stop supporting IOC, FIFA, WADA and other crap.
        Now that Chinese lost to UK they might suddenly become more amenable to the idea of alternative games!”

        And it looks like Russia is on that path already. From the article above:

        In the meantime, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree suspending Russia’s financing of WADA. In the document, WADA was removed from the list of international organizations funded by Russia. Earlier, Russian Sport Minister Vitaly Mutko said Moscow might stop funding WADA if the rights of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) weren’t restored to their previous level.

        Here is the official document, though according to paragraph 3, the suspension is for 2016 only:


  11. As reported on Monday (8/22/16) by Al-Masdar News:

    “On Monday, August 22nd, the United States government officially announced that America’s military forces in Syria will continue to occupy Syrian land no matter what the Syrian government says.The Pentagon announced that the USA is ready to shoot down Syrian and Russian planes that threaten American advisers who by international law are illegally operating in northern Syria.” (Edited by me for brevity)… With this much arrogant defiance of international law and no blow-back from Congress I guess we are now officially on our own. First no internal Rule of Law per the Clinton Crime Family’s escape from justice and now no external rule of law. We are in for a rough ride.


  12. there response was to have turkey invade northern syria, now we shall see if china is ready for open war with america, the pieces are all in place now they get to decide if they knock the turkish domino down


    • Nobody’s got the brass (pun intended) for a real war. Things will pop and fizzle for a while longer but my ET contacts say the good guys have the much diminished bad guys at bay and what we see now is tail-thrashing. Because Earth shenanigans caused a threat to the exo-neighborhood, especially with AI technology, our cousins had to step-in as a matter of self defense. They are focused on the remaining lizards and we humans are not on any hit list. This current campaign extends into time as well as space. Fear not. It’s all good, just a bit weird and bizarre.


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