Urgent ​ESR14: Prez Karimov’s Death and Uzbekistan Crossroads

This surprise ESR14 is based on the breaking news of Uzbekistan’s President Islam Karimov’s sudden death and its consequences!









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On September 2, 2016 the government of Uzbekistan officially announced that Islam Karimov, continuous Uzbek president of 25 years, who had been in this post since 1991, suddenly passed on after a massive stroke. There were rumors that he, in fact, had died earlier but the real date was concealed.

The significance of what happened is three-fold.

1. Uzbekistan is a pivotal crossroads of Eurasia. In medieval times, its famous cities of Samarkand and Bukhara served as key connector points on the ancient Silk Road to Russia and Europe.

Today, this former Soviet Republic has a different significance. Still the richest and most influential state in Central Asia (except Kazakhstan), it serves as a key connector between republics which are in line for ascension into Eurasian Union. Therefore, it is a lucrative strategic location to stage a color revolution in order to prevent the re-unification of Eurasia.

2. It is a tough test for the legacy left by Karimov and for the sturdiness of structures he was able to build after this Soviet republic literally fell in his lap during the breakup of the USSR.

Will his power and state security structures be able to deal with the aftermath of his death? There will definitely be attempts to create Islamic State (IS) and/or nationalistic Maidan in Uzbekistan. Some called Karimov ‘a dictator.’ Others consider him a Western sell-out. Whatever one may think of him, it is undeniable that he managed to preserve the republic he received 25 years ago intact, and didn’t allow it to descend into the chaos of Muslim fundamentalism.

Uzbekistan has been primed for the Kiev-style Maidan since 1991, where many failed color revolution attempts took place. This activity in the past 2 years has intensified dramatically, coinciding with Ukraine 2014 coup and subsequent moves by Russia and Putin to expand Eurasian Union. I’d warned of the upcoming attempts at color revolutions in Central Asia and Caucasus in ESR9: ATTACK ON KAZAKHSTAN – WHO DESTABILIZES EURASIAN UNION.

Like its neighbors, Uzbekistan began its progress towards EAEU, while distancing itself from the former ally USA. And that’s when Karimov suddenly passed on.

3. Was his death natural, or was it a foul play? At 78, Islam Karimov was the oldest of the post-Soviet space leaders. What has happened exposes a massive weak link in the power structures of Russia and post-Soviet / Eurasian states.

This glaring weakness has been known for years; however, to this date a fool-proof solution hasn’t been found yet. I am talking about the fact that unlike in the West (say USA), where the country’s leader is mostly, or entirely, a figurehead, with real puppet masters hiding in the safety of the behind-the-scenes obscurity, there is no shadow government in Russia and former republics. The real, and usually very strong leader is on top, for all to see. Consequently, such leader becomes a lightning rod for attacks.


Intro: Uzbek President Islam Karimov’s death, its significance and consequences
Did Uzbekistan exist as an independent state at any time in history?
Why Lenin formed 15 Soviet Republics
Uzbekistan’s color revolutions (2005 Andijan massacre)
1991-2016 Relations with US and Russia
Issues of security and stability during Karimov’s reign

Why post-Soviet space leaders suddenly wanted to improve relations with Russia
From Silk Road to New Eurasia: Uzbekistan as crucial geopolitical crossroads

Structure of Uzbekistan’s economy: Uzbek cotton
Central Asian food and colorful bazaars (with pics)

Who is really Islam Karimov? Psychological portrait of a leader (plus of his republic and of the post-Soviet space)
1991 Soviet referendum and Karimov’s role
Karimov and Putin
Karimov’s rift with the US and sanctions
Did Karimov die of natural causes?
Islam Karimov funeral and Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev signals

Lada Ray Predictions
Uncertainty and fears of color revolution and Islamist takeover – what to expect?
How Karimov’s death may effect the situation in Uzbekistan and Central Asia
Who will be next Uzbek president?
How Karimov’s death may effect the situation with Eurasian Union and relations with Russia?
Is the New Silk Road Project viable? Will Uzbek events affect it?

The problem with nationalism and Islamism
How Russians were expelled from Uzbekistan in 1990s
Why Russian language lost its 2nd state language status and what to expect in the future
Why today Uzbeks want to be brothers with Russia again
Is the reversal back towards USSR possible? Where to now?
Why is it so hard to build a nationalistic state in many former Soviet republics
Tamerlane: the problem with the absence of national heroes (parallels with Ukraine and Bandera)

Karimov’s daughter Gulnara, her business and presidential ambitions
Fifth Column and Probability of Uzbek Maidan
Probability of Islamic State

How Russia left Central Asia and how China moved in
The games of Central Asian elites – can they be trusted?

PREDICTIONS: My views on the issue of Chinese ‘takeover’ of Central Asia, Russia’s role, Silk Road & Eurasian Union




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  1. I see most world leaders are wise to US regime change and assassinations, makes sense that they’re teaming up with Russia… there’s a new sheriff in town. 😉
    Looking forward to this report and the next Crimea expose!

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  2. I just finished reading #14. It’s a riveting, reassuring read and blended in well with Erdogan’s War, which is one of the finest pieces of educational journalism i have ever seen.
    The photographs are stunning.

    I have purchased #9 attack on Kazakhstan & #12 The Future of EU but didn’t realize they were video format reports and haven’t yet viewed them. I’m sure I will one of these days. It’s just that I absorb material at a plodding pace in reading format, clicking on the links & sometimes clicking on sub links, maybe googling a definition here & there. I’m hoping the Crimea report will be primarily text. I liked the use of both in #4 – text combined with superb video of new alien Russian weapons. No wonder it’s your best seller. .

    That’s just my preference. I’m sure others prefer video. Perhaps you could announce the format for each report.

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    • Thanks, Nancy. I do announce the format of each report in each ESR title and description (look for words: video, written or a combo).

      Thank you for the testimonial. I’m sure I can use it on my new TESTIMONIALS page http://ladarayinfo.weebly.com/testimonials.html which has yet to be filled up.

      P.S. I know we all get used to one preferred way of doing things – I know I do. 😉
      But my advice, it’s always useful to get out of the box once in a while. I wanted to try something new and uncharted in my 2 video reports, since there was a lot of video-audio style, urgent material attached to both. I think you’ll enjoy both if you give them a try.

      Best wishes and many thanks for your continued generous support! 🙂

      Warm regards,

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    • I share Nancy’s appreciation of text. Videos are a challenge due to the lack of personal space and tecky stuff which would allow one to transport video to a better time and place for viewing. But once I figure out how to transfer Vimeo to MP3 I may change my mind. In this technical world you either keep moving or turn into a pillar of salt. Pass the pepper, please.


      • Hi Paleo, just to let everyone know that my past video ESR9 and ESR12, as well as the latest ESR11, now come with MP3s which are posted on relevant report pages! You should have the links to past reports, should you be interested in reviewing them in MP3 format. If you need links again, please email us. Thanks so much for your continued support!

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  3. “Edgar Casey prophesied that Russia would become the hope of the world: Through Russia, Cayce said “comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”

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  4. Beautiful, I really enjoyed this latest report. Incredulously outrageous how the US manipulates post- Soviet governments in order to “try” and dominate Russia. Your picture story and history of Uzbekistan puts it all in perspective, in truly spectacular fashion. Thanks for sharing your incredible knowledge of international events! Enthusiastically reblogging!!

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