#EarthShift at work: #Philippines Prez Duterte defects US for #China #Russia (#LadaRayPredictions)

Slowly, but surely, The Great Global Balancer is rebalancing our formerly severely lopsided world away from the US Empire. Slowly but surely, the former hegemon is loosing its grip on former colonies and vassals. The latest and pretty resounding defection is the Philippines.

This is the reason US elites are so confused and not sure how to proceed, this is the reason the in-fighting among US elites will continue intensifying, as I explain in my latest Earth Shift Report 11: 2016 RUSSIAN ELECTIONS. Listen to Free Part 1 on YT. Order complete ESR11 HERE.

Incidentally, stay tuned for some really great future shows we plan on China and Hong Kong, Japan and Asia in general, as well as Russia’s & USA’s prospects with Asian countries!

RT VIDEO: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has reiterated his intention to distance his country from the US, its former colonial master, saying he is about to pass “the point of no return” with the US.

Another recent semi-defection to Russia is Turkey. A key NATO ally in the Middle East, Black Sea and Russia’s soft underbelly, the loss of Turkey is devastating and irreparable to the US/NATO plan to build a new Iron Curtain between Russia and Europe. The problem of Turkey won’t just go away, contrary to how much US hopes it will. I wrote about all that at length in my recent top-rated bestseller ESR13: ERDOGAN’S WAR (read TESTIMONIALS).

  1. We don’t care if Americans approve of our close ties w or not: ex-prez:  READ:

The process of defections is just beginning, so hold on to your seat and prepare to be awed! As The Great Global Balancer rebalances the world to a new reality, the wisest rats will be abandoning the sinking ship and countries will be looking for greener pastures.

The Great Earth Shift is underway! Be ready, be prepared!


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  1. Hi Lada,

    The link to share on VK does not work ???


  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    The US parallels ancient Rome’s collapse: fiscally, socially, mentally, morally bankrupt! Trump is not the answer, at best he may slow the impending doom.
    To paraphrase the Matrix: “You hear that America?… That is the sound of inevitability… It is the sound of your death… Goodbye, America… 😀


  3. A tiny quote from Covert Geo-politics:

    “Yes, the Philippines is officially crossing the Rubicon towards the more progressive BRICS Alliance where mutual respect, peace and economic prosperity are the norms. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has reiterated his intention to distance his country from the US, its former colonial master, saying he is about to pass “the point of no return” with the US.”

    I would add that the west is hyping-up the body count of Duterte’s war on narco-politics to divert attention from what’s really going on. Major, industrial level drug labs have been taken down. The narco-political admin side of this operation has been crippled, including the bosses behind bars who were heretofore operating with impunity, protected by their political cronies on the outside. Whereas before it was a bloody mess of victims from drug ODs, turf wars and collateral damage in the neighborhoods, now the blood, in one form or another, is mostly being spilled by the perpetrators, including politicians and connected police and military personnel.

    As Brazil (the B in BRICS) gets internally decimated by the west, mighty little Philippines is taking up some of the slack here. Don’t forget that the Philippines has stood-up-to multiple colonial invasions (Spain, England, U.S., Japan) and prevailed in all of them. Invasions are different now and they use propaganda, drugs, weaponized breeding, religion, other forms of social engineering and economic warfare to conquer a country. Duterte knows how this works, especially the part about how the Jesuits are facilitating almost all of this. Like him or not, he is the man for the times in the Philippines.

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    • Never heard of this guy before, he came out of the box and since he is keeping us in shock & awe… I’m sure Duterte is backed by the Dragon families. At last the Asian dragon is awakening …


      • On the dark side, corruption is endemic in the Philippines and Dutarte, former mayor of Davao City in Cebu, has his share of enemies and a closetful of skeletons. A lot of these skeletons are still twitching. Dutarte lacks the moral foundation to address the Philippine’s problems with the credibility and statesmanship of Putin. He’s trying to get a big ship with small engines onto a new course against high seas and heavy winds. To survive even a few more months he is going to have to back-off on the street justice because your everyday Filipino is getting fed-up with this policy.


    • Thanks for the additional info.


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