1st Presidential Debate Rigged for Hillary Clinton #riggeddebate #Hillaryshealth #LadaRayPredictions

Those who listened to part 2 of my mid-September Cosmic Switchboard Show interview, know my prediction about #Hillaryshealth. If you recall, it was right after she collapsed at the 9/11 ceremony and speculation about her health went viral. Back then everyone was expecting Hillary to be replaced as nominee by Biden or someone else within Democratic Party.

In the interview I said that it wouldn’t happen. My prediction has been that Hillary will not allow to be replaced due to her diabolical ambition and overriding drive to be in the White House. I said that if need be, she’ll crawl to the debates from her death bed. I also said that Hillary was a chosen NWO candidate.

All about that interview, with links: 

Lada Ray Interview: Russia – The Great Balancer and Earth Shift (#Hillaryshealth)

Part 1 of the interview is FREE on YouTube: LISTEN HERE.

As we have seen from 1st presidential debate, my prediction yet again is coming spectacularly true. Not only Hillary showed up for the debate all perky and smiley, but she also had a considerable amount of help. Because Hillary Clinton is a chosen candidate of certain US and global elites, they will be ‘helping’ her all the way. She is their last hope: they’ll pump her up with drugs, they’ll use any sleight of hand technique available to propel her into the White House.

Also, let’s recall that since 2015 I predicted that the Democrats will lose this election and warned my followers not to vote for Hillary Clinton!

Watch the US Elections spectacle unfold!

HEADS UP! In October I plan a separate report on US Elections, Hillary and Trump, in which I will reveal my whole view of the US Elections, its results and consequences. Please stay tuned for some big announcements!

In line with my predictions, below are some interesting videos, showing how first presidential debate was rigged in Clinton’s favor.

Pay attention in the end of video 1 to how an obscure little man comes along, takes Hillary’s notes, signals to host Lester Holt and passes the papers to him when everyone’s looking the other way. Other vids are equally revealing. Video 4 reveals how Hillary’s podium was custom made for her to make her appear bigger and on par with Trump, plus secret equipment is removed from under her podium under Bill Clinton’s supervision.






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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Hillary, like the scorpion, just can’t help being corrupt – it’s in her nature!


  2. This is scary stuff. I knew something was off when the moderator started engaging in debate with Trump early on. Nothing about all her criminality. He should have stayed home. Thanks for this analysis, Lada.

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  3. I was amazed how well Clinton looked… perhaps she spent the last week in HBO therapy. That would have fixed the pneumonia and taken years of her life absolutely. While I don’t really like either candidate, I know Hillary is a criminal but so far they have not managed to dig up much dirt on Trump to throw at him. He has had a bout of foot in mouth and been a little too spontaneous unguardedly at times but is learning. Surely he is no worse than Reagan… a Hollywood actor playing the role of his life! At least Trump supports the American Dream no matter how redundant and totally unachievable that is for most americans, particularly those under 35. Certainly the whole health charade/farce leading up to the debates has been a distraction from the real reasons not to elect her. I am shocked at the otherwise intelligent people who have bought the propaganda and cannot see her criminality and while talking about her experience cannot see that everything she has done has been a disaster. Also the fact that she is totally duplicitious and says one thing and ultimately does the opposite or something worse. So blatant are these stupid attempts to promote her that are so obvious to anyone with eyes to see. We are all becoming so aware of the scams and false flags. Sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel problem with your hands Lada… have you resorted to some chinese herbal medicines… they can be very effective? Or HBOT is amazingly rejuvenating. I have had two total knee replacements in the last year and can recommend that to anybody with mobility problems (although I put it off for years!). I was fascinated to note on the prosthesis website that they do ankles, feet, shoulders, arms… all manner of body parts including the hip and knee! So I am increasingly becoming wonder woman and really enjoying my newly acquired mobility… a new lease on life!


    • Thanks, Noeline. No prosthesis for me, just plain old rest, joy and stretching, plus healthy eating habits. But all this is relative: most people would consider my eating habits super-healthy, yet for me, I have to be even more careful than usual. 😉
      Glad to hear of your ‘increasingly becoming wonder woman and really enjoying my newly acquired mobility… a new lease on life!’ That’s the spirit! No point in living otherwise, right? 🙂

      HILLARY: you’re certainly 100% right about her character. As to Chinese medicine and such, I doubt that’s what she uses. They pumped her up with heavy drugs. Where’s the corrupt WADA when it’s needed, lol.

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