All Putin Speech/ Q&A videos at Valdai Forum 2016 in Sochi in one place (Eng)

Putin’s speech at Valdai Club Conference in Sochi (short version)

US ‘Banana Republic’ remark from Putin’s speech:

Live Putin’s speech at Valdai Club Conference in Sochi (full version): LINK

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Putin’s Q&A at Valdai Club Conference in Sochi:

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  1. I respectfully disagree with President Putin…. banana republic is so befitting of a nation so corrupt as the US. Trump will oversee the dismantling of this once great “republic” very nicely. 😀
    It is said that Rome lasted 1000 yrs, America…. meh.

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      • We have 3 possible scenarios, HiLIARy steals the election thru voter fraud, gets pardoned by Obummer and the Clintonistas take power. Trump wins in a landslide of popular votes but loses the EC, calls for massive investigation to challenge the legitimacy of the presidency. Obummer seizes power amidst the turmoil and declares himself El Presidente… the last American President as predicted by prophecy.
        This whole election farce reeks of rotten bananas! 😦


        • A fourth possibility is that the military takes over, suspends the constitution for six months, arrests all the malefactors and then holds elections. A fifth possibility is that Trump wins popular and EC, the bad guys having conceded defeat, and business goes on almost as usual under a different colour. Then there’s Nibiru and the red dust (iron oxide) that will trump (NPI) all of our above.

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          • A military coup is highly unlikely considering the fact that O’bummer administration has gutted the military and installed their own PC puppet Generals…. unless of course El Presidente conspire with LGBTQ militants and anoints himself supreme leader of the freaks.
            A clean Trump win with no controversy, business as usual under a new administration, highly unlikely. The Dem party, DOJ, FBI would concoct story to blame Russia for fixing the election, hacking votes/ polls for Trump victory. Needless to say, Soros rigging the voting machines in favor of Clinton is perfectly acceptable.


            Nibiru is a dark horse, if the intergalactic council allows such first contact event, then hell screw this bs, i’m partying off world lol.

            Check this solution, if enough ppl wake up and boycott the election:

            All hail the great Banana Charlie Brown! And a Happy Halloween to all. 🙂

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            • I might agree somewhat that the political face of LGBTQ may be a little strident and obnoxious but if we can separate that from some really cool people I like, even love, then we can still be friends. Having been born in 1945 I am qualified to know a freak when I see one and most of them are straight “liberal” psychos voting for Clinton. I think Lada is going to drop the hammer on both of us so I’m outta here.


              • I’m actually in agreement with your stance, I have no problem with LGBTQ as individual ppl. However, their politically charged/ pc movement seems disingenuous and polarizing. Of course the establishment will use them to their full advantage: to antagonize, divide and conquer the left and right. I apologize for not being clear, the blatant manipulation by this administration (uber-liberal freaks) just irks me the wrong way. Example of Obummer’s social engineering of the military:



                • Paleo, Maddie – love you both, and let’s all be friends. Let’s this crazy and escalating US election emotion not overshadow the fact that we are all after the truth and best outcome for all.
                  Paleo, Maddie is an ex-model from NYC: she met in her life more LGBTQ people than both of us combined.

                  Agree with you both. Nothing wrong with the individual people at all, as a rule. I met only personally lovely people from this community, too. Many are very good souls and very creative – one of the traits I value most in life.

                  That said, too many of them were in fact seduced and brainwashed with anti-this and anti-that propaganda (incl. extreme and unreasonable Russophobia). I recently saw a figurine of Hillary displayed proudly by one such lady in her NYC apartment – I can guarantee to you that this is a big chunk of Hillary’s electorate.

                  This is how the brainwashing happens: a VULNERABLE group – usually because of past abuse (or perceived life’s unfairness), and consequently resulting from that abuse hurt and fear, is targeted with a specific mass message of hatred. These are represented by grief, shame, guilt, fear and anger calibrations on my Quantum Calibrations Scale:

                  Those who perceive that the world has been unfair to them, are especially vulnerable to any mass brainwashing, creating mass psychosis. Another group are those who have a heightened sense of fairness and justice, but lack reason and knowledge to understand the real world. Not only that, they seem to be averse to it. Very unfortunately, such people usually run on emotions and either have rosy glasses on or go into rage – nothing in between.

                  Due to these unfortunate traits, unfortunately, both of the above groups have been successfully brainwashed and ‘recruited’ to do the bidding of NWO and US elites who want to install Hillary and preserve the predatory US empire.
                  It doesn’t help that the opposite side in US election has the stigma (partially true, partially falsified for propaganda purposes) that they are anti-gay. LGBTQ community is just one example – we historically know many such groups (ISIS/Muslim extremism, nazis/fascists in Germany and today’s Ukraine, to name a few).

                  They are the easiest target for mass brainwashing within the neo-liberal Western culture: all the puppet masters have to do is identify a common enemy, create through MSM, schools and politicians an aura of evil that is supposedly targeting them, and say to such group: get the bad enemy, and when you do, the unhealed pain you are carrying inside will go away and you’ll save the world from those bad people! Sounds juvenile, but actually, that is the level on which this brainwashing works. It targets the unhealed, never grown up, part of those souls who aren’t mature enough to grasp the reality around them. It’s so much easier to find an enemy without and blame one’s problems on it, than to work out one’s real internal issues and heal one’s soul.

                  US/UK/West (we must include German and Nordic) propaganda have perfected the art of manipulation of such poor, unfortunate souls.

                  We all have soul loss and trauma, we all had bad experiences in life. But those who’ve done inner work and healed their souls, plus those who have an innate sense of reason and balance, won’t succumb to this silliness.

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