Lada Ray’s final US Election Predictions

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As a treat for Lada Ray’s FuturisTrendcast and Earth Shift Report followers and YouTube fans, we have prepared a very special ADDENDUM TO EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16, LADA RAY’S FINAL US ELECTION PREDICTIONS!

In it we talk about Lada Ray’s finalized predictions on who will win US Elections, whether there will be violence, whether elections will be falsified, whether Obama will cancel elections, and whether there will be a false flag attack, as FBI has announced. What kind of president will Trump be and will he be able to ‘make America great again?’ Is Trump the ‘American Yeltsin,’ or is he more like Putin? What’s his real role? Is the US following in the footsteps of the USSR on the road to collapse? Finally, Lada’s preliminary timeline and predictions for the USA’s future.

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Part 2 – 38 min (exclusively donation-based)

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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Lada your predictions are coming true, news events are unfolding at incredible pace. HiLIARy for PRISON – “Let’s make it happen!”

    God Bless Wikileaks…

    The FBI is going to bring down the DOJ… and America will cheer the agency’s heroes as the Clinton crime regime is finally toppled

    Associated Press reporter admits faking news stories for Hillary Clinton… stunning admission reveals how AP prints whatever the Clintons want, FACTS BE DAMNED

    Unheard of progress only a month ago… whistleblowing FBI agents leaking evidence, exposing shadow gov’t corruption at the deepest level. Indictments forthcoming!

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  2. Thank you Lada!
    What do you think about Hillary? Is there any chance at all that she will actually go to jail? Or is she so far above the law that she will get of the hook? Will she be pardoned by Obama?
    Seems our elites in the west are immune to justice and will never get punished for their heinous crimes!
    By the way, Swedish media is totally pro Hillary. People here are really scared that Putin will win the election! (yes, I did write Putin).
    In an earlier post you wrote about Fulford. I stopped following him about a year ago. He wrote that there is no Putin, but that there is a group of people behind a couple of Putin-doubles. Well, in a weird sense it sounds plausible… I was actually about to ask you about it, but then I came to my senses and read Fulford no more.
    The two sources I trust the most are you and RT.


    • Thanks, Emil.
      Sorry to disappoint, but no, Hillary won’t go to jail. As I said in ESR16, Trump will make deals (already has made them, and more coming), including with Clintons. Any present and future investigations are political moves, but it’ll never get to the real sentencing.


      • I will be so disappointed if after all his accusations and Clinton for Prison proclamations that he would not point the prosecutor immediately and indict both Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. The documentation has never been challenged about the Mena drug crimes not to mention the fact that all Clinton cronies from then except Larry Nichols are dead(?!). Now is the time for not only truth to out which is happening but justice and an end to corruption on all levels. Drain the swamp!!! So hope you are wrong there Lada. Surely it is possible for Trump to change and grow in your calibrations system? Surely this process he has experienced has changed the man immeasurably… perhaps you need to calibrate him again today… the day of his win with all the energy and hope that has become his responsibility to fulfill… the realisation… has changed the man exponentially?


  3. Hi Lada,

    Thank you for all the knowledge your share with all of us. I am a huge fan and have been reading your earth shift reports and was wondering your opinion of a variety of topics

    Are people like Hilary, Bill and Podesta involved in satanism and vile acts against minors?

    Also, what are your thoughts on Ethereum…I would like to invest in it and was wondering the best way to do so.

    Lastly, what do you think of vaccines…I worry about my young kids and its effects.

    I know you have a special ability to see the truth from a higher dimension viewpoint and would love your opinion on these things.

    God bless and thank you.


  4. This really belongs in the previous post.

    Don’t feel so put upon. We love you, subscribe, and follow you faithfully. Besides, I summarized my experience with Ben Fulford. But I follow as many as I can just in case. One I particularly like is Cosmic Awareness which says”You are a creator being; just because America goes down the tube, you don’t have to go with it. Stay neutral, away from the crowd, and create your own better reality.” Now I notice you are living in America. Isn’t that what you are doing?
    Much Love,
    James H. Cook


    • Sorry, James. I probably was a little harsher in my reply to you than intended.
      I didn’t mean you personally. I was referring to humans in general. The majority of those who follow me are basically the top 0.01% of humanity as far as their development goes.
      The energy before US election, both in the US and the world, has become extremely angry, confrontational and chaotic, affecting even my followers. And I feel all that.
      To your question: yes, this is what I’ve been doing. For the time being.
      Thank you for the kind words.

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  5. Lada, your predictions are extremely accurate, thanks for sharing special wisdom. I feel much relief that the Clinton crime family will not continue their reign of evil. Trumps not perfect but he will have to do… so much for Barack being the “last” president.

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  6. Hi Lada, I have appreciated listening to your perspective, and I find what you say very, very interesting. I also saw that you mentioned astrology as one of your pursuits of study, and I have studied some as well. I find it interesting that you say the real US drama at the head of the next decade, not quite yet. From my perspective, this makes total sense due to America’s Pluto Return around that time (2020 onwards). I was wondering if astrology factors into your insights and predictions, and if so, in what way. Thanks for your insights!

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    • Western astrology not so much, as a rule. Just sometimes, only to validate my already made conclusions. Eastern/Chinese astrology, primarily its macro-dynamics (global that is), combined with numerology and my own brand of Earth Feng Shui and 180-year Cycle theory – YES.

      Thanks so much for your perspective – good one.
      There is another aspect of Western Astrology that also validates this. I might mention it in one of the future webinars.
      Best wishes.

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  7. Hi everyone, enjoy the election farce:

    Trump: “…i don’t know Putin… what is a Putin??” lol 🙂

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  8. Lada…you did it again.


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  9. Congrats Lada for calling the election a year prior with your prophetic analysis. Well at least the White house wouldn’t have to worry about the furniture for the next 4 years!! 😀

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  10. Dear Lada and all your readers. For personal reasons I could, alas not follow the going-ons in the world for the past few weeks. Yesterday I did a marathon-like read-up on the situation in the world – both in US, middle-east and Ukraine.

    I must say that today’s outcome did not come as a surprise thanks to Lada’s masterful analysis and predictions.

    However, today I personally experienced a close contact with the “activation” that Lada described in “Mass Manchurian Candidate Activation: Latent Russophobia Awakens in the UK”. Some colleagues uncharacteristically talked about politics and election at work, and I took part in the conversation. One of the remarks from them was about how mass media in Sweden was pushing Clinton as “fait accompli” in the past months, and how they will have to do a U-turn now, how media has total control of one’s perception. Sounds reasonable, right? Then the conversation drifted to Russia and, who else, Putin. And suddenly they were talking about how Russia is poised to take over the world and Putin is the evil mastermind and devil incarnate. When asked, where they got this from, I was floored with the answer: “but you can read it in all the media reports”. I was stumped by such duplicity.

    The talk went back on to election and referendums, and I probed out of curiosity with mention of Ukraine and Crimea, where democracy was enacted in its purest form – a referendum, and was met yet again by the regurgitation of stereotypes. One of the guys outburst that referendums do not matter and Crimea had no right to break away from Ukraine, which is a formed state – no state should be able to dissolve unless all in the state agree to do so (what about USSR in 1992?). When I countered that it was only in 1917 that Ukraine was formed at the expense of break up of Russia following an illegal seizure of power, I was again met by duplicity along the lines of “well all states are formed at some point, but it does not matter that anyone can go and secede from them now”. Alas, I did not mention 1990s outright, but I guess it would have been met with the same kind of dismissal. It’s OK for Russia to be split up and partitioned, but god forbid if the direction is reversed and someone decides to join Russia.

    After the debate, one of the colleagues said me in private that he was impressed by my argumentation and well-preparedness on the subject, and that he himself looks into alternative/other viewpoints and that he used to debate in the same manner when he was younger, but not any more, as he discovered that voicing an unpopular opinion is not, well, popular.

    And, alas, that sums up why the West fails. As Edmund Burke so aptly said once: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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    • Your description is so accurate. It’s scary how easy it is to manipulate humans due to their sheer stupidity and self-imposed mind games.
      And then they blame someone else for their own blindness and complicity.

      The good news, the slow awakening is happening…

      Good to see you back on FT, Nemo. 🙂

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    • Hi Nemo, you wrote something incorrectly, not “I was stumped by such duplicity”, but “I was stunned by such stupidity.”

      I hate to say it, but your meeting fits all too well in my hillbilly, oh not so liberal-minded, Neanderthal-like bias:
      there are no bigger cowards in history and in the whole wide world than academics. These guys are the most mind-controlled people that ever seen the light of the day. Because they are proud of it, too. What a mess, what a waste.


    • Ok, my last rant was admittedly biased and not reconciling. But before we can reconcile with our adversaries we have to look at them properly and soberly. Being cosy and painting a rosy picture of a crisis or crisis actors alone doesn’t help us along. Criticising academics is as (ta)booed as passing criticism to Zionists. As long as they are above and beyond any question we are lost. There is an exception to every rule that is decent people, but here in this amoral quagmire that counts not at all. Just look how they are treating minority votes and dissenting opinions in everyday life. It’s horrible and oh, not so liberal-minded as we might assume.


      • Useful tip: Oli, you may have some key words in this comment that may automatically block it. I just fished it out of trash and approved manually. But since I can’t always do it, please post comments more carefully. 😉


  11. Aren’t we (that is, those of us who are worthy of it) supposed to transition to a higher state of consciousness as part of the earth shift through some “event” and escape the negative timeline you portray?


    • I think we must intend to increase frequency, go forth and do good, read between the lines and actively seek truth. Key concept is intent. We are all worthy but the worthiness must be personally demonstrated, preferably as a way of life. Special events may or may not manifest. I intend to escape nothing but experience all in a worthy and warrior-like manner. The Universe will take care of the details.

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      • That’s good – well put.
        James will do well to understand that life isn’t about escape, it’s about the experience, and about learning and growing.

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        • I recite “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” ( 23rd Psalm) and, indeed, the universe has kept me from falling into a hole three times in my life, and I suppose it will continue to do so. To cite one example, I was out of work for three months and on the verge of losing my house ( three months arrears on mortgage) when I received a stock certificate in the mail, cashed it, and saved my house. I got a job within the next month.

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  12. It is quite interesting to observe the aftershocks of the elections. The USA, and Trump personally seem to be in the crosshairs of the media in the style, usually reserved for Russia and other “wayward” countries, and never before (as far as I know), applied to the US and its coming President.
    A Norwegian tabloid had a full-page cover with the top of Tump’s head (only above hairline) and the words “Good -m-o-r-n-i-n-g- night, America” (an over-strike over “morning”). A German precious metal trader positioned itself with headlines “Trump is the next US President – end of the freedom, buy Trump-crisis stash sets”, and an image of the Statue of Liberty cracked and toppling.
    I can’t help, but keep rolling my eyes…

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    • I’m rolling my eyes, too, and sometimes quietly convulsing. I think what we’re seeing is 10% normal-abnormal liberal behavior, and 90% well-planned anarchy which I could safely pin on George of Soros and the last of the Lizard Cabal. Whatever they can do between now and Inauguration Day to bring down America they will do. It’s a pity that only a few of us actually know what’s going on. They will use that against us, too. Good to see you back, Nemo.

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