Mass Manchurian Candidate Activation: Latent Russophobia Awakens in the UK

Well, well, we’ve just discussed the latest anti-Russia, anti-Putin hoax by Fulford. In yesterday’s article, New Hoax about Putin and Russia Dispelled by Lada Ray!, I talked about how easy it is to activate the latent Russophobia, absorbed with the mother’s milk by many in the West, thus generating an army of Manchurian Candidates. And here’s yet another demonstration of this phenomenon!

I want to especially note that this is particularly true for young people, those who haven’t lived and who have been completely brainwashed by the US/West propaganda of the last 20-30 years. Older people, who have lived and who remember Cold War, and possibly even WWII, are a lot wiser and harder to subvert.

Notice that UK foreign minister Boris Johnson encouraged the protests and obstruction of the Russian Embassy in London – a complete violation of the diplomatic protocol. Not to mention that UK government seems to officially side with ISIL/Nusra, or whatever new name these terrorist organizations have changed to, in order to escape justice. UK seems to be confidently following in the footsteps of the ukro-nazi Kiev junta.

RT: Russia’s embassy in London has sent a letter to the UK Foreign Office to complain about demonstrators who dumped around 800 mannequin limbs outside the building in protest of Russia’s actions in Syria.

And speaking of Manchurian Candidates and latent Russophobia, please recall that in Earth Shift Report 12: THE FUTURE OF THE EU (BREXIT, etc.) I said that Boris Johnson didn’t strike me as particularly trustworthy or true, despite his Brexit activism. I also said that BREXIT will be delayed and made look like it’s happening, while its sabotage will take place. Listen to ESR12 predctions report:

1 predictions ESR12

For all about Syria and Russia’s real role there read


We’ll continue discussing whether any new government in the US, UK or elsewhere in the West, is for real and wants real change. Can the new US president execute real change the people crave?

As a treat for my Earth Shift Report contributors, listeners & readers, I am preparing a very special




is coming out in a few hours, tonight, November 4!



In it we’ll talk about my finalized predictions on who will win, whether there will be violence, whether elections will be falsified, whether Obama will cancel elections, whether there will be a false flag attack, as FBI has announced. Last but not least, what kind of president will Trump be and whether he will be able to ‘make America great again.’

If you ordered ESR16 previously, you don’t need to order again – just go to your previously bookmarked report page. Full instructions are in New Hoax about Putin and Russia Dispelled by Lada Ray! (scroll down to ANNOUNCEMENTS).




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  1. “Up In Arms”? LOL, how tongue-in-cheek! Or maybe just “cheeky”, depending on how you look at it. I choose to see the humor in it. Nice to see some balanced reporting on what appears to have been an inexcusable, lowdown intentionally staged provocation. I agree with you. Boris Johnson is a slimy, stupid person. I was going to say man, but Johnson does a shameful disservice to all good men, and there are many. Thanks, guys. Keep being the amazing beings you are!

    Looking forward to ESR16 update, Lada! Thank you for being the amazing being you are!

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  2. The embassy stunt looks like a well organized professional set up with actors. Who pays these people I wonder? Thanks for your take on Fulford; it’s best to take what he says with a pinch of salt!

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  3. I ordered the full report last week. Do I need to order the full report again in order to read the addendum? thanks


  4. Sorry I’m so slow. With regard to debunking Ben Fulford, what is your impression of Xi Jinping?

    The Bible says you judge a prophet by whether his predictions appear as facts in the outer world or not. Ben is always predicting things SO BIG that there is no way they could avoid appearing on the evening news. But then nothing would happen. So much for him. Unfortunately, he is always predicting things we wish would happen, so we keep following him.

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    • Yep, that’s the problem – you keep following him because you want that hype and sensationalism.

      If people were more balanced and wise, they’d all follow me – someone who speaks in a balanced and measured manner, tries to bring a positive perspective, and thoroughly tells the truth, however unpleasant it may sound to some. But the way it is, so many prefer to follow the hype – however silly. Meanwhile, the truth and meticulous honesty isn’t appreciated or rewarded.
      That’s how humans create their self-fulfilling prophecy and the matrix they all brew in. Then why blame someone, like NWO, devil, aliens – no one made you support untruths. You did it to yourself.
      That’s why some of us give up on humans. In fact, one has to have a huge, overwhelming love and compassion for humans and optimism that is out of this world to continue doing what, say, I am doing, or what Putin is doing, after a confession like yours.


  5. “…how easy it is to activate the latent Russophobia, absorbed with the mother’s milk by many in the West, thus generating an army of Manchurian Candidates…” Hahaha… I couldn’t have said this better on a good day. Way to go, Lada.

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  6. Lada you nailed it again!

    The Trumpet won not that it matters much but Killery is out!

    Hugs Ollie

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