Putin Makes His Move! Russian Economy Minister Alexey Ulyukaev Arrested for Corruption

I have to interrupt the regularly scheduled posts I promised you all yesterday for this huge breaking news. Russian Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev has been detained earlier today in Russia. He was caught red-handed while accepting a bribe. In Russian Criminal Code a bribe ‘received in an especially large amount’ carries a much stricter punishment. (Alexey Ulyukaev – Wikipedia)

According to the Russian news, Putin knew about this sting operation from the start. The police advised Putin of Ulyukaev’s detention. Following that, Putin discussed the situation with the head of the government, PM Dmitry Medvedev.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Putin was informed of the operation from the start and that the allegations are very serious. Either way, he said, Ulyukaev’s guilt will be decided by court.


From Rossia24: Ulyukaev caught red-handed while receiving a bribe of $2 million. He was under surveillance for a year. He demanded the $2mln bribe from Rosneft, promising a positive evaluation of the Rosneft deal to purchase 50% of state-owned shares of Bashneft (both major oil companies).

Here’s another video on the Ulyukaev court action.

This detention follows a string of high-profile cases against high-level officials in Russia for corruption, including governors, mayors and police.

Read about billions of rubles and dollars in cash found in possession of a police colonel. This, thriller-worthy story is described in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 15: PUTIN’S PLUTONIUM ULTIMATUM TO THE US. I explain how this enormous stash, with dollar stacks still in the original US Federal Reserve wrappers and neatly stored in a high-security luxury Moscow condo, was supposed to be used to stage color revolution in Russia.

The Ulyukaev arrest has been touted as the new, more decisive round of cleaning up the corruption. It’s about time. Russians at large are in total support of this move.

The real significance of Ulyukaev’s arrest

The fight with corruption is great and it has to be done, no question about it. It’s also great that Russian police and court are able finally to act boldly and get things done against the high-profile targets, who managed to avoid punishment in the past. These are very, very good news. Especially when you compare it to the disaster the police and court have become in many other countries.

But there’s much more to the story and it has a very important twist. Ulyukaev is considered the 5th column in Russia. Just like the majority of the so-called ‘economic block of the government,’ the patriotic circles consider him an ‘enemy’ working against the interests of Russia and for the interests of the Western NWO. The proof of how deep the tentacles of the US FED and various anti-Russian interests have penetrated into Russia during the 90s is how Russian Central Bank behaved during anti-Russian sanctions and during the 2014 attack on the ruble.

Another proof is the near disastrous situation with the once great Russian/Soviet educational system. Once Russia began following the Western system, with its silly standardized tests and lack of real education, the IQ and scores started dangerously slipping. A couple of months ago, another member of the government’s ‘economic block’ and another member of the pro-West, neo-liberal 5th column, the minister of education Livanov, was dismissed based on his performance. Around the same time, the former Russian ambassador to Ukraine, credited with allowing the Kiev maidan and coup slip between his fingers, was also dismissed.

Kiev junta refused to accept the new Russian ambassador, which means the Russian embassy operates without its head – not a good position to be. Without pausing for a breath and in an openly tongue-in-cheek move, Putin appointed ex-minister Livanov “the high representative to Ukraine on economic ties and cultural cooperation.” I might add: ‘the destroyed by Kiev and now almost non-existent economic Ukraine-Russia ties and cultural cooperation.’ The mocking part is obvious: since Kiev refuses to accept a real ambassador, the man who has been dismissed for poor performance (in education, no less) will be a perfect match for the Idiocracy+ dumb and dumber that have taken over the poor Ukraine.

Incidentally, the new Russian minister of education is a woman, and she is expected to bring education back up to the standards Russians are used to. Long-term I am optimistic, but it’ll take some years…

Back to Ulyukaev. The Russian patriotic and serious analytical circles alike have been for years demanding the dismissal of Livanov, Ulyukaev, Greff (head of Sberbank), minister of health, and others from the economic block. Interestingly enough, PM Dmitry Medvedev is often included in these demands. While I agree about everyone else on the list, I disagree about Medvedev. I’ll explain in THE PUTIN ENIGMA book (which will be released in 2017) who Medvedev really is and why he is important to Russia.

Therefore, this dismissal tied to Ulyukaev’s corruption is a very important signal that the society demands are being heard. I can’t overemphasize how important this move is.

The arrest of Khodorkovsky, Lebedev and the breakup of Yukos back in the mid-2000s signaled the beginning of an end of the Russian oligarchs and the end of the Western enslavement of the Russian economy.

The arrest of Ulyukaev, the key figure in the pro-West economic block, signals the beginning of the restoration of Russia’s full economic sovereignty.

The timing is important too: right after Trump won US elections. We’ll continue seeing that the very fact of Trump victory will have enormous influence on many countries.I’ll discuss that fully during the January-February live webinars.

Incidentally, Ulyukaev presided over the proposed sale of the 19% of Rosneft (state-owned oil giant) to private investors. This sale has been vehemently opposed in Russia, and yet, after years of delays and popular resistance, it was still going through.

So far the info is very scarce. But I strongly suspect that as a result of Ulyukaev’s arrest, the Rosneft sale will be scrapped. Other state assets were also pushed to be sold by Ulyukaev, despite complaints and mass resistance. Basically, he is one of the most hated men in Russia, probably next to Khodorkovsky. He was one of those who pushed for neo-liberal anti-Russian privatization reforms in the ’90s.

Again, recall what I wrote about Khodorkovsky in ESR3: Oligarch Wars. He was arrested on money and tax evasion laundering charges. Yes, he was guilty of all that, and that was how they were able to best nail him. But his real crime was treason: he attempted to sell Russian strategic assets he previously stole from the Russian people, to the US. Subsequently, he wanted to take over Russia by buying up the Duma deputies, with subsequent turning of Russia into a colony of the US/NWO. If Putin and his team weren’t on their toes, if Putin didn’t have the courage to act, Russia – the Great Balancer would disappear. There would be no one left to counter the Western aggression and neo-colonialism. And today, dear friends, we would all be slaves in the fully NWO-controlled world.

The whole fictionalized story of what went on and how Khodorkovsky was arrested is described in my novel THE EARTH SHIFTER. In it, oligarch Konukovsky is styled after the infamous Khodorkovsky. Oligarch Yury Gurevich in my other novel GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) is a composite of a couple of oligarchs I knew, plus another infamous ex-oligrach, Boris Berezovsky. All my books are sold on Amazon. (More on BOOKS).

My suspicion (I’ll confirm it when I have more intel) is that in line with the true, secret reasoning for Khodorkovsky’s mid-2000s arrest, there is much more to the Ulyukaev story. I suspect he was involved in a lot more wrongdoing than is being publicly admitted by authorities, no doubt due to the ongoing investigation.

And let’s recall what I predicted in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 15: PUTIN’S PLUTONIUM ULTIMATUM TO THE US: next step is nationalization of the ruble and Central Bank. Putin will continue systematically and carefully moving in the right direction. Ulyukaev’s arrest is another step, clearing the way for the implementation of this goal. Putin’s moves are never random. They are a part of the carefully thought-out strategic chess game very few can see.

Americans will do well to take a leaf out of the Russians’ book. Incidentally, Trump just might ‘clean that swamp’!

Trump and Putin already had a phone conversation, in which they agreed on cooperation in Syria. Trump also already made a very smart gesture towards Russia: he promised to release all Russians arrested during Obama admin and held in American jails. There are several people, who were kidnapped in third countries and held on some sort of trumped up charges. Usually Russians really value such gestures of good will.

I plan an additional follow-up video on Trump election. Most importantly, I plan live webinars on what to expect from Trump and the future of the US/West, early next year. During these webinars, participants will be able to ask live questions.

Much more coming your way! Stay tuned!

P.S. Shill attack against my top-rated novel The Earth Shifter

Incidentally, there is a shill attack against my top-rated novel The Earth Shifter on Amazon. My first ever one star review. My books never, not under the worst of circumstances, received any one star reviews. And it’s not a real review, but a mean personal attack against my name! Notice the date: November 7 – right before the US election and right after I published my prediction that Trump would win. They wanted to hit where it hurts.

Considering the book received mostly 5 star reviews ever since it was published, this really smells. Pretty sure this shill didn’t even read The Earth Shifter.

Here’s the LINK. It is on the right side, under ‘best critical reviews.’ The most interesting thing is that it shows up on this page, but when you click on it, it doesn’t come up at all.

1.0 out of 5 starsDelusional Trash
on November 7, 2016
In a world full of Lexus-level fiction and fantasy, this one is a real “Lada.”

Ok, have determined that this person is definitely a shill: The review does not contain ‘verified purchase’ sign, which means he didn’t read my book. 

If anyone wants to help, you can always leave a positive review. You can click on ‘unhelpful’ for such review, or ‘helpful’ for the reviews you like. You can leave a comment under any review, as well.

Most importantly and helpfully, every review is supposed to contain a REPORT ABUSE button you can click if you find the review abusive – which I absolutely do for this one! I can’t see this button on my end, since you know, authors have no rights, according to Amazon; we are just supposed to sit and take it on the chin.

But all of you should see the REPORT ABUSE button under this review (please let me know if it doesn’t show up – perhaps Amazon needs to be contacted with a complaint). If enough people click it, then presumably, Amazon will remove such review (just don’t click on any button more than once!).

I appreciate any help and thank you for your continued support!


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  1. Russia is showing the world and it’s high profile elected officials that it will not tolerate this kind of behavior any more. Good on Russia to set the example much needed all over the world .There is much work to do and by prosecuting Ulyukaev, they are proving that they mean business.This will no longer be tolerated.

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  2. Yes, of course, we will push the little button labeled ABUSE. This is outrageous but expected in the Age if Dirty Tricks. Yeah, and how about Moldova and Bulgaria? Moving east a little :)?


  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
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    Plenty of unsavory pro-establishment trolls who want to silence Lada’s message to help awaken humanity.
    Propaganda, brainwashing and gov’t control is a nasty business! Stay alert and employ critical thinking when seeking out the truth. Awake!

    To help vote down negative comments and reviews, go to Lada’s Amazon link and select Critical review/ Filter by: Verified Purchase/ Select (All reviewers) tab. Leave comment and Spread the word! 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Maddie. Really appreciate your help! 🙂


      • Hi Lada, just left a comment on your Earth Shifter book review to counter the Troll attack.

        “Have you actually read the book? Curious that you are the only unverified purchase reviewer and most likely a shill for the establishment. I also noticed you left your hasty review on Nov 7, a day before elections, hmmm. Could it be that you did not agree with Lada’s accurate and correct assessment, prediction and analysis of the American election, which results came true! Dems lost everything, Trump won big, as predicted well in advance on Lada’s geopolitical blog: https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/
        Sour grapes does not help your cause. I for one am voting down your biased comment and hope others will do the same, as it does not reflect the genuine quality of the work which is meant to help raise humanity’s consciousness and awakening. Perhaps that is your ulterior motive, to keep ppl from seeing the truth! Of all ppl, you should read this book and shift your reality for the better! Good luck Mr. Shill, no one is buying into your delusion.”

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    • Done, with comment!


  4. Lada, at some point will you write a bit about how Canada will fare with the Trump presidency? Thanks for all your insights.


  5. Mmmm strange, I tried to get into the 2 critcal reviews but Amazon won’t let me…….


    • Hi Christa, thanks for trying to help. I have the same problem. But our tech guru Maddie @ 1EarthUnited
      from 1earthunite.wordpress.com has left in this comment thread some instructions on how to open that Amazon review. Could you perhaps try it her way?


    • Hi Christa, to help vote down negative comments and reviews, go to Lada’s Amazon link and select Critical review/ Filter by: Verified Purchase/ Select (All reviewers) tab. Leave comment and Spread the word! XD

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    • Christa,
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  6. This is really great news for Russia, Lada! Russian “Central Bank”, which in reality is just a branch of the US Fed, should have been abolished long ago. This seems to be the first step on that path. Disentangling Russia from WTO and IMF should be the next step. Interestingly, Russia being one of the larger donors to IMF is bearing the brunt of that recent IMF financial aid to Ukraine, without the benefit of being mentioned as such…

    As for that “review” on Amazon, I simply reported it as an abusive comment, and hope Amazon would take action.

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  7. I was the 3rd Verified Purchaser to post a 5 star rating today, although I read the book a year or so ago. Also posted the 8th negative review of the review, voted up all the 4’s & 5’s and posted a Report Abuse comment.

    Here’s my review: Not just for kids.
    Cosmic, well researched, metaphysical thriller for all ages. The book is fast paced, taking the reader across continents & history. Great character introductions and sketches. I particularly liked the description of the CIA director which beings with, “There was a time when Aloysius Drakely was an American patriot.”,


  8. Hi Lada,

    Not the right thread, but …. just read the below copied comment @ FortRuss under the article about Greece protesting.

    Do you have some news to confirm or deny what’s written here??

    —————————begin quote:—————————

    Vtran • 8 minutes ago
    Not the right Article … but can confirm that CIA, FBI, U$ american Special Forces etc that were occupying Kiev Ukraine Gov Buildings have Left Kiev, Have left Ukraine !!

    All Georgians that came to “Help” Ukraine have resigned their positions, the Head of the “Kiev Police Academy” has resigned …. leaving only “Tie Eater” who is trying to form a Ukrainian opposition Party !

    Local Kiev Ukraine currency Hyrina is sliding … which means Kiev Ukraine people will get another demand for Higher Gaz Utility Bills to compensate for fall in currency !

    RATS leaving the sinking Ship comes to mind !

    —————————end quote—————————

    ~ Nyna


    • Most is true. I’ll have more soon.

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      • Ah! ha! You know what this reminds me of ? : The clip of Prime Minister VVPutin confronting the owners/managers of a concrete plant : “You ran around like cockroaches when you heard I was coming.”

        Now, in Kiev and in Syria, in Brussels, and God knows where else, they can be seen running around like cockroaches, knowing that Trump will be inaugurated to the US Presidency.

        What a great movie! I need to get some popcorn!



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