“I never orchestrated color revolution in Russia” My Twitter exchange with US ex-ambassador McFaul

US ex-ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul (Michael McFaul – Wikipedia), has been complaining on Twitter that he was banned from entering Russia, lamenting that ‘Kremlin has put him on the return sanctions list as Obama’s friend.’ This happened in response to Obama expanding sanctions list against Russians AFTER US ELECTIONS. Basically, Obama, this lamest of the ducks, decided to leave a poison pill, or a time bomb, if you will, for Trump by making as many negative moves against Russia as possible, while he’s still in office. Call him and Democrats sore losers, or something worse… this speaks loudly of what kind of person Obama is.

You know I never respond to this kind of stuff and I never get into fights with anyone on social media. But one of McFaul’s tweets really annoyed me. Here it is:

Nov 12

У меня сотни друзей в России. мне очень жаль, что эти санкции усложнят мое общение с людьми.

Translation: I have hundreds of friends in Russia. It is such a shame that these sanctions will complicate my communication with the people.

To that I replied:

Really? Who needs enemies with such friends. Shouldn’t have tried so hard to orchestrate in .

Michael McFaul replied:

Nov 12   Michael McFaul Retweeted Lada Ray

I never tried to orchestrate color revolution in Russia. .

I replied:

Nov 13

Yes, and really work. You, and should know.

This little exchange generated a minor storm of both pro and con tweets. There was a tweet that implied that ‘Russian people wanted Kiev-style maidan and color revolution against the Kremlin regime.’ Riiight, and this is why Putin’s approval rating is anywhere between 84% and 90%. Another said something to the effect that ‘they are afraid of your very presence in Russia, Michael.’ Because, you know, his very presence can ignite a revolution against the bad Moscow regime, lol.

In other words, the drivel you expect to hear from the sold-out and brainwashed neo-liberal crowd. The funny part is that a lot of these replies came in Russian. Kiev junta shills and Hillary/Soros payroll at work? They don’t get it how pathetic they sound and that their time has passed. They intend to cling to their past privileges for dear life. Pathetic they may be – to me, anyway – but they are still very, very dangerous, and they can cause a lot of damage (we’ll talk more about that in future webinars and articles).

Another tweet said that it was a pity he failed to orchestrate color revolution in Russia – he should have. That specific tweet reply was also in Russian. In other words, such tweets clearly showed WHO are in fact those hundreds of friends McFaul supposedly has in Russia: those who wish Russia ill, who dream of a civil war and the destruction of Russia.

As you know, I don’t promote hate speech and various trolls, so I won’t post the aforementioned tweets. Authors of such tweets were blocked on Twitter.

Meanwhile, others posted the following perceptive tweets:

Krylov Sergey@McFaul @LadaTweets а если бы это было правдой вы бы признались Майкл?

Translation: and if it were the truth, would you have admitted it, Michael?

Zoya Bolgar@McFaul @GeoffPyatt  right

(Lada says: Geoffrey Pyatt is US ambassador to Ukraine, who, together with Nuland, orchestrated Kiev maidan and 2014 coup.)

Brunhilde Brunftig@LadaTweets @McFaul #Crimea a River, Micheal 😀

Виталий Геджашвили:  @McFaul  Не мычи! Это просто смешно, хотел,не хотел ,какая разница, ты людям не нужен живи в Америке @LadaTweets

Translation: Stop whining! This is pathetic: I did, I didn’t, who cares, no one wants you here (in Russia), stay in the US.

Иван Михайлович@McFaul u never tried, or didn’t succeed?)

Lada’s conclusion:

I don’t know Mr. McFaul personally. I can see how he could be a pleasant enough man in the everyday sense. He may even be a good companion. This is not about his, or anyone else’s, personality. Obviously, McFaul has enough charisma to elicit sympathy and fool the sheeple. Therein lies a major danger for us all: if those who possess that charisma choose to use it for evil, they tend to obtain more power than they should. Then they can steer the world in the wrong direction.

Individuals like McFaul and Obama, guided by their warped and harmful view of the world, nearly succeeded in bringing us all to the brink of WWIII. They are known to regularly start wars all over the globe. They have succeeded in pitting two intrinsic parts of the same people, Russians and Ukrainians, against each other. The worst thing: they are not getting what they have done (as Putin put it in his UN speech) – and they never will!

Oh yes, and Mr. McFaul, you may have ‘hundreds of friends in Russia’ who wish Russia’s destruction, but millions of Russians are awake and cannot be fooled. To them, you’ll never be a friend.

Meanwhile in Ukraine:

AKAIDA:  @LadaTweets Scandalous Poll: 84% of Ukrainians want Putin as their president.

Add to that recent presidential elections results in Bulgaria and Moldova, where pro-Russian, pro-their-countries sovereignty presidents just won.

You see, Mr. McFaul, this is what happens when your versions of EU and US begin withdrawing their tentacles and when the aggressive West’s grip on other countries diminishes: the true affinities of the people immediately come through.

Unlike you, Mr. McFaul, I know THOUSANDS of fabulous people in the West, and they all want peace; they don’t want US and EU to interfere in other countries’ affairs; they want to live as friends and cooperative partners with Russia and other countries. They reject your version of the world. The good news, that warped and outdated world of yours is waning, and the new world, based on completely different principles, is emerging.

Dear friends and followers, stay tuned for more on these developments! New books, articles, videos and webinars by Lada Ray coming your way!

I really value your continued fabulous support!

Some closing intel:

Russian ex-economy minister Alexey Ulyukaev, arrested yesterday in Russia on major corruption charges, was, per inside analyst circles, a protege and creation of Michael McFaul, ambassador to Russia 2012-2014. Read my latest: Putin Makes His Move! Russian Economy Minister Alexey Ulyukaev Arrested for Corruption.

And another one: after Trump’s win, McFaul infamously said that the biggest loser of Trump election is Ukraine.

For once I agree, but not Ukraine, Michael. Rather your version of it: the Ukraine Nazi junta that all these Obamas, Nulands, McFauls and Pyatts supported. Ukrainian people will be HUGE winners.



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  1. Hi lada
    So I went to Youtube to see and hear something of this McFaul and clicked on the first interview that came up – a Hoover Institution interview. The introduction included the lie that Russia invaded Crimea, and a description of President Putin as a “cold-blooded killer”. Mc Faul was then asked for his experience in Russia and opinion. He said the statement about Putin was partially true. I couldn’t bear to listen to much more of it. Truly appalling.
    How could such a man expect to be welcome in Russia?
    Are these people completely stupid?
    As you rightly say these people are immensely dangerous idiots who may yet propel us into a conflict with Russia. European neoliberals and NATO hawks seem indifferent to the fact that if there is a war it will be fought predominantly in Europe.
    These dangerous idiots are irredeemable and beyond reason in my opinion. The only hope is that there will be enough rational adults among the leadership classes to thwart their evil schemes.
    I hope that president elect Trump will not succumb to their overtures or threats and go along with them as Obama has done.
    All the best

    Liked by 2 people

    • Stupid, deluded, brainwashed, choosing to be on the side of evil. All that.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Invaded Crimea, annexed, overran, whatever, this garbage is the soup du jour for all the idiots out there to vacuum into their empty brains. I’m reading Brad Taylor’s latest spook thriller, The Ghosts of War, and it is a full-on assault on Russia and Putin (by name). It’s really disgusting but I like spook thrillers. It is written so well that the average reader of this genre would take it for gospel. Brad Thor and Vince Flynn (deceased) do the same thing, but don’t name names, just titles :). Russia is always the bad guy. Thankful for my Mercury in Scorpio @ MC and for Lada.


  2. Wow, great Twitter storm! 😉

    I’m totally flabergasted about what Obama has done, did not read anything in the news about it, not in the US nor here, so it got lost in all the confusion in the election aftermath, sneaky b*st*rd!
    What I find most disturbing is that Obama, Clinton and the rest of the lot did not condemn the riots that seem to have broken out in the US after Trump’s election! I am afraid those whiners are going to disrupt the peaceful transition that always was a part of the USA’s heritage. Mr. T. is in my thoughts almost every day, as I wish him well and hope he will succeed in changing the things he was talking about! Already you see a kind of relaxation around the world!
    Now lame duck O. is on his last trip, which he thought was to celebrate HRC’s election, and nobody really wants him. Also over here there still is a lot of confusion in th press about Mr. T.’s surprise election, but slowly the press is coming around, they will have to, and once they see how things are going I think they will ultimately see that what he will do will be great for everyone! Go Mr. T. go go!!! Lots of people are cheering you on!!

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    • There are also professional protest managers among the anti-Trump demonstrators. The same lot that infested the Occupy movement. Black-clad with black backpacks and walkie talkies. They are foundation trained and paid.

      Liked by 2 people

    • About the “I find most disturbing is that Obama, Clinton and the rest of the lot did not condemn the riots that seem to have broken out in the US after Trump’s election!”. They can not condemn them since they are a part of their organisation. PTB wnated Clinton to win and due to a bad move, she did not and they are not happy about that.

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  3. Great comment, Lada, with the usual ruby laser insight !!

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  4. The US establishment (oligarchy secret government, etc.) is equally the enemy of both Russia and the American People.

    Liked by 5 people

  5. John Kirby, former USN Admiral and a disgrace to the uniform, now telling lies for the US State Department, says that RT (Russia Today) is less-than and doesn’t deserve equal treatment. Kirby claims Russia just took-out (bombed) 5 hospitals and a mobile clinic in Syria but won’t provide RT any particulars. This sleazebag is real vomit material.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I watched a video today of the Admiral Kuznetsov launching strikes against ISIS in Syria and would like to say BZ (well done) to the boilermen for not making smoke during air ops.


  7. I am an American and a strong supporter of a sovereign Russia, and a sovereign USA working in harmony. Putin is an authentic leader, a true nationalist in the best and highest sense of the word, whereas the likes of McFaul, Pyatt, and Nuland et al are proven traitors to the US Constitution. My sincere hope is that the great people of Russia do not fall for any provocations from MI6, CIA, or Mossad…that is their game, and they have refined ‘the trap’ exponentially over the last 60 years. Peace

    Liked by 4 people

  8. Mr. Mc Faul is aptly named, and he characterizes his appellation so well! He keeps company with and takes orders from the FOULest excuses for humanity on earth. It is no wonder he is not welcome in Russia! I applaud Mr. Putin for taking the appropriate actions to protect and defend his country. I also applaud the Russian people for seeing that sorry creature so clearly and rejecting him utterly. I would not welcome Mr. Mc Faul, and I wager he would not be welcome among the millions of decent, kind and principled Americans who want more than anything to see our country’s reputation restored, restitution made for the damage that has been caused (as much we can, being fully aware that the precious lives lost cannot be replaced), and our nation living peacefully and cooperatively with all the other sovereign nations as one among equals. Blessings to all my brothers and sisters everywhere! We are ONE. Let us work as one to rid our world of the scourge that has come upon it so we can live together in harmony. May it be so.


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