New US ‘Diplomacy’ and Kirby’s Fascist Hysterics: Russian Journalists Second Class?

Hate to say it, but I told you so. In the previous post about color revolution and ex-ambassador to Russia McFaul, “I never orchestrated color revolution in Russia” My Twitter exchange with US ex-ambassador McFaul, we discussed how dangerous too much power and/or influence in the wrong hands can be. We also discussed the activation of latent Russophobia in: Mass Manchurian Candidate Activation: Latent Russophobia Awakens in the UK.

It is especially bad when the people holding that power and influence are basically fascists and dumb, to boot. It’s even worse when the beast feels cornered, as it’s happening now with Obama administration. Then, a thin veneer of the so-called ‘democracy’ and ‘civilization’ simply falls off and the real visage of the fangs and horns underneath emerges.

That’s what happened during the exchange between RT correspondent Gayane Chichakyan and US State Dept spokesman John Kirby.

RT correspondent Gayane Chichakyan


When Gayane called Kirby’s lie about Russian bombings of ‘hospitals and schools in Aleppo,’ Kirby, being unable to provide answers to journalist’s request for specifics, instead lashed out at her, calling her second sort.

Kirby’s hysterics, tainted with a fascist flavor, generated a retort even from US journalist Matt Lee, who pointed out that the questions were legitimate and that Chichakyan was as much a journalist as the rest of them.

US State Dept had to apologize for its representative’s hysterics, but Kirby himself is silent. I do understand. Democrats are losing it because Hillary lost elections and because past power is slipping out of their hands. Pro-Russian candidates just won elections in Moldova and Bulgaria, and more to come. All this is happening due to Obama admin’s disastrous international politics, as I predicted in 2015.

Video of the incident:

Incidentally, this sweet and delicate girl, Gayane Chichakyan, is Armenian, not Russian, although she probably has Russian citizenship. Taking on US establishment like this… I just want to say, good for her! Go, Gayane! And go RT! What would we do without your honest and revealing news reporting! (Can’t trust the MSM BS from CNN, BBC, NBC, et al. – I stopped watching them in 2003).

This same US State Dept spokesperson John Kirby (who also happens to be US navy admiral, no less) earlier in the year openly threatened Russia with terrorism escalation in Russian cities and with Russian servicemen coming home from Syria in body bags. This must be the new US diplomacy.

That outburst was interpreted around the world as an open order to ISIL and various terrorists to attack Russians. By doing so, Kirby revealed that US indeed controlled Islamist terrorist organizations.

In conclusion, we thought it couldn’t get any worse when the rude and confused Jen Psaki was State Dept spokesperson, who couldn’t tell Africa from Siberia and Black Sea from Baltic Sea. How wrong we were: turns out it can get much, much worse!

Let’s hope the trend changes after Trump takes office.



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  1. This State Department is mad-dog foaming at the mouth. We are seeing pure evil personified. In all my years I have never been exposed to this level of virulence and it’s pretty shocking. And I love it when you’re right, Lada, and you’re right all the time. BZ to Gayane from RT, too.

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  2. Well done Gayane Chichakyan, and that man who spoke-up about her question.
    I think Kirby wouldn’t say what the source was because it is most probably the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which I understand is an anti-Assad outfit run by one man in the UK. It’s not a genuine human rights agency nor even about human rights; it’s about opposing Assad.

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    • According to the German-Swedish news agency (Deutsche WirtschaftsNachrichten / DWN) the so called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is a front for the “Muslim Brothers” financed by [rogue elements within] MI6. To my knowledge Muslim Brothels, uhm, Brothers in turn are a creation by the good, ole Rothschilds.

      MSM are strictly ordered to refer to the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” as their first, best and mostly only news source regarding Syria. Just look what a nice name they have. Rothschild’s “Reuters” is also allowed to be cited but not as much appreciated.

      DWN however is referring mostly to the Russian news page “SouthFront”. (Ahem, SouthFront is a small but mighty news site which is always in trouble for lacking money. I know, you too, but thinking of Christmas …)

      Sorry Lada, couldn’t resist for taking in as much evil keywords as I can. 😉 Please, forgive me. (Hello & good-bye, NSA!)


  3. I’m starting to like Zakharchenko (DPR) and I think there’s more to this guy than what he gets in the press. Seems like his Lada calibrations may be noteworthy and he could be capable of higher responsibility in the near future. ??

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  4. Stories of USA ruling elite not knowing about where countries are on a map go back a long way. I doubt they could point the Earth on a map of the solar system or what color the sun is on a poster showing different color stars.

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  5. Pity that the beasts at bay refuse to recognise they’re losing it and give in gracefully. It’s surprising how easy it is to spot them lying through their teeth once they open their mouths. Given that all these “hospitals” in Syria have been bombed I’m surprised if they have all been obliterated by now. Still, it’s good to see Gayane getting the better of Kirby the blustering bully. More power to her journalism and to your predictions.

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  6. Sorry to say…..but….this guy (his behavior because I don’t know him of course) is such an *ssh*le, Grrrrrrr! Not much more to say about it but: plain rude!

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    • Obviously his loathing of Gayane’s accuity has him in a rage! One must always keep their cool particularly when under pressure… seems he has never heard that one. His rage has been ramping up for months but seems out of control now. No doubt his ill-judged behaviour will have repercussions in all sorts of ways he never envisioned….Lol.

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  7. Absolutely LOVE your comments, Lada, what a great post! What a sad guy! Go RT, Go Gayane! Things might get a lot better soon!

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  8. So Kirby doesn’t like state owned media. Guess he’s never heard of the world oldest national broadcasting organization, the BBC; founded by Royal Charter & financed by annual television licensing fee charged to all British households, companies and organizations. The fee is set by British government & confirmed by Parliament.

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    • No, BBC is 1st class to Kirby. 😉 Same with US State Dept financed Radio Freedom, and also the new US-financed anti-Russian propaganda radio stations recently installed in Estonia and Czechia to broadcast to Russia. Those are top-notch also.
      It’s only Russian state media he has a problem with. This used to be called fascism.

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    • Incidentally, the Norwegian NRK (Norsk Riks Kringkasting) – Norwegian State Broadcasting – is set up in the same way as BBC, is a state-run agency, financed by mandatory yearly taxing of each household, based on the number of TV sets that the household has. It runs 3 TV channels and a plethora of radio channels.

      So! Kirby just said that he’s against BBC and NRK. Maybe other readers can expand the list of the Western media outlets that Kirby is against? 🙂

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  9. Hmm… for some reason a lot of comments for this post ended up in trash, unbeknownst to me. Just found them and restored. I wonder if someone out there is trying to prevent this info from being spread…

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  10. Heads-up: Swiss military jets buzz Russian civilian diplomatic flight:

    On November 18, a plane of the Rossiya Special Flight Group headed to Peru’s capital city for the APEC summit. It was met by fighters of the Swiss Air Force in the air space of that country, and was escorted to the border with France. Among the passengers on board the Il-960300 were members of President Vladimir Putin’s delegation and reporters.

    The jet was as close as 50 meters from the Russian airliner, flying on a pre-announced civilian altitude.

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    • The usual bad manners and offensive behavior by the Boyz from Brussels.

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    • Wow… saw this today. Seems it is getting increasingly dangerous and risky to fly anywhere. A whole delegation of valuable people could have been taken out as has happened so many times before involving 9/11 Truthers, activists, etc. Planes are now political weapons it seems. So different to the hijacking during the 80s.


  11. An satiric image on topic:

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