RIP Fidel Castro: Remembering Comandante (and how I met him)


A long-time Cuban leader and one of the most iconic and controversial figures of the 20th century, Fidel Castro died last night aged 90. The funeral is scheduled for December 4 in Santiago de Cuba.

I met Fidel Castro when I was 20. As a translator for the Soviet Ministry of Education and la Universidad de la Habana, I had the chance to interpret in the meetings of the Soviet scientific delegations with Fidel Castro.


Fidel Castro’s lifetime achievement was something no one believed possible: a tiny, poor and seemingly defenseless island, just a short distance from Florida, was able to withstand over 50 years of pressure and threats from the 500-pound gorilla next door. USA orchestrated a brutal 50-year Cuban economic blockade and multiple attempts at invasions and subversions. Castro himself survived over 500 CIA assassination attempts – more than any leader in recent human history.

Through all this, Cuba led by Fidel, called in most countries ‘the island of freedom’ but referred in the USA as ‘that imprisoned island’ didn’t surrender and didn’t succumb. Love him or hate him, Cuba under Castro managed to preserve its authentic national identity and its sovereignty. It’s a lot more than can be said for many of the rich and well-positioned world’s countries, including Ukraine, Europe, Canada, Australia, parts of Latin America and Asia, and USA itself.

‘Sovereignty’ and ‘national identity’ are the key words that are as timely today as they were in 1959.

For many people Fidel Castro remains a symbol of freedom and social justice.

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Remembering Comandante


Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was a Cuban politician and revolutionary who governed the Republic of Cuba as Prime Minister from 1959 to 1976 and then as President from 1976 to 2008. Wikipedia
Born: August 13, 1926, Birán, Cuba


Fidel’s quotes:

He who isn’t capable of fighting for others won’t be able to defend himself.

A warrior can die, bit not his ideas.

The worst thing is to capitulate before the enemy who attacks you for no reason and with no right to do so.

The world lives on top of the powder keg, which USA is ready to blow up any moment.

Our country is a spiritual paradise. We choose to die in paradise, rather than surviving in hell.

I know that the war I conducted against USA all my life was pre-destined.

A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.

They talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America?

I find capitalism repugnant. It is filthy, it is gross, it is alienating… because it causes war, hypocrisy and competition.

Cuba’s fight for independence and Fidel Castro timeline

Vladimir Putin’s condolences: ‘Fidel Castro was a true and faithful friend of Russia’ (RUS)

Fidel Castro dies at age 90, his brother announces on TV (ENG SUBTITLES)

After Fidel’s death, will Cuba change its direction? Will Havana turn to the US? The answer below. 

Division remains: Cubans in Cuba mourn and cry, while Cubans in Miami celebrate:

No hugs for Obama: Awkward moment with Fidel’s brother and present Cuban leader, Raul Castro, at Havana presser


THAT moment in history! One step away from WWIII: Cuban Missile Crisis in one minute (RUS)



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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    RIP El Jefe Maximo. “Fidel” in Latin means faithful, which he certainly was to the cause.


  2. It has been pounded into Americans ever since Castro took over Cuba that he was the enemy, a godless communist dictator. Then I look at this quote, with which I agree: “The world lives on top of the (sic) powder keg, which USA is ready to blow up any moment.” Next I consider the words ‘sovereignty’ and ‘national identity’. But I also hear about tortured prisoners languishing in Cuban jails. Truthfully, I don’t know what to think… except the Federation Prime Directive… Don’t mess with other peoples’ politics or evolution. We (USA) haven’t been very good about that.Thanks for the update, Lada.

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    • Apparently, you don’t know what went on in Cuba and what kind of people escaped from Cuba to the US: those were exclusively whites, primarily the wealthy and well-to-do who wanted US to dominate Cuba and who lived well exploiting the majority of Cubans.
      Do you know what kind of Cubans live in Miami? Look at them and then compare them with those who give interviews in Cuba. See the pattern?

      If you were a leader of any country, what would you do with those people who try to invade your country, assassinate you, overthrow your government and make your people live the life they rejected since 1959?

      US/UK/Canada, etc., always gave shelter to the likes of ukro-nazi Bandera followers who escaped Hitler, various terrorists from Caucasus and Middle East, who created wars and terror acts, so, following this line, what kinds of people from Cuba ended up in the US, what do you think? And why the shelter was given to them? To use them against Cuba at an opportune moment, such as the Bay of Pigs.

      Incidentally, I met some Cubans from Miami. They are fine, for the most part, when you discuss everyday topics with them. The problem is that they have absorbed with mother’s milk the hatred and prejudice towards Castro and Cuba. They have been brainwashed from childhood. The problem is that US and West encourages this division by stocking the fire of hatred, telling them they have been freed from evil regime and that only the US way is the way. The same manipulation has been happening for many years with those who arrive here from Ukraine, Russia and any other place.
      Key word: manipulation.

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  3. May Fidel rest in peace he deserves it. Now the real battle for Cuba and the Caribbean goes full throttle overdrive.

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  4. Most of us were slow to realize the Fidel was gigantic human being. For me this realization has been in direct proportion to my growing understanding that everything evil my government said about MANY other leaders was even more true about our own.

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    • Happens all the time to manipulate people’s consciousness and distract from crimes committed by them. “The lie has to be gigantic to be believed.” I believe it was Hitler who said that.


  5. Thank you for this testimonial and your continued work to keep the history strait. Fidel Castro, having survived the physical assassination attempts, was and will still be subjected to furious character assassinations – as happens to anyone daring to stand up to the hegemony.

    May he rest in peace, while the struggle to make this world a better place goes on.

    I noticed that his second surname is Ruz. That may be a linguistic coincidence, and then again, maybe not…

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  6. Damn, at last those miserable bastards succeeded in poisoning Castro!

    Un saludo a commandante Fidel.

    And a hail to the famous Cuban health care system which kept us Fidel Castro vivid and alive for such a long time. The South Amercian progressives are in a state of deep gratitude for Fidel in just withstanding all attacks and surviving legion of enemies. In their weakest times he remained for them a beacon of hope. And just get a sneak peek at his friends: Sartre, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Lula [da Silva], Harry Belafonte, Noam Chomsky, not bad after all that smearing.
    I’m curious about the real history of the Cuban-American affairs. And I have the strong feeling that we will not have to wait a long time for this revelation.

    — off topic —

    Hi Lada, I’m afraid you have to correct your absolutely fantastic assessment of Jill Stein, the party leader of the Green Party in the USA.
    Her demand of the recounting of the ballots in three swing states is flushing her reputation down the toilet. Americans are truly good in smiling, just think of Hillary, but that’s all on the surface. Overnight this little party got 5 million bucks out of nowhwere and Mrs. Stein suddenly discovered her urgent need of clarification. But, alas, according to the US politician Mark Dankof Jill Stein was sponsored by good, ole Soros:

    Trump seems to be not amused,

    but was is your take on that issue?

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    • It’s ok, nothing to correct. It’s still US and it’s still politics. They all sell out and follow their interest. I did notice that she was getting worse closer to elections, that’s why you may have noticed, I didn’t mention her in ESR16. I never said she was a saint. You didn’t think she was, did you? More news for you: Trump isn’t a saint either. Let’s not get carried away worshiping either.

      Besides, you have to understand her position: the Greens are strapped for cash, you can’t get anywhere in the US without cash, and suddenly money starts rolling in and more is promised. Humans shouldn’t have supported the corrupt money-based system, when everything’s for sale – now we are all reaping the reward.
      Plus she gets tons of pressure from her constituents to dispute Trump’s win, since they are mortally afraid of Trump’s rule.

      Soros will do what he can and must do, to live out his destiny: prevent NWO from falling apart. He’ll finance anything and anyone for that. No news here either. If someone donates to Stein/Greens under the pretext of helping the environment, or the oil pipeline protest, etc., sure she’ll take the money, Soros or not. I’d have thought it should be clear.
      But really, this isn’t that important. There are bigger fish to fry in the world.

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      • Indeed, there are much bigger fish to fry, and they have scales. But not to get too far ahead in this adventure, I’ve done some research into Cuba and discover the people there are not as bad off as the propaganda would imply. The people celebrating Fidel’s death in Florida are as Lada says… much removed in time and location and useful for propaganda. Small stuff and I really want to go fishing…


      • Dear Lada, I didn’t ask you for my assassination, um, assessment as an alleged “worshipper” of Stein & Trump. From where did you get this funny idea? I asked you among others for an updated chi calibration of Mrs. Stein. It’s not your fault that Mrs. Stein changed her mind, soul and chi for a few million bucks. It’s not about you, it’s only about her. Do you see what I mean? So please, stop attacking me on the basis of an arbitrary supposition and for blaming me not to recognize what you didn’t write.

        But besides that, your opinion is interesting as almost always, but this time served with a pinch of cockiness. Say, what do you want: worshippers or friends? Do you see the difference of it and what’s more, can you bear it?

        Just to reverse your last slap: there is imo no “bigger fish” on earth than Soros. Contrary to his handlers, the clans of Rothschild and Rockefeller, Soros does the dirty job for them. They are dependent on each other. But luckily it seems God has had an insight finally, there is rumour on the internet that this ugly reptile has died in November 2016. Putin himself called Soros literally a “sly dragon”:


        • My comment contained rhetorical questions, not directed at you personally, so no need to worry. I often use a reply to someone’s question in order to voice my position to my readers in general. It was for the benefit of all those – and there are many such people – who expect miracles from Trump. I see lots of such comments and questions.

          Calibration of Jill Stein at this time, you’re right, is substantially down compared to last time (was it spring?): C 210; Chi 185.
          Very sad. But it was already visible before the elections.
          Incidentally, Bernie’s at present is: C 210; Chi 180.

          I’ll try to release a new video update on Trump, US elections and more, soon. The confusion and frantic nervousness is escalating and many expect a revolt during electoral college vote. I’ll cover what I can in the update, incl. my new predictions.

          But ‘cockiness’? NOT cool, Oli.
          All you had to do was ask me to calibrate.


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    • @ Oli Gulliver

      I felt the same as you, that Stein was, with this action and the sum$ raised so quickly, flushing her credibility.

      Bruce Dixon, managing editor at Black Agenda Report offers a different analysis. He makes reference to having worked inside the electoral system over many years, under Democrats and Greens. He points out that David Cobb, the Green Party candidate in 2004 and Jill Stein’s 2016 campaign manager, had raised money online in 2004 to fund an Ohio recount, and that this action “provided the evidence to spark other investigations in multiple states (..,..) sent one election official in Ohio to prison and helped give birth to a nationwide movement against black box voting.”

      So, this current recount action is maybe more substantive and serious than the way it’s been reported.


      As for El Comandante — may he be able to work energetically, now, on behalf of la revolución. Am picturing him even now preparing to attend a summit meeting with Hugo Chavez and His Excellency, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, where, on a rug spread upon the desert sand under the stars at an oasis, in the cool of the evening they will smoke cuban cigars and discuss how to direct their energies in the current phase of resistance to the neo-colonial agenda to “plow and plunder” the rest of the world. (The plow&plunder quote is from a commenter at Maybe the three of them will summon Soros to come-on-up-here-and-explain-yourself. Could be any day now! 🙂

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