Kiev Tries to Ban Russian Language – Ukrainians Respond with Russian Song Katyusha

This is the follow-up to my previous posts:

In Beautiful Russian-Soviet Song Flash Mobs, I showed you how people in Zaporozhie, Kharkov, Odessa and Moscow countered the vicious hatred emanating from Kiev junta, and how they said no to repressions against Russian language in Ukraine.

The new additional data coming in on the repressions against Russian language: Kiev Rada will be voting on the new law, which is supposed to limit Russian language programming on TV and radio to 5%. Already, most Russian films, all Russian-languge  TV/radio stations and publications are banned in Ukraine, except the openly anti-Putin and anti-Russian ones.

There is another radical ukro-nazi proposal awaiting a vote in the Rada. It calls for the Russian speakers who always resided in Ukraine to be denied citizenship and the right to education. Ukraine is following in the footsteps of Latvia and Estonia, the euro-fascist members of the EU, where millions of Russian-speakers are denied citizenship and given a label of ‘non-citizens.’ Who needs Hitler…

This last one was proposed by an infamous deputy from Western Ukraine, Irina Farion, who during Soviet times used to be a member of the Communist Party, but when it became profitable, she promptly switched to the ukro-nazi side of the most vicious kind. She reminds me of the Lithuanian ‘president’ installed by the US, Dalia Gribauskayte, also once a Communist Party member and daughter of a KGB (NKVD) officer, who turned the moment US/EU promised her those proverbial 30 pieces of silver.

Another law being passed mandates that no signs in Russian language can appear in airports and train stations, despite the fact that 70% of Ukraine prefers to speak Russian. The mandated languages for public announcements and signs in Ukraine airports and train stations will be Ukrainian and English.

There are many more acts of repression towards Russian language and culture in Ukraine.

After all this, is it any wonder that normal people are leaving Ukraine by millions? The problem with that is: if everyone normal leaves, who will be left? Only imbeciles, sheeple and low-lives? This, unfortunately, is a very worrying ongoing trend in Ukraine. For more read: Mass Migration: What Happens if a Country Gains or Loses its Life Force? (US, EU, Russia, China, Ukraine).

Many leave, but some choose to stay and hold the fort, no matter how hard it is, until a meaningful change can occur.

To say NO to all the repressions, the new Flash mob “The Russian World” was born in Zaporozhye, Eastern Ukraine. The industrial city of Zaporozhye, located on the banks of the River Dnepr, next to Donbass and not far from Donetsk, was the seat of the Soviet 1930s industrialization. Read more about it in the articles linked at the bottom.

After the Russian-Soviet song flash mobs in Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Odessa and Moscow, Dnepropetrovsk has joined in. Dnepropetrovsk is a large city and an oblast located between Zaporozhye and Donetsk oblasts in Eastern Ukraine.

The Dnepropetrovsk Train Station flash mob sang the famous Russian song Katyusha. Here’s the first amateur video of the Katyusha flash mob:

Better quality full version of the Dnepropetrovsk Katyusha flash mob has posted on YT:


You can find some original versions of Katyusha in Legendary Soviet Music Hits.

And this is Katyusha by the Red Army Choir:

I also found this, with Eng subs:


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  1. Thank you for the share Lada. I love the songs and music.

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  2. Thank you Lada, that is beautiful! 😉

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  3. Loved It, thanks


  4. Lol, if you don’t discover your foot tapping while listening to these songs I suggest you might need to check your pulse! What a charming performance by the young lady singing with the Red Army Choir. Beautiful!


  5. And having read to the end of the article, I saw that you already posted about the song protest in Dnepropetrovsk. 🙂

    On to something unrelated… I had a huh?!-moment, when I talked to one person the other day. The conversation touched upon Russia, and I thought I’d see what he knew about that tiny country to the East. 🙂 He drew blank when I mentioned that Russia was, in fact, a diverse Federation with 85 different subjects with varying degree of autonomy. He could not fathom why a country would want to be organised like that. I had to bring a parallel to the USA for him to get a revelation moment. He was also, for some reason, of the impression that Crimea was given to Ukraine by Catherine a few hundred years ago and was genuinely surprised when I told about how recently – in 1954 – that even took place and that at the time of Catherine there was not such state as Ukraine. And this person is well-educated, with what I feel to be in possession of an inquisitive and quite open mind.

    If anyone encounters such a person, a good article to direct to, is this:

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  6. If I could be infiltrated into the belly of Porky’s Beast, I would launch electronic asymmetrical guerilla warfare on those goons. There are so many gadgets nowadays, and devices one could build. Start in the train stations. All of a sudden, nothing but Russian comes over the loudspeakers. Nobody can figure it out :). Then there are the old fashion pirate radio stations, highly mobile. We’d call it Radio Free Ukraine. Nothing but good Russian music and patriotism, all in Russian. A good mobile jamming device would come in handy, too. This is war, no? They’ve done enough for the people to pick-up a gun, but they don’t.

    So I see the need for some savvy, tekked-up Millennials to step up to the plate. And bikers. We’d need bikers, too. I know where we could get some bikers. Yeah, I know: Go back to your room, Paleo, and don’t forget your meds. The thing with the flash mobs was a great start… uh, flash mobs?… that gives me another idea… So I’m sitting here in the high desert in New Mexico and I’m thinking what I would do if the government told me I couldn’t speak English anymore, but would have to go with Spanish. We’re talking about heading for the gun locker here. It would start on that day and it wouldn’t be over until it was over.


  7. Kiev responds! A bit timidly, but with a strong undercurrent meaning:

    The song is a children’s one – known to all who grew up in USSR, about a child drawing, saying “let there always be sun, sky, mother and I”.

    Here is the song in full:

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  8. A response from Mariupol, women singing “I love you, life!”, wanting it to be better and working towards it, and remembering those, who fell, defending the future with a better life.

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  9. And Lugansk picks up the call with “From where my Motherland starts”

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  10. In Donetsk, people sang “The evenings of Moscow suburbs”


    • Wow! I know that song too, Nemo! It was made into an instrumental version and played on radio stations here in the U.S. in the late 1950’s when I was very, very young. Here, it was titled “Midnight in Moscow”. I liked the melody so much that I taught my tiny fingers how to play it on the piano in my home. (I am certain I must have a past somewhere in that part of the world. Pictures of the landscapes, particularly the mountainous areas around Lake Baikal, the faces of the people and the music have always called to me.) I had forgotten all about having learned this song so long ago until I heard the people singing it. It felt so nice to be able to hum it along with them. :o)
      Seeing all the beautiful songs being sung by the people in solidarity with one another makes me smile. It warms my Heart to see that they haven’t forgotten their ties and their deep feelings for who they are to each other. There is hope! Thank you so much for sharing. ❤


    • In the video linked below Oleg Pereverzev dedicates his version of “Moscow Nights” to Van Cliburn who played it on his world tour in 1958 at the height of the Cold War and helped continue the spread of this award-winning song around the world. If you read some of the comments below the video you will see that for many of us there never was a “Cold War”. Music was and is the transcendent universal language that unifies us all.

      P.S. Speaking of transcendent, Van Cliburn’s rendition of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s stirring
      and extremely difficult Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor is breathtaking! Russian composers. What can you possibly say! Makes me tear up every time I hear it.


  11. And Nikolaev responded with “Hope is my Earthly compass”

    The refrain singing:

    Hope is my Earthly compass,
    And luck is my prize for the courage,
    While one song is enough –
    That of my home it would sing


  12. Nancy C/Seattle

    Posting link to Sybel Edmonds’ NEWSBUD channels round table discussion 12/02/2016: NATA Nightmare: Russian-Germany Alliance.

    Analysis centers around Merkel’s post Trump re-election prospects. Ukraine is mentioned a couple of times. Consensus seems to be that France will have to break free first partially because Germany is still under US military occupation.

    The Russian analyst gives a concise definition of failed “neoconservative” & “neoliberali” programs. In my opinion this 45 minute video fits in nicely with your Earthshift reports.


  13. Another radiant candle for liberty appears from inside the ‘renegade realms’ of Donbass-

    This has come to me from the independent Donbass region. The Western media provides nothing but disinformation about this area of the world as part of the ongoing demonization of Russia:

    “My name is Alexander Chopov and I am the founder of the Donbass Truth Channel. Our goal is to give the people of Donbass, Crimea and South-East Ukraine a voice in English.”

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