Trump’s Man in Moscow: Trump sends a message to Russia via his ex-adviser Page

Trump sends a message via his ex-advisor Page that he intends to mend relations with Russia. Page also talks about the ‘swamp’ in the US Trump intends to clean up.

Carter Page, former foreign policy adviser to US President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign, is holding a presentation in Moscow titled ‘Departing from hypocrisy: potential strategies in the era of global economic stagnation, security threats and fake news’.

This is a noteworthy talk. Carter Page starts at 1:20 (Eng): LINK


Meanwhile, this is what’s floating around in the US media about Trump, Carter Page and his supposed ‘deep connection to the Kremlin’ :

The Mystery of Trump’s Man in Moscow  (Reports of deep Russian ties swirl around Trump advisor Carter Page. Oddly, nobody in Russia seems to have heard of him. By JULIA IOFFE September 23, 2016)


Because, you know, anyone who sincerely wants to work with, not against Russia, is obviously a KGB agent, traitor to the NWO cause and enemy of the US.

In the above propaganda ‘article’ – if such drivel can be called an article – let me point out two obvious things, which will immediately give you an idea who ORDERED it and for what purpose.

  1. It refers to ‘no one knowing of Page in Moscow.’ Then further down, shyly, the ‘author’ admits that she is only talking about the ‘US expat community.’ In other words, look at this out-of-this-world arrogance! To her, Moscow apparently is exclusively populated with ‘US expats.’ The rest of the 12 million people, Russians and others who always lived there, don’t matter.
  2. But it gets worse. As the ultimate expert on all things Russian she parades Bill Browder.  ‘“Strangely, I’ve never heard of Carter Page until this Trump connection,” Bill Browder responded to me in an email. He was one of the biggest Western players in the Russian market until President Vladimir Putin turned on him and Browder became his fierce critic. “It’s odd, because I’ve heard of every other financier who was a player on Moscow at the time.”’   Who’s Bill Browder? You may recall I mentioned him once: he was the man who in mid-2000s managed the now defunct Hermitage Capital. This supposedly ‘Russia investment fund’ served as a front for CIA ops in Moscow and Russia. Browder was involved in recruiting agents and subverting Russian business leaders and oligarchs by finding compromising materials to blackmail them. The pinnacle of Browder’s achievement was to recruit and finance a well-known anti-Putin activist Alexei Navalny, who bought minority stakes in Gazprom and other key Russian companies and later mired said companies in lawsuits, thus tying up capital and attemtping to manipulate the companies’ allegiances. The stakes were purchased using Browder’s Hermitage funds, but the op was styled as a fight for ‘democracy and equal rights of minority shareholders’ – Navalny’s specialty. The idea was to shake-up Russia and undermine stability in the country so a color revolution could be executed. Browder was booted out of Russia and his fund was closed down. He now resides in NYC and when asked, he says ‘he doesn’t recall what he did in Moscow.’ I may be able to speak more about the ‘Operation QUAKE’ in future writings.


Although the US election is seemingly over and Hillary initially recognized her defeat, for the first time in modern history, the fight between two candidates (and forces who stand behind them) doesn’t show signs of abating. Clinton advocates still are hoping to find ‘legal means’ of overturning election results. One of the means they feel they can succeed with is swaying the US Electoral College delegates to vote against Trump.


I’m preparing a new video/audio update on Trump Election. Many are predicting that ‘something crazy may happen’ and that ‘delegates will vote against Trump.’ In the new FREE video update to ESR16 I’ll give you my final prediction on how Electors will vote on December 19, 2016. That date will seal the results of the US Presidential Election… or it will create a renewed turmoil and revolution in the US. We will discuss all this in this new update. The video will be up on Lada Ray YT channel in a day or two!

Further in 2017, I am planning Live Lada Ray Webinars. The webinars will address the next 3-5 years in the US and West, the financial situation, the future of the dollar, my practical advice on money, relocation and preparation. The timeline for various events and Earth Shifting changes, plus quantum calibrations, will be included. Stay tuned for upcoming official announcements!

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  1. Zo daar wordt ook al aan gewerkt !! ;))))))



  2. Yes, the rats are in ambush mode and are putting in all their chips. FBI tactical has deployed to McDill AFB in Florida and they are in anti rogue CIA mode. Of course Soros and the Soros/CIA are behind all of this treachery, IMO, and Trump is now surrounded by Marine Corps flag officers in all the right places. Mother Nature Herself is beginning to report-in, with spectacular earthquakes in the eastern and western Pacific. Hang on to your knickers. Thanks again, Lada, for keeping the golden thread of truth intact through all of this.


  3. I would also like to say it is time to start locking people up for sedition and treason.


  4. I am extremely grateful for this post. As I mentioned in the Kp blog post of this, “This presentation is SO refreshingly positive and upbeat regarding US/Russia relations. Personally, I am very impressed.”

    What an IMMENSE difference from the Obama administration/MSM. Also in the blog post,
    “Particularly I noted the difference in tone between this talk and that of almost any other person from the Obama administration (particularly in the US State department) and/or the MSM, which usually were “us vs. them”, “Russia is the devil”, and so on.”

    Once again, thank you Lada Ray for keeping us informed about Russia!!!

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  5. Refreshing to hear an American speak so positively about Russia
    I hope he is right about Trump’s intentions
    Looking forward to hearing your insights about the electoral college
    Thanks Lada 🙂


  6. The ‘Russia Did It’ Meme is ridiculous to anyone who’s been following the trends and especially Lada’s ESR readers! The position of the USA unipolar oligarchs is ridiculous LOL!! As for manipulating foreign governments the Americans take the prize. See Cookies Nuland ‘Eff the EU’ tape 🙂

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  7. Julia Ioffe, authoress of “Trump’s Man in Moscow”, was fired by Politico today for accusing Trump of having sex with Ivanka.


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