TRUMP vs CLINTON: How Will Electors Vote on Dec. 19? (LadaRayLive18)


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LadaRayLive 18. TRUMP vs CLINTON: How Will Electors Vote on Dec. 19?

Elector Rebellion on Dec. 19? Can Hillary Still Win Presidency?

Soros financed protests. NWO collapse and the fight of the US elites.

Trump already making a difference, before taking office? Trump’s pre-White House moves: appointment of Rex Tillerson of ExxonMobil to the post of the Secretary of State, Airforce 1 Boeing Tweet, IBM promises jobs and ‘made in America.’ Fed rate hike.

Who is trying to sabotage Trump’s presidency? Trump’s assassination?

Oil vs clean energy, and more…

Plus, Lada Ray predictions.

Appointment of Rex Tillerson of Exxon Mobil to the post of the Secretary of State and the clash of the US elites:

Recall what I said in ESR16: the elites that get it and don’t want to be left behind during the Great Earth Shift are behind Trump. Now we are beginning to see what kind of elites are behind Trump. Tillerson is a prominent representative of such elites. Being pro-Russian or at least neutral to Russia, is a major pre-requisite. Tillerson spoke up against Russian sanctions, for which he and his company got in trouble. He continued working with Russian partner Rosneft, despite sanctions. Received Order of Friendship from Putin. Tillerson appointment is a strong message by Trump.

As I have discussed before, Russia – The Great Balancer is presently rebalancing the world into a new reality.

About Russia-The Great Balancer and the Earth Shift (on

For Lada Ray’s complete predictions listen to full (incl. addendum)


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Some of the topics that will be covered:

1. Why USA hasn’t collapsed yet and its future timeline. Comparisons of the collapse of the USSR vs USA & EU. Why various gurus got the timing and details wrong? How the collapse of the USA and West is similar, and how it’s completely unlike the USSR collapse?

2. Will Trump be able to change the outcome and save America from collapse? What to expect from Trump’s first term and how will his destiny shape up?

3. The future of America and the West. What do you need to do to prepare for what’s to come. Lada Ray’s Futurist Trendcast.

4. Global relocation to avoid the collapse, or taking a stand in your country? How Lada sees it.

4. Dollar collapse and the multi-currency world. Why the West pushes for cashless society? How dangerous is it for our freedoms and democracy? The multidimensional perspective: how Lada sees the future of money. Predictions regarding gold and silver, Bitcoin and digital currency. What if you keep your dollars or euros in the bank? Plus, what kind of investments may be favorable going forward?

All this and much more to come in 2017! Participants of live Lada Ray Webinars will have the opportunity to ask questions! Those who want to listen at their leisure, will be able to do so later. First Lada Ray Webinar will be announced in January 2017.


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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Great insights, also check out:
    “Citing two senior officials with direct access to the information, NBC reports that “new intelligence shows that Putin personally directed how hacked material from Democrats was leaked and otherwise used. The intelligence came from diplomatic sources and spies working for U.S. allies, the officials said.” LOL Putin personally did it!


  2. Thank you again for this very balanced presentation. Here is what I “blogged” about it:

    This video I found extremely illuminating. Lada Ray has been very “right on” in her predictions, and presumably (and I also “get”) those she makes in this message will also prove correct.

    Also I very much align with her information about some of the cabinet choices, particularly regarding the more balanced view of “new energy sources” she presents, which I see as being practical for this moment.

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  3. Very interesting Lada as always!

    In Sweden the Russophobians are screaming about Gazproms port lease requests in Sweden so they can build North Stream.

    At least there was a small article in one of the tabloids also mention that there is nothing to fear. Sweden is a very small country and some people can’t grasp that Russia is a huge country and has no interest what so ever invading. The U-boat stories and Poltava still run deep the highest ranking military in Sweden is litterally insane telling people what to watch in the news.. as you say Lada people never stop to surprise me.

    I’m with the national guard here and there are some officers that actually can think outside the box.. reflecting my thoughts.

    I think Putins move in East Aleppo by evecuate the rebells is genious as always. He could have blasted them to oblivion if wanted but he choose a more balanced way.

    Keep up the good work.. Lada..

    Hugs Ollie

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  4. Lada Ray ! Your 4th point about going cashless mentioned above is very important ! As you may know India has recently moved to demonetize their 500 and 1000 currency notes and pushing its citizens for going cashless like guinea-pig. The Current Prime Minister and his cabinet is dreaming about cashless utopia; while common people are suffering immense difficulties. Do you think this move would be a success or disaster ? Whether the western elites are using India as a testing ground for their cashless system ? i wonder whether India’s Prime Minister has somehow becoming a puppet of NWO elites !!? Interestingly, the planning and decision, about this demonetization of currency notes and going cashless was taken during the time of former RBI governor “Mr. Raghuram Rajan” and immediately after leaving RBI he was selected vice chairmen of BIS !!

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  5. I cant thank you enough for the work you do Lada. I feel privileged to have access to the information you provide in these videos, posts and Earth Shift Reports.

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  6. Ian Welsh, a traditional Roosevelt/New Deal type American liberal, blogged 12/15/16 that he thinks the real reason there is such “a huge effort, abetted by the CIA (and opposed by the FBI) to make sure that Trump doesn’t take office” is because Trump is probably going to have a showdown with Fed chairman, Janet Yellen’s recent moves to follow the Feds 40 year pattern of keeping wages just under inflation.

    Trumps Coming Confrontation with Yellen & the Federal Reserve

    **I think this is coming. The Federal Reserve bows (and Yellen has been very clear she won’t) or the resisting Governors get booted.

    There will be screams from Democrats and “liberals” and I will ignore most of them. As with ending the Trans Pacific Partnership, this is the right thing, and it’s something that should have been done decades ago. Appointed technocrats sandbagging Congress’s fiscal policy and deliberately crushing wages was always evil.

    Get out your popcorn, folks.

    Oh, and these sort of stakes are why there is such a huge effort, abetted by the CIA (and opposed by the FBI) to make sure that Trump doesn’t take office. Like it or hate it, he’s going to have to destroy much of how DC has done business for 40 years, and many people in power really, really don’t want this.**

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  7. Debunking Russian hacking narrative with logic and humor:

    Happy holidays everyone, enjoy the inauguration Jan. 20th! 😀


  8. Personally I believe Hillary has a hankering for Putin’s beef, when it comes to power she’s insatiable:


  9. Well, Mercury goes stationary Rx in Capricorn on the morning the Electoral College meets. This is the beginning and the end of my expertise on what this means.


  10. Thanks for the update Lada


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