OOPS! Ukraine’s Hero Nadezhda Savchenko is… the Kremlin Agent!

I confess, I’m tired of hearing that American billionaire Donald Trump is ‘Kremlin agent.’ This is the kind of story likely to be concocted by those who are desperate, knowing that power is slipping out of their hands. This accurately describes the situation with Clinton, Soros, and the whole neo-liberal NWO camp.

But wait! Putin and Kremlin’s outreach is far and wide. Not only Trump, CEO of ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson and Trump’s top advisors, but the rabidly Russophobic and pretty crazy Nadezhda Savchenko also turns out to be Putin’s super-spy within the Kiev ukro-nazi junta!

Recall what I predicted in 

Lada Ray Report: Real Reason Putin Pardoned Murderer Nadezhda Savchenko

In the aforementioned May 26, 2016 report I wrote:

Savchenko’s “card will be played by Timoshenko… I’m sure others will also try to play her card. She’ll be wined, dined and courted. They’ll try to groom and mold her into something. But I think… she’ll definitely get herself in trouble within 6-7 months, or better yet, she’ll get the whole Kiev junta in trouble.

In short, a pawn such as Savchenko is very useful as a tool and bargaining chip. She doubles as an unpredictable Trojan Horse.

She’s about to fulfill her purpose. I intend to kick back and watch how Poroshenko and Kiev will manage to keep this loose cannon under control. This should be quite a show.”

We are right on schedule, people! Hardly 6 months have passed since I wrote that, and…

This began a week ago:

Nadezhda Savchenko, in defiance of Kiev, traveled to Minsk (seat of Minsk 2), where she met with leaders of DLPR Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky. During the meeting she discussed the POW / prisoner exchange. The All-for-all prisoner exchange is stipulated in the Minsk 2 peace agreement, brokered by Putin, Merkel and Hollande, but Poroshenko and the Kiev junta are refusing to abide by it.

Savchenko has tried to get it going again, achieving an understanding with Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky. In her interview she stated that when she talked to the DLPR leaders, she saw them as human beings with whom it is necessary to negotiate, not as separatists and enemies.

This has generated a storm of a scandal in Ukraine. The woman for whom the whole Ukraine and much of the EU cried just a short 7 months ago, demanding her liberation from the ‘brutal Kremlin regime,’ whom the junta elevated to the near-godly status, electing her in absentia into the Rada and Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, this same Nadezhda Savchenko was immediately branded as traitor and Putin’s agent.

Yulia Timoshenko has announced that Savchenko is expelled from her party Batkivshchina. Rada deputies are preparing to oust her from the Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and from the Rada committee on national security.

Is it any surprise that Savchenko is being targeted for actually doing something sensible and positive? In the land of the blind one-eyed man is king. In the crazy, warped reality of the Kiev ukro-nazi junta, even Savchenko is the height of sense and sensibility!

In a nutshell, per Lada Ray Report: Real Reason Putin Pardoned Savchenko, the ‘sly Putin’s plan’ of sending back to Ukraine the Savchenko Trojan Horse has worked! Get your popcorn or semechki and watch what happens next. The Kiev junta implosion coming! See Predictions.


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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Great call Lada! Putin must be an amazing hypnotist, as he *personally* MKUltra’d Nadezhda “Hero of Ukraine” Savchenko. Savchenko’s as much a Kremlin agent as Putin is a CIA installed asset. Silly media, trix are for kids! XD


  2. I don’t think the majority of us here in the U.S. who are suspicious of Trump and his inner circle’s ties to Putin think he’s a “Kremlin Agent”. Speaking for myself though, he and some of his advisors and cabinet appointees are a little too cozy with a man who it’s becoming more and more apparent directly interfered in the presidential election in order to ensure the outcome. 😕


    • Which man is that?

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    • Oh, boy…

      “…becoming more and more apparent directly interfered in the presidential election in order to ensure the outcome. ”

      Dear Sir, let me try three simple arguments:
      1. Let us first pretend that Putin (or rather Russian intel – Putin has better things to do, I sometimes wonder how he manages to squeeze his meetings timetable into 24 hours) is interfering with the elections. By that you concede to the following: US intelligence services are very inept and no better than those of some developing county, to allow Russian influence on such a large scale so as to sway the results; if they are not, US intelligence services are in league with Putin as they do their hardest to conceal any trace of evidence of said meddling from the American public; if they are neither inept and they are not acting against their country, then they see Trump winning as as the only chance US has, and are thus helping Trump, by which point they don’t really need Russian help (remember – we decided that American intelligence is not inept).
      2. Let us consider the state of the current affairs: Putin is not helping Trump and there is nothing for the American intelligence to disclose. Who benefits from the current factless framing, then? Hillary (and her backers) with her stated agenda of escalation of military confrontation with Russia and the rest of the world, government changes and election manipulations in other countries, and staying on the destructive course for the US economy. US intelligence is actually balancing on en edge by neither denying meddling, or providing (even through concocting) of any evidence.
      3. Trump is not necessarily good news for Russia in the long run. Clinton’s expected actions were a continuation of Obama regine’s – overt militarism, which Russia by now manages to keep in check and finds predictable. Trump can potentially do a regrouping, tie up Russia (especially though a stand-off with China, where Russia would be forced to make a choice, or act as an intermediate), and then choke Russia in a friendly bear-hug (like what happened to USSR towards the end of 1980s).

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  3. “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” Nietzsche said that. Lada, you are spooky sometimes. I love it when that happens.


  4. Hi Lada,
    Well, all I can say is that I’m sorry the main stream media has given people that impression. I’m an alternative media person, myself. I stopped watching the lying msm many years ago.
    Trump is a ‘Self Made Billionaire’…, period, end of story. Unless anyone has followed him moving up the money ladder, they cannot even begin to understand him. The dark side doesn’t want people to know the ‘real Trump. You might as well say that he started from the ground up; he hung out with the rich, just as any other millionaire/billionaire would. He reached his goals in life very early on, and he is in need of ‘nothing’ from anyone! People forget that he committed to taking only $1.00 per year, for being in office…and he will make good on his promises, and he will stop the horrible lies we’ve been told by MSM.

    He was a wonderful husband, was filled with ‘men’s talk’ as he was used to with women hanging on him, as though he was the only wealthy man left. EVERY man, and I don’t care who he is, ‘looks at other women.’ Those were his earlier days. But one thing I do know is that he loves his current wife very deeply, and adores his children. He is NOT a Russian, he’s not a Russian Spy, Russia did NOT HACK, (and by the way Putin is ticked off, big time…and that accusation comes from Hillary Clinton, and the CIA ‘black ops’…causing more trouble, more distraction and as much hate as they can. That ‘hate and anger’ turn to dark energy.

    The main reason the NWO people do not want him in office, and will continue their LIES, one right after another, is to cause more trouble, which creates ‘darkness’ which the rather ‘sick side of liberal’ loves that dark energy coming from people, and they’ll do everything they can to create more darkness.

    Donald Trump is a man of his word. All one has to do is go on YouTube and listen to all the interviews he’s has given, even with CNN in his early years. And they asked him on every show he was on, “Will you ever run for President” and his answer was ‘no.’ Then more recently he began to consider it. Problem is? People listen to the wrong side. And I’m telling you the people showing up on YouTube? There are many Liberals there, who are now saying they never realized how ‘stupid they were to swallow so much of the lies Hillary told. And honestly??? People are beginning to wake up…and I do mean BIG TIME.

    If you’re wondering if I’m an older person, the answer is yes; I’m 67, I know who’s lying and who isn’t…and Trump is ‘not’ lying. The Dem are just Scared as Hell because he’s planning to undo all the damage that they’ve done. People have no idea what’s been going on, but if everyone takes the time to look more closely? They figure it out. We’re in the Age of Enlightenment….and it’s gonna bowl them over. 😀 Hope that was effective enough, Lada. It is the truth.

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