Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov Assassinated in Ankara! Cui Bono?


The Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, was fatally wounded after a gunman stormed into a building where the opening ceremony of a Russian photo exhibition was being held. Karlov, a career diplomat of 40 years, who previously was Russian ambassador to N. Korea, died shortly after. Andrey Karlov was instrumental in mending Russia-Turkey relations in the past year. following the shooting down of the Russian Su24 jet in 2015 . He was also a key negotiator in the cessation of hostilities and evacuation of ISIS militants from Aleppo.

Three other people were reported injured as a result of the shooting.

Russian Foreign Minsitry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova: this is a tragic day for Russian diplomacy. It is a terrorist act.


The embassy row in Ankara, Turkey, is located near the government buildings, with the Russian embassy located very close to the US embassy. It is supposedly a heavily guarded, high security area; therefore, ambassadors themselves don’t carry much security.

This happens just one day before Turkish FM is scheduled to go to Moscow. This also happens as Russia attempts to enlist Turkey and Erdogan as mediators to help resolve the Syria and Aleppo crisis and to help convince some of the militants Turkey influences to lay down arms and/or withdraw from the area.

It is clear that the attack is designed to sabotage Russia-Turkey negotiations, rekindle distrust and animosity, and put a stop to the renewed Turkish Stream project.


First, who doesn’t benefit? Turkey and Erdogan, who just got the relations with Russia going again. After the downing of the Russian Su24 jet and killing of the Russian pilot, the relations soured, Russian tourism, imports and economic cooperation were withdrawn, creating massive crisis in Turkish economy. Russia also withdrew the Turkish Stream and Akkuyu nuclear plant projects.

After Putin helped Erdogan avert the CIA-organized military coup and Erdogan apologized for the Su24 incident, relations began to mend. The re-opening of the Russian tourism was announced and the Turkish Stream and Akkuyu nuclear plant projects are again a go.

At the same time, Turkey’s ambivalent role and contradictory actions in Syria have continued. Part of it is due to Erdogan’s war on Kurds, and part, the ‘protection of the so-called ‘Turkoman’ contingent, many of whom are part of the terrorist groups in Syria.

By inviting Turkey to play a mediator role and including Erdogan in the peace process in Syria, Russia attempts to change the game and shift the direction of Erdogan’s ambitions in the Middle East.

Ambassador Andrey Karlov was at the epicenter of these negotiations. It is clear that the forces who want to prevent the shift from happening are behind his killing. These same forces managed to derail cooperation and trust between Turkey and Russia by downing Su24 in 2015. Having succeeded then, they want to again try the same number.

The target is: sabotaging negotiations and reviving distrust. They hope that after the killing of the ambassador, Russia again withdraws from negotiations with Turkey on Syria. The game is even more insidious: those who organized this assassination also want Russia to withdraw YET AGAIN from the Turkish Stream.

Who benefits? This is the question we always have to answer in cases like this. Obviously, those who don’t want resolution of the Syria crisis, and those who don’t want Turkish Stream to go through.

These are ISIS and other extremist and militant Islamist groups in the Middle East. But it would be naive to think that such groups could easily infiltrate the high security government and embassy area. Someone who has easy access must help out.

What embassy is located next to the Russian ebassy? That of the USA. Who recently said that Trump is Putin’s agent; who has sour grapes after Russian wins in Syria, loss of their operatives and trained militans; who announced that Russians hacked into DNC and who is trying to push Hillary into the White House? The White House, Hillary/Soros/democrats, and the CIA: all those who are very well positioned to help out a willing terrorist, and who’ve been known to do so on many occasions.

There are also the following entities: Qatar, Saudi Arabia and, of course, the sold-out EU elites. Some, or all, of these are behind Karlov’s assassination.

There is also the issue of retaliation against Russia for the following:

1. Russian retaliation against the Aleppo Operations Room, executed after the US coalition attack on the Syrian army. Russian missile strike killed 30 Western, Israeli, Saudi, Qatari and Turkish officers, who were illegally directing the terrorist strikes against Syrian army.


2. As a result of the Syrian army liberating Aleppo, with Russian assistance, a number of Western coalition ISIS instructors and special troops were captured. Some of them were shown, with names announced – but not all. I got a word from the Russian side that some valuable US/Western assets have been kept behind the scenes as future bargaining chips. Details: Want to Support the Trump Electors? DNC Leak Source Angry Bernie Supporter, not Russia! Plus Aleppo Intel.

I would be amiss not to mention that the Kiev junta of Ukraine also benefits. After the Turkish Stream and Nord Stream 2 are finished, Ukraine will lose its Russian gas transiter status. This is also the reason the EU elites want to sabotage both Nord Stream and Turkish Stream.

For more on Syria, Erdogan, Turkey, Russia and the volatile situation in the Middle East read ESR5 and ESR7.

Afterthought. Affordable winter holiday spots near warm sea are very important for many Russians. Due to cold Russian winters, Russians need to recuperate and get a nice infusion of the sun during cold season. After the Western-engineered collapse of the ruble, European Mediterranean became unaffordable for many.

Turkey and Egypt provide such well-organized budget destinations. Many resorts in Turkey and Egypt have been almost exclusively geared towards Russian tourism. This is another reason Russians have been targeted in both of these countries (remember the bombing of the Russian passenger plane in Egypt, with 224 people on board dead?). The target is, among other things, the well-being and health of the Russian population.

This is a part of the hybrid war. It is truly sick and could only be born inside sick minds of those who routinely mastermind global disasters. We know who these entities are: apart from the Islamist terrorists, who are just pawns, these are CIA and other Western organizations, Saudis and Qatar.

ADDED I: ‘We need to know who gave the orders’: Putin comments on ambassador assassination in Ankara

ADDED II: We now have the video of the actual shooting of the Ambassador Karlov and of the assassin. Because it was international journalist-attended Russian photo exhibit opening, there were many cameras. Sorry, the original video has been taken down on YT. Here’s the link to another one – not sure how long it will stay up.



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  1. It is true that it is western organizations who is behind. But it is also equally true that behind these organizations you find a multitude of jews (khazarian jews). When you find white, like Clintons, we have behind them also jews. Why are you so afraid of the truth?


  2. Dear Lada, it’s a sad fact of life that these sickos of a vindictive nature will never give up trying to make life miserable for everybody else. If there is an answer to their brand of poison apart from wiping them out I don’t know what it is!! Thanks to your efforts I am able to discern what is happening but there are still a lot of people who wish to remain asleep. Please keep up the good work!!!

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  3. What can I say… sad and so unnecessary….my thoughts and prayers are with Ambassador Karlov’s family, who so tragically have to miss a loved one in this Holiday Season…

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  4. And about your remarks, spot on Lada, my thoughts as well….first thing I thought of though, was the Incirlik base, Turkey’s Syrian involvement and Turkey’s move towards the East/Russia. “They” want to try to put a wedge between the Russian/Turkish relations…

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    • Exactly my thinking as I was watching and listening to RT– This is low beyond imagining! My God the cold blooded murder of an innocent, a fine and gifted human being, whose whole life was committed towards achieving peace and cooperation. But then the cabal behind it all feels nothing– zilch- nada… Sickens one to the soul… Still on the positive side, although we probably face a few more grim and ugly happenings– I do think things will get better.

      God stay Andrey Karlov’s wife and family. Russia lost another of her special ones– but millions across the world feel for and support Russia to the core of their beings and we too, don’t forget her many tragic losses.

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  5. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    CIA clearly telegraphing their moves! Also:

    Note source: NYT so it’s probably another slanderous lying propaganda piece against Russia, most likely a coordinated attack by the state dept…. hmmm will coincidences never cease! Happy holidays everyone!!😄


    • Maddie, unfortunately, this is true. Just confirmed 48 dead, 5 in a coma. It was an illegally made mix, which contained ethanol, supposedly to take baths, with pretty label. They already discovered the illegal facility that made it in Siberia. And for some strange reason this mix was sold in a liquor store. This is already creating a storm in society. New laws and a massive crack down on illegal production expected.

      Was it an organized terror act, or just some greedy bastards – we’ll know this later. But heads are rolling big time.

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    • You are right about telegraphing their moves.
      Also note the author of this article: name’s traditionally Ukrainian, of the WESTERN UKRAINE kind. Bandera ukro-nazis, many of whom were taken in by US/Canada after WWII defeat, come to mind. They like to gloat and proclaim the end of Russia any day now.

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  6. The Chief Reptile’s errand boys, Soros et al, have their U.S. clawprints all over this. Thank you for confirming, Lada. Putin will not fall for this and his counter move will be brilliant. Reminds me of WWI. They fell for it.

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  7. Thank you Lada, a very good take on this sad incident. Also, a very dignified and focused comment by President Putin. I feel sure that they will get to the bottom of this atrocity and then Russia will do what she always does and hold the culprits fully accountable.

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  8. The subtext of this assassination looks very much like the murder of Griboedov in Persia in 1828…

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  9. I was reminded of French diplomat, Talleyrand’s famous quote regarding Napoleon’s 1804 execution of Bourbon relative, the Duke of Enghienri on trumped up charges of aiding Britain and plotting against France.

    “It was worse than a crime; it was a blunder”.

    According to Wikipedia, “Royalty across Europe were shocked and dismayed. Tsar Alexander I of Russia was especially alarmed, and decided to curb Napoleon’s power.”,_Duke_of_Enghien

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  10. RIP Andrey Karlov and deepest condolences to his family.

    For those who read this article early! I added 2 latest videos, including the video of the ambassador’s assassination and his assassin, caught on camera. Posted at the bottom.

    Putin knew Andrey Karlov personally. It’s important to understand that the ambassador to Turkey is a key post. Not just anyone would have been appointed to hold it – that’s how important Turkey is during this Earth Shift!

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  11. “What embassy is located next to the Russian ebassy? That of the USA. Who recently said that Trump is Putin’s agent; who has sour grapes after Russian wins in Syria, loss of their operatives and trained militans; who announced that Russians hacked into DNC and who is trying to push Hillary into the White House? The White House, Hillary/Soros/democrats, and the CIA: all those who are very well positioned to help out a willing terrorist, and who’ve been known to do so on many occasions.”(quote)
    Yes, I totally agree with these assumptions, it couldn’t be more “evident”, except you forget to mention 1 entity, which is : Israel! Why is that?? (so, CIA & mossad…are also part of the plot; have you forgotten who created the “state of Israel?)


    • I already replied to one such genius above. I tell the truth and give my readers REAL INTEL, not regurgitate some conspiracy BS you read somewhere else.
      Want the REAL, DEEP truth – this is the place to be. If you just want hateful and silly BS – that would be some other place.
      One more such whiny, idiotic and accusatory comment lecturing me that I should blame the Jews or Israel (total BS of course, since Israel doesn’t benefit at all) and I’m closing down this comment section! And banning anyone who posts such comments!
      I am not in the mood for mollycoddling various idiots today.
      A very good and worthy man has just been murdered! If you have no respect and common decency – buzz off!

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      • Thank you for pointing out the 2 videos added later. I found viewing Putin’s response was emotionally calming as I’m sure many others did as well. I liked Putin’s clear linking “Russia, Turkey & Iran” in action in Syria and “the only response to offer the murderer is stepping up”. Putin truly is a great leader.

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      • Thank you for your prompt response to both comments. Courtesy, kindness & respect among commenters is critical for any community.

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  12. Sincere condolences to the family . This was senseless .I am lost for words.

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  13. A bit of optimism for the New Year!?
    Cheers everyone. 🙂

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  14. Thanks Lada. There is one suggestion on Before It’s News that this was a False Flag because of the anomalies with the video (as above). See if you can see one. Seems cameraman was johnny on the spot which with the crackdown on journalism in Turkey could be queried.


    • Here we go again! And here is a vivid proof how seemingly good and intelligent people spread the hoaxes and lies around!
      So next time, before blaming the Jews and Illuminati, start blaming yourselves – if you spread lies and deliberate info dumps.

      Noeline, I really, really don’t want to delete YOUR comment and consider banning YOU, of all people. Next time THINK before you write. And bother to read MY ARTICLE AND MY COMMENT here, in which I explain why there were many cameras there, before you post yours. Also, here’s a novel suggestion: use your brain!



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  15. Lada, no reason to over-react. When events like this happen, confusion tends to set in. It’s good that many follow the RT slogan of “Question more”. That is a needed step on the way to figuring things out, separating the reasons for confusion from the grains of truth.

    Today was marked by a stream of flowers and wreaths to the Russian embassy in Turkey and to the Foreign Ministry in Moscow. Karlovs contribution to restoration of Russian-Turkish relations in the last year was warmly remembered, as well as his 40-year long service to Russia.
    His son continues in his steps, working where Andrei Karlov worked for most of his career – in North Korea.
    Today is also the Day of Russian Intelligence Services. Putin in his address to the servicemen on this day commemorated Karlov, again stressed the necessary of international cooperation and expressed his condolences to the victims of the terror attack in Berlin.

    Judging by this article, the murder of the Russian diplomat does nothing, but hasten the demise of the terrorists and their backers, with Turkey, Russia and Iran solidifying their agreement to work together:


    • PS: The following Op-Edge by Pepe Escobar on RT sheds additional light:


    • First, I am not overreacting – I am reacting perfectly appropriately to the statement that it was a false flag from someone who failed to read my article. In other words, you say it’s OK that the man just died and the hoax is being spread around that Russian ambassador to Turkey IS AN ACTOR PRETENDING TO DIE ON CAMERA? Perhaps some people don’t think and they do get confused, but this isn’t an excuse and this is why they do need to be reminded to use their brains.

      Two, I’m tired of this debate. And if this lecturing doesn’t stop, I will discontinue comments.

      Three, the useful info that follows in your comment is always welcome. But please in the future, when you come to my blog, kindly refrain from teaching me how to conduct myself. I hope I make myself clear. Thank you.

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  16. The timing of the provocation of the Russian ambassador has been carefully staged, timed to coincide with the vote of the Electoral College in a bid to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the next president of the United States. In recent months Trump has been bitterly opposed by the Obama administration that is unable to come to grips with the fact that Hillary Clinton has lost the presidential election. In the meantime we’ve heard all sort of anti-Russian stories aimed at spreading Russophobia and hysteria, starting with the so-called doping scandal and ending with the alleged involvement “Russian hackers” in Donald Trump’s victory.

    The assassination of Russia’s ambassador has been universally condemned across the globe. And it’s interesting that Russia, and Turkey have displayed enough political wisdom and responsibility not to get caught in yet another confrontation that could end up in the same way that the murder in Sarajevo did a century ago. There’s little doubt that a thorough investigation of this provocative attack will uncover the true “masterminds” behind these events.

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  17. I understand completely that this was an attempt to stop Russian-Turkish relations and to sow hatred between both countries. I’m absolutely sure that Putin will be not be provoked into taking action against Turkey. However, even though I’m absolutely sure that Erdogan did not give the orders for this, Putin must hold Erdogan at least indirectly responsible. After all this rogue ex-policeman was able to get into the guarded exhibition by security officials. This smells of collusion on some level. I also hold Erdogan responsible because of his coddling of ISIS and other terrorists for many years and his promotion of Islamic fundamentalism to all positions of power in Turkey. This assassination of the ambassador is the bitter fruit of Erdogan’s policy of trying to overthrow Assad in Syria.

    I think Erdogan is a shizophrenic wacko who on the one hand wants friendship with Russia and on the other hand hates Russia for ruining his plans to take over Syria and establish his neo-Ottoman empire. I guess it all depends on which day of the week he wakes up and feels. This puts Russia in a very difficult position, between a rock and a hard place. Russia can’t afford to keep on losing citizens and ambassadors to terrorists in places like Egypt and Turkey but can’t afford to close themselves off in these societies to establish relations with the public.

    Because Erdogan is as conniving to Russia as he is to the US, it’s possible that when Trump takes power the US and Russia can both take charge together of the situation and basically read Erdogan the riot act. You are going to stop terrorists or else!! If the US in this area can exorcise the demons of the neocons/neolibs from policy then maybe just maybe Russia and the US can formulate a peace treaty between Turkey, Iraq and Syria which would finally bring justice to all nations along with the Kurdish issue.

    By the way to show that relations with Turkey are still on track, there was a very important news conference between the foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran today on Syria. Great news!

    I think Russia, like you said Lada in Ukraine, is little by little and with much patience molding the situation in Turkey to its advantage. It’s just tragic that an ambassador has to become a martyr in this endeavor.


  18. I’m following my country men Maria Engström by offering
    Andrey Karlov and his family my deepest condolences.


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