Hilarious! Not Very ‘Merry Christmas’ from Hillary Clinton (SNL) #Trump

I laughed… a lot…

Thanks for the video link to FT contributor Maddie @ 1EarthUnited blog!

(If the video doesn’t work in your country (some seem to have a problem in Canada and Northern Europe), try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBi5OgaojUs)


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  1. Merry Christmas and all the best to you and yours for the New Year of 2017 .Hopefully 2017 will be a year of revelations .Warm regards to all your readers and supporters also.

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  2. Merry Christmas, Lada and family! And a Merry Christmas to all of my fellow readers/ listeners here at FT! May your Holidays be full of Joy and let’s make 2017 a year to remember!


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  3. Can not see the video. It says “This video can not be seen in your country” ???????

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  4. “The video is not available in your country” … Really? … Not in Norway? I thought that was the last State of the USA, what with only American films and shows on TV and American music on the radio. Why do they still bother with this or, say, BluRay/DVD regions, anyway..? Sigh… Click, click, tap, tap, tap…. Ah… Chicago, USA set. That’s better.

    Thanks for the laugh, Maddie and Lada! It is a fun parody 🙂

    Happy holidays, all!

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    • Another way to work around this, is to download the video through http://keepvid.com and watch it from your drive

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      • Thanks, Nemo. I’m going to try this one out. VID2MP3 is good, too, for YouTube to MP3.


      • Careful Nemo, KeepVid introduces spyware into your system. They may have been hijacked recently b/c i use to use them with no problems. About two months ago, my antivirus warned of spyware trying to install itself when i entered the video url. Fortunately it was blocked, so no harm no foul… now i cannot recommend this video copier anymore. Try a free YouTube downloader, it’s more trustworthy.
        http://www.videograbby.com/ is pretty good for now.


        • Thanks for the warning and the alternatives – it’s always good to have options!

          I run Kaspersky Internet Security at max protection and it does not react to keepvid. They used to use a Java app until recently, which would have been the source of alarm. Now they run purely in the browser sandbox, with everything coming from the browser (as well as what is going on inside the browser) being scanned by Kaspersky.


  5. Some more liberal hijinks for the new year:

    Holiday cheers everyone… and always remember, whatever’s wrong with the world – it’s Russia’s fault! 😉


  6. Happy Holidays, Lada, to you and all your family!!

    Thank you for your articles and videos 🙂

    Your superior work with amazing insight & wisdom are deeply appreciated.

    Yuletide cheers with joy & peace!!

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