RAKETA NEWS: Russia in Syria, Turkey Accuses US of Aiding ISIL, Obama vs. Trump

On December 18-19 I sent to many of you the email in which I wrote:


This promises to be an unusually tumultuous and uncertain Holiday Season. In the US the accusations and attempts to overturn the election results will continue. In the following 2017 and 2018 the divisions and fights of global elites and within various countries promise to escalate, becoming more complex and confusing. Please hold on to your chair as the ongoing GREAT EARTH SHIFT gains its momentum during the rest of this decade. 

These are the times when we all need a special infusion of light, peace and higher energy, as well as a reminder of our true mission on this planet. 

Not sooner I wrote this that the situation on various fronts of this complex global 4D hybrid war began branching out with new and more bizarre twists. ‘Hold on to your chair’ is exactly the right term to use. It is with great sorrow (and not intending any puns whatsoever), I can say that it will be very rocky.

The assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, followed by a surreal incident in Siberia, where over 70 people died of fake alcohol poisoning. And now, the Tu-154 Black Sea catastrophe, where there are only questions – and seemingly, no answers. As I promised, I will have a separate analytical piece on the Tu-154.

After that, I would like to spend the New Year’s with something joyful and positive, despite all the disturbing events happening in the world at this time. We all need a break from all this madness. Unfortunately, those who plan these ugly and destructive events do not rest. They know that people are more relaxed during holidays and they try to strike at the time when everyone’s not paying attention and when, therefore, we are more vulnerable.

So, my advice to you during this holiday season: be alert and pay attention. If you need to travel somewhere, do so carefully! Stay safe and stay warm!

I’ll be taking a couple of days off for the New Year’s. But I’ll be online and I’ll try to post something positive. I hope nothing truly crazy happens during the next week or so and we can celebrate in peace. I hope you join me for the virtual celebration here on FT and Lada Ray YT channel. I plan to post some of my favorite Russian holiday films and songs.



There is an avalanche of Ukraine developments as well. Many, many interesting and explosive developments. The situation, per above mini-forecast, is becoming more and more confusing. But for those who understand the logic of the events, it is going exactly as I predicted in 2014. The end of the junta is nearing, the people are awakening and US is preparing to drop Ukraine. Trump is already positioning himself to make it happen in 2017. Savchenko is in the news again. There are so many Ukraine news and events that I’ll have a separate, big piece on that. Expect it around Jan. 1 or 2.

I plan lots of things for January-February and for the entire 2017. Please stay tuned!


(aka, ROCKET NEWS, aka, fast news)

Now to the latest world events, in no particular order:


Russian sappers sweep Aleppo for mines, discovering shells made in US, Germany


Aid from ‘Russian Mother Theresa’ who died in Tu-154 crash reaches hospital in Syria

US law to arm Syrian rebels a hostile decision, directly threatens Russians in Syria – FM spox

My intel: last ditch effort by Obama admin and Congress to spoil relations with Russia. US tries to adopt new anti-Russian sanctions, Russia promises to respond in like, should that happen. As predicted: Obama acts like a brat that he is, but it goes much deeper than that. He and his handlers go out of their way to make future Trump administration’s life as hard as possible.

Losing the war and showing their true colors, US/EU supported ‘moderate opposition’ poisoned Damascus water supply.

And this is something positive from Syria. The Russian song flash mob has taken over the world and it shows no signs of abating. It travels from Russia and Ukraine, to Moldova, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Greece, Switzerland, Germany and Canada. As part of the Russian World song global flashmob, Damascans are singing Katyusha. Damascus, Syria.  Дамаск! СИРИЯ ПОЁТ ПО ПОЛНОЙ!!! – песенный флешмоб (24.12.2016) الروسية الغناء في دمشق.


Obama/USA’s many failures in the Middle East and beyond


Erdogan: ‘Confirmed evidence’ US-led coalition supports ISIL & other terrorists in Syria.

This accusation comes shortly after FMs of Russia, Iran and Turkey met and agreed to join forces to fight terrorism. This alliance, absolutely impossible to imagine just a few short months ago due to rivalry and animosity between Iran and Turkey, sent a clear signal that the previously indispensable US and EU have been given a cold shoulder and sidetracked in the Middle East.

But that’s not all.

ISRAEL REBELLION – recall that I predicted this in ESR6!

Israel claims it has clear proof Obama pushed UN settlement vote. Netanyahu accuses US in ‘betraying Israel’ and promises to bring this up with Trump’s administration. Israelis have been generally complaining about US abandoning them in the past 5 years.

I know Israel in itself and the true nature of Israel-US relations are confusing to many. There are lots of hoaxes floating around on that. But hang on to your chair. It’s about to get even more confusing and interesting. Trump will likely try to get relations with Israel back on track. But one can’t step twice into the same river. We are entering very different times.


US media acting as a mouthpiece for Al-Qaeda (Hard to believe – not! After all, it is the terrorist organization they once created against Russia.)

In closing: Obama has said something to the effect that if he ran against Trump, he would have won. Trump tweeted back something like ‘in your dreams.’ Well, I couldn’t agree more.

A shout out to our supporter Christa from the Netherlands for the idea for this cool new banner!

Everyone, please let me know how you like it!


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  1. As this calendar year comes to a close, I want to thank you many times for continuing to lay out the “straight stuff” about Russia and its role in our world. The energies are truly “ramping up”, bringing “garbage” into the open, and giving us the opportunity to clear it.

    Much Aloha from the Kingdom of Hawai’i… Kp

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  2. Some would create chaos out of a present order to produce the New World Order of their design for their tyranny. It involves depopulation of populists among other things.


  3. Lada, I always read your messages before any others, and trust your insights and knowledge of the players in the “other” part of the world. What is really confusing me is the truth of Israel now. the Mousad (sp?) has been connected to our 9/11 and some of the “alt-right” bloggers claim Israel, and Netenahu (sp?) is really evil. I would like to listen to your opinions, if you have the time. Thank you for all you do!!

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  4. Dear Lada,
    Thank you so much for your posts and analyses helping to understand many unclear or confusing situations in the World.
    My friend introduced me to your posts nearly year ago and I am reading them regularly.
    Love the amazing story about your beloved cat and help to the new kittens. (My friend and I are cat’s lovers too).
    Looking forward to read your new posts and am so grateful to the Earth that you exit and writing for all.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year 2017!
    Kind regards,
    P.S. Do you think that year of the Rooster will have any connection to predicted turbulence in the World? I born in year of Rooster – 1957.

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  5. Let me make it very clear order out of chaos is a absurdity. Only a fool would believe otherwise.

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  6. I really like Christa’s banner. It is so important to keep calm, stay out of fear & be kind as we navigate the Earth Shift.

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  7. Lada’s raketa rock and roll has started early with Obama concocting all manner of BS about Russia and throwing out several diplomats and business people, giving them 72 hours to get out of Dodge. Good luck to Trump as he will have a pile to sort out.


  8. Hi Lada, very informative article as usual, and as you predicted more and more countries will go out of the US orbit as Turkey and the Philippines have already done. Just to add in Afghanistan, the Russians, Chinese and Pakistan are holding a conference on the future of that country which they did not invite the Americans to, or even the government that their security forces protect the Kabul government. They are basically planning to organise the future of Afghanistan independently of the US and the Sino-Pak alliance want a Kabul government more friendly to Pakistan.

    By the way how can someone receive the emails from you such as the ones you referred to in the beginning of your article? I’ve bought two ESRs afaik (maybe more).


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  9. The pressure from all these revelations seems to have caused Mr. Obama to lose the plot Lada! How rude of Mr. Erdogan, who had the nerve to survive the CIA’s plot against him, to reveal that ISIS has been supplied and supported all along by the U.S. It is a good thing Obama has only days left in office. Now that he has imposed sanctions on Russia and ejected Russian diplomats from our country he has proved to the whole world, with clear and definitive proof, that he has lost his mind. Happily for him, (and dare I say, all the rest of us as well?) in a few days he will have the long rest he so obviously needs. He and Bibi can play cards in the day room together.

    After viewing the article at the link below I think we can confidently add Business Insider to the long list of “fake news” mongers… Russian harassers of U.S. diplomats entering their homes at night and defecating on the carpet?!?! ROFLMAO. O puleeeeze!!


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  10. Lada, are you okay? I hope you and your husband are well, and that all is well for you. Thank you for all you have done for us. I recently read ESR15. Mr. Putin could put the United States nuclear powered electric lights out. I am a United States person. I hope we will all wake up soon from our dream world. I am sorry for the actions internally and externally of my press and government. At least those of the president and the political parties. Your blog is very beautiful and lovely. It is so nurturing. Blessings to you and yours, and to our world.

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