I Hate Being Right! Obama/US expel 35 Russian diplomats. Lada Ray analysis and calibrations

US expels 35 Russian diplomats, closes 2 Russian diplomatic compounds, one in New York and another in Maryland. RT article.

In cases like this I hate being right! Let me explain.


As I predicted in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16:
US ELECTIONS & WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER, Addendum and the December 19 follow up, Obama, democrats, White House, CIA and their collective handlers are busy doing everything to embed as many time bombs, Berlin Walls and Iron Curtains as possible in order to sabotage any future efforts of the incoming Trump administration to improve relations with Russia. They are manufacturing that ‘straight jacket’ for Trump and his people, of which I spoke in my videos. I also said that winning election was only the beginning of the fight for Trump and his people.

This is getting ugly, and – hate to say – will get uglier.

The newest scandal is unheard of in its audacity and magnitude. Usually, this is simply not done. If a country thinks some of the diplomats are operatives (let’s face it, many are, regardless of the country), they prefer to keep them around due to the known quantity they represent. As the old saying goes: keep your friends close and enemies closer. Usually, unless there is a very good reason, diplomats don’t get expelled.

If someone does get expelled, that is usually one, two, or three at most. Normally it never goes beyond single digits. 35 is unheard of, especially in relations of such major countries.

The reason mass expulsions between Russia and US don’t occur is because both are supposed to be guarantors of a certain modicum of balance in the world. Therefore, on some level, diplomacies of major countries always feel responsibility to try and NOT tip the world out of balance, if they can help it.


The reason Obama is providing, that supposedly US diplomats were tailed or mistreated in Russia, is total BS. Anyone who ever dealt with diplomacy at all knows that this is done routinely, especially for high-profile countries’ diplomats. Russians are always tailed in the US and American diplomats are always tailed in Russia.

I dare say that Russians gave US diplomats way too much freedom in Russia. It is a very well-known fact that US ambassador Teft has been riding around Russia with suitcases full of dollars, giving these out like hotcakes to anyone who promises to start a color revolution in Russia. The videos of his, and his underlings’ meetings with various subversives, excuse me, ‘revolutionaries’ who want to overturn Putin, have been recorded and shown publicly, including on YouTube.

Previously, the same was done by Teft’s predecessor, Michael… what’s his name… You know, the one with whom I recently had that infamous exchange on Twitter and who tried to convince me that he ‘never tried to orchestrate color revolution in Russia.’ Oh, yes: Michael McFaul. Sure, wag the dog, Michael. We all so believe you – not.

This is the post: “I never orchestrated color revolution in Russia” My Twitter exchange with US ex-ambassador McFaul. Incidentally, there was a continuation to that exchange, in which McFaul continued the same ‘wag the dog’ line, plus he employed some very interesting trolls, whom I had to ban on Twitter.

MacFaul was recently added to the sanctions list by Russia in response to US adding more Russian politicians to its sanctions list. He is a personal friend of Obama. I can see how Obama may be feeling – how do we put it mildly – ***hurt.

The problem that Teft and his predecessor McFaul have encountered was that the money was taken by the Russian neo-liberal pro-West opposition, to be simply pocketed. No one did anything to advance the ‘noble cause’ of the color revolution in Russia. Tell you more, even if they wanted to do so, they simply couldn’t. Chances are, the people would simply rip them apart if they did.

In 2011 there was an attempt at color revolution in Moscow, which is referred to as ‘The Bolotnaya protests.’ The protest initially gathered 100,000 people, by some estimates. The stated slogan of the protest was to unseat Putin and Medvedev, not let Putin run for re-election in 2012, and change the constitutional order in Russia.

Simply said, they were gearing for the coup.

However, as it turned out, the US-paid provocateurs, such as Navalny, Nemtsov, Kasyanov and others gathered people under the wrong pretenses. In other words, people were simply lied to about the reasons for the gathering. Some actually thought they came to protest some sort of law they didn’t like; moreover, there were those who thought they came to support Putin. Very few supported the overturning of the Russian government.

The result was that many people left the protests and never came back. Next Bolotnaya protest gathered only 10,000.

Meanwhile, an alternative protest was gathering on Moscow’s Poklonnaya Gora. The protests against Bolotnaya and neo-liberals, and in support of Putin, gathered 300,000 people. The eye-witnesses said that it easily could have been 500,000 and more. But authorities, fearing the dangerous overcrowding of the Metro, as the unheard of crowds kept coming, closed down nearby Metro stations. Some were unable to join because of that.

After seeing the turnout of the pro-Putin Poklonnaya Gora protest, Bolotnaya just deflated and died down.

In 2012 Putin was re-elected with nearly 64% of votes, beating his own earlier record.

And then there was the Kiev maidan of 2014. US believed that it would be easy to topple Russia after Ukraine. However, the sanctions, ruble attacks, oil plunge, vilifying of Putin, baiting and attempts of isolation of Russia – all that backfired.

I just imagine the perma-perplexed expression on Obama’s and his cronies’ faces. How come the CIA/MI5 playbook that always worked for them just stopped performing in Russia? Isn’t Russian economy supposed to be shattered to pieces, as Obama declared? Aren’t Russian people supposed to be crazy unhappy that their standard of living suddenly halved, thanks to the West’s sabotage?

Instead, the Russian society consolidated like a monolith around Putin. Putin’s rating shot up to 80%, then 86%, then 90% and even up to 94% at one point. Meanwhile, the popularity of various neo-libs and pro-West provocateurs in Russia plunged to below 1%.

Well, if these – how shall I put it mildly – NOT very intelligent people ever listened to my videos or read FuturisTrendcast, if they, in their arrogant stupidity, ever bothered to check out my predictions, they’d know that Russia is the Great Balancer, that she presently is rebalancing the world away from the West, and that this is the TIME OF RUSSIA.

This is not the first time Russia has to step in to rebalance the world that has been plunged into a severe imbalance by the overly aggressive, yang West (or East, depending on the era). If these very ignorant and silly people read history books, they’d know not to attack Russia. Every time Russia is attacked the attacker pays a very large, often disastrous price. I can’t even begin to list all the countries that discovered this the hard way – some of them actually ceased to exist, and many became greatly diminished.

This time it’s not a hot war – it is a devious 4D hybrid war, but it’s a full-scale war nevertheless.

Therefore, whatever they try to do, it won’t work. The tide has changed, we are entering a very different era, as THE GREAT EARTH SHIFT gains momentum.

The moves made by Obama and his cronies are remarkable and unusual for an outgoing lame duck US president, who at this time is supposed to play golf. The frantic hurry and maliciousness of their attacks reeks of extreme desperation.

Recently, responding to a reader question, I calibrated Admiral John Kirby, the spokesperson for the US State Dept. His calibration was quite telling. Today, let me calibrate a few more US politicians for you and this will give you a very good idea what’s going on. ALL ABOUT CALIBRATIONS.

Kirby: Calibration (C) – 45 (guilt – almost near death, some are suicidal at this level; his confusion and desperation are extreme); Chi – 95 (grief, despondency)

US Sec. of State John Kerry: C – 95 (grief, despondency); Chi 180 (pride – this one’s Chi is resilient – but look at the plunge in his calibration!).

Obama (I detect such problems with this one, so much despondency and darkness that I have chills as I write this): C – 49 SAME AS KIRBY! (guilt – almost near death, some are suicidal at this level; his confusion and desperation are extreme. Note that just one point above, at 50, is the level of apathy); Chi – 48 – same!

I’m not going to calibrate the deranged Samantha Power, US ambassador to the UN, and CIA. They would return similar values.

At these extremely low energy levels we would usually see various terrorists and mass murderers. Decisions made with this kind of vibrational calibration are very dangerous as such individuals see the world in a very warped way. They are simply unable to perceive events and situations around them adequately. Wars, terrorism and mass destruction happens at this level. And this is the ‘leadership’ of the US! These are the ones who write the laws, execute policy and decide the future of America! 

I recommend that you listen to complete EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16:
US ELECTIONS & WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER with Addendum, for all my predictions re. Trump, Obama, US and more.

Free part 1 of ESR16, Addendum and more are available on Lada Ray Channel

Also on Lada Ray Channel you’ll find my calibrations videos, where the entire Quantum Calibrations Scale is explained.

Go to LadaRay.com to read about Russia the Great Balancer; Earth Shift; Lada Ray’s Spiritual Geopolitics and Quantum Calibrations.

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  1. Well said! No rest for the Truth Warrior this year. Thank you, Lada.

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  2. US media is saying ‘100% of American intelligence agrees, Russia did the hack – there’s no question’ LOL!! I guess when you’re losing on all fronts, the only way is to double down (and look foolish)

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    • This is the bottom line, delivered by Ms. Zakharova, for all the world to see. In her comments about Kerry, she delivered his death sentence. She didn’t come to praise Kerry, she came to bury him… along with the rest of the trash.

      “Mr. Kerry, in this difficult moment for the United States, let me convey you the words of sympathy – you have done all what was possible to avert your country’s collapse in foreign policy,” she said, giving credit to Kerry’s diplomatic skills.

      “Out of this group of spoilers, I pity only Kerry. He was not an ally. But he tried to be a professional and maintain his human dignity.” Read more: The logo of the Wikileaks website © Toru Hanai WikiLeaks: Obama kicking out diplomats breaches intl law, Moscow should wait till Trump in office

      Zakharova also said that with its incoherent foreign policy, Obama’s administration has inadvertently debunked a long-cherished myth of America’s exceptionalism that claims a special place in the world.

      “This is it, [the] curtain [has dropped]. The bad performance is over. The whole world, from the front row to the balcony, is watching a devastating blow to America’s prestige and its leadership, dealt by Barack Obama and his semi-literate foreign policy team, which has exposed its main secret to the world – exceptionalism was a masked helplessness.”

      “No enemy of the United States could have done worse,” Zakharova concluded.
      SOURCE: RT

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  3. With the sidelining of the US in the negotiations for peace in Syria , they are having hissy fits , as the US has always been involved in such Middle East matters before.
    Furthermore ,the Obama administration is hell bent on putting sticks in Trumps wheels on any rapprochement towards Russia.
    There is simply no evidence that the Russians hacked into the DNC files ,Craik Murray the UK former ambassador to Russia stated categorically that it was not a hack but a leak ,see:
    I am not sure why all the hissy fits in Washington but it could have something to do with widespread pedophilia .That might just get investigated properly , as it should , after Trump gets in , as he might want to get even , especially if he was serious on draining the swamp. But as politicians will be politicians , we will have to wait and see if he is any different.
    Thanks again Lada for this post .I will check out Earth Shift report 16 :US elections and what will happen after. Small donation of course for your very valid work.Best regards to you and all the people that follow your blog, for the new year.

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    • Pedophilia is the black thread which runs through all of this satanic tapestry. This is the source of e-energy these cretins feed off. Watch Scotland/UK as the lid slowly comes off of this in 2017.

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  4. Thank you Lada. Those calibrations do not surprise me at all as I consider Obama and his cronies to be the worst type of psychopaths. It baffles me how they can live this way and trick so many people.

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  5. This story is all about psychopaths. Everything this alleged president does is described in the DSM V. It’s classic.

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  6. Ah, Lada! It is true. Sometimes there really is no joy in being right ~ especially as often as you are. Thank you once again for your calibrations and your amazing insights. I also wish the aforementioned and several other bozos in this pathetic circus would read your blog. If they did maybe they would get something right once in a while. Agreed, Paleohippy. Textbook. They need to be put in some quiet and secure place where they are unable to hurt themselves or anyone else.

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  7. Brenda Nishimura

    I really enjoy when you demonstrate your calibration method. It reminds me a little of the tamasic, rajas, and sattvic qualities of nature found in yoga, but your method seems more detailed and user friendly. I would really enjoy learning more about how to do calibrations sometime if you have a chance to teach it. I have a question about them. The people you mentioned in this article all have pretty low calibrations for both the C level and the chi. How did they get to such prominent positions with such low calibrations. Did they once have a high chi level that then fell later?

    Also, I love all your writings so I don’t like to make requests, but my teenager has been bombarding me with questions about dragons and Atlantis and Lemuria since reading some of your books. I would be interested in these topics too. I really enjoyed reading your ‘The Earth Shifter’ book. I like how you embedded a lot of information about the world into the story. I got quite attached to the characters too.

    Thanks Lada and Happy New Year!

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    • Thank you, Brenda. And Happy New Year to you and family. Lovely to hear about your son being interested in my books 🙂
      I do plan both new books and live webinars in the next 2-3 years on the topics most requested and important to my followers.
      I’ll have some announcements in the beginning of 2017!
      There will be something on Calibrations (I plan webinars and a book, where I’ll teach my Calibrations method), and the forbidden history too. There are books written about Atlantis, Lemuria, etc. I can’t say that I agree with them fully. I promise I’ll talk about how I see what happened on our planet in the past.

      VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION YOU’VE BROUGHT UP! How did these people get to such high positions?
      Briefly, 3 things: 1. Their calibrations fell dramatically lately – they were higher before they sold their souls. 2. They had A LOT of external help from shadow powers. 3. It also – unfortunately – reflects the people’s energy, those who elected them. In other words, every country deserves its government.
      We all hope USA will deserve a better govt come January.

      More on how it works in Webinar and Calibrations book.

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  8. Rada, I highly value your insights and clairvoyance. I am an American, and you would be astounded how many Americans respect and support the Russian people and V. Putin. Our so-called leaders in Washington are what we call ‘lame-duck’. They are not even worth ‘the pot they pee in’. In fact for BHO to pull this latest tantrum, is proof positive that he and the rest of his ‘lame-ducks’ are sociopaths, and thus clinically I N S A N E ! Unfortunately the American public is pretty well split 50-50 regarding the history of Russia and its incredible ability to survive. In this country very few Americans know about the sacrifices of the Russian people to stop the Nazis! I for one have studied it for many years…I salute your valor. If PEOTUS Trump does not deliver on his promise to ratchet back the war policy currently in play, he will be gone within a year…

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  9. I think this is going to backfire on Obama & his backers. Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge posted today, 12/29/16 that FBI, DHS Release “Report” on Russian hacking.

    Tyler writes: **Where things get awkward, however, is at the very start of the report, which prefaced by a broad disclaimer, according to which nothing in the report is to be relied upon and that everything contained in it may be completely false.

    No really: “this report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within…”**

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  10. Everybody is eagerly awaiting the transition of power in the US. I do think that Mr. Putin just shruged his shoulders, turned around and thought: “Too bad, but change is coming! Keep Calm and…..wait for Mr. Trump to take over!” LOL

    About McFaul, isn’t he playing faul? Ah, what’s in a name! And Kirby, my gott, I really cannot watch him and now I understand why! Same with Obama lately. Something was done to him for sure! The way he is talking is also not normal, like he is searching for the right words to say, it makes no sense to me anymore.

    Would love to see Laura Ingraham in the Press Sec. post, she would be great! Good person, great sense of humour and very well informed! I do follow her website, Lifezette, has good articles.

    Thank you Lada for all you have done this year to keep us sane!

    And to all the readers here: Wave goodbye to 2016 and brace for impact in 2017! LOL

    Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!


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    • Kirby and Obama: they’ve done it to themselves. Sleep with the devil – be like the devil. Sorry to insult the devil like this – should’ve said: worse than the devil.
      They hit the bottom, went through it and kept going.

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  11. The Syrian Army found billions worth of Western weapons on Eastern Aleppo which they partly filmed.

    In UN Syrias foreign minister named foreign militaries captured in East Aleppo, 4-5 Saudis, 1 Quatari, 1 Moroccan, 1 Jordanian, 1 American and 1 Israeli I think.

    The New Roman Empire is falling fast and this is just the beginning.

    Lada I love you keep up the good work.

    Hugs Ollie

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    • Another source reported the Syrian Army found operatives from US, Morocco, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey –
      Specifically 22 from US; 16 Britain, 21 France. 7 Israel & I think 62 from Turkey.

      Perhaps some of the difference might be the Syrian foreign minister’s report to UN referred only to captured military while other sources include intelligence operatives & mercenaries. Somewhere in the past week I’ve come across a list of some of the contained names & affiliated countries.

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  12. John McAfee argued the case pretty well from the technical side:

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  13. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    You know the Obama Administration is on it’s way out when his juvenile actions are so cartoonish!

    Nu Pogodi! (‘I’ll Get You!’)

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  14. When In first heard about the 35 expulsions of diplomats yesterday , my first thought was ,I wonder what Russia will do now , my second thought was ,I hope they do nothing at all .
    So well done president Putin and the icing on the cake was the invitation to all US diplomats and their children to the Kremlin to join in the New Years celebration .
    Happy New Year everyone , lets hope it’s a good one !

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  15. Putin’s announcement today, 12/30/16 not to expel American diplomats in response to sanctions as a gesture to the “incoming administration” & Trump’s prompt tweet, “Great move on delay….I always knew he was smart” just changed the game from “tit for tat” to “swart the gnat”.

    It looks to me like the ‘lame duck’ is leaving office on a stretcher.
    I would say this is a form of suicide as per your calibration level.

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  16. When I read of Obama’s petty actions I left this comment on the Guardian article
    (surprisingly they didn’t delete it as they do many of my comments)

    I expect Putin will disregard this petulant lame duck tantrum
    Hopefully Trump will quickly move to undo the damage Obama has done during his presidency

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