Tu-154 Catastrophe 1/2: The Light vs Shadows of the 4D Hybrid Infowar

I am posting this article today because I don’t want to leave this unfinished business for 2017. Chances are, we may still have to return to this topic in the new year. This is a 2-part post on the Tu-154 catastrophe near Sochi, on the Black Sea. In part 2 I’ll discuss my version of events and whether I believe it was a freak accident or an attack.


I once said ( I believe it was ESR2 or ESR3) that Ukraine was the shadow side of Russia. I didn’t want to be this right. The biggest problem is that those who do these despicable things often speak Russian as native language.

In cases like this I don’t know whether to be grateful or not for these times of the Great Earth Shift, which bring to light all the shadows, and with them, all the ugliness that has lurked underneath. Usually, such ugliness would be hiding deep within those shadows. Now, it is all exposed to light for all to see through the Internet and YouTube.

It should end in a cleansing process: we all need to know what our shadows are and how to heal them. But for the time being, it’s very hard to watch. The strong and intelligent will make the right conclusions and move forward, having learned important lessons. The weak, angry and dependent will break and blame others.

The entire planet is undergoing this cleansing process. With it comes the identity crisis. The strength, resilience and ancestral wisdom of any nation it tested in times such as these.

In the EU the identity crisis was triggered by the immigration crisis. In the Middle East – by the West’s wars and ISIL. In the US – by economy and Trump. In the Russian World it was triggered by the 2014 Ukraine coup. This latest stage of examining and dealing with the shadows is triggered by the Russian ambassador assassination and the TU-154 catastrophe.

Read and watch: 

Tribute: The Unforgettable Music of the Aleksandrov Red Army Choir – RIP


This post was hard to write,  but it had to be done. People have to know how ugly this 4D hybrid infowar has become. There are people who have no conscience, no heart and no scruples. I have to say with a great sadness that this is the type of individuals employed by the US/West to try to undermine Russia in every way possible.Whenever I look at comments and videos on YouTube, posts and comments elsewhere, I can’s stop being amazed at how low certain humans can sink. The internet has become filled with bots, trolls, shills, liars, angry losers, and those who will post anything in order to get views and their cheap 15 minutes of fame. Some do it for views, others for kicks, and yet others for 30 pieces of silver, a few dollars, or worse – a few worthless grivnas. Or maybe they are hoping to get US or EU passports that way.

While some – like those who perished in the Tu-154 catastrophe – produce divine music, inspire and lead people, invent new useful things, unite and protect people, help the helpless and save the children, others come to this earth with the sole desire to wreak havoc and destroy. The worst thing, such subhumans destroy not only buildings and monuments, as the Kiev junta ukro-nazis do in Ukraine, or as their ISIL friends do in Syria. Structures can be rebuilt.

Worse, they target people’s memory, their souls and hearts; they try to destroy hope.

Unfortunately, a lot of sickos and shills, associated with the Russian pro-West neo-libs, as well as Kiev junta and ukro-nazis, rejoiced about the Sochi Tu-154 catastrophe.

Poroshenko’s personal advisor and other high-ranking politicians in Kiev have been publicly and with glee commenting about those who died, wishing there were more victims.

Facebook and YouTube are polluted with various channels posting mocking videos and laughing at the tragedy. Putin is blamed – what else is new. Now he personally killed the entire Red Army Choir.

One comment I noticed being posted over and over on various YT channels by some very persistent troll: turns out that Tu-154 catastrophe was the sacrifice for the Jewish Hanukkah 2016!

I won’t go through all the freaky and disgusting stuff out there. I’ll just say that there were a few ‘journalists’ in Russia who also joined in. These were of the kind I described in my previous article: I Hate Being Right! Obama/US expel 35 Russian diplomats. Lada Ray analysis and calibrations. In other words, the neo-lib types, fed by the US grants. One such woman was a wife of an ex-oligarch, ‘Russian high-society lioness’ with 200,000 subscribers on Facebook. Another man worked for the well-known, openly anti-Russian publication in Moscow; he was actually a Ukrainian, who received Russian citizenship. I’ll name neither so not to give them any inadvertent promotion. Echoing the Kiev junta pronouncements, these individual said that they weren’t sorry for the deaths of people on the plane and that it was payment for Russia’s ‘sins,’ wishing more were dead.

There were a few others who said the same. The disturbing fact was that these posts were reposted and liked many times (I strongly suspect it was mostly by Ukrainian ‘nationalists’ and ukro-nazis of all kinds – let’s recall, they all are Russian-speakers too, and often are indistinguishable from Russians).

The interesting thing is that even the majority of the pro-West neo-libs in Russia had enough sense to condemn such people. As a result of this newest faux pas, I suspect neo-libs and Kiev junta will lose even more support in Ukraine, Russia and worldwide, while Putin will gain more support.

Here is one very disgusting post about Tu-154 catastrophe on a Russian language YT channel called ‘the very juice’. The title of the video, which overflows with extreme hatred and Russophobia: “The underwater Choir of the Ministry of Defence.” And just look at that mocking thumbnail!

  1. Подводный ансамбль минобороны.

Another video from the same channel, entitled, ‘Tu-154 was a sign from above,’ says that the Choir was going to Syria to entertain ‘the butchers’ who have destroyed a ‘thriving megapolis together with its citizens.’ In other words, per this warped logic (shared by the US and West), it was ISIL and terrorists who were trying to save Aleppo and protect citizens, while bad Russians and Syrian army went out of their way to destroy them! Again, the terribly disturbing thing is that the next day after the catastrophe this one had 140,000 views! The comment section of this channel simply overflows with such extreme violent and disgusting hatred that it makes one wonder how many sick and deranged humans are out there.

Ту-154 как знамение

Perhaps it’s because of channels like this that I’m not eager to develop my YouTube channel more, although I’d like to. I don’t want my voice to drown in the chorus of these crazies and sickos. 

All this may originate from Kiev junta, where they frantically invest into anti-Russian shills and propaganda. Or it can come from the Baltics and Poland, where US/Canada/Soros set up propaganda agencies to subvert as many Russians as they can. Too bad for them that there are not too many takers. Why not? For explanation, see I Hate Being Right! Obama/US expel 35 Russian diplomats. Lada Ray analysis and calibrations.

I’m pretty confident that much of this is done by paid shills in order to make the New Year’s (the biggest holiday in Russia) as depressing as possible for Russians. Of course, there are some totally deranged Russophobes and volunteer ukro-nazi trolls, as well.

Human mind and heart are resilient, adapting to the worst madness out of sheer necessity of survival. This is the only way the still remaining sane people in Ukraine can survive under such circumstances.

For me it’s very hard to stomach what’s going on and how far it had gone. I remember Odessa as a wonderful city, and it’s painful to think what the Kiev junta and invading ukro-nazis, aided from abroad, turned it into. Odessans created a memorial for the victims of the Tu-154 catastrophe. Ukro-nazis showed up and destroyed the people’s memorial. Despite threats, makeshift memorials for the Red Army Choir and the Tu-154 victims have shown up in various places in Ukraine.


Music always brought people closer together. Many in Ukraine are quite upset about the tragedy. They start remembering that they, after all, are one people and that they are destined to be together. This powerful ancestral recall is exactly the kind of thing the dark forces cannot allow to happen.

But when millions rise, the light outshines the darkness. I know, I absolutely know, this will happen in Ukraine, perhaps sooner than most realize. Recall my prediction! Ukraine turnaround: 2016-2018. 2017 will be pivotal! The shift is underway!

In Kiev people have been bringing flowers and candles to the Russian Embassy. On the video below you can see the entrance to the Russian Embassy in Kiev, which now operates with skeleton staff. After many attacks, the embassy was surrounded with two rows of barbed wire and additional iron fence. You’ll see that the barbed wire is full of flowers and people are sticking their tributes onto the fence. The sign reads: “Neither words, nor tears left to express our pain. Russia, we are with you.”

Kiev, Ukrainians mourn with Russia – the Russian embassy (Viktoria Shilova)

Russian embassy, Kiev – Head of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, Natalia Vitrenko: Condolences to our brothers and sisters, the Russian people.

Again, with a chill and horrible regret I have to point out that this video was hijacked by ukro-nazis. Vitrenko is always nice, rational and polite. All she says is how sorry she is and what a terrible tragedy it was. Yet there are tons of dislikes and tons of Russophobic comments in Ukrainian and Russian under this video.

The video below is from Kharkov: “Our Brothers” – Kharkov people brought flowers and Georgievskaya Lentochkas to the Russian consulate. And again, tons of dislikes and absolutely crazy Russophobic comments under video, with lots of lies and propaganda.

The sign reads: “Kharkov mourns with you” and “RIP, and let there be joy and peace for all people.” Imagine that this kind of stuff gets dislikes!

“Братский народ”: харьковчане принесли к российскому консульству цветы и “георгиевские” ленты

My intel says that these paid shills get orders from above to attack a specific video, and they just swarm on it. Their goal is to create a picture in social media that all Ukrainians hate Russians. I have a strong suspicion that the financing comes from the same source as the $5 billion Nuland spent on subverting Ukraine. To name the obvious: US State Dept and White House, CIA and Soros. 

And this is from Belarus. Lukashenko announced that state flags in Belarus will be lowered to half mast in memory of the TU-154 victims and that Belarus stands by the “Russian brothers.” The problem is that even on this video, not highly visited and not about Ukraine, you see several dislikes. Sign reads: “Russians, our brothers, we mourn with you. Sincere condolences.”


Incidentally, there is a very worrisome infiltration of ukro-nazis in Belarus, as well as various Poles and Balts, who cross the border. I sense that there is a danger of maidan and color revolution in Belarus. You recall my prediction from ESR1: Lukashenko won’t let that happen. Bu the danger exists. I thought I’d bring it up here so my readers are aware.

I have seen very alarming signals from Belarus lately. Lukashenko’s behavior is also very strange, such as skipping the EUAU economic summit in Russia, where many important decisions were adopted in his absence. The explanation for his absence wasn’t provided. Putin only said that all decisions were discussed with Lukashenko and met with his approval.

I think I may include my intel on the Belarus maidan probability in the upcoming ESR re. the Big Ukraine Shift. The shift is expected in 2017 – per my predictions and right on schedule!



Sorry everyone, a correction! I decided to postpone part 2 for after New Year’s. It’s too involved and gruesome. I don’t want to spoil the holiday. Expect it in the first few days of 2017. Along with it, I’ll have a big post on Ukraine and the 2017 forecast. Stay tuned for the 2017 offerings!


A message from Lada Ray

This was a tumultuous and extremely eventful year. But life goes on. Despite everything, we are getting ready to celebrate the New Year’s, which is a big holiday in our family! Much more will be said and much more will happen in 2017, and beyond. But that’s already for the New Year to sort out! Till then,

Join us on December 31, 2016 – January 1, 2017 for the




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  1. Thanks for this, Lada. See you on the other side (in the new year) 🙂

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  2. Great article again and I might be wrong but we are just at the beginning of the nightmare. By the way Lada, when you say in your article “People have to know how ugly this 4D hybrid infowar has become” are you talking about beings in 4 density who are playing us like puppets?

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  3. Ooooh touche, Lada! Self-deception. Lol, I could write a book.

    You also make a very good point about how each area of our world has their own particular growth challenge. Their ancient festering wounds must be exposed, cleaned and healed with sunshine and communication. Painful as it is, there is no other way. I am in sympathy with your reluctance to expand your You tube channel knowing you will surely draw fire from those who are confused and behaving in insane and vindictive ways. I have experienced my share of attacks from trolls on other blogs. It is not fun to experience these bottom feeders stirring up muck and throwing it in our faces every day! BUT… and this is a big but… they have a purpose to fulfill in Nature also. They stir up the muck so it can be filtered and cleansed by saner minds, informed and logical people who are capable of calmly pointing out the facts. Other bloggers pile on and they withdraw, spitting, fuming and humiliated.

    I believe the Chinese word zhuǎnjī (incipient moment) describes the place we are in very well. I prefer it to weiji (crisis) because while this is a time of great challenge it is also a turning point, an opportunity to turn motion to our advantage. These touching videos of solidarity show that we collectively have the stuff to succeed. As hard as “they” have tried to subjugate us our hearts are still alive, connected and unbowed.

    I know you also see that the tipping point has been reached. You may be surprised to find how many are these beautiful souls (bless them, they brought me to tears!). These loving and good-hearted people such as in the videos above, are willing and ready. If you give them the opportunity to see your videos and join with you I am betting they will shout down the dark ones and drive them away from your channel.

    Your Light and natural leadership is so very strong, Lada! There is much potential for healing here. I would encourage you to take that step, odious as it may seem at the outset. You know as well as I that the more Light we can introduce into this benighted world the faster it can heal and raise its frequency. The dark hearts are loud but they are few. The many of us who love and appreciate you are behind you and will always support you in your work. As they learn of you, more will come.

    Courage, Lada! As Clare Templeton recently said, Resolve is what we need. What do you say brother and sister Lada supporters? Would you be willing to assist Lada if she decides to give the expansion of her You Tube channel a go? I know I would. How could we best help you?

    Thank you for all you do, dear lady. What a light to the world you are! I look forward to your next installment of this piece, and most especially to what you have planned for next year. A Happy New Year to you and yours and to all your followers. Invictus!

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  4. Yes this tragedy, and the subversive elements that create such chaos around the world, must be exposed and cleansed in the light of day. Not by senseless wars, retribution, malicious rhetoric, but by using reason, intelligence and even a bit of shaming on those who are too lowly calibrated to understand. Yes the old structures are finally collapsing, but not without a vicious fight! Obama and his neo-lib lackeys did everything to provoke/ antagonise Russia, but to no avail. Their ploys are way to transparent and simple to fall for it, great example of yours is Grandmaster Putin playing chess against a rank amateur like Obama… who throws tantrums every time he loses, but never learns to correct his moves! Neo-libs are spoiled bratty children who need a good spanking and learn to play nice in the real world, not in some imaginary safe space, lmao. 🙂

    Now to the memes:

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  5. Yes this tragedy, and the subversive elements that create such chaos around the world, must be exposed and cleansed in the light of day. Not by senseless wars, retribution, malicious rhetoric, but by using reason, intelligence and even a bit of shaming on those who are too lowly calibrated to understand. Yes the old structures are finally collapsing, but not without a vicious fight! Obama and his neo-lib lackeys did everything to provoke/ antagonise Russia, but to no avail. Their ploys are way to transparent and simple to fall for it, great example of yours is Grandmaster Putin playing chess against a rank amateur like Obama… who throws tantrums every time he loses, but never learns to correct his moves! Neo-libs are spoiled bratty children who need a good spanking and learn to play nice in the real world, not in some imaginary safe space, lmao.🙂

    Now to the memes:

    Happy New Year Everyone!! ❤ XD *\o/*

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  6. Thanks Lada Ray! Happy New Year 2017!

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  7. Just read President Putin’s response to the U.S. sanctions. Of all the ways he could have responded he chose to once again demonstrate his characteristic graciousness and equanimity. What an example to us all. Russians, you are very fortunate to have such a leader. We all are. Happy New Year, and all the best to you in 2017!

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  8. Greetings Lada,
    I’m not sure that this piece is perhaps a ‘deflection’ (considering the source country) and I can’t find a matching original on Pravda, (note the final credit tag is spelled ‘pravada’) but would like to add it to the mix for context and conversation. I will add legit articles as second link that seems to support the preliminary analysis that the catastrophe was not casued by explosives etc.

    Did a Radio Electronic Attack down Russia TU-154 December 25, 2016?

    What happened on board Tu-154?

    Tu-154 crashed as a result of NATO’s covert operation?

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    • Here is the key passage, alluding to the potential perps:

      “If this was a terrorist attack, it comes well into line with the killing of Russian Ambassador to Turkey. It also matches John Kirby’s remarks, who said that Russia would lose more planes if it was not going to stop operations in Syria.”

      “Noteworthy, disabled transponders and communication systems can be explained as follows. French reconnaissance ship Dupuy de Lome had entered the Black Sea on the eve of the tragedy. The ship can send a strong impulse to deactivate all electronic equipment on board the aircraft. Israel resorts to this practice against Russian airplanes in Syria.”

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  9. Happy New Year Lada! I wish you and your family all the best.

    I just noticed a tweet by Jill Stein on Christmas (I recall you calibrating her very highly in a post)

    She tweeted:

    In case you didn’t know, the United States funds and arms terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS when it needs them to disrupt a country.

    How is this not a huge deal when a presidential candidate says something like this? Also, what was the deal with her and the whole recount business? I am confused what to think of her…


    • We discussed her in an earlier post’s comment section in response to a reader question. Suggest subscribing to comments – there is always a lot more there.

      Happy New Year!


  10. Perhaps it’s the “silver lining” in a difficult situation but when I viewed the videos & read your explanation of the negative hate filled comments from trolls, paid or otherwise, it occurred to me that this is the reactive behavior of someone who is losing. Considering the violence of the Ukro-nazis & all that has happened since 2014, it’s a real win that there still are people in Ukraine who build memorials for the junta to destroy and create videos at the Russian embassy of flowers for the trolls to mock. If the junta truly was all powerful no one would have built any memorials in the first place.

    I’ve always liked Julian Assange’s Wikileaks banner: “Courage is contagious”.

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  11. Dear Lada, excellent analysis, as usual.
    May I add one little point – the ‘war’ has clearly also become musical. Someone must have taken note of the Palmyra concert and, even more, of the spontaneous, creative and contagious phenomenon of musical flash mobs all over the place, as something both powerful and meaningful. People and musicians have been showing spirit and solidarity in this oh so peaceful, joyful and dignified manner – and the retaliation hits right at the heart of this deep Slavic, and human, source of joy. Very cunning.

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