Lada Ray Reveals Putin’s Secret! Why Putin Did Nothing After US Expelled 35 Russian Diplomats?


Most foreign MSM and analysts called the fact that Putin didn’t respond to Obama expelling 35 Russian diplomats a “triumph of Vladimir Putin’s policy.” Many call it generous and magnanimous. Some in the West believe that Putin, thus, created a trap for the US. Most agree that the move – rather the lack of an obvious tit-for-tat move as was expected – was unpredictable.

Read my previous article about the incident: I Hate Being Right! Obama/US expel 35 Russian diplomats. Lada Ray analysis and calibrations

Why did Putin do nothing? Lada Ray reveals Putin’s Secret

Vladimir Putin is famous for his master chess moves no one expects. This was one of them. However, perhaps not as unpredictable as the Western MS will make you believe.

In fact, it is directly in line with everything Putin and Russia have been doing. It is in line with how Russia continues trying to work with the EU, despite all the crazy anti-Russian rhetoric coming from Berlin, Paris and London; how Russia still tries to work with Ukraine to resolve the crisis there, despite all the lies. It is also in line with how Russia tries to resolve and end the crisis in Syria, despite all the accusations to the contrary and attacks against Russia. It is also in line with Russia dealing with Turkey and Erdogan despite the downing of the Russian Su-24 and despite the killing of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.

Russia’s goal, as the Great Balancer, is to calm down conflict, relieve tensions and move on to some sort of peaceful resolution. This is the role Russia played for centuries, possibly millennia. This is the truth. But of course, this truth was twisted and Russia in most instances was presented as aggressor, instead of protector and defender she really was. The attempts to re-write history are happening in front of our very eyes, as we live it.

But we live in the times of the Galactic Dawn, when the first rays of truth illuminate the deep shadows of the passing Galactic Night. During this time, suddenly, what was hidden gets revealed. This is why there is so much international support for Russia and Putin and this is why suddenly people start seeing Obama, Western MSM, and various hidden forces, for what they really are.

It so happens that in our times of the grass-roots journalism and internet it’s hard to hide the obvious. The truth comes out, no matter how various forces try to bury or distort it.

Russians weren’t fooled as to who ordered the downing of the Russian Su-24 and who was behind the death of the Russian ambassador. Read: Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov Assassinated in Ankara! Cui Bono?

It was clear that of all parties, Turkey and Erdogan were the ones who didn’t benefit at all. But the major beneficiaries were those who wanted to prevent Russia and Turkey from working together; those who also wanted to prevent Russia, Turkey and Iran from forming an alliance. These were the US/CIA, as well as Saudis and Qatar. Israel may have had an interest as well, but my intel says clearly that it was specifically the US-Qatar-Saudis axis.

In the case of the 35 Russian diplomats’ expulsion from the US the party that clearly does not benefit is the incoming US President Trump. Therefore, as I predicted in ESR16 and follow ups, this is part of the plan by the collective forces of the Obama-handlers, democrats, CIA/US Empire/NWO-remnants to build as many Berlin Walls and traps for the future American administration as possible before Trump takes office. It is the plan to sabotage any possibility of warming up for the Russia-US relations.

I also want you to note that my prediction of Trump being tied up and having to make deals, thus compromising his initial plans, is spectacularly coming true!

And now we are getting back to Putin and Russia. Here is the golden rule of the master chess geopolitics, as well as the art of war at its best. If your enemy (or rival) very much wants you to do something, it means that a trap is being set up for you. Therefore, the wise know NOT to do what they are pushed to do by those who have ulterior motives.

If in 2014 US/West desperately wanted Russia to send troops to Ukraine to quell the ukro-nazi coup, so Russia could be vilified and presented as aggressor… Russia should have, and has done, the opposite. Therefore, Russia never sent troops to Ukraine,  as I predicted.

If the goal of the downing of the Su-24 and killings of the Russian pilot and ambassador was to sabotage the pivotal for the Great Earth Shift Russia-Turkey relations, building of the Turkish Stream and ending the war in Syria… then Russia had to derail that plan by acting contrary to it. In other words, instead of war and animosity, as US intended, Russia made up with Turkey and warned Erdogan of the coup. Putin played his master move, and the added bonus was the fact that now Erdogan is in Russia’s debt and that he is ready to expel US/NATO troops from Turkish bases.

In the case of US expelling Russian diplomats, Russia could have done the common diplomatic tit-for-tat and expelled 35 US diplomats. FM Lavrov proposed that to Putin. But that would have created a very explosive diplomatic situation just in time for Trump to take office, which could have escalated into a bigger conflict. This certainly would derail Trump-Putin meeting, which is supposed to happen in March. Instead of moving forward, Russia and US could be stuck in various tit-for-tat. This is what the Trump enemies, who therefore are the enemies of the American people as well, wanted to accomplish.

Putin did the best thing a truly wise, strong and forward-looking leader could do. His response was indeed generously magnanimous. Putin has said that he regrets Obama chose to end his presidency and relations with Russia on such bad note. Putin has also said that any future negotiations Russia will conduct exclusively with Trump’s administration. And then, he refused a tit-for-tat expulsion of the American diplomats and closure of the corresponding American compounds in Russia (US closed down two Russian diplomatic compounds in New York and Maryland).

This was a truly generous gift to the new US President Donald Trump. It was a show of support and faith; it was a signal of the expectation that Trump would do better.

At the same time, it is also Russia’s signal to the US that she won’t stoop to the level to which US has stooped, giving US the opportunity to reform.

Now Russia will await Trump’s and USA’s return gestures.

Reload blooper: How Obama and Clinton OVERLOADED relations with Russia

When Obama first took office, Hillary as Secretary of State went to Russia with the flashy slogan of the ‘relations reload.’ Clinton brought the symbolic red button, which was supposed to symbolize the ‘reload’ of Russia- US relations. However, the word was infamously mistranslated into Russian. Instead of perezagruzka, which means ‘reload,’ it read ‘peregruzka,’ which means ‘overload.’

When Lavrov and Clinton symbolically, for the cameras, pressed the button, Lavrov as a gracious host made light of it, jokingly commenting on the mistake. But it was a cosmically predetermined Freudian slip. Shortly after, the relations began spiraling out of control.

I hope Trump hires better translators and generally refrains from pressing silly red buttons. I also hope he concentrates not on flashy lies about ‘reload’ and ‘we are change,’ but on real change and real work!

P.S. Worked hard on putting my New Year’s Party together, writing up my NY stories and Russian movie descriptions. Please visit at your convenience! 🙂


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  1. I wish you a happy and healthy 2017 Lada… watch Putin carefully .. cause I think he will reveal some mindboggling things soonish.. 😉

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  2. Did someone post Mr. Putin’s New Years address yet? If not, here it is with a nice English translation:

    Don’t know if you can see it but if not, search YT and you must be able to find it!

    Enjoy! I love the Russian National Anthem!


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  3. Only a few more days to go for Mr. Trump to be inaugurated! Keep your fingers crossed and hold the light, so that he will be safe!

    It does feels like big changes are upon us, the energy is different, it’s going to be a great year in my view so….Stay positive!

    Much Love to All of You!


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  4. ” for the cameras, pressed the button”
    I had not paid attention to this charade .How petty of the US ,Obama admin. to use such a stupid gimmick in trying to re-new US-Russian relationship.
    I am so glad , I won’t have to look at Clinton anymore .She turns my stomach.

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  5. Outstanding sitrep, Lada. Also acknowledge your recent intuitive disposal of that “spiritual” entity who wrote in. I could feel her fangs myself from between the lines and I knew you would be inclined to deploy a truth bomb. Onward into the new year. Glad to be in your company.

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    • Thanks. I was trying to just be nice and all at first, but she just wouldn’t calm down and go away. So, I had to give her her calibration spread – and it wasn’t pretty.

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  6. Just saw Obama apparently federalised all US, signed another executive order on 26.12.2016– I must say, although I’m not generally much into Alex Jones, he was genuinely livid! About Soros too (btw, I heard that Soros died of a heart attack a number of weeks ago–but that its kept quiet) — looks like Americans are really waking up and fast too… so happy about that. About VV’s speech and response to BO– it was just so beautiful what he said– still get goosebumps thinking about it— What a statesman he is– Truly Lada, he, along with the Russia– have become the hope of the world….

    Happy New Year girl and just hope Trump is well looked after, as in the US the big shots don’t play when they want you out the way …

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  7. Sorry Lada — error corrected– he federalised all US media.

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  8. Happy New year Lada Ray!

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  9. Obama really let himself down badly on this one. Putin’s masterful response was a checkmating move. I dont think Obama will be able to make any further public moves – although there probably will be more skullduggery behind the scenes.

    The problem of the Washington regime and the West generally today is not individual personalities (which come and go) but rather an ideology and a system that is utterly corrupt and presents a mortal threat to the human world and the Earth.
    And it’s not the peoples of the US or of Europe. Something has gotten into the top echelons of society and power and has taken hold of people’s minds and hearts. A sickness of the soul.
    Trump will be inducted into the washington regime system in a few weeks and as Lada has said he will be very constrained in what he will be able to do.
    president Trump’s first meeting with President Putin will be a moment to remember.
    My intuition (or is it hope) is that these two men will connect and be able to work together.

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  10. Happy New Year! Lada, are you aware that YouTube channels are being hijacked? David Wilcock’s has been damaged by someone claiming copyright infringement of David’s own material. This guy is getting all the click revenue now. Digital theft. Please watch your site carefully. (I did not know how to reach you privately) Lots of love and light to you. Barbb

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    • Thanks for the heads up, Barbara, and Happy New Year.
      I’ll be careful. It’s a constant problem and we run advanced scans and protections for all sites all the time. They have blocked lots of hacking attempts so far.

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    • Nancy C/Seattle

      D Wilcock updated this morning, Jan 2nd that his YT channel was restored New Years Day around 8:00 PM Pacific. “….No strikes, perfectly clean, as if nothing ever happened. This joyous event happened at some point near the end of while I was watching Oliver Stone’s new film Snowden.“

      David sees the spontaneous correction while he was watching the movie as a meaningful synchronicity.

      David thinks he has corrected this so will not happen again.
      “In all of my letters to YouTube as this problem went on, I have been asking to have my application for Content ID Verification approved. This would create a digital firewall across all of YouTube that would make it impossible to steal any of my videos. It works retro-actively over the course of a few months as well. In order to get my application to even file, I had to hammer out the dents on my AdSense account and get it approved, which I have now done. Up until then it was automatically declined every time.”

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  11. Nancy C/Seattle

    I like my favorite traditional American liberal, Ian Walsh’s blog, “On Trump’s Reaction to Putin Not Expelling American Diplomats.” Trump’s twitter post December 30th: “Great move on delay (by V. Putin). I always knew he was very smart!”

    **And people go wild, accusing him of treason, supporting the enemies of America, etc…
    Let’s state this clearly.
    a) Obama does things to hurt Russia.
    b) People expect Putin to do things to hurt America.
    c) Putin does not.
    d) Trump says Putin is smart for not doing things to hurt America.
    (….) Saying that not expelling US diplomats is smart is not treason or bad or anything else. You wanted them expelled?**


  12. Happy new year Lada!

    I would like to share this clip from Youtube Russia Insider:

    Description: Top Russian Anchor Kiselev Warns West: EU, blinded by ideology, is DOOMED just like the Soviet Union!

    Yours truly,


    • Thanks, Emil 🙂


    • A small aside: Kiseljov came under EU sanctions and is prohibited to enter EU and Norway (he was going for a fishing vacation in Finnmark, Norway in 2014, but his already-issued visa was canceleld) for reporting on the state of affairs in Crimea and for publicly supporting people’s referendum. This impedes his journalistic activity – oh where did the freedom of speech in EU go?


  13. Blessings, Lada, to you and your family. Your blog is one of my must reads when it comes to understanding geopolitics and Russia. I believe I have subscribed to EVERY one of your reports.

    After listening to the most beautiful Russian Anthem, I experienced tears, despite having heard it many, many times. What the calibration of of the Russian Anthem? I suspect it is very high.

    Thank You



    • Thanks for the good question, Joe. Quantum Calibrations of the Russian Anthem:
      QC: 580 (joy/high creation)
      Chi: 585 – same
      Hearth Chakra (always very telling!): 580 – same

      I must say, it’s not only incredibly highly calibrated, but based on such similar values across the board, energetically harmonious. This is what people are hearing when listening to it, and this is why they have such strong reaction to it.

      Thought I’d add this:

      For those readers who are new and want to learn true LADA RAY QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS:


      These links were originally posted under a surreal exchange I just had with one individual in Contact – about Obama and how my calibration of him was wrong. In the end, when she wouldn’t go away nicely, I had to calibrate and interpret HER OWN values, which I didn’t want to do initially so not to upset the poor thing. The truth wasn’t pretty, but she finally went away.
      Link for those who are interested in how I interpret QC

      (scroll down to the bottom of page 2 of comments, the commenter’s name in Devapriya Joy)


      • Very interesting!
        I have always loved the Soviet and Russian national anthem. I was born 1973 in Sweden without any obvious connection to Russia. Still I have always felt a strong bond and a yearning towards Russia. I think I must have a karmic or energetic bond to Mother Russia!

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        • You were Russian in your past lives: 5 or 6 lifetimes. 🙂

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          • Thank you for info. Feels true.
            A different question, I was listening to the beautiful hymn of the USSR with translations, and I was wondering, could you please tell us the truth about Marx, Lenin and co. What where their calibrations? Did they have good intentions, or where they psychopaths? Where they controlled by the banksters in London and New York, or did something go wrong later? What is the calibration of the communist ideology? Please teach us about the Soviet union!

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            • Super great questions. I’ll try to post something on that later.
              I’m thinking this is the right stuff to include in my THE PUTIN ENIGMA book. Thanks.


    • I can only agree with you JOE, I get the goose bumps when hearing the National Anthem of Russia it’s the same with bag pipes. I think the Russian Anthem is the most beautiful of all, must be the frequency and the vibration.

      Happy New Year to you all

      Much love Ollie

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      • I have been researching a bit about music and frequencies. I wonder if there is anything to the Solfeggio frequencies? Anybody know if music can indeed heal and repair DNA?


        • Of course it can – music is a powerful energy healer. I use music and specific frequencies all the time to recharge. There are people who specialize in that, but be careful who you trust -and I’d recommend you always calibrate! 🙂


          • Thank you Lada. That is exactly it. I end up giving up because I don’t know if I can trust the source and I am not confident that I would calibrate them correctly 😦 Any suggestions on people whom I can trust in this area?


  14. Another of my favorites is this one:

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    • Oh boy, the singing is with a definitive accent – the singers are not Russian.
      I am not very pleased with the idea behind The Hunt For Red October – watched it once for Sean Connery, whom I like as an actor.
      The film is from 1990 and was one of the many infowar missiles sent at USSR, which USSR had no idea about. I also wonder about the “Ivan Putin” character in the film and why a character with that name was slated to be murdered – it’s not a very common surname in Russia. Coincidence? Premonition of the Western elite’s fear of the name?

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      • Nemo, I agree with you.


      • One of the rules is that “they” always have to announce their intentions when they try to pull-off some nefarious shenanigans. They are allowed to be obscure and it’s up to us to figure it out. This is supposed to accommodate a level playing field. I’d like to have a chat with this rule maker.


  15. I don’t think it’s the Red Army Choir though… but still .. some cool music..

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  16. Imagine that!! I don’t suppose we’ll see this in the WSJ…

    “Elvira Nabiullina, the head of Russia’s central bank, has been named the best Central Bank Governor in Europe in 2016 by the international financial magazine, The Banker.

    “The influential publication praised her for having “helped steer the country through the difficulties,” with Russia “set to return to economic growth in 2017…”



    • In Russia they say that if West’s MSM praises Russian officials, these officials cannot be trusted. They praise her for the moves that are good for the West – bad for Russia. Nabiullina is a very ambivalent figure that works within the Western system. She will prob be replaced by 2018.


      • Wow. That’s why you get the big bucks. Is there anybody, or anything you don’t know about Russia and its players? ROFL in admiration. Also, it’s comforting to write something and know that the addressee will intuit intent with crystal clarity. In other words, it’s a safe place to write in a language with so many nuances that could generate misunderstanding. But you’re not going to bust anybody unless they have it coming. These systems, western vs eastern, they will have to be shaken-out and made one someday, or at least a lot less adversarial. I know you’re working on it :). It’s my transit astrology… I’m temporarily insane this week.

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        • That’s cool, no worries, I think you are one of the sanest people I’ve ever met. 🙂 Nabiullina isn’t a simple figure and she plays an interesting transitional role. Might talk about her when I talk about Putin.


  17. Why should Putin react to the slap on the hand received by Obama a do nothing president. He got away with an act of war against this nation in addition his puppet will soon take office and all is well.


  18. Doreen Agostino

    SOS: The Real ‘Russian’ Hackers Finally Exposed!


  19. Happy New Year to you Lada and all your readers!

    I want to wish everyone something that was – and still is – customary in Russia to put among the first of the wishes on the postcards you write to your loved ones: peace.

    I am now back from my own travels.
    I was flying in the evening when this, for want of a better word, provocation happened. I only got the headlines that it happened and that the Russian FM was considering a response, possibly sending out US diplomats. While mulling the situation in my head during the long flight, I was getting more and more convinced that Russia would send out 2-3 US diplomats at most, or maybe none – after all Putin did not rise to the other even more grotesque provocations, why should he do so now.
    It was very satisfying to discover then next day that my hunch was correct.


    • PS: a Norwegian newspaper had on that day a gleeful front page to the effect of the starting full-scale diplomatic war… which, with Putin’s calm move, simply did not come to pass.


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