ASK LADA: Real Reasons US tanks roll into Germany to bolster NATO against Russia


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Nancy C/Seattle

I would like your thoughts on AP news story posted 7:00 a.m Pacific, 01/06/17: “US tanks roll into Germany to bolster NATO deterrent.”

“Ships began unloading U.S. tanks, self-propelled howitzers and hundreds of other fighting vehicles Friday in the northern German port of Bremerhaven, to be moved into Eastern Europe to bolster NATO’s deterrence against possible Russian aggression.” The story goes on the say Britain is sending “fighter jets” into Black Sea area & other countries are pitching in men & armaments to “protect Eastern Europe”.

The story reads like US/NATO is reacting to some sort of provocation and yet the name suggests your assessment that NATO is facing an “existential threat” is spot on. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced Operation Atlantic Resolve last year & this new phase is called “Enhanced Forward Presence”. “Resolve” & “Presence” is a loser’s bully language.

The AP article also underscores the shocking state of American journalism. There’s no attempt to give any sort of back story. If you take out the one word “possible” or even use “probable” or “expected” Russian aggression, you’ve got a totally different “news” item.


Nancy, you answered your own question. Nothing to add really.

But let’s broaden our perspective. The reasons for this move are as follows:

1. This is a general knee jerk reaction to the fact that they know they are losing and they have to show their teeth. There is no Russian aggression. If anything, just the opposite. But this is a cornered beast’s reaction to something they can’t control any more. This is the spoiled global bully’s reaction who always managed to terrorize others without recourse and suddenly it gets told that this won’t happen any more.

2. Erdogan’s threat to boot out US/NATO from Incirlik Base is relevant to this knee jerk reaction.

3. In addition, this is the continuation of the same anti-Trump time bomb installation, in order to make relations with Russia as difficult to normalize as possible.

4. This is also done to reassure NATO that it won’t be abandoned by the US – something NATO fears greatly. NATO is in panic: they may lose many of their fat gigs and much of their self-importance if Trump pulls financing.

5. Finally, this is done to reassure Merkel, Poland, Baltics, Romania and Brussels – in short, all the E. Europe and generally EU puppet states, who were installed by US/West in the 1990s to keep the Iron Curtain alive and well. These are the governments and politicians who sold out to the shadow forces and who now fear being abandoned by Trump. They have so many skeletons on their closets that now they are afraid to be left without US tanks.

7. IMPORTANT! However, it’s not Russia they are afraid of. Russia continues underscoring with all her behavior that there will be no Russian intervention either in Ukraine or any other place in E. Europe, despite the pleas of many people in Ukraine and beyond.

What these sold-out E. Europe/EU politicians are afraid of is the wrath of their own people. This will happen the moment US tanks and US advisors leave.

Therefore, the fear of the ‘potential’ Russian aggression is just a cover to dupe their electorate and to distract the people from internal problems. In reality, all these politicians, military, intelligence and MSM are afraid of their own people and of the ‘potential’ and ‘probable’ crimes tribunal.


Angela merkel

I have to underscore again that Angela Merkel is very important in this new development. She will stand for re-election in 2017, while her ratings have plunged lately, as I predicted they would, back in 2014. This is due to her disastrous domestic and international policies, most importantly: 1. due to her immigrant policies; 2. her support of the Kiev junta and illegal coup against Yanukovich; 3. her support of anti-Russian sanctions.

Merkel bet all her money on Obama and on being a US puppet, as well as the puppet of the global banking cartel. Her job has been to keep EU under control of these forces.

She also bet her entire career on the NWO and neo-liberal agenda. And this is what will bury her career. She feels threatened due to alternative parties gaining on her. Both left and right hate her; same is true for people in her own party.

She needs US tanks to keep her safe and to stop any possible uprising.

9. In general, all these NWO/US puppet EU politicians now feel under threat. Trump announced he would be against globalism, and that he would curb the US financing of NATO. Trump is also gearing to undo much of Obama’s ‘legacy.’

NATO and Obama have to show that they are still relevant. In fact, all this is a death throes hysterics.

Obama World's largest drug dealer

Notice also this: masks are entirely off!

Remember all this talk about ‘AAMDS in Europe’ – one of the cornerstones of Bush-Obama policies for EU and NATO? Russians for years have been saying that the AAMDS installed in Romania and agreed to be installed in Poland, was directed against Russia. NATO/US have been adamantly insisting it was directed against potential Iran aggression against EU. In reality no one ever believed that.

Now, having been cornered, having lost their former control over global, Middle Eastern and European events, they don’t pretend any more. Fake Iran threat doesn’t cut it any more. They need a much bigger enemy. To distract their own populations from their real problems and to redirect their anger and fears towards fake external threats, they need now to point the finger at Russia. Russia had been used as a scapegoat to scare the populations in the West into submission and maligned this way since forever. I’ve seen it all my life; generations before me have witnessed the same.

Meanwhile, the only thing the populations of Europe, and of the US as well, have to fear are their own sold-out governments and media.

Unfortunately, we are dealing with some very aggressive beasts here, who won’t give up without trying to drag everyone into the abyss with them. They won’t succeed long-term, but short-term they’ll try to do whatever damage they can.

P.S. Incidentally, much of the same is happening now in Ukraine. Kiev junta is behaving both violently and bizarrely, indicating the worsening death throes.

Amid all this ugliness, there is a big and beautiful silver lining. It seems darkest before the dawn, but don’t let that fool you. Both in the US/EU and in E. Europe/Ukraine/Moldova big changes are afoot.

I know last year I promised a major Ukraine, Moldova and Pridnestrovie update. I want to share with you all some hugely positive breakthrough news from the latter two and also a lot of news from the former. The Earth Shift is underway, and Ukraine/Moldova are shifting right on schedule, per my 2014-15 predictions!

Please stay tuned for important updates. I’ll probably do them as YT videos.


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    The Globalists are freaking out!

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  2. Nancy C/Seattle

    I’m thinking that your observations that Merkel, EU, US puppets are fearful of their own populations along with the knowledge that the masks are coming off might also apply to NWO fears of the American population. There’s a long standing American tradition called the “Friday News Dump” that if you want to report news you hope few people will notice do so on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

    For years returning mid-East American veterans have been suiciding at the phenomenal rate of 20-22 a day (depending on source). Since the US volunteer army is really an economic draft, most of the fighting & suiciding has been coming from the depressed “Rust Belt” & rural areas of America, also known as Trump’s base. Most Americans would be seriously shocked at the knowledge that the US is sending military equipment & troops to Europe. Thus the Friday News Dump.


  3. Hi all!

    Remember Obama tossing out 35 Russian diplomats recently???

    Trump seems to replace each American Ambassador in major countries that is far more then 35 diplomats with their entourage!

    Hugs Ollie


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    This is a very ominous development. I wonder who ordered it. I don’t think the U.S. President Obama would have ordered it. Someone who controls him must have done it.


  5. When I heard the news that Obama was sending another 1,000 troops to the borders of former USSR satellite countries of Estonia, Latvia, etc I felt it was to incite an “incident” with Russia before Jan. 20th (Inauguration Day.) It may also be part of spreading out our military force outside our own borders so that with another false flag event Obama can trigger marital law and use UN (foreign) troops to negate Trump’s taking over. Just a wild guess, IMHO.


  6. Nancy C/Seattle

    CNBC & New York TImes reporter, John Harwood is a Hillary Clinton supporter & friend of John Podesta. When NSA/FBI/CIA released their joint report Friday about alleged Russian hacking of the Democratic National Council, Mr Harwood set up a poll on his Twitter account asking his presumably like minded 100,000 followers a simple question, “Who do you believe America?”.

    Respondents returned:
    83% Wikileaks
    17% US Intel Officials.

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  7. All I know today is that the Russians use lead pencils in space, whereas the U.S. uses $15k zero gravity ink pens. Now who is going to Mars first? That’s a rhetorical question since folks are already there. I’m just sayin’…


  8. Nancy C/Seattle

    Wikileaks press conference Q & A January 9, 2017.

    At 28:59 minutes in response to a question on Wikileaks & the 2016 US presidential election, Julian Assange explained in the end the US population turned on the elites and went on to say:

    **When the elites don’t listen to the population, the population stops listening to the elites.**.

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  9. I’m not pleased with the Russia-bashing questions the confirmation hearing is throwing at Rex Tillerson. I’m also not happy with his answers. The Secretary of State nominee seems to think Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea. The man can’t be that stupid. I’m hoping he’s just going along to get along and that he told Putin not to believe a word of what he would have to say to get confirmed.

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  10. I agree with you Paleohippy. I think Tillerson was just trying to get through the questioning without really having to commit Trump to anything yet. Corker is also a war hawk so Tillerson had to tread lightly.


  11. Nancy C/Seattle

    Link to 25 minute Keiser Report January 10, 2017: Trump Tweetstorm

    Max & Stacy discuss Trump’s use of Tweets to restructure the American auto industry as well as by-passing American media, with Washington Post & New York Times along with their belief that they are the gatekeepers for freedom of speech, being the worst offenders. Trump actually sends in a tweet early in the program.

    Tillerson’s appointment is discussed in the second half with a representative of Ralph Nader’s Citizens Public Energy Program. The speaker is opposed to Tillerson’s Secretary of State appointment while Max seems to be defending it. At 14:42 Max accuses Monsanto along with Victoria Nuland & her husband of starting the Ukrainian war & asks why isn’t a business man “cutting a deal” better than US policy for past decades to go in “kill a lot of people” and “grab the oil”. [Question for Lada – Do you have any idea what Max was talking about regarding Monsanto’s alleged involvement in the 2014 Ukrainian coup?]

    Traditional liberal Ian Walsh has been doing excellent analysis of the election, the negative neo-liberal record for the past 30 years & Trump’s various strategic moves. Along the same lines of Trump’s tweets to Amazon, Ford, GM & other oligarchs, Ian seems to think Trump is following some of Putin’s strategies, such as in this post 12/21/16: “Trump & the Taming of the oligarchs”.


    • Nancy C/Seattle

      Tyson Slocum said Public Citizens will be actively lobbying against Tillerson’s appointment because agreement with Exxon allows Tillerson to personally financially profit after leaving office by doing consulting work, etc for Exxon.

      This is simply not morally on the same planet as Vice President Richard Cheney directly profiting by securing a “billion dollar no bid contract” for Halliburton to prosecute the Iraq war which Cheney started with lies. Remember in the 2003 run up to the invasion when the New York Times would post a story that “administration sources” say Saddam Hussein has X & then Cheney would do the Sunday talk show circuit waving the paper & saying “even the liberal NYT” says” Saddam has X. Halliburton was even accused at the time of fraudulent billing & supplying shoddy equipment & materials. .

      Halliburton made a total 39.5 billion profit from the Iraq War in which Cheney directly profited by deferred compensation & stock options.

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    • Monsanto was one of the interested parties to buy/grab a lot of Ukrainian black soil fertile lands for GMO growths. While Biden Jr. was getting a cut of the Ukrainian gas deposits, accessible through fracking.

      At about the same time, in 2014, Russia outlawed Monsanto:


  12. There is a lot of chatter out there about the “deep state” making plans to assassinate Trump. At the same time, NATO is pushing Russia’s border buttons in a serious manner. What they will never know until it hits them between the eyes is that if Trump is taken-out, Putin will launch. He would have to in order to save the planet. So my suggestion is to remain calm and imagine vividly and often the timeline you want to live on. This next week will be the most dangerous time Earth will have ever experienced. All of this in my humble opinion.


  13. Nancy C/Seattle

    More geo-political Earth Shift. I wonder why Saudi Arabia broke the contract & cut off supplying oil to Egypt in the first place?

    **So where will Egypt get its oil? We hinted at the answer in November, when we reported that oil minister El Molla said that he in negotiations with Iran, Saudi Arabia’s sworn political rival, to try to strike new oil deals, hinting that Egypt may be the latest to join a fledgling mid-east axis which includes Iran, Syria, Russia and perhaps, Turkey.**

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