Russian Anthem on Hudson

Just a very beautiful comment from our supporter. And my reply. Plus a nice surprise below: Americans sing Russian Anthem in NYC and NJ to honor the victims of the Tu-154 tragedy.

timtolzmann Lada, are you okay? I hope you and your husband are well, and that all is well for you. Thank you for all you have done for us. I recently read ESR15. Mr. Putin could put the United States nuclear powered electric lights out. I am a United States person. I hope we will all wake up soon from our dream world. I am sorry for the actions internally and externally of my press and government. At least those of the president and the political parties. Your blog is very beautiful and lovely. It is so nurturing. Blessings to you and yours, and to our world.

Lada’s reply

Thank you for asking, Tim, and thanks for the wonderful words. I’ve been busy traveling. In NYC now; among other things, visiting Chinatown before the Chinese New Year for some supplies for the upcoming Year of the Fire Rooster. Very disappointing: Chinatown really lost a lot of authenticity since I was there last.

I’ll share with you all some highlights soon. Also stay tuned for the brand new Prosperity Rituals for the Chinese New Year and beyond.

In addition, I had the chance to observe the state of the New York City infrastructure vs. Russian and Chinese infrastructure. Very educational. Thinking about doing a talk about it on my YT channel, but afraid my many dear American followers won’t be happy about the comparisons.

Be back online very soon.

Blessings right back to all my wonderful readers, listeners and supporters!

Russian Anthem on Hudson: some faith in Americans restored?

First, a little pre-history:

Global Russian song flash mob

The Russian song flash mob that began in Zaporozhie, Kharkov, Odessa and Moscow in November 2016, since then spread all over the world. By the beginning of January 2017 it saw hundreds of surprising, fresh, talented and touching grassroots performances in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Pridnestrovie, DLPR, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Australia, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Czechia, Slovakia, Egypt, Syria and other countries. From capitals to small villages, in airports, bus and train stations, or simply in the great outdoors, the flash mob shows no signs of abating.

This is my original post about the very first Russian song flash mobs: Beautiful Russian-Soviet Song Flash Mobs Unite Russians and Ukrainians Against Kiev Junta Hatred

Ever since, there were many more – some pretty amazing.

In Ukraine, under the ukro-nazi regime, participating in the Russian song flash mob is extremely dangerous. There were a number of instances when flash mob participants were threatened and attacked; in at least one instance they endured grave physical assault. Those brave people still came out and sang, despite risks. In some countries Russians and people from different countries beautifully sang together, in multiple languages. This was the case in Germany, Australia, Italy, Czechia, Slovakia, Moldova, Latvia, etc. Some of the most touching flash mobs took place in Donetsk – DPR and Lugansk – LPR, where people first-hand witnessed death and destruction, yet found the strength to sing. Some of the most beautiful flash mobs were performed in the fairytale St. Petersburg, and some of the coolest, Moldova and Pridnestrovie.

Many countries had multiple Russian song flash mobs; Canada alone as of now had at least four. The list of countries that joined the Russian flash mob continues growing. But from that list, two are conspicuously missing: USA and UK.

The Russian population in both countries is quite substantial, and perhaps – I thought – it is a testament to the quality of said population in these two countries.

Why are there Russophobic ‘Russians’ in the US?

I was asked more than once by my readers who live in the UK or US why the ‘Russians’ they meet are Russophobic. Here is your answer: unfortunately, for years there has been an artificial selection at work, as a result of which a very specific kind of Russians were welcomed and encouraged to settle in the US and UK: those who hate Russia. Certainly, not everyone is like that, and there are exceptions, but chances are you will see a disproportionate number of those who push anti-Russian and anti-Putin agenda. This is especially true for the so-called ‘Russian’ TV and media in the US, as well as any sort of social and political organizations. These organizations receive grants from the US government, as well as Soros, various US NGOs and American Zionist organizations, such as Chabad (I wrote about Chabad and its global role in ESR6: Ukraine New Khazarian Khaganate). Therefore, they are beholden to their masters and agendas those masters push.

It really bears to mention that the situation is exactly the same with Chinese media and organizations in the US. Many Chinese-Americans boycott the Chinese-American TV for being China-phobic, watching only mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan TV.

In other words, due to their sanctified anti-Russian (and anti-other-countries) agenda, the US/UK usually favor, breed and multiply a very specific type of people.

It is especially visible with those ‘Russians’ whom US elites, media and political class allow to be visible. These are the kinds of Russians, such as Gary Kasparov (who really is half-Azerbaijani and half-Jewish), who gave advice to the US to subvert Ukraine and who promised to the US that anti-Russian sanctions would result in Russia falling apart within a few short years. Of course, nothing of the sort happened.

The US (and UK too) has been stepping on this rake since Iraq: US/UK attacked Iraq in part based on self-serving advice from Saddam Hussein’s enemies who were given asylum in the US and who had personal score to settle with Saddam. The result is well-known.

Surprise: Russian Anthem on Hudson

It seemed bizarre that so many people all over the world found time, courage and enthusiasm to sing Russian songs, yet… absolute silence in the US. I was still curious when, if ever, anyone in the US – Russians, Americans, robots, Martians, anyone??… – will come out with some sort of Russian song. It never happened.

Then, just as Christmas and New Year’s began, the terrible tragedy of the Tu-154 happened, killing all on board, including 64 members of the Aleksandrov Red Army Ensemble, and the well-known humanitarian activist Liza Glinka.

Full story:

(Incidentally, I remember that I promised my own version of the Tu-154 catastrophe: was it an accident or terrorist attack? And how it was done? I didn’t want to spoil the holidays with such sad and gruesome story. But I’ll have it soon.)

After that, just before New Year’s Obama and his handlers expelled 35 Russian diplomats and their families, giving them no time to pack and gather their belongings, properly get children out of school, terminate their leases, settle financial affairs and close bank accounts. The majority of these people had to spend New Year holiday on a plane, having been thrown out of the country together with their little children.


I Hate Being Right! Obama/US expel 35 Russian diplomats. Lada Ray analysis and calibrations

Lada Ray Reveals Putin’s Secret! Why Putin Did Nothing After US Expelled 35 Russian Diplomats?

And suddenly, something surprising happened, something that – perhaps just a tiny bit – restored some faith in the USA and Americans. Americans (not Russians) gathered near the Russian Consulate in NYC and sang Russian Anthem to commemorate the victims of the Tu-154 catastrophe.

Here is this video. The singers from the NY Schiller Institute Choir have very nice voices and sing with their hearts. There is an American accent, but it is clear that they know what they are singing and are doing it very well. Let me also mention that the wind in Manhattan was very strong and it was freezing that day. Also notice a nice touch: the singers wear the beloved Russian symbol of victory, black and gold striped bands (Georgievskaya Lentochka). Bravo for all that!

A few days later, the same NY Schiller Institute Choir performed on the New Jersey side of Hudson River, by the Tear Drop Memorial installed on the Hudson bank, overlooking Manhattan and the former site of the New York Twin Towers. The Tear Drop monument was the post 9/11 gift from the Russian people to the American people. It was shyly tucked away on the opposite side of the river by NY and US authorities.

tear-drop-monument NJ 9 11

You can read the whole story of the monument here: The Neglected Russian Gift to the American People, Geopolitics of the Middle East and Putin

The singers were joined by the New Jersey police and firemen. This second appearance was again dedicated to the Tu-154 catastrophe and memory of the Red Army Choir. I have to say that after this my opinion of the NJ police and firemen went up significantly. Notice by the way, the ceremony is taking place during the major blizzard and snow storm we had in NY and NJ that day. It was so bad that there were deaths in some areas.

There is a multi-part video, which you can follow here: Schiller Institute sang in honor of Alexandrov Ensemble at 9/11 Tear Drop Memorial (part 1 of 3)


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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Lada! These were very nice tributes. Seeing them helped me to feel much better about the people of my own country. My sincere thanks to the Schiller Institute Choir who learned and performed the anthem and to the New Jersey police and firemen who participated with them at the Teardrop on such a cold and blustery winter day. You have to know they really wanted to be there!
    On a personal note Lada, I have been watching many videos of the extraordinarily talented Aleksandrov ensemble. (Thank heaven for these historic recordings!) I find that the melody of Kalinka, one of my favorites, has become stuck in my mind. I often catch myself humming it as I go about my days. Lol, I can’t help it. When one is naturally musical, hearing such a wonderful, catchy tune like that one is it tends to have that effect! ;o)
    I am confident that the Aleksandrov, truly one of the world’s great treasures, will be reconstituted with new members and they will continue as they always have. I wish them, and all the Russian people, all the best life has to offer. It is my fervent hope that out of a great tragedy for Russians and for all of us who love music and dance, and their fellow human beings, there will come a great triumph for all the world. Loving blessings to all, and to all a Happy New Year!

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    • You’ll be happy to know, Aeyrie, that Mr. Kalinka hiself, Vadim Ananyev – the choir soloist who is famous for performing Kalinka – survived. I’ll talk more about that in the future Tu-154 report.

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      • Yes, I am VERY happy to know that, as are many others no doubt! Thank you for letting me know. While reading a Daily Mail story today that was posted on the day of the crash I learned of one person whose life was saved by an expired passport that precluded his boarding the plane. He is no doubt still blessing his luck. I also read in the same article that some were of the opinion that the Tu-154s should have been retired from service long ago. Do you think that is true? I eagerly look forward to your coming Tu-154 report. This terrible event seems to have really grabbed me by the Heart. In the meantime, enjoy your travels and your New Year celebrations. I hope you are having lots of fun! :o)

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  2. Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller was a German poet, philosopher, physician, historian.historian, and playwright. During the last seventeen years of his life (1788–1805), Schiller had a close friendship with the already famous and influential Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. They frequently discussed issues concerning aesthetics, and Schiller encouraged Goethe to finish works he left as sketches. There are relatively few famous musical settings of Schiller’s poems. Notable exceptions are Beethoven’s setting of “An die Freude” (Ode to Joy) ..
    The Schiller group believes that the American Founder’s ideas and Schiller’s speak the same. Of course they are also aware of the help given America at our Revolution and Civil War. And, it was Lincoln who put the Baldwin Locomotives in Russia helping the effort to begin their transcontinental railroad which he also did with Germany, Mexico (sending arms to Benito Juarez and South America. By time the civil war ended the world wide looting of that corporate Empire of the British was finished.

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  3. “Help given” (noted above) from Russia (absent from above) who kept “The Empire” at bay off San Francisco and the East Coast during the Civil War.

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  4. Lada,

    Kasparov is half-Armenian, though 100% anti-Russian.

    By the way, speaking of chess, Karjakin tied the “unbeatable” Carlsen in the match recently during regular games, and won against him in the recent blitz championship. He is another one of those Ukrainians who made the choice to move to Russia. But now his hometown is back in Russia as he is from the Crimea.

    By the way, do you think the expulsion of diplomatic personnel was related to the case of Eric Braverman? This involves the whistleblowers around Wikileaks and a huge degree of criminality that was seen in things like wanting Libya’s gold, taking children from Haiti, and just generally being sick, sick individuals around the Clintons and the DC power grid. And in their own writing/emails. The reason some speculate that Braverman was the issue is that many argued he was looking for protection from the authorities and asked the Russians for help and went into the Russian embassy.


    • Kasparov is half-Azerbaijani. Ending ‘ov’ signifies that. Armenians have ending ‘yan.’ He was born in Azerbaijan too, although there is such a melting pot and such a mess in Caucasus that devil himself would get confused who’s who. They lie too, about their origin.
      Example: Ukro-IM Avakov, who says he’s Armenian, but who’s from Azerbaijan.

      Karjakin is known to be very patriotic and a long-time advocate of Crimea as part of Russia. His parents, and Russian-Kalmyk FIDE chairman too, were banned from coming to the championship match in the US out of spite by Obama and US cronies.

      The expulsion goes well beyond Braverman. I had a post about all the reasons and it’s linked in the article.


  5. If you can believe Wikipedia. In any case, the story in the chess world has always been that he was half Armenian. There was a large Armenian population in Baku before the Armenian-Azerbaijani war. Perhaps the story about his mother’s name is a lie.

    Kasparov was born Garik Kimovich Weinstein (Russian: Гарик Вайнштейн) in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR (now Azerbaijan), Soviet Union. His father, Kim Moiseyevich Weinstein, was Russian Jewish, and his mother, Klara Shagenovna Gasparian, was Armenian.


    • Thank you, Paul. Well, if Wikipedia says… Wikipedia knows everything… lol
      Gasparian – yes, Armenian. And that’s why he is suddenly Kasparov…

      My rule of thumb is NOT to believe Wiki, when it concerns Russia, China and anyone who’s part of the West’s war against those who have a different vision of the world.

      They lie A LOT, didn’t you know?
      Lies even about people such as Pushkin. Places such as Odessa. Or Russian ancient legendary hero Ilya Myrometz, who suddenly was born in ‘Ukraine’ not Russia, even though there was no Ukraine, and if it were, he still would have been born nowhere near. That’s a recent Wiki scandal, btw.

      And on another note, who cares about Kasparov and where and to whom he was born? He is entirely unimportant and was only mentioned in passing, in a specific context. I cannot spend any more time on this.


  6. Following the link on the first video, I came to the following playlist with 198 Russian song flashmobs from across the world!


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