Facebook bans RT just one day before Trump inauguration

‘We try not to believe in conspiracy theories’ 

Facebook blocked Russia Today (RT) just one day before Trump’s inauguration. After 24 hour blackout, Facebook finally unblocked RT.

Says RT editor in chief Margarita Simonyan: ‘By some strange coincidence, suddenly three major social networks began questioning or banning us, plus we suddenly received requests for high-profile interviews with major US media. In all of those they tried to present RT as the murderers of US democracy, etc. We very hard try not to believe in conspiracy theories, and we sincerely hope it’s just a coincidence.’

Yep, this is a co-incidence all right: it happens to coincide with Trump’s inauguration.



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  1. This is sort of funny. (I’m putting a positive spin on it)… But banning RT from FaceBook is excellent publicity for RT. I can confidently say that it is actually an endorsement for the work that RT is doing and if I was RT I would wear it as a badge of honour. And it also shows up Facebook for being part of the “establishment” and as such is another excellent reason to AVOID FaceBook at all cost.

    Love your website Lada. You’re a beacon of light in conspiracy / NWO saturated word.

    I look forward to reading your posts every time. I think you are the only email notification that comes into my inbox that I click on immediately. I’ve even caught myself hanging on your website like a snooper pressing Refresh… Refresh… Refresh on the off chance you have made a post and I’ve not gotten the email notification yet.

    Please keep up your work, predictions, and writing. I love it. It makes me smile.

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