Russia’s Maria Zakharova roasts State Department shill Samantha Power

You know what they say about those who have unsubstantiated oversized ambitions: that they are a mini-Napoleon or mini-Hitler… The funny Samantha Power, ex-US ambassador to the UN under Obama is probably the mini-Hillary, or perhaps, a ‘mini-Hitlery.’

Video posted on YT by Inessa S., with good English translation.

I was a little surprised to learn that Samantha Power was born and grew up in Ireland. I didn’t know what schools our dear Samantha went to, but this logic of mine has, so far, never failed.

Here it is: to be this ignorantly arrogant, openly militant and obsessively Russophobic one has to have attended one of the US Ivy League or Seven Sisters schools (Ok, Oxford and Cambridge will do, too). That’s where they churn them out like there is no tomorrow.

Obama went to Harvard; Hillary went to Wellesley (a Seven Sisters college for women near Boston). Here’s Hillary at Wellesley.

And oh, surprise! Samantha Power went to…

Yale University (BA)
Harvard University (JD)

It’s a double whammy! Poor Samantha!

Incidentally, Maria Zakharova whom you see on the video, the Russian Foreign Ministry (MID) spokesperson and the rising star of Russian diplomacy, went to MGIMO, the Moscow Institute of International Relations, where they provide real education. Maria has made headlines for her sharp, well-informed and witty responses to the US, Ukrainian and Western provocations. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing me mention her a lot going forward.

So, let’s meet Maria Zakharova

Spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Zakharova attends a news briefing in Moscow

Just some of Maria Zakharova:

‘Take a trip to Syria to see what “embarrassed” means’: Russia’s …

Russian spokeswoman Maria Zakharova makes a fool of Boris Johnson, after he accuses Russia of war crimes in Syria




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  1. Love your blog. Thanks

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  2. I must say, the worthy Ms. Zakharova is an embodiment of beauty, brains and wit. What a treasure! Her astute observations never disappoint. Too bad she stopped short of addressing nihilism with respect to Ms. Power. LOL. That, no doubt, would have been particularly juicy. As I watched I could almost hear her formulating her response. What admirable self-restraint she exercised by holding herself back! I, however, having more freedom to speak would venture to say that Ms. Power must surely have a great deal of expertise in the subject. She is a study in being without objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value.

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  3. I love her! She is witty, a great speaker and always on pointe imho! And great to look at too!


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  4. a much needed roast power just got schooled

    as an american im hoping trump improves relations between russia and the us

    some think that trump want’s to seduce russia away from china and iran

    obama tryed suducing china away from russia it was a epic fail

    any attempt to expand the asian pivot policy to include russia will fail and will further deepin the ties between the 2 🙂

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  5. One of the comments to the second article gave me what can be described as positive goosebumps reaction:
    ” Anthony Papagallo • 4 months ago

    This lady would make a magnificent Russian President perhaps another ‘Catherine the Great’. Please take note Mr Putin.”

    I wonder if it’s a kind of premonition…


    • Not a premonition, just you know… a male getting a little too excited. 😉 Sorry for the truth…
      I just can’t stop being amazed at human ability to go overboard sometimes. It’s best to keep a somewhat cool head when it comes to the fates of the world and geopolitics.

      She is just right where she is and very good at what she does, but she is a far cry from Putin and what he’s capable of.

      Also, people obviously don’t know the whole picture. She also has a couple of ideological problems. Won’t tell you what those are – it’s complicated. But I noticed it, as well as some others, whose view counts. This will limit her upward movement.

      She may become the next Russian FM, but not guaranteed either – some chance of that.
      I actually like Lavrov just where he is.

      Anyway, everything that happens now is predestined and it all has been decided already in higher dimensions.

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      • Yes. I also like Mr Lavrov. Very much. He is perfect for his job, having the patience of a saint. Bless him! It is an essential quality. I often wonder how he and others who perform these critical services decompress after the stresses of the day. He certainly earns his salary!.

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      • He-he 🙂

        I actually thought of her as being a possible FM candidate, too. Neither Lavrov, nor Putin can steer Russia indefinitely, however much we may like them. As you yourself mentioned in one of your last year’s articles, a new generation is being prepared, quietly, unadvertised. If that is not that case, then Russia’s future would be too compromised, and that would be uncharacteristic for the current Russian leadership, which takes decisions with quite a long-term horizon.

        My guess is that they (they future leads) are “hiding” in plain sight, and as such it is too tempting to try to guess what this or that new bright figure may become.

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      • Very fond of Mr. Lavrov! I think he is a true gentleman, very intelligent and has an enormous amount of patience! Hope he will be in this position for a long time!

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  6. Hi Lada, how do you feel about the Bill sponsored by Senator Mike Rogers to withdraw the US from the United Nations, has been submitted to Congress as the ‘American Sovereignty Restoration Act’

    H.R.193 – American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017
    115th Congress (2017-2018)

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  7. So glad we will not see the likes of Powers again.What a liar this woman is !


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