Will Trump really manage to improve relations with Russia?

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Comment from ASK LADA: Real Reasons US tanks roll into Germany to bolster NATO against Russia

paleohippy I’m not pleased with the Russia-bashing questions the confirmation hearing is throwing at Rex Tillerson. I’m also not happy with his answers. The Secretary of State nominee seems to think Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea. The man can’t be that stupid. I’m hoping he’s just going along to get along and that he told Putin not to believe a word of what he would have to say to get confirmed.


It’s all developing according to Lada Ray ESR 16 predictions of October-early November 2016!


A agree, this isn’t very nice. Moreover, I am hearing that Trump is also backtracking on some of his earlier statements. One of Trump’s most recent statements was to the effect that: ‘don’t for a moment think that Hillary could be tougher than I with Russia.’

That said, I am not surprised. I did predict this outcome in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16: 
US ELECTIONS & WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER. This prediction was reiterated and developed later in FuturisTrendcast articles.

I specifically said that Trump will have to make deals with various forces that will put pressure on him from various directions. One of the biggest pressures that is being applied to him, comes from various Russophobes on both republican and democrat sides. I said that he would have to deal with problems and sabotage from his own party as well as from neo-liberals, and everyone in-between. This will put Trump – and his people – in a straight jacket of sorts, and it will largely dilute his agenda.

The result, as I said, would be not much of a change – or at least not as much as many people hope.

Trump may be able to do a thing here and a thing there, both domestically and internationally, but don’t expect that much. It is also confirmed by my quantum calibrations, given in the end of Part 2 of the main ESR16 report.

So, those who thought Trump would suddenly become Russia’s huge friend, don’t hold your breath. Some of it was said to win elections, in order to attract a significant number of Americans who respect Putin and Russia. Another part of it is the fact that he will be manipulated and will have to dilute his vision, to accommodate those forces that are Russophobic in the US. Unfortunately, among politicians, oligarchs, media, academia – in short, anyone who has a lot of influence on public opinion, the vast majority is rabidly Russophobic.

Incidentally, Putin and Russians understand this and there are no illusions on their part – a stark contrast to how Yeltsin and Gorbachev gave away the farm. It will be very hard — read impossible — to dupe Russia going forward. Those who, on the US/West side want to try that old stunt again, should heed my advice: Don’t!

That said, the GREAT EARTH SHIFT has come to America and Europe.

There is a very profound craving for change in the American society. However, there are too many forces that don’t want this change to happen. Even if Trump wanted to change relations with Russia, they won’t let him do anything meaningful. The issue of improving US-Russia relations for Trump goes hand in hand with the toughening of US-China relations and US-Iran relations, as well as the secret cold-war-style bargain Trump wants to strike with Russia. All about that in LRW1: WILL TRUMP SURVIVE HIS FIRST TERM.

The stakes will be very high in the next several years and the super powers (US, Russia, China as well as EU, Iran and the Middle East now added to the mix) will be engaged in a very serious game of global chess.

Very important changes are afoot and they will continue for the rest of this decade and into the next. Nothing is simple and nothing is straightforward in what’s to come.

The shift will be happening in every society on Earth both internally and internationally!

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  1. Thanks for the update, Lada. I want to add to this an observation of how common Russians, a proverbial “man on the street”, viewed Trump. That can be summed up in “Trump will come and the US relations towards Russia will quickly change for the better”. That, despite quite clear signals from the Russian political tops, that no big changes in the relations should be expected. Now I see more reports along the lines of the “common Russian’s honeymoon with Trump is over” – realisation is dawning that even if relations would shift, that would not happen markedly and over night.

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  2. I like all your postings and novels and information you provide about Russia and other countries. Craziness abounds in the earth, and it threatens us all. If popular drug manufacturers were to develop a vaccine for it, I wouldn’t take it, it would probably make everyone worse. I have to learn how to bookmark and save before signing up for EarthShift.


  3. I appreciate your dose of the reality of the situation. There are indeed many Russophobes and Israel can do no wrong in the US power structure.

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  4. Hi Lada, I really enjoyed the first Webinair. You mentioned that the US dollar is going to be very weak in 2-3 years time. However I spoke to someone quite informed and against US imperialism. He said that could lead to a 1929 style global recession and a crisis of a huge magnitude. Something totally apocalyptic.

    Is that an exaggeration?

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    • The weakening will be gradual – as we discussed in the webinar. This will delay immediate collapse, but only for a while. It’ll take some time to get to the disaster point. But the US collapse timeline is the topic for another webinar planned later this year. In that webinar I’ll lay out all predictions on the collapse front.

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  5. Speaking of The Great Earth Shift, what about the Great Solar Flash David Wilcock and Corey Goode keep talking about on GaiaTV, expected in a few years?
    “God gave Noah the rainbow sign: no more water – the FIRE next time!”


  6. Trump’s election already has improved relations with Russia at least compared to where the world would be had Hillary been elected. It’s also forcing US MSM to run in pure reactive mode.to the point that “fake news” has almost overnight entered American awareness.

    Here’s an interesting post from Politico reporting US polling of President Trump’s general approval/disapproval ratings as well as opinions on specific Executive Orders such as on immigration are doing the same thing we all saw before the election with Candidate Trump.. They are under counting Trump’s actual approval ratings. You mentioned in Webinar #1 that it was something of a tribute to American consciousness that we could “manifest a president Trump”. I think American’s tendency to lie to in person pollsters is measuring that gap in consciousness/awareness to the memes MSM & the ‘elite’ are pumping out.


  7. Well I really enjoyed the webinar and learned a lot from it. I was disappointed in the two video recordings I received however. I wanted to actually see you, Lada, in the video and not just your voice because my wife and son were interested to see the face behind the great predictions. Oh well they’ll be able to see you next time.

    Regarding the dismissal of Flynn, it was a real moment of clarity for me and an epiphany. Your prediction of Trump being in a straight jacket along with an illuminating video by David Icke called “Different Names-Same Master” explaining that Trump is just the continuation of Papa Bush-Clinton-Baby Bush-Obama, finally busted my illusion of Trump being anything other than a manipulated snake oil salesman. I thought that I was very informed and savvy but even I was tricked into believing that Trump represented a rebellion. Someone who has been really tricked is Alexander Dugin. Somebody should sit down and explain to Alexander Dugin that Trump is not his soul mate and quit having illusions about him. Trump has no power and because of his thin-skinned temperament and super ego he will be easily manipulated.One thing is for certain: you cannot reform this system by running as a candidate in either party. The deep state has such a lock on controlling the system that even a successful third party would be defeated. I agree with the latest remarks of Ron Paul that the foreign policy of intervention will only end when the US collapses and goes completely bankrupt and simply will not be able afford it anymore. The body politic is so profoundly Russophobic that there’s not a snowball chance in hell that there will be improvement in relations with Russia. It ain’t gonna happen! Especially when the liberals like Michael Moore are on the blame Russia bandwagon

    But there is a silver lining to this whole Flynn episode. Apparently the forces in the deep state (Kissinger influenced) that want to cozy up to Russia but attack China and Iran in order to split the three have apparently been defeated so we’re back to square one: equal opportunity hatred of all three nations which means increased unity of the three.

    One last request. Can you find a way to have a chat with Paul Craig Roberts. He’s a real great guy but he always underestimates the ability of Russia to resist the US. He didn’t understand Russia’s approach to Ukraine and Putin has been proven right. You could really set him straight.

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    • Hi Gary,
      Face time with me was for live webinar only. Hope you can make it next time. 🙂
      The recording by the conference company we use doesn’t allow for video, only for the audio MP3, so we have to upload our own images later and rework the video into MP4 – I know, too much work, but no choice… This may change later in the year if they add video as they promise.

      As to Trump – I’m not nearly as cynical as Icke, so I disagree with him, of course.
      But as I said, sorry, don’t expect too much of a change. However – that’s the complicated part to understand! – Trump is the agent of change, perhaps more despite himself than because he wants it! In other words, as we discussed in the Webinar, he is the AMERICAN GORBACHEV. This is important to understand! Russian put a very different meaning into this expression than people in the West! I’ll explain this further in the future webinar on the US Mirror Collapse and in THE PUTIN ENIGMA book. 🙂

      Dugin: He has been (sorry to say) somewhat off (well, a lot off) ever since Ukraine coup. He just couldn’t handle it, poor thing. All downward since. Best to use common sense while listening to him.
      WE all were shocked after the Kiev ukro-nazi coup, and just imagine how I felt after they burned people alive in my beloved Odessa. But one has to keep her wits about her despite tragedies, and work on positively improving the future. This is the only way. But Dugin chose anger and denial.

      PCR: I don’t know about talking to him. He is kinda touchy – you know what I mean… People are as they are.

      Michael Moore – sorry to hear, used to like him around 2005. Years ago he used to make sense. Not any more… Along with so many, he’s yet another one who cannot handle the Earth Shift, lol.

      Overall we are moving in the right direction and I really, really want all my followers to be like you and other wonderful men and women who have been leaving nice and intelligent comments on FT.

      I’ll have more good news for you all soon! Stay tuned!

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      • Lada, I participated at the live Webinar. I asked plenty of questions which you answered all.

        I understand that David Icke is much more cynical but he did bring me to reality and make me realize that it doesn’t matter which party is in power. There’s a hidden hand that controls both and that’s why there’s continuity. I think in the end it doesn’t really matter what Trump’s motivation is. It’s the end result that counts.

        I see two outcomes and they’re both with Trump as a failure. The first is Trump tries to change the system and he crashes it thus becoming our Gorbachev. The second is Trump just gets molded little by little until he is like the preceding presidents. It’s this second point where the population finally realizes that the system is un-reformable and playing the election game is futile. Bernie Sanders wasn’t allowed in and Trump wasn’t allowed to do what he promised even though he was the president.

        By the way I’m really looking forward to your further explanation of Trump as a mirror image of Gorbachev. I can’t wait for that.

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      • I agree we have a spiritually and intellectually enhanced participating readership. I feel good about this group and about its leadership. As for Gen. Flynn, I think there’s some spook stuff going on here under the surface and that Flynn won’t be too far removed from the cadre. And I heard but cannot verify that the Justice Department is going after some selected “journalists” for publishing leaked classified information… and that this is the result of a sting that was designed to flush-out certain leakers. We shall see. Equal justice under the law, right? LMAO. What about Hillery et al? Justice delayed is justice denied.

        So now the Trumpet Administration is complaining about their Navy getting buzzed in the Black Sea (again). That’s really funny that they think violating somebody’s safe space won’t result in some righteous indignation, or invite similar behavior from a victim sovereign country. I’m glad that the Russian Navy is patrolling our coasts (yes, all three: east, west and gulf coasts). We more or less invited them. They are there to save anything that may be left when America finally unravels under its own weighty imperialist chutzpah.

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