Why Trump Was Forced to Sacrifice His National Security Adviser Michael Flynn

Below are my thoughts on why Trump was forced to sacrifice Michael Flynn. I am posting them here along with an excerpt from The New York Times. The NYT bit is posted as a mere record of what is floating out there, so don’t hold me to it. Whether the sequence and content of the events described by NYT is true (most likely, these are half-truths) or not… one thing is for certain. What you will read below is yet another spectacular confirmation that Trump is being put in that proverbial straight jacket I’d predicted in October 2016. It also confirms my other prediction: that he will be forced to make deals, dilute his original agenda and toe the line – all this per my 10/2016 EARTH REPORT 16!

Notice that a conversation between newly appointed by the US president Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador was wiretapped by FBI!

I also want to point out that The New York Times, this ‘most democratic’ of MSM outlets in the world’s ‘most democratic’ country, styles the apparent attempt of Trump and Michael Flynn to reach out to Russia for a compromise and reconciliation as a big crime and cause for shame. Trump, Flynn and Trump’s staff are being forced to justify their every step. As I predicted back in October 2016 in EARTH REPORT 16 and reconfirmed in the recent WILL TRUMP SURVIVE HIS FIRST TERM? WEBINAR, Trump’s life is, and will continue being made difficult. His assassination or impeachment risk is high (see TRUMP WEBINAR for his exact timeline). For survival’s sake, this forces him to dilute his initial agenda and give up many of his initial goals, especially when it concerns Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia.

At this time, to avoid a continued full-scale attack and early impeachment (make no mistake, this is what they want!) Trump is forced to sacrifice his key adviser Michael Flynn. Unfortunately, that’s how they’ll continue weakening him: make him sacrifice anyone who is of any significance, while the rest of his surrounding will be forced to toe the line to survive. On top of that, much of his government is not on the same page as him, having been formed as a very unstable compromise.

The shakeups and shakedowns in the USA will continue for a while, resulting in huge changes and facilitating cataclysms. This we will discuss later this year in the future webinar on the USA Collapse timeline.

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‘The Timeline of Michael Flynn’s Phone Call With Russia: Who Knew What, and When’

‘What happened behind the scenes and what was known publicly’ (excerpt from NYT)

Nov. 18, 2016 President-elect Donald J. Trump appoints Michael T. Flynn as national security adviser.
Dec. 25 Mr. Flynn sends a text extending holiday greetings to Sergey I. Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States. Mr. Kislyak replies.
Dec. 29 President Barack Obama announces sanctions against Russia for trying to influence the November election through cyberattacks. Around the same time Mr. Flynn discusses sanctions with Mr. Kislyak in a phone call, according to officials who have seen a transcript of the wiretapped conversation.

Dec. 30  President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia says he will not retaliate against the sanctions.

Dec. 30 Mr. Trump praises Mr. Putin’s response on Twitter: “I always knew he was very smart!”

Jan. 12 News organizations first report on the call between Mr. Flynn and Mr. Kislyak.

Jan. 13 In a conference call with reporters, Mr. Spicer confirms the phone conversation

between Mr. Flynn and Mr. Kislyak, saying it had “centered around the logistics” and
had “never touched on the sanctions.”

Jan. 14 Mr. Flynn informs Vice President Mike Pence that he did not discuss U.S. sanctions against Russia with Mr. Kislyak in the phone call.

Jan. 15 In several televised interviews, Mr. Pence states that Mr. Flynn and Mr. Kislyak did not discuss sanctions.

Jan. 15 In an interview on NBC, Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, also states that Mr. Flynn and Mr. Kislyak did not discuss U.S. sanctions against Russia.

Jan. 22 Mr. Flynn denies talking about the sanctions with Mr. Kislyak to Mr. Spicer.

Jan. 23 Asked about Mr. Flynn’s phone call at a press briefing, Mr. Spicer again states that U.S. sanctions against Russia were not discussed.

Between Jan. 23 and Jan. 26 F.B.I. agents interview Mr. Flynn regarding his conversation with Mr. Kislyak.

Jan. 26 The Justice Department notifies the White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn

II, that Mr. Flynn had not been truthful about his interactions with Mr. Kislyak and that he could be at risk for being blackmailed by Russian intelligence. Mr. McGahn then briefs Mr. Trump. In the following days Mr. McGahn reviews the events surrounding the phone call and conducts several interviews with Mr. Flynn. Mr. McGahn later determines that there

are no legal issues related to the call.

Jan. 28  Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin conduct an hourlong telephone call, attended by Mr. Flynn.

Feb. 8 Mr. Flynn denies discussing sanctions with Mr. Kislyak in an interview with The Washington Post.

Feb. 9 The Washington Post and The New York Times report that Mr. Flynn discussed American sanctions against Russia with Mr. Kislyak, contradicting previous statements about the phone call.

Feb. 9 Mr. Flynn tells The Washington Post that “while he had no recollection of

discussing sanctions, he couldn’t be certain that the topic never came up.”

Feb. 10 Aboard Air Force One, Mr. Trump says he hasn’t seen new reports about Mr.

Flynn’s conversations with Mr. Kislyak.

Feb. 13, during the day Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to the president, says that Mr. Flynn misled Mr. Pence about the phone call, but that Mr. Flynn still “enjoys the full confidence of the president.” Mr. Spicer says the president is “evaluating the situation.”

Feb. 13, evening Mr. Flynn resigns as national security adviser.


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  1. Thank you Lada for the post. I totally agree with you that Trump is been blocked in every way possible even going back as far as prior to the election date. I looked everywhere on this blog for the icon to like. No where to be found.

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    • Kate, the “like” button for posts is at the bottom right under the Share list to Facebook, etc. Look for a little blue star. At the moment, screen shows “9 bloggers” like this post.

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  2. The question is if Trump is going to be blocked then what can he actually achieve? If he goes sooner or later which it looks like he will, then what will Pence be like. The irony is from a liberal-left viewpoint Pence is in many ways “worse” than Trump being an evangelical Christian. However Pence will probably be treated less harshly by the media as he is less bombastic and confrontational and enjoys the support of the Republican establishment.

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  3. What I got from the transcripts was that Mr. Kislyak mentioned in his conversation with Mr. Flynn that Russia wanted to talk about sanctions that they wanted it to be on the agenda when Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin spoke together. Mr. Flynn answered that he couldn’t speak directly to sanctions himself at that time but he would pass on the request to the President. So no, Mr. Flynn did NOT discuss sanctions, but as the topic was raised by the Russian Ambassador in the form of a request that it be part of the discussion when Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump spoke, the subject did come up.

    And that is how the tempest was brewed up in the teapot. Even though he acted correctly and did exactly what he should have done in his official capacity under the circumstances of his preliminary conversation with Mr. Kislyak, Mr. Flynn was later ambushed for later failing to mention that the subject had come up. What is most interesting is that there has been not one peep about the illegality of the FBI wiretapping these communications!

    Mr. Flynn became one of the first casualties of Trump’s war against the Globalists which is most unfortunate because Mr. Flynn is a good man, but it was a very predictable outcome as Mr. Trump has enemies, literally, right left and center. It has been said that the best defense is a good offense. I believe Mr. Trump needs to start cleaning house, kicking butt and taking names. My personal recommendation for the (dis)honor of the next butt to be kicked to the curb (after that of the acting attorney general) is that of the treacherous Reince Priebus. I know why Trump brought him on board, but he is at the outset far more trouble than he will ever be worth.

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  4. Thank you Lada for this post! First of all I would like to point out that, in my opinion, WAPO and NYT are “Fake News”, as is CNN. I do look them up however, to see what the differrence in the news is. I do like to read FoxNews, The Daily Caller and Lifezette (Laura Ingraham website) which give you a more nuanced (more conservative if you like) view of the stories floating around Trump.
    Second, he does have a lot on his plate. It is most unfortunate what is happening, as you so aptly predicted, because it takes the wind out of his sails so to speak! If you ever read Martin Armstrong’s blog, the guy from the Socrates program, who was imprisoned for years because he did not want to give up the codes, he predicts that the US is heading for Civil War….and it certainly looks like it. (armstrongeconomics(dot)com, for those of you who are interested.)

    But in my view Trump is very smart, so he might work himself around a few things and I’m sure this “Flynn case” will be something that he is going to dig into about what happened and who leaked the transcripts to the phonecalls (and other leaks to the socalled media) because that is a crime!

    Thanks Lada for all you do!


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    • Personally, I don’t see the US having a Civil War any time soon. When push comes to shove, nobody believes in any cause strong enough to die for it!
      Not to mention we live in a militarized police state these days, one call from the White House will squash any uprising before it has a chance to get started. Look what happened to the loosely knit Occupy movement. These Soros financed SJW protests are going nowhere fast.


  5. Lol, NOW they all start peeping as Trump calls out the illegalities.

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  6. Very Sad !! However I have Strong Faith in better future. ” Never give up no matter what”

    Many Blessings Hector

    On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 11:55 PM, Futurist Trendcast wrote:

    > Lada Ray posted: “Below are my thoughts on why Trump was forced to > sacrifice Michael Flynn. I am posting them here along with an excerpt from > The New York Times. The NYT bit is posted as a mere record of what is > floating out there, so don’t hold me to it. Whether the seque” >

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  7. On a bright, almost satirical note: it has come to my attention that US Congress is working on a legislative proposition on reviewing the sanctions against Russia, which opens a possibility of lifting of said sanctions if Trump (!) proves to the Congress that there is no Russian military presence in Ukraine (well, it wasn’t there to begin with), and that Russian cyberattacks against the US have stopped (the Cinton-hallucinatory “cyberattacks” that have by now become the butt of many a joke). As far as I know, there is not a word about the “return of Crimea”. If the Congress passes this law, then the sanction may be (gradually) lifted quite soon. The wording of the interviews in some of the Western MSM, like USA Today, is quite harsh (what’s new), along the lines of the legislators not wanting Russian getting off easily…

    And now the comical part. If one reads comments to this news on various Russian forums and resources, the reaction can for 99% be summed up as “Please don’t lift them, we have the sanctions where we want them and our factories and industry is rebuilding thanks to them. What can we do so that you prolong the sanction?” 🙂

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    • Thank you, Nemo! You just confirmed for me what I have been getting from my “unseen world” sources for some time. The gist of their information has been just as you say, that the Russians have been benefiting from the sanctions and if they were us they would be saying “Don’t throw me in the briar patch, B’rer Fox!” (For those not familiar with American folk tales the reference is from one of the Uncle Remus stories in which the doll character Tar Baby, upon being cornered by Brother Fox begs him to do any of several things to him except throw him into the briar patch. Clever Tar Baby wants Fox to do just that so he can escape him in the thick brambles.) The US sanctions seem to be doing more for Russian agriculture and their economy in general than almost anything the U.S. could have done. I have to laugh at the irony. The U.S. deep state has their own “Tar Baby” entrapping them in their machinations. (See more on the Tar Baby here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tar-Baby) Similarly, Lada told us the Russian saying goes, “If you dig a grave for someone else you may end up in it yourself.” Just so. All peoples have their expressions for Natural Justice at work! 😉

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      • Right, and Lada predicted Russian economy would benefit greatly from anti-Russian sanctions back in the far away 2014, when no one believed it and all Russian and international ‘experts’ predicted Russian economy implosion cum armageddon. But who is she, after all, and who cares…

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        • Poor Lada, everybody loves and appreciates you. You share so much valuable info/ intel, nearly everyone forgets where the original source is!
          Alas, that is the role of a true Earth Shifter, you make events in this timeline happen, behind the scenes but only insiders know it. Sometimes making a true difference is a thankless job. I for one thank and appreciate you very much. Sending you an infusion of unconditional love Lada! ❤ :)* {{hugs}}

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        • We do care, Lada, oh yes, we do! 🙂

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        • Lol, dear Lada you are SO appreciated by those with the eyes to see and ears to hear! I will venture a humble prediction of my own. It won’t be very long before the word will have spread and it will seem like the whole world is beating a path to your door. 😉 ❤

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          • Thanks to all well-meaning people. But it doesn’t seem like that at this time. Too much negative, dark energy being directed at me, even by some of my own followers, which is what makes me feel terribly sad.

            Actually, Aeyrie, thanks to you and others, I just had an epiphany: there are psychic attacks against me going on, and that’s why I feel so down. Good that some clarity came out of this!

            Very important subject and I also see that Trump is experiencing the same. The important thing to understand is that psychic attacks can be done through people that are close, such as followers or staff, so one begins distrusting everyone.

            I’ll have a video about that soon.

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            • Please don’t feel sad and distrustful, Lada. That’s what they want. Lol, take these attacks as a compliment to your great power! You must be a huge threat to them. Maybe it will help you to remember the old saying of the WWII pilots: they would say, “When you are taking the heaviest flak you are right over the target.” *Smile*

              I have been observing for some time now that as the dark forces are losing more ground they are becoming increasingly vigorous in targeting the strongest light carriers and leaders, the ones that the people rally around for hope, strength and empowerment. Intent upon slowing down or stopping them if they can the dark forces know the strong ones in the Light cannot be attacked directly without penalty so they influence people around them who are vulnerable. I am so glad that you have become aware of these attacks and are taking steps, Lada! I am always praying for and holding space for you and all others who are strong in the Light and functioning as leaders, teachers and healers at this critical time.

              Yes! Their obsession with destroying Mr. Trump politically or literally is a clear indication that they know how important he is to the success of the Light. No matter what any of us may think of him personally, he needs to, in general, be supported. (Sorry, I can’t go with those pipelines!) They are also trying to set Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin against each other. They have already set the American people against the Russian people. (Not this one!) They know that once we start working together with a will it will be all over for them in short order.

              My intention in mentioning now the need to pay careful attention to one’s spiritual hygiene is not to spread fear porn among your followers but to alert those who may not be aware as to how vicious and personal the energetic battle has become. The Light is rising exponentially. The dark forces sense their demise even if they refuse to countenance it and are desperate to survive. Some are taking shelter where they can find it. Taking shelter can mean clinging to anyone who is vulnerable and feeding on their energy because they have very little life-force of their own. Their method is to either steal ours or find ways to get us to give it to them.

              The stronger dark ones retaliate using any means possible, which is one reason why we are seeing so many people acting like total lunatics right now. Friends, as Lada has noticed in her own life attacks can be as subtle as they can be overt. A person may start feeling bad or bad things will start happening around them that demoralize them. If they do not become aware as Lada has and do not know or practice spiritual hygiene they are going to find themselves at risk. “Knowledge protects. Ignorance endangers.” I am so glad that you will be addressing this topic in a video Lada! It is so pertinent. Self-care and self-knowledge and awareness are essential to our personal and collective well-being and to our success in winning back our planet.

              True Masters of Light that you are, I wish all of you continuing success in discovering and maintaining more of your bliss and your full awareness!

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              • Lovely testimonial. Thanks, dear friend 🙂


              • P.S. I am very well protected, usually, through the means I employ. Most of the time attacks simply don’t reach me.
                But this was something out of this world, and the means used were sneaky to the extreme. Since I opened myself up through the reader and follower polls. …

                I’ll need to do an article or vid about this and what Trump, Putin have to go through as a matter of course.

                Agree that Trump needs to be supported due to his future historic role, despite his many shortcomings. That’s why I’m doing all this – to show people what’s really going on.


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                • Yup. Me too. They usually don’t even perceive me. Every now and then I may be helping someone and their “problem” will be dumb or arrogant enough to attempt something. Oh yes, they are sneaky indeed!! We could swap stories I’m sure. I have serious protection too so they end up by paying dearly for their mistakes.

                  Dear God, Lada, as much as I respect both presidents I would never want to be them. What they must endure being in service! Oh yes, I would very much like to see your video on this subject. Very much. People need to know what is going on. For the most part they are clueless. Thank you so much for all you do (and endure!) to enlighten us. I really like that you have sources we never get to see. I appreciate that very much. ❤


                  • Aeyrie, everything you say is very insightful and right on. Thank you very much.
                    I want to do the video, in fact, I have been planning for years a big series on all things associated with empathy, psychic stuff, attacks, energy, etc. But I already know that many would take it the wrong way, and there will be some negative energy sent to me – yet again. Too tired of all that.


              • Here’s a helpful video that explains psychic attacks from various dimensions and entities:

                Love to all ❤


  8. Trump’s main priority at this time, given the tensions & risks, is to simply stay active & “in the game” to fight another day, nomination, MSM attack, women’s march, whatever. And while Trump is being put in a straight jacket in a sense so is the MSM. In my opinion, the NYT time line comes across as an example of a nit-picking reactive hullabaloo about nothing.

    Trump is following Napoleonic Era general, the Duke of Wellington’s famous quote: “Always get over heavy ground as lightly as you can.”

    I don’t see Flynn’s departure as a loss. Remember when the MSM was floating one fizzled rumor after another that Bolton, Rubin & other well-known neo-cons were supposedly under consideration for positions in the incoming Trump Administration. The only neo-con that actually made the cut was General Flynn.

    Flynn co-authored with Michael Ledeen, “Field of Flight – How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and its Allies”. Both neo-cons are hostile to Iran but Ledeen is simply toxic.
    One reviewer writes:
    **He outlines the problems we face, the flaws of numerous administrations in tackling the problem and the solutions we need to follow to stop the global spread of the violent radical Islamist ideology followed by ISIS and its colleagues and supported/ignored by too many nations. He outlines the vast network of countries from Russia, to Iran, Pakistan and Brazil that play a part in allowing the spread of radical Islamism for various reasons that are not always obvious. He explains how it’s funded as well.**

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    • Nancy, I agree with your assessment, Flynn’s real mistake is “showing” his hand too much and giving his enemies (CIA, FBI, MSM) too much material to turn it against him.
      Trump’s administration would have to act clandestinely to address the really important issues, and I believe they are doing that. I’s just that we the public won’t get to hear about it thru tweets, press agent releases and filtered MSM. Really important policies are never openly discussed, but held privately thru closed doors. Think Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and other secret societies.

      My favorite quote comes form Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy: “speak softly, and carry a big stick; you will go far.”

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  9. I just listened to Trump’s press conference and it was really great. He stuck to his guns on why we have to get along with Russia. However I don’t like to rain on anyone’s parade but there is an issue about Trump that has really bothered me ever since he announced his running for president and it’s his closeness to the most reactionary Israelis and zionists in AIPAC. It’s because of this influence that he is very antagonistic to Iran. If you look at it with an objective eye there really is no reason for Trump to have this attitude towards Iran. Although an Islamic State it bears no resemblance to Saudi Arabia and wahhabism. Women are free to go to college, participate in government and are no less free than in Russia. They are required to cover their hair but that’s it. Just think of it as a nice scarf. Iran gets along great with Christians and Jews and their supporters in Lebanon, Hezballah, have an alliance with part of the Christian community. Iran is instrumental in the fight against terrorism in both Iraq and Syria. Iran is a very modern society and has very gifted people. So for the above reasons Trump should get along with Iran every bit as well as with Russia. For this reason you can see that the zionists have a hold on Trump because of course Israeli hates Iran (by the way Hezballah is the only force in the middle east that kicked Israeli’s butt in 2006).

    This hatred of Iran is Trump’s weakest point and his Achilles Heel. This is what is going to ruin his administration if he doesn’t get a Jesus moment on this issue. I just heard a great interview with James Perloff who is a specialist on the New World Order and what he thinks could happen sent a shiver up my spine. He says that it’s possible that the deep state globalists who are in opposition to Trump may engineer another false flag a la 911 in order to put a final straight jacket on him. The event would have to have a greater impact than 911 and would have to be of a magnitude greater than blowing up a building or two. Been there done that! It could involve a nuclear charge and would have to result in the death of tens of thousands. This would shock the American people to such an event that they would beg for martial law and would force the rebellion within the deep state to heel all for the sake of unity. Since this would have Mossad all over it the blame would be directed at Russia as well as at Iran. And Trump would most likely not even be in the plans. A fait accompli would be delivered to him and it’s off to the races.

    I really hope this does not come to pass but I think it’s just prudent of us to know that nothing is beyond the deep state when it is desperate and cornered.

    Lada I would really like your comments on Trump’s antagonism toward Iran and the possibility of a false flag happening as I outlined above.


  10. Lada…you are great and I agree with most of your post. I do think there is more to the Flynn story that we are not told about. Flynn actually did not violate any laws as we all know.

    I think if Trump is able to purge a lot of the Obama holdovers and drain more swamp he might be able to control more of his agenda. The state department just took out many of the staff on the 7th floor which is the control or most important members. The white house just release 6 staffers who did not pass the FBI background check. It will not take too long to find the leaks in the intelligent community as just a few in each dept had clearance to these internal wire taps. In the last 17 days of his term, Obama passed a new executive order allowing the NSA to share wire tape data with 15 intelligence departments. During his 8 years Obama never changed this policy as the NSA never shared their data with other agencies. This is a red flag that needs to be investigated. Why now?

    Trump is a fighter and has a lot of good people around him that should keep him moving forward. Most of his important cabinet members are in place. Now and with Jeff Sessions, we will see many investigations going on. Let us see how it goes.

    Lada your webinar and added Q & A was excellent.

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  11. Gotta love the bungling bozo showing his true colors yet again for all the world to see:
    How many violations of United States Code has he managed this time?

    ***John McCain Divulges U.S. Policy & Intel Secrets to Russian Prankster Posing as Ukraine Prime Minister; Incredible Breach***

    Sen. John McCain divulged insider Intel on U.S. secret policy to a Russian comedian posing as Ukraine Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

    The duped Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee even coached the phone-prankster-posing Prime Minister on joining NATO.

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