Strange coincidence? Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin ‘suddenly’ dies in New York

RIP Ambassador Vitaly Churkin

Oh, no!! Vitalij Churkin, Russia’s celebrated ambassador to UN “suddenly died” in New York, the day before his 65th birthday!

Nemo1024 It may be an emotional reaction to such an enormous loss, but I see a lot of comments on the Russian internet comment-sphere, where people express disbelief that this was a natural death, and that there’s been an uncanny increase in the death rate of Russian foreign diplomats and public figures.

Russian ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin dies (SPECIAL COVERAGE)

Vitalij Churkin gave his last interview to RT 2 weeks ago, answering over 20 questions from 6 that were initially agreed upon. The reporter says that he seemed perfectly fine back then.

Here is Vitalij Churkin’s last interview:

RT: ‘Emotion mustn’t override reason’: Churkin questions Trump’s tensions with Iran & China (EXCLUSIVE)

Contributed by FuturisTrendcast contributor Stanislav Sokolov (Nemo1024)


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  1. This news made me sick to my stomach! I can’t even pretend to know which way this is going to be twisted by the media. May he rest in peace and my condolences to his family.

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  2. Very sad news. Working in a stressful environment takes its toll no matter how tough you are. A brave man doing good work.


  3. RIP Vitaly .You served your country well .My condolences to the family and friends .


  4. Ohhh what awful news… in peace mr. Churkin….my sincere condolences to his family…so sad….


  5. R.I.P. A great diplomat and a great man.


  6. Lada, his death saddens and angers me to no end. I’m sorry but considering all of the recent deaths, both assassinations and seemingly “accidental”, of prominent Russian people, I can’t help but consider this a killing. The CIA has proven methods to slip something into coffee, drinks or through a handshake a substance that can mimic a heart attack. Russia just can’t keep on letting this happen without hitting back. I know Russia is not going to bomb something like the Americans would do but justice demands that action be taken at least on a selective basis. Otherwise Russia could be perceived as being too weak. There has to be balance in the universe and being too timid to strike back is as bad as doing actions that are too rash. They must strike back strategically and surgically to let the powers that are doing this know that there will be ramifications and consequences on a personal level for the killing of important Russians. What’s being done to the decision makers who in cold blood murdered Motorola and Givi?

    Lada you were supposed to give us some intel on the plane that blew up carrying the Red Army band and chorus over the Black Sea. Any news on what happened.

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    • Gary, I would not say that avenging Motorola and Givi by a way of some kind of covert terrorist-like murder would be the right thing to do. It seems that something was done about the sabotage group that Kiev sent in to murder Givi. That group “disappeared”.

      But the real criminals, who ordered those murders, as well as murders of the thousand of the people of Donbass, should be punished after an open international trial, and that will come to pass after the fall of Ukraine in its current state.

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      • Nemo you may be right about revenge but I think that any important Russian serving in the west really needs to be vigilant about their surroundings at all times. The death of Vitali Churkin may indeed have been natural but it’s not beyond those globalist forces to do anything to harm Russia, including assassination. It’s very difficult and may I say heroic for top Russians to just reside in the belly of the beast knowing that they could be shot or be given some type of poison surreptitiously. One man who really understood the CIA and their clandestine methods of operation including poisoning was none other than Fidel Castro. In his first visit to the US and the United Nations he brought along his own chickens and refused to eat anything other than what he brought along. Don’t forget he survived over 30 attempts on his life. High Russian officials could learn a lot from this fact.

        Anyhow a giant loss for Russia and the world. Churkin, like Yevgeni Primakov, were great diplomats and patriots of Russia and kept their high principles all through the terrible Yeltsin years.


    • If I may add the way I see it… The world is not in a normal peaceful state right now– or none of these horrific events would be happening. To the contrary, the world is on tenterhooks, because on one side you have Russia– the sane and reasonable voice desiring peace and a world of cooperation delivering stability for all nations– a Multipolar world. Then opposing Russia, is not only the US and her redoubtable allies, but the globalist mafia kingpins controlling their respective leaderships and they want– no– are panting for and are determined to have war with Russia– because Russia it is who is threatening their global hegemony and very critically, the survival of the dollar/petrodollar as the reserve currency of a world they wish to remain a Unipolar one– furthermore ask any respected global financial pundit and they will tell you that the US economy cannot but implode upon itself– so things are very grim right now. So that’s why time is running out and they’re resorting to ever lower and more foul and despicable means to ensure war with the Bear. Look at the whole Montenegro debacle– my God, its insane what these people and their lackeys expect any person with a normal balanced mind to believe!

      So yes desperation is palpable and Russia is deeply cognisant of the motives behind the increasingly heinous ploys arraigned against her, Yes, the inhumanly cruel attacks these low down alien mongrels, without a vestige of conscience are perpetrating against Russia– go deep with Russia– suffering now in short succession the horrific loss of two of her amazing global ambassadors — millions of people globally share Russia’s pain– as, you said, many feel that Vitaly Ivanovich’s death was another killing. 20 Feb was yet another dark day for Russia. He apparently became ill sometime during the morning while at office– immediately we wonder, who saw him last, who brought him tea, perhaps a poisoned snack or food. all kinds of terrible thoughts run through the head as you said– many ways to kill today even with a handshake and the fact that it happened a day before his birthday too.

      So at this point timing is beyond sensitive and Russia has the cool heads recognising this. Russia is not weak or timid at all, but wise,as it is Russia which has and continues to prevent the WW3 the idiots in DC want. Make no mistake, Russia really doesn’t give a continental whether the US or any other nation, views Russia as weak– The Russian team remains consistently committed to staying global peace by way of diplomacy and very importantly truth, which is why an increasingly waking world is turning to Russia for it, because Russia is one of a rare few bringing it, But consequences will come– what goes round comes round– Putin said something to the effect some time ago– think it was in 2013-14, that Russia would defend herself, but to declare war against a baiting US, is not possible– Not quoted verbatim, cant find the real quote now. There are other means and Russia always find them …

      Please consider watching this short video … it clearly shows the difference between Russia’s deep and committed, down to earth approach …

      (has English subtitles)

      Russia has real leaders, not plastic cartoon characters– they’re committed to their people– know what a WW3 could bring to their people, to Europe’s peoples (possibly again a battle theatre and worse) and what about ordinary Americans? Russia contemplates on all these issues– they don’t think of people as collateral damage– but sees infants, toddlers, children, women and the aged– see the destruction and loss of families, left broken and without futures.

      No offence to you, but keen as we all are to get follow ups, we perhaps must be a little more patient as Lada can only give updates as and when they come available– its unbelievable how much she does for us all. Forgive typos– very late right now in my neck of the woods….

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  7. It might be discovered that rouge elements of the CIA used remote killing techniques. Usually these are long term cancer causing waves. I believe the group of “20” are going all out to create chaos between the US and Russia.
    Rex moved to clear out the dark government on the “7th floor” State Department. I don’t see the same character in the CIA leaders to get rid of his anti-American subversives.
    Certainly a dangerous time for our President who is the American People in his actions.


  8. I have written a tribute to this extraordinary man, inspired by the testimonials in the RT memorial.

    There is a Russian saying – one person alone is not a warrior in a field.

    Vitaly Chrukin, the Russian Federation’s ambassador to the UN, was proving that saying wrong.

    Direct, forceful, honest, real, witty – he spoke at the UN not only on behalf of Russia, but also on behalf of the nations looking for equality and justice.

    He was a true warrior standing alone in a hostile field, and holding his ground.

    And he passed away on his post, suddenly, unexpectedly, only a day before his 65th birthday.

    He will be deeply missed. Both by his family, Russia, and the world that lost a great defender.

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  9. How many more good people, animals, trees and ALL LIFE must be sacrificed before WE WAKE UP? You may not agree, Lada, but we are running out of time. I have followed the New Age movement for the last six years and all are still in denial of the environmental catastrophe, wars and poverty. Most still mistake Geoengineering and microwaving symptoms as ascension and energy upgrades, I had fallen for that at one time too. It’s time to be blatantly honest about the weather weapons which affect ALL LIFE’s vibration, frequency and resonance. Humanity needs to undergo an EGO death if there is any hope for a true AWAKENING and they can start by observing the mirror in the sky created by all the aluminum sprayed daily to dim out the sun.


  10. Might be useful to know what “weapon” is used when they take someone out this way as a provocations.


  11. The following statement by Lavrov can be indirectly indicative that Russian diplomatic circles view Churkin’s death as unnatural.

    Ukrainian ambassador to UN vetoed an official statement from UN, dedicated to Churkin.

    Lavrov had the following to say to this:
    “I have almost no doubt that the Ambassador would not have dared to this act on his own, so he was instructed to. This, of course, is not Christian, it is beyond good and evil. But the current Ukrainian government has taught us that this is how in their country they treat Russians, including those who do not wish to dance to the tune of neo-Nazis.”

    And Zaharova added: “This is the essence of the present Ukrainian ‘government’ in a nutshell”

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    • I am reading this article (in Russian) on the information signals that are relayed in the open (Lada had an excellent article on the info dumps, btw).

      Reference to Lavrov’s statement comes from there. The other signal, according to the article’s author, come from Putin, who posthumously awarded Churkin with The Order of Courage – which is more of a military or semi-military order. A high civilian order would have been For The Service To Fatherland.

      Eagerly awaiting Lada’s analysis of the incident, now that the dust begins to settle down…

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    • Another interesting formulation from Lavrov:

      “Russia and world diplomacy will remember Vitaly Churkin as an outstanding diplomat, who fell in the line of duty,” — said Lavrov on Tuesday during negotiations with his colleague from Sweden Margot Wallström.

      The phrase “fell in the line of duty”, especially the way it is formulated in Russian, implies “a violent death at a war zone”. And Lavrov is known for carefully selecting his words.

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    • Collecting facts… Over the last 2 months, Russia lost 6 diplomats:

      19.12.2016 – Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, is murdered.
      20.12.2016 – “suicide” of a member of Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow – Petr Pol’shikov was head advisor of the Latin-American department.
      27.12.2016 – a Russian diplomat, Roman Skryl’nikov, was found dead in a rented apartment in Khasahstan, cause – heart attack.
      09.01.2017 – Russian diplomat, Andrei Melanin, was found dead in his apartment in Athens
      14.01.2017 – Russian diplomat was shot at in Yemen (information later denied by the Russian Foreign Ministry – no idea what really happened there)
      26.01.2017 – Russian ambassador to India, Aleksandr Kadakin, died in New-Dehli after a prolonged illness.
      20.02.2017 – Russian ambassador to UN, Vitaly Churkin, “suddenly dies”

      Add to that the death in a suspicious plane crash of the better part of Alexandrov Ensemble, who where, among other things, viewed as “Russia’s singing ambassadors”…

      Wasn’t it a spokesperson to the US StateDep under Obama, who threatened and, for once, honestly promised a wave of terror acts to befall Russia?

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  12. The following page of the Russian Foreign Ministry is worth following:

    Examples of publications, retranslating false information about Russia

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