DPR ultimatum to oligarchs: Pay taxes or nationalization. Russia recognizes LDPR passports; to introduce visa regime for Ukraine

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The events surrounding Ukraine and DLPR are continuing to heat up and accelerate. Many interesting events are also taking place in the post-Soviet space and all over Europe. I promised you all a new Earth Shift Report on Ukraine. However, I’ve decided not to publish it, after all. There are many big projects I am working on, including my book THE PUTIN ENIGMA. Completing and publishing my book is my first priority this year.

Therefore, for the lack of time, instead of an ESR I am offering you a series of free articles and videos on Ukraine and Donbass. The short list of all recent pieces is at the end of this article. For more Ukraine/DLPR related pieces, including the ones I wrote between the beginning of 2014 – end of 2016, go to CATEGORIES: Russia and Ukraine on the right navigation bar.

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On pic: Russian Bear, coping with Ukraine’s madness, writes: “Patience is the only way to survive in the world of idiots.” 

Donetsk Ultimatum to Ukraine Oligarchs: Pay Taxes or Face Nationalization.

Will Russia introduce visa regime for Ukraine?

Yesterday, the Head of DPR Zakharchenko announced that on March 1 those Ukraine oligarchs whose properties and factories in Donetsk Republic are still registered in Kiev must re-register in Donetsk, or face nationalization. Till now, most factories and mines in DLPR have been producing coal, metals, chemicals and energy, while profits were enjoyed by the junta-friendly Kiev oligarchs and while taxes were paid by said oligarchs to the Kiev regime. In turn, Kiev used this money, as well as the energy and products manufactured in Donbass, to bomb the people of DLPR.

As of now, DLPR are losing billions of rubles on this scheme, not to mention the risk to the peaceful population. The public pressure on authorities has been tremendous. A warning was sent to oligarchs some time ago that they must re-register their ownership with Donetsk and Lugansk in order to pay taxes locally, instead of Kiev. The pre-announced end date for re-registration of factories in DPR was to be March 31; however, the timeline has accelerated.

The brutal bombings by Ukraine army, continued lies by the West and Kiev, cover-up of the true state of events by the supposedly ‘neutral’ OSCE observers, and the latest coal blockade of Donbass by ukro-nazi battalions – all this has expedited the shift.

No question, the nationalization of the Ukraine oligarch properties in Donbass will go ahead and very soon. Also no question, this bold move was agreed upon with Moscow. The move essentially means that Donbass plans to re-orient its economy and its trade to Russia. I can tell you more: knowing how Putin operates, the groundwork for the re-orientation of the Donbass economy have already been quietly prepared.

In turn, this means that DLPR are about to expedite the process of distancing themselves from the ukro-nazi Ukraine. Coupled with Russian recognition of the Donetsk and Lugansk passports by Russia (read below on that), this is a very serious shift.

Incidentally, the West, entirely preoccupied elsewhere, completely missed these moves. This is in line with how Putin operates.

Ukraine oligarchs and the Kiev junta, most notably Renat Akhmetov (ethnic Azerbaijani) who still owns half of Donbass, have been enjoying a free ride. While DPR and LPR are de-facto independent politically, the taxes from profits earned by the factories, power stations and mines in the break-away republics are still paid to Kiev.

The reason I pointed out that Akhmetov, once the richest man of Ukraine according to Forbes and now a nearly bankrupt oligarch, is Azerbaijani is not because I have anything against Azerbaijan or any other nationality. I believe we all should equally respect each other.

However, the ordinary citizens of what is today still called Ukraine (but won’t in several years) can’t help but notice that for some ‘strange’ reason the majority of the Ukraine oligarchs and much of the top politicians aren’t either truly Ukrainian or Russian. There are Jews, Poles, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Americans, Canadians, western Ukraine Bandera followers. This fact creates an additional friction and blame game. By all definitions Ukraine today is under foreign management and foreign occupation. Under the circumstances, the infamous anti-Russian ‘Euro-Maidan’ slogan ‘remember foreigner, Ukrainian is the master here’ sounds like a bad joke.

It doesn’t help that the ukro-nazi junta killed off, jailed, scared to death or expelled out of the country anyone who loved Ukraine and who could make a real difference. Today the reality is such that the majority prefer to leave rather than stay and fix things. It’s especially telling how far gone the country is when the majority of the population can’t wait to leave it.

This is a small consolation for the people of Donbass, who are being bombed by vicious ukro-nazis. There has been a lot of protests against the Kiev oligarchs still owning half of Donbass. For a while both DLPR and Moscow have been reluctant to rock the boat, giving the chance to the Minsk peace process and possibility of reconciliation.

The problem, as we discussed in previous articles and video (see links below this post), is that the economy of Ukraine was built in the USSR and the Russian Empire in such a way as to logistically be closely and efficiently entwined. Energy and raw material sources were located in logistical closeness to production facilities. The high tech companies were placed where there was an abundance of educated work force, and all that was connected via rail to the Black Sea ports and transportation hubs for fast distribution. This well-oiled infrastructure built by generations of ancestors is very hard to change. It costs money, time and resources to re-structure and redirect the flow of goods to other markets.

For some time there had been a certain sliver of hope that a drastic scenario could be avoided. However, an urge to disengage the DLPR economy from Kiev influence has been strong. The authorities are now using a pretext of the ukro-nazi coal blockade of Donbass to push through the nationalization, which has been on the menu since 2014.

Simultaneously, the still remaining few ties with Ukraine are being severed, as Donbass continues distancing from Ukraine and aligning with Russia.

I again want to stress for those in the EU and US who have to do with decision-making and who may be reading this. Russia and DLPR proposed a compromise solution: the Minsk agreements. They hung on to these agreements, attempting to fulfil them despite Kiev bombings, only to be met with lies, anti-Russian propaganda and sanctions by the West. As always, trying to reason and make deals with the West proved pointless. Now the ship has sailed and the clock cannot be turned back.

Let’s recall that a similar situation occurred in Crimea. The decisive actions by Russia to sever all ties between Crimea and Ukraine took place after the Crimean Tartar terrorist battalion headed by Isliamov, together with ukro-nazis, blockaded food, water, and at a later date, all power to Crimea. The December 2015 power blockade nearly created a humanitarian catastrophe, leaving 2.5 million people without electricity and heat in the winter.

Up till that moment Russia supplied extra electricity to Ukraine at heavily discounted rates or free, so the needed amount of power would in turn be released by Ukraine for Crimea. During Soviet times the power lines, water and food supplies, as all infrastructure and economy of Crimea, were closely tied into Ukrainian grid for efficiency’s sake.

During power blockade, Russia acted swiftly to purchase Chinese power generators, build new power stations, as well as the underwater ‘energy bridge’ from mainland. This averted the humanitarian catastrophe. In the final analysis, it allowed Crimea to develop much faster.

The food and water blockades have also been dealt with.

The new railroad to bypass Ukraine is being built and the new Kerch Bridge to Crimea from the mainland is also being constructed. This mega- bridge, already dubbed ‘the project of the century,’ is a marvel of engineering based on its length, scope and the fact that up till now it seemed impossible to build a bridge in that area due to enormous distances, violent winds and deadly currents.

The Kerch Bridge will eliminate what’s left of deficiencies and create a tourism boom for Crimea.

For DLPR the process of distancing from Ukraine is also about to become irreversible, Minsk-2 or not. Minsk-2 peace agreement was in fact a way to slow down the war, restrain Kiev from the worst possible actions, and give more time to Russia and DLPR to regroup. Minsk was never a truly working platform and peace with the ukro-nazi version of Ukraine is not possible. Any meaningful change will only be possible after this junta is gone.

The only way to have it gone is to make the West loosen its grip on the poor Ukraine and stop supporting the destructive ukro-nazi/oligarchic regime in Kiev.

However, by the time it happens DLPR would be completely de-facto independent of Ukraine. The silly ukro-nazis through their blockade are only expediting this process.


A recent breakthrough: Russia officially recognized the DPR and LPR passports. This effectively means that people from these areas will have equal with Russians rights to apply for jobs, live and study in Russia. Up till now there was no way to tell a Russia-hating Bandera ukro-nazi sympathiser from western Ukraine, from a friendly Donbass refugee. Either could have arrived to Russia as migrant worker, carrying the same Ukrainian passport.

Recently, there was a very unpleasant episode in St. Petersburg that caused a Russia-wide outcry. In one of the city hospitals, Russian nurses on night duty noticed several migrant workers from western Ukraine, celebrating the death of the slain Donetsk commander Givi and wishing that Putin, Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky would be next. It appears these western Ukraine migrant workers were employed as low-grade nannies or care-takers. Givi, just like Motorola and others before, was killed as a result of Kiev junta’s terrorist act.

The outcry in the Russian society caused authorities to reconsider who and how they let into the country. As of now, at least 3-4 million migrant workers from Ukraine are in Russia. Many are normal and friendly to Russia people from the South and East of Ukraine. However, many of those who are Russia-friendly try to move to Russia permanently. The migrant workers, who arrive for a period of a few months on a temporary visa, then exit Russia and return again, are primarily from central and western Ukraine. Among these, there are many who make money in Russia, while hating the hand that feeds them and supporting the war against Donbass.


THE SHIFT UNDERWAY! I have to note the following important Earth Shift facts. The process of questioning who and on what premises is let into any individual country is presently being considered by many countries on the face of the earth. The old systems are not working well any more as the Great Earth Shift progresses. This is also the result of the Period 8 (we’ll talk about that in one of the future webinars). We will continue seeing the breakdown of pre-existing and gradual manifestation of the new systems, in all areas of life. The new systems will be based on different principles and they will begin materializing between now and the next few years, continuing through the following two decades.


The recent escalation of DLPR bombings and the present coal blockade of Donbass caused Russia to finally act. This is only the first step. The next step will be to limit the inflow of unfriendly to Russia work force from central and western Ukraine, while favoring the DLPR workers.

I agree with the prediction of this widely anticipated move: by recognizing the passports of DPR and LPR, Russia is preparing to install a visa regime with Ukraine. This will be a very healthy move for many reasons. Among them: it will limit the ability of various shrewd western/central Ukrainians to make 4-5 times their usual salary in Russia. Deprived of their usual incomes, said western/central Ukrainians will feel pressure to rebel and unseat Poroshenko’s regime in Kiev. In turn, the rebellion of the largely Bandera ukro-nazi regions will distract the regime and aid the people of Novorossia (presently Eastern and Southern Ukraine) to free themselves from the junta and foreign yoke. There may be a line of secessions, or similar outcomes, all over Ukraine.

An interesting bifurcation will also take place. Some people from the junta-occupied parts of Ukraine will begin acquiring DLPR passports as a desirable commodity, to have an entry point into Russia. There already have been inquiries from Odessa and other parts as to how to obtain said passports. Zakharchenko has thrown hints that it won’t be a problem. This tells me that DLPR will be used as a sorting ground, so to speak, to separate the wheat from the chaff within Ukraine.

By the time the Kiev junta is gone, the population of DLPR somehow miraculously will expand. This population will miraculously spread all over Ukraine’s territory. Before you know it, these people, for instance, will begin influencing the elections in their respective areas. The possibilities are many. The exercise of soft power may lead to a peaceful shift of the remaining territories of Ukraine towards Russia.

Another indication of the upcoming Shift in Ukraine:

In December 2016 Moscow district court recognized the February 2014 Kiev Euro-Maidan as an illegal coup d’etat. The complaint was filed by a Ukraine Rada deputy from western/central Ukraine, Vladimir Oleynik, who was never particularly pro-Russian and was at one point in favor of euro-integration. His position, if anything, was pretty wishy-washy and middle of the ground. However, even this deputy was forced to flee Ukraine by the junta and ukro-nazis, after he spoke up against the coup and the s0-called ‘euro integration’ contrary to the interests of his country.

The Moscow court decision opens a wide range of possibilities, such as announcing that the present government in Kiev is illegal, demanding international war crimes tribunal, going to the international human rights court, etc. This decision can be built on in various ways – more developments to follow in 2017-18!


As you’ve noticed, Russia only reacts, never initiates. Every mistake by Kiev and their handlers is used to ever so slowly change the situation. Recall one of my many 2014 predictions on Ukraine: ‘Russia will use all quiet, peaceful and legal means to slowly rebalance the Ukraine crisis – until Ukraine shifts completely towards Russia.’ As we see, this one is also coming true, as we speak. (Recalling it, I just can’t believe how hard some people had argued with me on that! Such silly arguments are too tiring and they distract me from the important stuff.)

Putin is the grandmaster of the global 3D chess. He will act when no one expects, and his next move will be as winning as any other we’ve observed him make so far. As our Russian Bear says, ‘patience is the only way to win in the world of idiots.’

Putin has plenty of patience, but as the real grandmaster of the Eastern martial arts, he knows how to spring into action on moment’s notice. This is the way of the wise and highly developed souls: going from an absolute inner peace and immobility to a fast and effective action in a blink of an eye, when no one sees you coming. This is the winning formula.



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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Thanks for the update Lada. The genius of Putin lies in his patience and calculated moves when necessary, ie Georgia, Crimea, Syria, and soon to be Ukraine without firing a shot. Visa free LNR/DNR gets the ball rolling.
    Trump would do well to strategize like the master Putin.

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    • I don’t know about Trump anymore, if I ever did. He says he wants to have good relations with Russia and at the same time his Pentagon and Congress want to send Russia back to the Stone Age. America is leaderless right now. Hope we can get it together.

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      • You should surmise by now that Trump is an ego driven blowhard, typical of western style leadership- speak loudly without thinking. Putin speaks softly and carries a big stick, which is ironically Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy.
        His rhetoric satisfies certain requirements within the anachronistic GOP. Same goes with his impotent saber-rattling with China and Iran. Trump is for “relative peace” as far as his party would allow him to be portrayed as such.
        He still has to talk tough and thump his chest- outwardly a sign of inner weakness. President Putin is just the opposite, reasonable and mild mannered, yet manages to get everything done!
        If Trump wants any meaningful change, he needs to gain control over his own party. He should study how Putin outwitted the Russian Oligarchs and consolidated power intelligently.

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  2. A very interesting and important report. There’s a lot of information here that flows from the basic points and thanks to Lada for following and explaining these threads. Amazing track record of predictive hits. Glad to see Zakharchenko is living-up to my own hopes for him helping to set things right in a big way.

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  3. Ever since I started reading your work Lada I never had any doubts about your predictions as what you say is very concise and crystal clear. Perhaps the Western politicians and Ukro-Nazis should have learned to play chess but Putin would still be master of them all.

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  4. The timeline of six Russian diplomats who have died in the last 60 days, not including the downing of the Red Army Choir and Dr. Liza (Yelizaveta Glinka).



  5. Dear Lada! Those words coming from you, are indeed a hight praise. I will do my best to keep your, and all of your and my readers’ trust.

    I have a comment and a question to this article, that, despite all the bad that is still happening in the former Ukraine, brings some good news.

    As far as I understood, Russia not only recognised LDPR passports, but also other official documents, issued by the republics, such as birth certificates. You write that the West missed this move, but to a certain degree it was noticed – post factum. Ukraine and US made a lot of noise about it at the UN, but were skilfully rebuked by the current Russian acting ambassador to UN, Petr Iljichov, who pointed that double-standards were again in action, as US recognises documents of the unrecognised Taiwan.

    The change to the oligarchic property in LDPR is, as you point out, slow – not rocking the boat too much. It looks like the same can be said about the political landscape of Crimea. I read ground reports that people in Crimea are dissatisfied with the local bureaucrats, administrative apparatus, who is still largely comprised of the same people who faithfully served Kiev’s interests before 2014. Though there is an understanding that Russia could not just have replaced all of the Crimean bureaucrats after Crimea’s ascension into Russia (both because of the lack of the require number of people, and so as not to give the West another “occupation” bone to chew on), plus giving the bureaucrats time to show their colours, there are more and more reports from the public that these old bureaucrats sabotage Moscow’s initiatives, and drag their feet with regard to their duties. When confronted, they utter a phrase a long the lines of “you wanted to go to Russia, here’s what you get” – in other words a clear sign of a 5th column at work, planting an idea of discord. The question is: why hasn’t a gradual change of the cadres in Crimea started by now?

    And I want to finish this comment on a light, positive note. With the topic of films in my newest blog post, comes also a huge topic of Soviet cartoons, which I may explore at a later point. For now, I learnt that Kotovskij and Majorov from Gosfilmfond performed a frame-by-frame rescanning and restoration of several of the very old colour cartoons. One such cartoon I want to show to the readers here. This is the last Soviet colour film, created using the Technicolour (tri-colour or tri-film) method. It’s called “A Winter Fairytale” – a welcoming of a New Year by the forest denizens, Grandfather Frost, Snegurochka and the boy New Year, to the music of Petr Tchaikovskij. It was filmed in 1945, just the War ended, yet so much kindness and positivity was poured into it.

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    • My understanding is that in Crimea the replacement of inappropriate people is ongoing, albeit slowly. Mainly, when there is a crime those people have committed, such as sabotage, theft, money laundering, inappropriate actions. Natalya Poklonskaya was responsible for prosecuting such people.
      In addition to what you’ve mentioned, Russians discovered that there were no qualified professionals to replace the existing bureaucrats with, the level of professionalism turned out disastrously low after 25 years of Ukraine ownership. So, re-training or training of the new staff is ongoing, which is taking some time. Also, real professionals and talent from Russia are being little by little sent to Crimea as replacement or as supervisors. It’ll be a deliberately slow going so not to upset the delicate balance, but it’s happening. A lot is being built in Crimea too, such as new roads, to replace the old disastrous roads never repaired by Kiev.

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    • Thanks, Nemo, Lada. I hate hearing about this Fifth Column stuff but you provide some hope.


  6. Lada this is truly great news! It’s about time. I didn’t know that the people of Donetsk and Lugansk were still paying taxes to the narcissists of Kiev. Really! Finally this is ending. I think the saying that Russia moves very slowly but when they mount the horse they go like lightning (something like that). I feel like dancing all night. You have been right on since 2014. Ukraine little by little is getting closer to mother Russia. First it was Donetsk and Lugansk but each province of Ukraine will peel itself away from the garbage in Kiev and re-unite with Russia. It will be then Kharkov and then Odessa and then others will follow It’s baked in the cake! There’s no doubt about it now. Wonderful. This bombing of Donbass by the nazis must come to an end. The people of the Donbass have gone through enough and it’s time to end it!

    Lada you have taught me a lot. I understand now why Russia didn’t just invade Ukraine and destroy the Junta. Russia understands that it’s a process and that the people of Ukraine have to learn the lessons and prove that they’re worthy of support. If Russia would have just gone in and liberated Ukraine, most of the people would have not appreciated it and being the spoiled brats that they have been would actually have condemned Russia for it. Crimea and now Donetsk and Lugansk have proven by their deeds that they’re ready for unity with Russia but Kharkov, Odessa, Kherson etc. still have to prove that they’re worthy of it. It will come with time. We live in wonderful times, don’t we?

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  7. Here is another brilliant ‘tactical’ maneuver on the part of Donetsk- unifying the people of conscience in the Donbass.

    *New Donetsk phone-line is a life-line for Ukrainians under Kiev’s yoke*
    Ukraine’s historic region of Novorossiya is looking to the people of Donbass in their own quest for freedom


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